Pit Stop


She was beginning to really squirm in her seat. It had been a long time since Karen had passed a place to stop and use the bathroom. Up ahead she saw a gas station. "Shit!" she said to herself, realizing it was closed. Well it was the middle of the night, what did she expect. She was cursing herself for leaving so late. This was her third year away at school and she has gotten to know the drive back to her parents' quite well. She knew how hard it would be to find anything open this late at night. It was after 2 AM and she had been on the road for almost three hours without a break. Her bladder was beginning to hurt she had to go so bad. Finally up ahead she saw the glow of a sign from a gas station. She let out a big sigh of relief when she saw that it was still open. She was so glad to know that she wouldn't have to relieve herself on the side of the road. She exited from the highway, parked in front and scurried inside. She didn't even bother to lock the doors on her BMW because she knew she would only be a minute.

She was greeted with a stare from the guy behind the register. There was loud music playing from a radio up at the counter. He looked her up and down, then exhaled the smoke from his cigarette. She surveyed the room, then spotted the door to the bathroom. She moved quickly in that direction, opened it and went inside. As she had expected, it was a dirty, smelly, gas station bathroom. The stale smell of urine lingered in the musty air. She pulled her shorts and panties down in one quick motion and sat on the toilet and instantly felt relief as she released her bladder.

She thought about the worker as she was sitting there. It seemed pretty odd to her to see a decent looking guy working in a gas station this late at night out in the middle of nowhere. She noticed how he had looked at her, but she wasn't bothered. She knew she was hot. She was a short brunette with good-sized breasts, firm and perky. She worked out and was fit, with a great toned body. She was horny. It had been a while since she had been with anyone. Her last boyfriend had cheated on her with her ex-roommate and that had left her a bit jaded against relationships. She began to fantasize about this guy, his body pressed up against her tan skin, embracing her petite frame, sucking on her pert nipples.

Before she could even get too far into her fantasy, the door flew open. It was him, and here she was with her pants down, sitting on the toilet taking a piss. "Hey get out of here!" she exclaimed.

"Shut the fuck up" he demanded. "Now listen you little rich bitch, you can either do this the easy way or the hard way." She began to feel very afraid. The shock had tensed her up so much that she had stopped peeing. She sat there on the toilet petrified. "There's no one around. It's just me and you." She quickly examined her options. She knew this stretch of road and knew that no one would be coming by here for any reason except maybe gas, but he had probably turned off the sign and closed up for the night. He was much bigger than her and muscular.

She knew she didn't have much of a chance fighting her way out. She knew what she had to do. "Just don't put up a fight. Give him what he wants and everything will be OK," she thought to herself.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was big. He moved over in front of here, she was still sitting on the toilet. "Get down on your knees," he demanded, and she did. He pushed his cock against her lips and she opened up, allowing him to enter her mouth. She felt so violated. "Don't try anything stupid unless you really want to get hurt. Just suck my cock. Nice and slow," and so she did. She could hear him sigh; she knew how to give a really good blowjob. She tried her best, hoping to end this as quickly as possible. She felt his hand on the back of her head. He grabbed a hand full of her hair and guided her head back and forth. The next stroke, she began to pull her head back and met the resistance of his hand, "Come on bitch," he said, "put it in the back of your throat." He pulled he head forward and jammed his cock in her mouth; it went all the way in. She felt herself gag, but he kept pushing it in. She had swallowed his whole length and he held her there for a second. She was fighting to pull her head back before she threw up. He released and she pulled all the way back, releasing his cock from her mouth and began coughing and spitting. He slapped her face "I didn't say you were through honey," and he grabbed the hair on the back of her head and forced his cock into her mouth again. He was relentless now, fucking her face, forcing his cock into her throat with every stroke. Her eyes were tearing up and her makeup was starting to smear. He pulled it out and slapped her across the face with his dick before fucking her face some more.

