tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPlayful Games of Josh and Stacie

Playful Games of Josh and Stacie



Stacie and Josh love having fun almost as much as they love each other. There is nothing they love more than having fun together. Its not surprising they met at a Mardi Gras party five years ago when they were both 23. They had one of those love at first night experiences. From that night on, their relationship has been defined by daring fun and affection. They were married two years after they met, and the only thing that has changed has been the growing intensity of their shared adventurous affection. The intensity of their love life has always kept them happily faithful to each other.

Josh's muscular physique fills out his 6'4" frame. He has dark brown hair, translucent blue eyes and a broad white smile. Stacie perfectly complements him as a petite 5'4" blonde with blue eyes. Ample round tits with a tight muscular ass accentuate her fit body.

Stacie and Josh love to play and compete. Both grew up in athletic families almost obsessive with individual and team sports. Their evenings and weekends are now consumed with working out, extreme sports and playing games. Their love and competitiveness are only rivaled by their shared sense of humor. All three qualities come together to define their love life.

The two lovers enjoy nothing more than challenging and surprising one another sexually. It doesn't matter when or where, the higher the risk, the better. For example, Stacie loves to reach her foot under a restaurant table to give Josh's dick a productive foot massage during a leisurely dinner out; Josh enjoys finding creative ways to "spot" for Stacie in the gym until the equipment is coated with her cum. Their unwritten commitment has been to always step up and go along with any challenge posed by the other. Any refusal would only double the challenge. It may put them in a compromising position, but forfeit is never an option. Playful retaliation however always is.

Sometimes the challenge is mutual. For example, Josh and Stacie struggle to keep their hands off of each other in elevators. If they are alone when the doors close, they take every opportunity to go as far as they can before the doors open again. The challenge is never knowing when the doors will open. Stacie is proud whenever she can get Josh off before they reach the top of a tall building. The risk of course is being caught by surprise when an elevator stops to pick up more passengers. Crowded elevators require more subtly and creativity. The advantage always goes to the one who can maneuver the other to the back of the elevator and take a position in front of them with their body pressed against them. Their best elevator experience was in a 40 story high-rise hotel in the early morning hours after late night partying. Because it was so late and very unlikely for any stops, Stacie immediately turned around, freed Josh's dick from his pants and went to work sucking him off for all he was worth. Seconds before Josh was about to unload down Stacie's thirsty throat, the elevator suddenly stopped at the 32nd floor and the doors opened for another couple waiting to step in. Stacie pulled off Josh's cock in surprise to look toward the opened doors, but Josh was past the point of no return. To everyone's surprise a long ribbon of thick cum launched from Josh's canon to cover Stacie's face. The couple standing outside the elevator doors dropped their jaws in shock at their discovery and didn't move. Stacie's hand instinctively pumped Josh's dick, causing a second and third load to decorate her face and neck before the doors closed. Stacie and Josh both laughed out loud as Stacie wrapped her lips around his pulsating dick to drink in everything she could before the doors opened again at their destination. They hoped they inspired the other couple for their own private elevator ride.

Stacie and Josh regularly took playful risks on running trails, ski slopes, in museums, and libraries. They loved the idea that anything can be turned into a game or competition. It made even little things fun. For them, competition is always best when there are sexual consequences. Games of tennis, or bowling, or cards or even watching football were rarely ever just about the game. Sexual wagers would always be at stake and paid up.

Chapter One

One Saturday morning Stacie and Josh were outside raking leaves together in the backyard. Their practice was to rake them onto a tarp and pull the leaves to the back of their property to mulch. Josh was wearing a pair of jeans and tennis shoes without a shirt. Stacie wore a t-shirt without a bra, a pair of short shorts and tennis shoes. The two couldn't help being distracted by the other. Josh noticed that Stacie kept looking over at him with a devious sexy smile. Finally his curiosity got the better of him.

"So, what's with the smile," he asked.

"What smile?" she answered coyly. "I'm just raking leaves," she said.

"You have something up your sleeve," he said knowing her better than anyone. "What is it?"

She couldn't hold back the big smile at being discovered. It was no use denying it. He could read her like a book. "Something just got delivered that I ordered for you," she said. "A surprise."

