tagGay MalePizza Boy at the Door Ch. 19

Pizza Boy at the Door Ch. 19


Even though Josh was exhibiting an outwardly happy demeanor the next half dozen weeks, Kyle was more than aware that the estrangement with his mother was weighing on his mind often. The few times he got him to talk about it, Josh only reiterated how he considered the problem entirely her making and therefore hers to deal with. The only communication that had occurred between the two had been the blunt note Josh had handwritten the night after the coming out fiasco. He had asked Kyle to read it before it was mailed to her at the farm. Even though he was extremely impressed by the intensely deep message behind the words Josh had used, he wondered yet again if he should have suggested it not be sent. Once more, while Josh was at work, Kyle repeated them to himself...so well memorized it was as if the paper was right there in front of him.


An unnatural act. A deep dark transgression. A burning pain within your child's soul.

Not about them. It's about you and your nefarious and unprincipled attitudes.

You, a parent, have forsaken your child because of a difference between their's and your tiny, close-minded world.

You say you disapprove. You disapprove of what? Your child for being himself? For daring to love and be loved back?

You reply: "It's unnatural." How can you say it so coldly and without feeling?

Unnatural in your eyes perhaps. But not as unnatural in their eyes, the desertion of your love seems to them.

Your child, unchanged, still loves you.

And if for this overall insignificant part of their life you stop loving them...then I am the one that must disapprove!

Kyle shuddered again, as he always did when he remembered the words. Tomorrow the two of them were flying to New York and he already knew what kind of reception would greet them. Kyle's parents had only talked to his boyfriend on the phone a few times, but he had already been fully accepted. He had wanted Josh to make peace with his mother before the trip, but the pleas fell on deaf ears every time. 'Damn how I love him, but he is so stubborn sometimes,' was the thought he was having when his cell phone buzzed.

"What are you up to stud? Watching hockey porn again?" came from Josh with a chuckle.

Kyle laughed back and replied, "Nah. This was my night for surfing smut sites for pizza delivery boy movies. They've got me thinking about ordering one and seeing if I can get lucky."

"So call the shop and order one. I'm on my last delivery now, but would be willing to make one more...if breakfast comes as part of the tip."

"You're too easy baby. At least make me work for it."

"Oh don't worry. You will be doing some work if I have my way," Josh seductively purred. He laughed again and promised to bring home dinner before disconnecting from the call.

As Kyle stared at the phone in his hand, he thought: 'Maybe he is handling this mess with his mother okay and I need to stop worrying so much.'

* * * * *

Josh closed his cell phone and pitched it to the passenger seat as he pulled out of the customer's driveway and headed back towards Capitol Highway. Even though this final drop off for the night had been at the far edge of the shop's delivery area, it went to a regular customer that always tipped very well. It also gave him time to think on the way back.

As had so often entered his mind the past weeks, he kept hearing his Mom viciously use the term 'faggot' in her reference to Kyle. He had talked several times to his Dad, his Grandparents, and both his older brothers...all of them reassuring him of their love and that his Mom did too. He angrily smacked the steering wheel hard with his fist and actually yelled at the windshield. "Fuckin' bullshit!" The next words in his mind were the same ones he had used every time any of his family had brought his Mom into the conversation. 'When she tells me that herself, and that she accepts both me and Kyle, then I might believe it. Until then, I am as much a faggot as he is to her.'

As if by divine intervention, the Honda's radio suddenly began playing the Macklemore and Lewis chart buster 'Same Love' and Josh turned it up full blast. He sang along with the chorus each time as if he was singing it to his Mom.

'And I can't change. Even if I tried. Even if I wanted to.'

By the time the final verse of the song was playing, Josh was choking back tears as he parroted the words.

'Whatever God you believe in, we all come from the same one. Strip away the fear, underneath, it's all the same love.'

He shook his head as he turned the volume back down and once again spoke to the dead air in the car: "Why can't you just give it to God, Mom? He will tell you the right answers if you do. Then we can be a family again."

* * * * *

Josh found Kyle in the bedroom when he got back to the house on the bay. Two suitcases were opened on the bed and Kyle was busy filling one. "Hey baby," he began as he looked at the empty one. "I wasn't sure what all you wanted to take, so I didn't pack yours." He grinned and took the warm pizza box from Josh's hands. "Guess I will eat and watch you get things together. We do have an early flight in the morning you know."

