Planting Seeds

byD Ray©

I make my way through the airport terminal to baggage claim. I'm in a hurry as are the other passengers that await the arrival of their luggage. My thoughts are of you. Our last night together before I left on my trip-our argument. How silly it all seems now as I manage to maneuver myself into the perfect position to grab my bag off of the conveyer belt.

I have so much that I want to say to you, so much that I want to apologize for, so much to make up for... How could I have been so blind? How could I have allowed myself to disappoint you at a time that I should have been supportive? My mind wanders back to that last evening, to the hurt in your eyes as I denied you the happiness you deserve. How could I have been so selfish?

A bell rings signifying the emergence of luggage from my flight. An older gentleman reaches around me to claim his bag. He brings me back to the present. Your hurt eyes with just a hint of a tear are fading back into the archives of my memory. As my bag finally makes the journey down the ramp and into my hand, I'm determined to make right the hurt that I have caused. During this trip I have learned just how precious you are to me. I vow silently as I make my way from the throng of weary travelers still maneuvering for position to claim their bags, to find a way to demonstrate my devotion to you and your desires.

Making my way towards the exit I can tell that the past week has taken a toll on me physically, mentally and emotionally. Losing a loved one is never easy; especially a loved one as young and vibrant as my cousin. Gone at only 18 years of age. Taken suddenly and quickly as his young adult life had just began. During this entire ordeal, his mother, my aunt, a pillar of strength. Placing her need for sympathy and comfort far behind her. She did her best to enjoy the company of her family. As I step onto the escalator, I remember that she even took time to console me. She peered deep within my heart to see the inner turmoil raging inside. She made me realize what I'm missing by avoidance and working long hours.

As I exit the terminal, bags in hand, I can see cab drivers hustling for the next passenger as a downpour rages outside. I think that 'privilege' does have its advantages at times like these. Our driver steps up to me with an open umbrella. We walk rapidly back to the car. I now realize fully what my 'hard work' has accomplished. I also realize what I may lose if I'm not

Reaching for the door handle the driver skillfully opens the rear passenger side door as he holds the umbrella over his head and mine. In another quick motion, he reaches for my bag. This allows me to duck into the back of the limo, as he closes the door behind me.

A lightening bright smile encompasses your lips as you see the look of surprise that appears across my face. I'm a bit taken aback by your presence. Seeing you in the car on this stormy evening is a pleasant home coming. Your face reveals your elation at having caught me off guard. Your companionship, your ability to brighten my day no matter how hectic; just you period is all I need.

Seeing you before me as I settle myself into the seat opposite you, is like a dream come true. You are a vision in all white. Your splendor is on display as I notice the contrast between your bronzed colored skin and the white dress that encompasses your body. You hold a glass of wine to your full lips. Licking them lusciously as you place the glass in the side door holder. You reach for the extra glass that is sitting in the bar. A bottle of my favorite wine is also handy. You pour me a glass of wine as the car careens onto the highway and home.

I have never quite figured out how you know my every need-my every desire. During the flight home, I so desperately wanted to speak with you. To inform you of my change of heart. I placed a call while in flight to the apartment, but I did not get an answer. Now I see why not...

Sipping my wine silently and admiring the beauty that sits before me, is a comforting feeling. We have done well for ourselves financially over a short period of time. You are my lifeline when it comes to business. Beneath the beauty of the woman that is before me, lies a lioness just waiting to pounce on unsuspecting clients who only admire her beauty and not her intelligence. Letting the wine ease it's way down my throat, I realize how lucky I am to have you by my side.

Lately despite our success, I have seen the emptiness in your eyes. The sorrow that fills them at times, when you think I'm not watching. The void that exists when one is longing. A hole that I finally realize I need to fill. Not only does it exist within you, but if I'm honest with myself, I too feel the incompleteness.

Placing my glass to the side in the holder, I remove my suit coat. Despite our drivers best efforts to keep me dry, I still managed to get a bit wet from the downpour. I can feel the wine warming me and the site of you is heating me up as well. I know that I've told you many times how beautiful you are, but there is just an aura about you this evening that is bedazzling to behold.