"What is it?" he asked curiously.

"Now if I tell you, it wouldn't be a surprise, would it? I'm saving it for the right moment for what I am going to do to you."

"That sounds interesting," he said sharing her smile.

"Yeah, I'm pretty excited."

"No hints?" he pressed.

"Let's just say I'm looking forward to making you lose control in public without laying a hand on you," she answered confidently.

"How are you going to do that?" he asked.

"Remotely," she blurted out in her horny excitement.

"Remote control?" he asked surprised.

"I've said too much," she said. She ran her hand down his sweaty chest and across his abdomen, before pushing her petite fingers under the waistband of his jeans toward is growing member. "You'll see." Her fingers wrapped around his dick and stroked it lightly. "I have wonderful plans for you," she added.

"How about a little wager right now?" he asked. His hand moved under her shirt to reciprocate her attention to his dick.

"What do you have in mind?" she asked, glad for an opportunity to turn the chore of raking into a game that might launch her plan.

"I think we can have this yard raked up in an hour," he said. "Don't you?"

"Easy," she said looking around the leaf-covered lawn.

"Let's make two piles, yours and mine. We'll set a timer for 60 minutes. Whoever has the largest pile when the timer goes off will be the winner. Winner takes all and the loser must completely cooperate with whatever the winner wants them to do tonight."

"I like the idea," she said, "but that's not fair. You are twice as big and strong as I am. To make it fair, your pile should be twice the size as mine."

Josh knew Stacie's proposal would put him at a distinct disadvantage. She was strong and in shape for her size. She could hold her own. He knew the amount of leaves raked would be more a function of the size of the rake than their strength. She knew it too. She was looking for any advantage to easily secure her win and put her plan in place. Winning in most anything is as much about strategy as it is about strength. She knew the soft spot in his heart would likely allow a handicap.

"OK then," he said. "That puts me at a disadvantage, but I will allow it." They both synchronized the alarms on their smart phones for an hour and the competition was underway. Stacie easily kept up with Josh for the first 15 minutes, piling leaves onto her tarp. After the first half an hour he began to gain on her, but nowhere near twice the number of leaves.

Both were thirsty from the hard work. "Want a bottled water?" he offered, as he ran toward the house to quickly retrieve some hydration before resuming.

"Sure," she said, seeing an opportunity. "Thanks." The moment Josh stepped inside the house, Stacie ran over to his pile of leaves and quickly raked two-thirds of them over to her tarp before he reemerged with the two bottles of water.

"Hey!" he cried foul. "That's totally not fair!"

"Sure it is," she said proudly. "The only rule we agreed to was whoever had the largest pile of leaves when the timer goes off is the winner. We agreed to nothing else."

"You'll do anything to win," he said admiringly.

"You'll do anything when I win," she said taking the cold bottle of water from his hand, taking a sip and pouring most of the rest down the front of her t-shirt.

Josh went back to his side of the yard to quickly try to regain his lost ground. Both knew he didn't have a chance to double the size of her pile of leaves in the time remaining. Not only was the time left too short, but there weren't enough leaves left to rake to double the size of her pile. Stacie relaxed her pace and basked in the glow of her certain victory. Her focus moved from yard work to planning the night ahead.

With five minutes left on the synchronized timers, the yard was completely raked. Josh's pile was maybe three quarters the size of Stacie's. Her victory was all but certain. She felt a little badly that her conniving forced him to work so hard for so little, but felt proud of her strategic victory. She looked forward to the night ahead. It's not about working harder as much as it is working smarter. With a minute left on the timer she offered a consolation. "Can I get you another water?"

"That'd be great," he said sitting down in defeat.

"Give me your rake," she said. "I just don't want you getting any crazy ideas," she said with a laugh.

"Who would do something devious like that?" he asked playfully. He handed her his rake.

She walked inside and placed the rakes against the kitchen counter before retrieving two waters from the refrigerator. As she did, she looked out the kitchen window and saw Josh pulling her tarp filled with leaves across the yard toward his side. "Oh no you don't," she yelled in shock. She ran outside as Josh pulled the tarp over on itself, emptying the leaves onto his pile. "No, no!" she yelled just as the synchronized alarms sounded a duet marking the end of the competition. "That's not fair!"

