tagSci-Fi & FantasyPlaying in Alice's Wonderland 01A

Playing in Alice's Wonderland 01A


Alice sits in her study behind her wooden desk. It's winter and the small fireplace glows with a roaring fire. The crackling flames make good background noise for the rooms only other sound is the tick of a large grandfather clock. The beat seems to be getting slower and slower as time swings by. "Oh I'm so board." Alice declares to herself as she lays the fountain pen she got for her eighteenth birthday down on the desk. She starts to fiddle with the hem about the neck of her frilly blue summer dress.

Her innocent fiddling soon turns into something a little more taboo as she realises that she is in fact inadvertently caressing her pert supple young breasts. With her new awareness she continues to caress her perfectly shaped and ample bosom the pads of her fingers slowly creeping lower and lower as she begins to aimlessly explores beneath her lacy white bra.

It isn't' long before the tips of her fingers reach her firm hard nipple, cold from the freezing air of her study, the walls and the burning fire her only defence from and the elements outside. It is dark and there is little she can see through the window. It occurs to her that someone could very well be watching her from the other side of the window. That and the thought thought of her tutor walking in to check on her at any time is enough to get her heart racing.

She should stop, she knows she should stop, her heart is pounding and the hairs at the back of her neck are stood to attention. Instead she delves further into her lacy underwear. Her soft hand feels good against her perky bust. The contrast of her warm soft hand and delicate fingers gently gliding over her firm cold silky smooth chest is most pleasurable.

Her chest soon warms, she starts to fondle her firm nipple, lightly squeezing it, sending an electric shock of pleasure through her chest and into her body. "Mmmmm." she sighs as she closes her eyes. She plays with her nipple for a while and she soon forgets about the cold. She squeezes harder and harder, as hard as she can. It should hurt, it should really hurt but somehow hurts in a good way.

She removes her hand from her bra, her heart is throbbing in her chest in a hard yet steady beat. She should be studying and if Mr burrows walks in she will be in so much trouble. She takes her soft warm hand and places it on her lower thigh as she tucks her other hand under the collar of her dress and grasps it as if it has suddenly tightened around her neck. She takes a deep breath as her mind starts to fill with her dirty little thoughts.

'Well my hand is under the desk, if someone walks in no one will see it. Surely that's MORE sensible than fondling my chest. I'm nineteen now I can do what I want with my body.' She knows what she's doing is so very very bad but it's so much more appealing than the monotonous chore of algebra homework. Her delicate little fingers start to wonder from her knee, gently strolling up her cold thigh.

Her finger and thumb soon reach the hem of her dress and she slips her thumb beneath it as her hand rides up her silky smooth leg. Her upper thigh whilst warmer than her lower thigh still feels cold to the touch. She starts to gently stroke her thigh up and down while she plays with her collar., gradually warming her leg Each stroke takes her hand a little higher as she hesitantly ventures towards her goal and nervously bites her lip, her top teeth showing like pearls.

She soon reaches her little white cotton panties and lightly strokes the lacy trim with her index finger. The texture is quite novel, the feel of her soft skin through the netting making for a unique sensation. She delves further, tucking her finger beneath the lacy trim so that her finger tip is tucked beneath her tight little cotton knickers.. It feels a little warmer down there and she does not want to take her hand away. She moves her hand down even further, the tips of her three largest fingers raking the upper limits of her pubic hair from within her fine French lingerie.

The thrill of knowing that her soft nimble fingers are but centimetres away from her tight young love tunnel whilst all the while anyone could be watching outside or walk through the door makes her heart almost skip a beat. The excitement fills her body with electric energy and she has a warm feeling in her belly despite the cold. She likes the fuzzy warm feeling of friction as she strokes her furry womanhood.

Soon she can't resist any more, she moves her hand all the way down, past her well kept garden until her middle finger is between the bushes. She takes a deep breath as she gently dips the tip of her digit between her sweet moist lips and lets out the faintest groan at the sensation of finally feeling her moist little hole. She has waited so long for the opportunity and it feels so good to finally get the chance to touch it.

.It feels warm and slightly sticky and it feels good. The pad of her finger rises, up between her lips, slightly moist from her sweet sweet nectar. She soon reaches for her tiny little swollen love bulb, touching it almost as if she is trying to point towards her urethra. Her heart is pounding and she thinks she can feel her pulse through her nub. She can, she can feel it throbbing through her sticky fingertip.

She dips her finger in her inkwell again ready to render her work, slightly deeper this time, up to the first knuckle. She has waited so long and the feeling of her slender extremity entering her moist passage is enough to make her sigh with a heavy exhalation and a sense of relief. She is tempted to leave her finger inside, driving it deeper in her tight little hole but she wants to rub her sensitive little love bud a little more first. She knows it's worth it in the long run.

She slides her finger out from her passageway and lets it wallow in her entrance way for a few seconds before she applies her naturally lubricated fingertip to her perfect little love gem. She strokes it very lightly at first as if it is made of the lightest and finest of fragile glass that would shatter to the touch. More so, as if she is touching an ashen husk that would disintegrate at the slightest touch.

