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Plans Formed In Bath


"Oh yeah, Gabrielle! Fuck that big hard cock!" Xena's raspy voice sung through she air with her moans of delight as she ran her fingers through the dark pubis of her pussy hairs, then sliding two fingers in between her cunt lips.

"Uh! Uh! AH!" Gabrielle let out soft ragged grunts as she slid up and down her lovers cock. Savoring the feel of his throbbing manhood as it thrust in and out of her womb.

"Mmmmm, Gods!" Xena said as she rose up and swam slowly through the huge overgrown bath pool to Aphrodite.

The love goddess had entered the scene only moments ago and still stood in her tracks when she was giving an eyefull of her bard friend and the time keeper Abbac-Ra in the wrath of ecstacy. Her eyes still wide with shock and a wet feeling creeping from between her thighs.

"You know, Aphrodite." Xena emerged from the water and stood stark raving naked, next to the Goddess of love. "We've never really had the time to get to know each other on a more personal level."

The blonde bombshell of a woman stood with eyes stuck upon the warrior woman's as the many thoughts of lustful intent coursed through her mind and sent her body into a craving need for all she conjured in her head.

"I... but... wh... huh?" Aphrodite still stricken in her trance for what she stumbled upon.

"No need to be shy, Aphrodite." Xena's right hand gently reached around her waist and pulled the goddess close to her. Close enough that their breasts were touching. Their faces just barely an inch away. Room enough to breath, and take in the lustful breath of the other. Of course, the love goddess was of sorts, breathless to say the least. Very least...

Giggling, Xena looked over at Gabrielle. Raising her lips into a smirck of a smile. Bringing her eye brows together in a way, enough to make her famous devious grin.

"Perhaps, you'd like for me to take the lead in this one, of course."

Aphrodite could feel Xena's hot and sensual breath upon her neck as the warrior princesses lips landed upon her flesh. Pursing gently upon the surface flesh of the Goddess of loves throat. Driving shivers through the woman's spin.

"You never know love." Xena's voice gave to her lovers ears in a gentle whisper. "Until you've felt the love of a Warrior Princess."

Aphrodite's knees came weak as she felt Xena's hands firmly roam her backside. She nearly tumble like a stone the moment Xena's lips pressed against hers, opening them slightly as her tongue inched a way into the goddesses mouth.

"Mmmmmmm!" Aphrodite moaned softly as surrendered unto the warrior's touch.

Gabrielle almost jealous to a fault when she viewed her Goddess friend and her Warrior lover. Making Ra estatic as her jealousy drove her to a wilder frenzy, causing her to almost painfully grip at his cock like a vice inside of her as she pounced up and down in his lap.

"Fuck! FUCK! YEE GODS!!!" Gabrielle cried out hard as she felt her pussy spasm into an intense orgasm.

"Oooh." Xena cooed watching her short blonde friend.

"Watch her Aphrodite. Watch how she loves to impale herself on hard stiff cocks." Xena moved behind Aphrodite, creeping her hand down her front under the goddess panties, sliding two fingers into her tight cunt.

"Shit! Fuck! OH MY GODS!!! I'm cumming, cumming... gods-damn-it!!!" Gabby screamed loud into the air as her pussy spasmed more and more around Ra's hard prick.

Groaning loud as she felt his spunk shoot up into her womb. Gabrielle began to jerk and shake incontrolably on top of him, thrashing water every which way.

"Wow!" Eve's voice came from the enterance of the great bath.

"It looks like my sister is enjoying this view." Athena gave an as-a-matter-of-fact tone.

Eve and Athena walked to the Warrior Princess masterbating the Goddess of Love, on the way, passing a FINALLY calming down Amazon Bard and Time Alterer.

"Mom... Athena and I need your help..."

"mmmm, with what?" Xena sighed as Aphrodite began to slowly gyrate her hips into her new lovers fingers.

"Athena and I want to be together." Eve spoke up.

"And?" Xena giggled.

"The rest of the God's wont except that." Athena gave a worried near sob of an answer.

"Don't you worry. I have a plan in mind for that very subject. It'll be quite time consuming, but well worth it... say, Athena? Why don't you be a good big sister and help Aphrodite get off?"

The suggestion nearly caused the goddess to faint. Would she really wanna fuck her own sister? Find out, in Plans Formed In Bath Part 2.

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