"Yeah, fair went out the window a half an hour ago," Josh said with a smile. "Something about the only rule we agreed to was whoever had the largest pile of leaves when the timer goes off is the winner. We agreed to nothing else."

"You'll do anything to win," she answered back. "Damn it. I had this."

"Now it will be your turn to do anything," he answered playfully.

Stacie not only knew Josh would make the most of his win, but she was out-maneuvered to put her plan in place. She would have to wait for another day. Tonight, she would be his. Even more, she had revealed enough of her plan, that she knew he would turn the table on her.

"No time like the present," he said. "Let's start by taking off your t-shirt while we finish the leaves," he said.

"The neighbors will be able to see me from their windows," she said pointing to the second story windows of their nosy neighbors next door and behind them.

"That's just the beginning," he said. "The faster we get these leaves up, the sooner we can go inside."

She hoped the neighbors had all gone away for the weekend as she conceded by pulling her shirt over her head and tossed it on the patio table. Josh admired his wife's beauty. She loved it when their games intensified. It fed into her competitive side. "I will get you for this," she promised.

"I'm sure you will," he answered playfully. "That's why I need to make the most of it."

The leaves were moved quickly and the two went inside without knowing if any of the neighbors were able to take advantage of the exquisite view. Stacie reached for her shirt.

"No need for that," Josh said.

"What if someone comes to the door?" she asked.

"Then I'll watch as you open it," he said.

"You are merciless."

"I learned from the best," he complemented. She knew he was right. It made her all the more want her turn.

"I've been considering what you said about your plan for me, if you had won of course," Josh said. "Sounds daring."

"It will be," she promised with a smile.

"Based on that, I thought it would be nice to go out for a little dinner tonight at the Flame." The Flame was a local club with half it's seating outside. It was well named as a hotspot for those looking to meet new people and who like to push the envelope. The seating was unique, circling around the perimeter with all chairs facing toward the center. Small shelves came out from the wall to hold the food between the chairs. The seating arrangement put everyone on display as they enjoyed those they were with or to meet new people. The dance floor was in the middle. The place was always packed, the music great, energy high, and the food outstanding.

"Sounds fun," she said. "I'll need to wear something more than this," she said.

"Not much more," he said with a smile. "I have your outfit on the bed for you after we shower," he said.

Stacie and Josh enjoyed an extended shower. Stacie's passion was as hot as the water, filling her love box with his juices. She was eager for his reciprocation. Josh tormented her, stopping short several times of her orgasmic release.

"Oh gawd, please take me Josh," she begged.

"I will, I promise," he assured. "In due time."

"I am so ready," she begged. "Take me."

"Perfect," he answered. "That's right where I want you for dinner."

"Oh gawd," she said. She knew he would drive her crazy before the end of the evening.

"Your outfit is on the bed. You'll be stunning tonight for dinner."

Stacie was curious. She always loves the dresses and outfits Josh bought for her. She dried off and hurried to discover what he selected for her.

"Darling, this can't be it," she said. "This is an outfit for us here at the house. I can't go out in this, I'd be arrested."

There were two pieces of clothing on the bed, a pair of 4-inch stilettos and a small box. She recognized the clothing immediately. The blue shimmery blouse was one she bought to seduce Josh during their love games at home. It was nothing more than two strips of fabric placed over her shoulders that connected around her waist, widely exposing her cleavage and back. The smallest movements easily slide the fabric from side to side, exposing her breasts. The skirt was an eight inch black band of material that started low on her waist, with the bottom almost covering her ass. The matching blue four-inch high heels helped raise her ass under the small covering.

"You're not refusing are you?" he asked, knowing she had no recourse but to cooperate.

"You want me to go out in this? You're taking this to a new level," she said daringly. "You sure you want to do this?" Her question was a challenge, implying a promised payback.

"That's just the beginning," he said playfully. "Open the box."

Stacie already recognized the box. She opened it to find the familiar bullet vibrator and remote they had used in their sex-play around the house. Stacie was hypersensitive to vibrators. When she inserted this one in her love box, Josh loved handling the remote control. In addition to the on and off switch, it offered a small dial for intensity. It was a favorite sex toy for both of them for its infamous affect on Stacie. Like the outfit, they had never used it in public.