It feels good and she soon gains confidence. Her own juices allowing her finger to glide with the greatest of ease. She starts with gentle strokes as if she is finishing the final details of a wet oil painting with her fingers. Then she starts to move in tiny circles as though she is delicately rubbing scented oil onto a single freckle, almost tickling herself.

She starts to rub harder, as she feels her passage way relax and become more and more moist. She soon becomes wet and slippery rather than just a little moist. She strokes her lips again with the greatest dexterity, this time more confident but still lightly as if it is tender and would hurt should she stroke them any harder. Her lips make the faintest sound of a kiss as she teases her hole and her juices tack on the end of her finger. She rubs the sticky glaze over her love bud and continues.

She starts to blush as the pleasure starts to rise inside her. She starts to rub harder and harder in larger circles, her lips now soaking wet and almost dripping. She can feel her heart pounding in her rib cage as all the blood rushes to her head and her abdomen. She's reached the point of no return, no longer is she simply touching herself. Now she is pleasuring herself, the addictive feeling trapping her in an upward spiral towards ecstasy.

The pleasure soon builds to boiling point and she bites her lip with a whimper as she tries to suppress her uncontrollable urge to moan. Her tiny yet expensive panties become slightly damp where they touch her lips and she can feel them start to stick to her hot wet flesh where the fabric has become moist. It feels hot and clammy down there but in a good way, a more sticky. She wants more.

She moves her hand deeper into her cute little cotton panties as she dips a finger insider her soaking wet hole in a single smooth motion that makes her moan out loud. Her heart starts to flutter as she works her finger in deeper. Then she slides it all the way out again before plunging it back in again with a quiet little sigh. She realises she is making a noise but she can't help it. She is having trouble enough subduing her quiet little groans she tries to stop her self from voicing out loud her delight in a groan or a satisfied 'Mmmm'.

Then finally with a deep stroke just the right spot she does voice her enjoyment with a deep heavy "Mmmm". Her uncontrollable moan shocks her and she opens her eyes for a brief moment to look at the door and listen. Checking to make sure there are no peeping toms trying to catch a look through the key hole or eavesdropping on her own personal delight. She's seen the way Mr Burrows looks at her when he thinks she is not looking. Sometimes she teases him, playing with her hair or her collar looking all innocent in her long white stockings.

She is enjoying herself too much to stop now, the though of him watching only spurs her on. She starts to rub her magic spot lightly but firm enough to have an effect making a squelching noise as the rest of her hand becomes soaked in her slippery wet juices. She gasps as a wave of pleasure fills her body with a sudden head rush. She keeps going, harder, her tight wet slit squelching to the rhythm of her frantic hand movements.

She starts to become aware of her breathlessness as a thin layer of perspiration starts to build on her forehead. She know it will look strange if she appears a little flustered but she doesn't want the pleasure to end. She feels her heart almost skip a beat as she gets closer and closer. She wants to finish it, she can feel how close she is but she knows that with a little discipline it will be so much better if she waits and makes it last a little longer.

She withdraws her digit with a breathless gasp and curiously sniffs her fingers, looking at them glisten in the firelight while tries to recover for a few seconds. Catching her breath before the onslaught of another frenzy. Her fingers are covered in her sticky juices and her lips are soaking wet. She can feel a damp patch as she slides her hand down her tight lacy lingerie, and the wet patch of the delicate cotton fabric peels away from her sweet lips.

She returns her attention to her perfect little love bud and starts to rub it again only with none of the finesse of before. She rubs it in rough little circles as if she has an uncontrollable itch. She rubs it harder and faster, the sweat building up on her head as she frantically polishes her sparkling jewel as if it is a precious family heirloom with a terrible a stain on it. Which in a sense it is but for all the rubbing she is doing she makes it worse, soaking her most sensitive of organs in a layer of thick sticky nectar.

She is breathless and feels hot headed as she frantically rubs herself as if she is holding a genie in a bottle between her legs capable of granting her one last urgent wish. Which in a sense she is. She bites her lip even harder and desperately holds her breath, trying to stop herself from groaning at the top of her voice. Instead she makes herself feel as if her head is about to explode as a sensation of faint heartedness fills her body and she becomes weak in the knees.

Boiling over with the urge, no the need to groan, her wish is finally granted in an explosion of blissful joy, her knickers now soaked in her sweet ambrosia. She is breathless, her hand now completely covered in her thick slippery juices. She withdraws it and curious of the taste starts to lick her slippery wet fingers. It doesn't really taste of anything yet at the same time is extremely moreish.

Instead of sating her appetite this sudden rush leaves her wanting more. She can hear her heart thumping against her ribcage as she pulls her dress back down and wipes her hand against it, drying what little moisture is left after she licked sucked her fingers dry. She can feel her throbbing slit beneath her soaking wet panties and cant resist the urge for another lick. She dips her finger inside her honey pot and then sucks her finger with pure glee as if she is sampling a new and delicious syrup with her finger.

She stands up with a sudden new enthusiasm, with determined courage to go out and find satisfaction from something a little substantial than a finger and sate her growing appetite.

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