Your hair falls just above your smooth shoulders. Your lips are full and inviting. Watching you lick your lips only allows my loins to grow with desire. Taking another sip of wine, my gaze finds your plump breasts. I can see the outline of your bra behind the white

fabric of your dress. Your nipples are aroused as they make there presence known despite their confinement. I so desperately want to touch each one and take them into my mouth. ...sucking your nipples into their full erectness. My eyes travel downward to see your legs crossed. Currently hiding your pleasure cave for the moment. ...mental note: must get you to open your legs.

Your toes display a fresh pedicure. A pair of white sandals complete your outfit. Your outfit is simple, yet provocative. Just the way I enjoy you. I can feel my cock awakening to the thoughts of having you right now. Thoughts of taking you in our car are uncontrollable. Looking at you now, I know what I want. Seducing you in the limo is going to become a reality.

Your looking away from me as I make the realization that I'm going to have you. The love and admiration that we share is evident. I can sense that all is forgiven in that passing moment. A blush rises on your cheek as I stare intently at your loveliness. Waiting to have you until we get home, is out of the question. I want you now. I want to give you what you desire. ...what you long for...

Sliding forward in my seat, I rise up and maneuver myself to sit right next to you. You're taken aback by my sudden movement. I place my arm around your shoulder. I can feel your softness as I take in the scent of your skin. Lifting your chin upwards with my free hand, I kiss your full lips with the passion of a man driven...driven by want...driven by need.

Your mouth is hot and sweet as our tongues do the dance of depravation. I'm eager for my tongue to taste all that is inside. Your eyes close and your head relaxes against my arm as I explore the cavern of your mouth. Probing and tasting... My passion for you heightened by my absence. My goal is to have what belongs to me. Having you here and now consumes my every thought.

Sliding my hand down your neck, I allow my fingers to lightly touch your skin. My touch ignites a flame within you as I find a resting place for my hand on the curve of your breast. My hand moves slowly over the curve downward to surround your fullness. I squeeze your ample breast as a small sound of pleasure emits from your lips. Your breathing is rapid. Your kisses much more intense. Your legs are rocking from side to side, as you attempt to hold in what you want to release.

My cock is hardening with each passing moment. Soon the restraint of my clothing will not stop the yearning that I feel for you. My want runs deep. My need is inescapable. My balls ache for relief and release. I have what you desire securely sequestered. You have what I want between your plump thighs.

Your breasts are ripe and tender as I continue to grope them into submission. My other hand is now searching for the buttons that control the car windows. I locate the buttons as I continue to arouse your spirit. Pushing the lever to slide the windows down, I can feel droplets of rain coming into the car. Soon the downpour that is raging outside is spraying onto you and I. My shirt sleeve is wet as I return my hand from the window controls to the top button on your dress.

Kissing you deeply, I unfasten the first button. ...and then the next. ...and the next. All the while your nipples are hardening with anticipation. Through the open window, rain continues to spray into the car. Our positioning is affording me the luxury of licking the moisture from the tops of your breasts. The mixture of rain and the taste of your skin is intoxicating. Your dress is open to your navel. Your legs still rock back and forth as I squeeze your mounds of joy. I allow my tongue to lazily lap up the droplets of rain off your skin. I can see the sublime arousal that is spreading across your face.

I bend down slightly to reach for the hem of your dress. Tugging it off of you, with your assistance. You now only wear a bra, matching thong and a pair of sandals. The wind and rain rush in from the open window. I can see that the material of your bra is transparent due to the water. Your nipples are alive and ripe for the picking. They protrude and plead for me to suck them.

Whispering in your ear, I want you to lean all the way over in the seat so that your face is in your lap. You quickly obey and I unhook the garment that holds your nipples prisoner. Slipping my hand into your hair, I grab a handful and pull your head back. The shock of the sudden barbaric move arouses both of us. Your hands automatically go up to my hands in your hair, allowing for your arms to lift over your head. Your bra is now out of place. Your plump breasts are now bare.