Josh grinned back before saying, "Yeah I know. But I assumed you would pick out my stuff so I would make a good impression on your family."

Kyle pulled him into a hug. "Only impression you will need to make is you being you. Your clothes aren't important." He paused and then added, "Well, other than make sure you pack your dress suit and at least one nice shirt and tie. I know Dad and he will insist on us all going out to at least one formal dinner at a nice place while we are there. Probably the country club."

Josh scrunched up his nose. "That's part of the test, isn't it? See if I can fit in with the rest of the rich people?"

Kyle rolled his eyes. "Joshie. My family may have money, but they are far what being what you think rich people are like. Dad would just as soon go fishing in a pair of ratty shorts and a stained tee shirt, as play golf or tennis. The only reason he even belongs to the club is for the business contacts. And if you give Mom a choice, she will pick bingo at the church social hall over any snooty Saturday night cocktail party." Before biting into a slice of pizza, he finished with, "Plus, you passed the test with them the minute I told them I was in love with you." Kyle managed to chew and smile sincerely at the same time.

"Well at least tell me 'yes' or 'no' as I pick things out. Okay?" The question only got him a head nod as Kyle picked up another slice of pizza. In less than a half hour, both Kyle's stomach and Josh's suitcase were full.

"You did call your parents and tell them you were going to New York, didn't you?" Kyle finally queried.

"I called and told Dad," was the initial answer Josh gave back. "I assume he told her," followed.

"Good," Kyle simply replied. But he quivered inside a little at the completely generic way Josh had once again referred to his mother. Ever since getting back home from the disastrous visit, Josh only used pronouns when talking about her. 'She won't be my 'Mom' again until she apologizes for what she said about you,' had been his explanation. Kyle had given up trying to get him to make the first effort at negotiating peace, and Mrs. Thomas seemed to be just as stubborn as her youngest son and unwilling to make the opening move. Even though Josh presented a strong front, Kyle knew the rift between them was breaking his heart. It broke Kyle's heart too, because he couldn't figure out a way to help.

Kyle's thoughts were interrupted when Josh asked, "So what time do we have to leave for the airport in the morning?"

"The commuter to Atlanta is at 9:15 and we need to be there by 8 to check in. It's only about fifteen minutes to the airport, but we have to walk in from the long term parking area too...so you do the math."

Josh looked at the alarm clock, saw it was already well past midnight, and moaned at the thought of how short a night it was going to be. Since he was going to be gone for a week, he had worked a double shift at the shop and was really tired. As he helped move the suitcases to the floor so they could get in bed, for the first time he could ever remember, he hoped Kyle wasn't horny.

* * * * *

Once the boys found their assigned seats on the twin prop commuter, Kyle suggested that Josh take the window seat. He knew it was going to be his lover's first flight and wanted him to be able to enjoy the view. Josh merely shrugged and slid into the seat that looked far more comfortable than it actually was. As he looked around the interior of the small craft, he asked, "We are going to change to a bigger plane in Atlanta, right?"

Kyle grinned and placed his hand over Josh's. "You aren't nervous, are you?"

"Just a little," he admitted. "When I think of airplanes, I just think of big ones and this thing is barely bigger than the Hummer."

"Yeah but the Hummer doesn't have wings or able to get us to Atlanta in an hour." Kyle paused and then added, "Just remember you are safer flying in this, than all the driving you do each night hustling pizzas." He hoped the comforting smile on his face helped reinforce the words.

The combination must have worked to an extent. As the plane rolled down the runway a few minutes later and hopped into the air, Josh had his fingernails digging into the arm rest, but his head was pasted to the window taking in a view of Pensacola like he had never seen before. The entire huge university campus was right below them at first. Then Kyle pointed out the home they shared from high in the sky. As the plane made the turn from out over the Gulf to make its way north, the white beaches below seemed to stretch forever. Once they lifted through the clouds, Josh settled back in the seat and relaxed. "Not as bad as I thought it would be," was the way he confessed that he had been more than a little nervous about his first takeoff.

