tagInterracial LovePlantation Nights Ch. 2

Plantation Nights Ch. 2


Chapter 2:Missy Anne has a Ball

After seeing Dick Strong, with the black girl. Missy Anne rode away, through the plantation. She couldn't get the sight of him, fucking the young black girl with his huge cock, from her mind. As she neared the big house, she stopped at the field, and selected two young Black slaves, and told them to report to Polly, at the kitchen.

When she got to the Big House. She had a quick word with Polly, and retired to her rooms.

Polly knocked on her door, opened it. And showed the two young blacks, and Jethro into the room. Polly then closed the door, on them, before going back downstairs.

Missy Anne, was dressed in a Basque, with ankle boots and stockings. She had her whip in her hand. Strip quickly, she said to all three. Jethro, was the oldest at, but when they were naked, there wasn't much to chose, between the three big Black cocks.

Missy Anne, was horny as hell, after watching Dick Strong.

She also felt guilty, about her feelings. So instead of punishing herself. She would punish these three, instead.

Stand up straight and don't slouch, she said to them.

She grabbed the first boy, by the balls, and with the crop, in her other hand, she rubbed the head of his cock, with it.

The next boy, was told to kneel, and kiss her boots. When he did so. She slapped him, quite stiffly on the ass.

She returned to the first boy, and held his cock, this time. As she held it, it started to grow, in her hand. She wanked it, for a bit. And when it was really hard, she stood back, and brought the crop down on it.

The boy yelped. She knelt, and took his now limp, and sore cock, into her mouth.

She began to suck, on the head of it, one hand held his balls, whilst the other hand reached behind him, and two fingers, entered his ass.

As she sucked, fucked him, and squeezed his balls, Jethro looked on.

She took her mouth away from his cock, and moved her hand, from his balls to his shaft. As she started to wank him again, she turned to look at Jethro.

When I get fed up with you, she said. You'll go to the fields, and once in a while I'll choose you, like I have with these two today. Yes they have been favoured by me in the past.

As she continued to wank the boy, she suddenly stopped, and told him, to wank himself. She moved to the other boy, and took him, in her mouth, he was soon hard.

Missy Anne glanced at Jethro, and could see, that his cock,was rigid.

She teased him, by alternating, sucking the two boys.

Both boys were near to coming, and when she felt them ready, she stopped sucking, and wanked both, at the same time.

Jethro was amazed, to see her allow the come, to spurt over her face.

He was even more amazed, when she knelt on the bed, and without any word. The two boys sucked at her ass, and pussy.

She came, in just a few minutes.

The boys went to the dresser, and took a wet towel, from a bowl there, and washed Missy Anne down.

She thanked the boys, and dismissed them.

After they had left the room, Missy Anne turned to Jethro. You see, she said. They know what I want, come over here, and kneel over this stool.

As Jethro knelt over the stool. He felt a tremendous slap, on his ass. He yelled, don't be a baby, said Missy Anne.

If you were in the fields, the lash would be heavier, and more severe. So take your punishment, like a good boy, and well get along just fine.

His big black balls, were dangling between his legs.

This was too much, for Missy Anne to resist.

She slapped him hard there, and they immediately shrank, into him.

When she got to the front of him, his big cock,was rock hard again.

She pressed herself against his face, and told him to lick her cunt.

Black men didn't normally do this, it was seen as a sign of weaknes, for a man to lap a woman's pussy, in black culture.

He hesitated, and she leant over him, and cracked him on the ass, again with the whip. I said suck my cunt boy, do you hear me.

His mouth, moved nearer to her . She hit him again. suck my fucking cunt.

His lips touched her pubic hair.

CRACK, the crop fell on his back. His tounge, snaked between her pussy lips.

There, she said this ain't so bad, is it. Does it taste good.

Mmmm she heard him mutter, and he licked at her pussy even more.

Missy Anne pulled away from him, and moved towards the bed.

She lay, on the bed, opened her legs, in a wide V, and told him to get back to his job.

Jethro did, and seemed to like it. When Missy Anne looked down, between her legs, she was pleasantly surprised to see, that he had a long thick tongue.

She was really enjoying this. Stick your tongue in my ass, she cried. He did so, without any hesitation.

Missy Anne, came in torrents. Stop licking, and fuck me she cried. he jumped to his feet, and stuck his big black dick in her pussy.

He didn't need any urging, to fuck her roughly. This was what she wanted, this was her punishment.

She came again and as she was coming she told him to get it in her ass-hole.

It stretched her wide, she bucked away with him, and felt his come shoot into her ass.

That's it, she cried but don't you stop. He kept pumping away. She came again, and so did Jethro.

When she had recovered, she thanked him, and told him that when he fucked her, he must never come in her. It was alright to come in her ass, but not in her pussy, that was for the husband.

She told him to go back to the kitchen and tell Polly to prepare a bath for her.

After her bath, she had a light supper, and fell into a deep satisfied sleep.