She was beginning to relax her throat enough now that she was no longer gagging. She never had been able to deep-throat before and this was a new experience for her. She began to feel a tingle in her pussy, "This is sick she thought to herself."

Finally he was through with her mouth. He pulled out his cock. He reached down and grabbed her shirt. It was her favorite tight red top; it showed off her breasts so well. Maybe it wasn't the best choice tonight. He pulled it off over her head and threw it on the floor. She was wearing a black lace bra, which he quickly relieved her of. He reached down with both hands and pinched her nipples. "Stand up," he growled, and he pulled her shorts and panties off, removing her sandals in the process. She stood there on urine stained bathroom floor. He stripped off his clothes as well. Then he grabbed her shoulder and turned her around and pushed her head down to the counter by the sink. He was standing behind her and she could feel his hard cock resting against her butt. She felt his hand between he legs feeling her pussy. He slid a finger into her gap. She was wet, "You little slut, you're enjoying this aren't you?" She felt her pussy open as he pushed the head of his dick against her lips. In one hard push he was all the way inside her. She rose up off the counter a little and he pushed her back down hard. He started fucking her hard and fast, with long strokes in and out. She began to breathe hard. She could feel herself approaching climax. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. He fucked her harder. He slapped her ass, "That's it, take that cock. Take it you little whore."

She was beginning to feel really good. She couldn't believe it. Here she was getting raped and loving every minute of it. She admitted to herself that she had thought he was attractive and was fantasizing about having him, but not this way.

He rammed her harder and harder and she couldn't resist any longer, she started moaning. He was panting and fucking and sweating. He pulled out and turned her around and propped her up one the counter. In one motion he was inside her again and pounding away in her pussy. She reached up and grabbed her tits and started rubbing them. He had her legs spread wide and was giving her a good fuck. She reached down and stared rubbing her clit, "Yah, that's it slut, I knew you wanted this shit."

She couldn't take it any longer, she stated to cum. It was an earth shattering orgasm and she started screaming, "Yes! Fuck me, fuck me hard!" She came all over his cock. He was still going as she was coming down from her orgasm and suddenly she felt the pressure in her bladder again. She remembered she hadn't been able to fully relieve herself before she was taken by surprise. "Please stop for a minute. I have to pee. Please." He just kept going; he started fucking her harder.

"You better not let it go, or you'll have to pay," he placed his hand over her bladder and began to push on it.

"No, please don't do that. Really, I'm going to go!" He just continued. She tried to hold back, but she was losing control over her body. Suddenly she could feel herself starting to let go. The warm fluid began to come out. She was pissing on him. She was so scared about what would happen. He moaned. She was peeing right on his stomach and it ran down between them. He reached down with his hands and caught some of her piss and rubbed it over his chest and body. She couldn't believe it. "He likes this," she thought to herself. So she reached down and aimed her stream right for his chest. He was enjoying it and that started to turn her on too. She sighed a little and pushed the fluid out in a steady stream on him. He rubbed her tits with his hands and moved his body close to hers and her piss ran down between both of them. She could feel how warm it was. They both moaned. She finished pissing and sighed. He grabbed her hips and pulled her off the counter onto her feet, then forced her down onto her knees again. He pushed his piss-covered cock back into her mouth and fucked her face again. After a few strokes he started to strain and moan. He pulled out and stroked his cock fast, "Yes, please. Cum for me, cum all over my face," she whimpered. And with that, he let go and shot semen onto her face. She was in heaven. She was loving being treated like a dirty whore. She could still taste her own piss in her mouth and she opened up and tasted his hot cum as it shot into her mouth and all over her face. He groaned as the last spurts of cum fell onto her tits.