Stacie's heart began to beat faster. Nervous trepidation and arousal filled her body. She blushed at what Josh was asking of her, fearful that someone she knew might see her. At the same time, her pussy moistened in erotic suspense. Her competitive juices flowed. "You really sure you want to do this?" she challenged again. "You will live to regret this," she promised with a smile.

"I can't imagine ever regretting this," he answered confidently.

Stacie got dressed and looked hotter than Josh imagined. The tan skin of her fit body was radiant under the shimmering blue blouse and tiny miniskirt. "Damn," you look good," Josh complemented.

"Damn right," she said, admiring herself in the mirror. She handed him the remote. "I think this belongs to you," she added with a seductive smile.

Josh turned it on to test the device. Stacie's knees buckled slightly at the buzz. "Perfect," he said. "I'm ravenous. Let's go to dinner."

Stacie's nerves grew the closer they got to the restaurant. Josh enjoyed testing the vibrator along the way. Stacie couldn't help already feeling vulnerable to its vibration. The club district streets were busy and packed with Saturday evening activity. Josh pulled up to the valet parking. Attendants immediately opened both of their doors. Josh smiled as Stacie attempted to keep her knees together as she turned her body to step out of the car. Sitting down in the car had already forced the tiny skirt to hike up, exposing her shaved pussy. Turning her legs to exit the vehicle caused the bottom of the skirt to move even higher, providing the surprised attendant with the benefit of the full view of her love box. Keeping her knees together was the only possibility to maintain any trace of modesty, even if only imaginary. The attendant smiled as he reached out his hand to assist her out of the vehicle. She took his hand and leaned forward to step out of the car, providing full view of both rounded breasts in addition to her naked pussy. It was impossible for him to look her in the eyes when the views down her body were so exquisite.

"Thank you," she said impulsively as she stood up.

"Thank you," he said genuinely grateful. The vision of Stacie's body would inspire many sessions of self-gratification in the weeks ahead for the young attendant.

Stacie quickly worked to pull down the bottom of her skirt to cover what she could before repositioning her blouse to cover her breasts. Josh met her on the curb and took her hand. He couldn't also help noticing the attendant's blushed face and the raging hard-on constrained by his uniform pants. "Perfect," he said. "Shall we?" he asked with a light squeeze of Stacie's hand and a step toward the restaurant's entrance.

"I am so going to get you," Stacie whispered feeling completely exposed. Her words were a promise of sexual conquest as much as they were retaliation. She couldn't deny her growing arousal from the exposure mixed with embarrassment.

"I'm sure you will," Josh said, knowing his wife. "Something to look forward to as we enjoy tonight." Josh pushed the little button on the remote that brought her pussy to life. Stacie stumbled at the challenge of walking while her cunt was under amorous assault from within.

"Welcome to Flame," a young brunette said as Josh and Stacie approached the hostess podium.

"Thank you. Two please," Josh answered.

The young hostess looked admiringly at Josh before taking in the exposed beauty of his date. She was equally impressed by how attractive and daring Stacie was to come out dressed as she was for a night on the town. "I have a location right here," she said pointing to two empty seats near the entrance, or on the other side," she pointed across the room. Stacie hoped Josh would pick the table close to the entrance, but knew better.

"That one across on the other side looks perfect," Josh said.

"Great," the hostess said. Please follow me."

Josh took Stacie's hand as he paraded her across the empty dance floor, following the hostess to their position on the other side of the circular room. The bright lights shimmered off her slinky blouse. Every step caused her skirt to hike slightly, baring more of the bottom of her ass until it inched up to expose the bottom of her pussy. All eyes in the crowded club had turned to capture the vision walking across the bright dance floor. If Stacie stopped to adjust her skirt, it would just draw more attention to her exposure. If she kept going, she feared her skirt would become nothing more than a belt around her waist, leaving everything that mattered fully exposed. She worked the best she could to manage the tiny skirt as she tried to keep up with Josh and the young hostess. Each time she bent over slightly to pull the bottom of her tiny skirt down, her loose blouse fell forward, revealing her perfect breasts.

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