Next morning her husband arrived home, to attend the ball, they were having that evening. There would be over two hundred guests, and twenty would be staying overnight.

Missy Anne, was in the kitchen, ensuring everything would be ready, and that everyone, knew what they were to do. Her husband, was in the fields somewhere, probably with some young black girl.

The ball commenced, at 7 o clock. Everyone commented on Missy Anne's dress, and what a good spread she had put on. She had gotten a band from the state capital, and there were lots of people dancing. Missy Anne's dance card, was full.

Her husband danced the first dance with her, but she was looking forward to dance number 8, as that had been booked by Dick Strong.

Dick Strong, was looking very handsome tonight. With his cut away jacket, and tight breeches, tucked into his riding boots. His tight breeches, had a large bulge in them, and Missy Anne had seen more than a few women, glancing at it.

When at last, it was her turn to dance with him, she nearly swooned in his arms. He told her how lovely she looked this evening, and then he surprised her, by telling her, that he must have her tonight.

She blushed and stammered, whatever do you mean.

He said you know fine, what I mean, and I mean to have you.

She told him, to watch out for her, retiring to bed later. And to come up, ten minutes after her.

The ball carried on, for another hour, or so.

Her husband had gone to his room, and collapsed drunk, into his bed.

Missy Anne, had seen the last of the guests, away, and of those who were staying ,a few were still chatting and drinking. Missy Anne, made her apologies, and said it had been a long day, and she hoped they would excuse her, if she went to bed.

When she got to her room, she took off her dress, and underneath, she was wearing a new Basque, and French knickers she had imported, from Paris, France.

She had just put on a dab of perfume, when there was a knock on her door.

She opened it ,and he was there.

He stepped into the room, and kicked the door shut with his heel, as he took her in his arms. His lips, crushed hungrily, against hers.

His tongue pushed into her mouth, exploring her it.

Missy Anne's hand, dropped, and grabbed at the bulge in his trousers. It felt solid, and huge, under the material of his trousers.

She felt his hands, go round her ass, and he crushed her to him, jamming her hand between them.

Wait, wait she said.

Come to bed. I want you now.

He lifted her and carried her to the bed. He laid her on the bed and quickly got his jacket and shirt off, then he pulled off his boots.

He stood facing her, as he undid his trousers.

As he was sliding them off, she was looking at them coming down.

And as she looked his cock, seemed never ending.

When the trousers, cleared his cock, it sprang up, ramrod straight.

She jumped to the side of the bed and grabbed it. I want to taste it, she said, as she covered the knob, with her lips.

He put his hands, at the side of her head and began to run his fingers through her hair,

as she sucked eagerly at him.

His prick was throbbing in her mouth and she could only get half of it in.

She felt a sudden rush and his thick come, spurted down her throat.

Lie back, he panted.

He put his hand between her legs and grabbing the crotch of her French knickers, he pulled them from her. His face dived between her thighs and she felt his tongue, start to lick all around her vulva.

It felt so good with him kissing and nibbling at her pussy lips. And when, his tongue parted them and started to slide inside her, she came with a force, that made her lock her thighs around his head, and she started sobbing, with pure ecstasy.

He brought his wet lips up to meet hers, in a kiss. As he kissed her, he fondled her breasts. The nipples were rock hard and when he squeezed them, they felt tender and sore, but she was loving it.

Fuck me now, she said.

He got between her thighs and rubbed his knob up and down her pussy lips.

She squirmed and he sank into her.

It felt wonderful. His cock, seemed to be sliding in, in a never ending way.

And when ,she thought it would hit her heart, he started to withdraw it, before driving it into her again.

Her hips, were coming up, to meet him, as he thrust into her, they started to fuck, faster and faster.

The pleasure she was feeling, was so extreme, that when she quickly came again. She didn't realise, that she was screaming.

It was a good job, that her husband, was comatose, with the drink.

Dick told Missy Anne, to get on all fours on the bed.

When she had done so, he started to lick, at her pussy again, and also his tongue, flicked at her ass-hole.

She realised, that he was wetting, her cunt and ass and she was anticipating, a right royal fucking.

She wasn't disappointed.

He shoved his massive cock, deep into her pussy, and rode her, for all he was worth. And when she was starting to come, he withdrew and quickly entered her arse.

It felt, as if it would open her up. But after a few strokes, it started to get quite enjoyable. She was coming constantly, as he fucked her ass.

And as she felt his juices flow into her, his teeth, sank gently into the back, of her neck. He still, kept pumping away and she had her fingers, in her own pussy, frigging herself, as he fucked her up the ass.

They kept this up, for about twenty minutes, before collapsing, spent in each others arms.

I love you, he said, when he had got his breath back.

I think I love you too, said Missy Anne. Id better, be getting back to my room he said. He then dressed, and as he was leaving, Missy Anne said I want you again, tomorrow and every day.

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Not realistic. Why would she fuck the white overseer when she could ova her choice of superior Black cock?

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