"You are a nasty little cunt aren't you,” he said; "Now I have to pay you back for pissing on me bitch." He stood in front of the toilet and looked at her. "Get over here,” he was pointing just next to the bowl. She wiped his cum from her face and crawled over. He lifted the seat. He grabbed her hair and moved her head onto the edge of the bowl. He grabbed his cock and aimed at the bowl and started to relieve himself. Then he turned and aimed his stream at her face. She closed her eyes and felt his urine flowing over her. She couldn't help it, this was turning her on, his cock, the way he was controlling her, the warm feeling of his piss going all over her. She reached down and started rubbing her clit again and moaning. She opened her mouth and his piss filled it up. She was so turned on. She jammed two, then three fingers into her pussy and finger fucked herself. He finished pissing and began stroking his cock. She continued to finger fuck herself to another orgasm.

His cock was getting hard. She got up on all fours with her ass facing him and said, "Please, fuck me again. I need more of your cock."

"Why do you need it?" he said, "Is it because you a fucking whore."

"Yes, I'm a nasty little whore. I'm a slut. I need cock. Please fuck my cunt," she couldn't believe her own words, but she felt them. He was in control of her. She needed his cock.

He reached forward, grabbed her hips and plunged his cock into her cunt. She was so wet. He fucked her hard and she reached back and rubbed her clit. After a minute he pulled out and she whined, "Please don't stop."

"I'm going to give it to you don't worry," she looked back and could see a grin on his face. He reached down and she felt his finger on her asshole. She tensed up. "I thought you wanted it slut," he said. She did, but she had never had anal sex before. "Well you're going to get it so you better get ready." He put his finger in her cunt and got it good and wet, then took it out and pressed against her asshole. She tried to just relax. His index finger slid into her ass and he began to move it around. He fucked her pussy as he worked her asshole with his finger, and she loved it. He pulled out then grabbed his cock and pushed it up against her anus. She was getting nervous but tried to relax. He pushed on her and she could feel her ass opening to his cock. It felt so big and hurt, but she tried not to tense up. He let out a groan. In a second he was all the way in, filling up her ass with his big cock. He stayed there for a minute and she tried to relax. He pulled back and then jammed her hard. She grunted. He kept going. He grabbed her hips and tried to push harder and deeper. She pain was subsiding and she was getting caught in the sex. She was getting fucked in the ass and it felt good. She was relaxing and he was able to slide in and out easily.

He started to fuck her fast. Her ass felt so good. She reached between her legs and slid a finger into her pussy. He kept fucking her asshole. She needed release; she jammed two more fingers into her cunt and was fucking herself with a fury. He was ramming her ass and she could feel the pressure inside her cunt on her hand. She was in ecstasy. She was panting and moaning and begging for him to fuck her harder, "Fuck my ass! Fuck me like the slut I am!" He grabbed her hair and pulled it hard and she just groaned.

He slapped her ass. He pulled her up by her hair and put his arm around her throat and yelled at her, "You fucking whore. Take it. Take it you bitch!" She was being choked and fucked up the ass and was loving every second. She came so hard that her legs buckled and she full onto the piss covered floor. He rolled her over and grabbed her hair, pulling her head up and jammed his cock into her mouth. He fucked her mouth even harder than before until finally he started to cum. It shot right down her throat and she tried to swallow it all. There was so much that it filled her mouth and dribbled out the side and down her cheek. He pulled his cock out and shot the rest of his cum all over her tits. She laid there on the floor in her own piss and rubbed his cum into her skin.

He looked at her on the floor, covered in cum with her hair all tussled and make-up smeared all over her face. "Clean yourself up and get the fuck out of here." She did as she was told. When she opened the bathroom door to leave, she saw him sitting behind the counter, just as he was before, smoking a cigarette. She looked away quickly, realizing what all she had done, the things she had said. She ran out to her car and sped away.

All the way to her parents’ house, she thought about what had happened. She was making herself horny again. She had never realized what a slut she could be, or how she could really enjoy such nasty, rough sex. She knew that any time she drove back home now she would have to stop there to "use the bathroom" again. She laughed to herself. She imagined what other things they might do. She thought about that at home as she laid there in her old bedroom, in her old bed, her fingers playing with her pussy as she came again.

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