By the time the puddle jumper was on final approach in Atlanta, Josh had adapted to flying so well that he was too busy excitedly surveying the scenery below to pay attention to the crosswinds buffeting the small plane. He also was missing Kyle's comments about the short layover and preparing him for the dash across the humongous airport to make their connecting flight. Kyle could barely contain his laughter later when Josh stared at the underground train they would be riding to the next terminal and half seriously stated, "I thought we were taking a plane to New York...not a subway!"

* * * * *

"Okay. Now that is more like a real plane to me," was the critique Josh offered as he and Kyle stood looking at the gleaming 737 through the boarding gate windows. "It won't bump around like that little one did, will it?"

Kyle smiled as he remembered how Josh had grabbed his hand every time the least bit of normal turbulence had worried him. "Nah. Flying in a big jet is like riding in a limo on a smooth road. Lots bigger and more comfortable inside too. And from the looks of the small crowd here waiting, we might just have half the thing to ourselves." His eyes twinkled at the thought and he dismissed Josh's question about what he was suddenly grinning about with, "Tell you after we take off. Trust me."

"One of these days Kyle..." The rest of Josh's words were cut off by the announcement that called their rows to the plane. They quickly entered the jetway portal and thanked the stewardess that welcomed them aboard. The cute steward inside the coach cabin winked at them knowingly and told them the flight was a light one passenger wise, and to just sit anywhere. Kyle directed Josh to seats a little over halfway back in the spacious cabin and they settled in quickly. All the other travelers picked seats closer to the front. "Just a couple more hours, right Kyle?"

"About two and a half. We'll have to find something to keep us occupied." The statement included another grin but Kyle didn't let Josh in on what he had planned.

It wasn't many minutes later when the big jet roared down the runway. After the front wheels lifted from the tarmac, Josh was again smiling and looking out the window. As the wing wheels broke contact with the earth though, he inhaled deep and grabbed Kyle's hand as the nose seemed to suddenly be pointing straight up. Kyle held back a snicker as Josh let out, "Whoooa! You forgot to warn me about this part of the roller coaster!"

"Don't worry, Josh. We aren't going to the moon. Just something around six miles up is all. Plus we will be able to get up and move around once we hit cruising altitude. I've got something to show you then." He grinned yet again and Josh went back to looking out the window checking out the earth rapidly falling away from the plane.

* * * * *

They had been in the air for close to an hour and Kyle had yet to bring up what he wanted to show Josh. He didn't think too much about it since he had already been up wandering around and figured he had already seen everything he could on his first real jet ride anyway. Right now, he was thirsty again from eating yet another bag of salty peanuts and wanting another can of Coke. When he mentioned it, Kyle looked back the aisle and saw the beverage cart sitting out at the edge of the flight attendant's galley. "Let's go back and talk Bruce out of a couple more," was the suggestion Kyle made as he stood up and took Josh's hand. "Come on baby...surprise time," was added along with one more big grin.

When they got to the back of the plane, the young steward they had made friends with handed them two cold cans and said, "Make yourselves at home while I make another run with the booze wagon. That bunch up front there will probably keep me busy for fifteen or twenty minutes." Josh missed the winks he and Kyle shared as he walked away pushing the full cart.

Before Josh could pop the tab of his can, Kyle yanked open the door on one of the lavatories across from the galley and dragged Josh inside. Once he had slid the bolt to both secure the door and move the 'Occupied' notice in place, he turned to Josh and pulled him into an embrace. Since they had skipped sex both last night and that morning, it took no time at all for their kissing to progress to hands roaming all over each other and having their hips grinding together. As Kyle undid Josh's jeans and began pushing them down, he whispered with lust in his voice. "This is going to be a first for both of us, baby."

Josh only stood there, half confused at first with his pants and underwear suddenly around his feet in the cramped space. Then as Kyle rapidly unzipped and slipped his own jeans and boxers down, the light bulb went on over his head. As Kyle grinned and sat his bare ass down on the closed toilet lid, Josh grinned just as wide and asked, "No shit Kyle? We're gonna join the Mile High Club?" Even though it came out as a question, Josh already knew the answer and managed to straddle Kyle's long legs and lower his naked butt onto his lover's crotch.