I move my free hand to pinch and roll your nipples between my fingers as I kiss your neck passionately. Relaxing and enjoying my touch your arms come down and allow your bra to slither harmlessly to the floor. The cool air touches your skin as I take one of your nipples fully into my mouth. The hardness of your love bud is overwhelming. I drag my teeth lightly across the protrusion. A deep intake of breath reaches my ears as I continue to entice your body.

My dick is straining against my clothes, wanting to escape. The car continues to wind down the freeway as I seduce the woman I adore. Your submission to me is complete. Your moans of pleasure penetrating my ears. I want all to hear you. I want all to see you. I want to plant my seed in you. Give you your hearts desire.

Releasing you momentarily, I press the button that will open the sunroof. As the sunroof opens the rain continues to drench the inside of the car. I stand up briefly to unfasten my pants. I feel your hands reaching for the belt buckle of my slacks. The urgency in which you tug at my zipper, assures me that you are ready to be taken. My dick is rock hard as the confines of my clothing give way to the freedom I long for. Our kisses and exploration of our erogenous zones continue as we travel faster and faster on the express of passion.

My dick is throbbing and my balls ache to release my seed into your hot wet pussy. I can only think about driving my cock into you. I kiss you deeply and then turn you so that your ass is to my cock. I want to take you from behind. Drive my cock hard and deep into your tight pussy.

The rain from the sunroof is dripping down on your ass. I can see the trail from start to finish, that the water leaves behind. Maneuvering myself behind you I watch as you position your legs. Gabbing onto the seat, you position yourself on your knees. You look over your shoulder as pull my cock out of my pants. Stroking my manhood, I watch you spread your thick thighs. Leaning closer to you I slip one hand into the front of your thong to test the wetness of your honey pot. Your clit is swollen. Your juices are flowing. Hot, wet and juicy - just the way I enjoy you most.

I wrap my other arm around your neck and shoulder turning your lips to meet my wanting kisses. I can still feel the moisture of your pussy on my fingers. I have a weakness for how wet you get. I slide your thong to one side and grab my erect cock. I ram my piece into your awaiting pussy. You are dripping with desire as your juices quickly surround my cock. Your hole is tight, but wet as I plunge deeper and deeper. Your breath is taken away as I plow endlessly into your womanhood. Your screams are audible as I take what is mine. ...your flower. ...planting my seed within you.

You brace yourself with both hands as your breast bounce up and down in rhythm. I pound your pussy unmercifully. Your eyes are shut tight as I sink my hard cock deeper and deeper in you...making sure I hit every spot. Plunging my cock in and out of your hot pussy. My intent, to fill you with cum and dissipate your void.

I reach in front of you to knead your breasts. I continue to thrust my cock in and out of you. Your hands move from a bracing position, to gripping the top of my hand as I message your mounds. I enter you relentlessly, savagely - selfishly. I want you all to myself. I am now fulfilling a fantasy of my own. Taking you quickly on our way home. Anyone that drove by the open window is able to see that your mine. Your screams of passion echoing in my ears. No way to quite them as I plunge my engorged cock deeper and deeper into your inviting pussy.

You have only two interests, taking my cock into your pussy and feeling my hands on your body. The night air touches your skin, but my cock touches your soul. As you release your passion juice on my dick, I must hold back. Not allow myself to cum...not just yet. I can feel the warmth of your passion and the spasms of your walls. Bringing you to your peak is not all I hope to accomplish on this rainy night.

I can feel your juice drip down my balls. The rapture of having you cum on me is exhilarating. Your feminine walls continue to shutter around my cock as you reach your full climax. The time has come. No more delays. Gripping your waist I pull you long and hard on my cock. All of the electricity that is passing through your pussy sends me over the top. I whisper in your ear to take my seed and let it grow inside of you. I cum hard. I cum deep. I cum within the women I desire.

A time for 'planting seeds' as my aunt calls it. The passion of a man and a woman as they create life, love and happiness. This woman that is before me, who has given me all that I desire - it's time for me to give her what she desires. She wants a child. Not just any child, but my child.

Filling her with my seed is all I want after speaking with my aunt. No longer will I deprive her of what she wants...a piece of me. I will take her as I am now until she conceives. I will extinguish the void in her eyes. I will plant my seed deep within her and allow that seed to grow...and once harvested...I will plant another...

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