As Kyle ran his hands up under Josh's polo and pinched his nipples, he rhetorically questioned, "I take it those little moans you are making means you wanna?"

"Uh huh," Josh replied enthusiastically as he worked his ass cheeks against Kyle's erection. "Just the idea of you fucking me like this...right here...right now...has me so turned on." He knew from the way Kyle was already dry humping up into him that he wasn't the only one that was experiencing a new level of excitement. The only other words he offered as his hand slipped behind him to help Kyle find and pierce his entrance, was, "I think this is gonna be turbulence I'm gonna like."

After that, words were impossible as their mouths locked together and remained that way making oral love as Josh bounced on the cock filling him. Even the deep moans that tried to escape when their balls soon forewarned the joint orgasms, were well muffled by their battling tongues and conjoined lips. One final hard bounce of Josh's butt caused Kyle's dam to burst and as he felt the waves of warm seed filling him, Josh's own built-up eruption shot up Kyle's chest. 'Good thing he yanked that golf shirt up behind his head,' he managed to think as he covered Kyle's pecs and abs in white cream.

After a short bit of afterglow, they kissed one more time and then cleaned up best they could. Josh used a wet paper towel to dab away a few spots that had gotten on his polo while Kyle wiped away the rope of Josh's life fluid that had managed to end up in his dark bangs. "I swear I never know where I am going to find your cum, baby," he teased. Josh only grinned at him because he knew Kyle enjoyed making him come like a loose garden hose spraying everywhere.

Kyle stepped out of the small lavatory first and Josh flushed deeply when he followed and saw Bruce the steward standing in the plane's galley staring at them. Maintaining his professionalism, Bruce offered them both a couple extra packets of peanuts, but the smile on his face said he knew other appetites had already been satiated also.

"We'll be landing in Buffalo in about twenty minutes. Hope your flight has been as enjoyable as I think it was." The verbal hint was all he said until he stopped by their seats just before the plane went to final approach. Josh blushed again, and even Kyle turned a deep shade of red too, when Bruce pinned a set of plastic pilot wings they usually give to kids to each of their shirts and quietly said, "You are such a cute couple. Welcome to the club, my brothers."

* * * * *

"Stop being so nervous, baby," Kyle instructed as the plane taxied up to the terminal. Josh had been squeezing his hand tightly and fidgeting in the seat ever since the plane touched down. "You are already part of the family as far as they are concerned."

"I know, Kyle, but..."

"There are no 'buts' Josh. They know we are a couple and they know we are going to get married."

"Yeah, someday. Until then I am just your boyfriend though."

Kyle smiled and thought long before answering that comment. "I'm leaving when 'someday' happens up to you, baby. You know I'm ready."

"So am I, Kyle." He paused to plant a kiss on Kyle's cheek and then suddenly his eyes went wide. "Wait! We are in New York now. It's legal for us here, isn't it?"

Kyle grinned and only offered back, "Yes, it is. Let's get off this thing and talk about that later though. You need to meet the future in-laws right now."

It was a short walk through the jet's cabins and up the enclosed ramp attached to the terminal. As they made their way to where arriving passengers were able to be met, Josh kept daydreaming about the possibilities. He remained silent as they walked but was thinking: 'Mom freaked over finding out I am gay. Wonder if telling her we are legally married would be any worse?' His next thought was: 'Show time' as he heard a chorus of voices shouting out Kyle's name.

By the time the entire immediate Roberts family was piling into the large Mercedes sedan in the parking lot, Kyle was still wearing the smile that had been on his face since he introduced Josh to his parents and two sisters. He knew Josh was almost embarrassed by the instant acceptance and all the hugs he received. More importantly though, he also knew the unconditional love they had all shown him, relaxed Josh greatly. He loosened up even more after Beth, who was seventeen and the older of the two sisters, looked over at him in the back seat and then told Kyle very matter-of-factly: "He is too cute to be stuck with you, big brother."

Fifteen-year-old Susan, chimed in also with: "Uh huh. Hunk city. And I like older guys."

Mrs. Roberts even offered, "Well if I was thirty years younger..." and left the rest of the sentence to everyone's imagination.

As everyone in the car laughed, Kyle pulled Josh into a protective hug and warned, "Back off you three. This one is already spoken for."

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