tagNovels and NovellasPlaying Santa Ch. 07

Playing Santa Ch. 07

byBjorn Wild©

Christmas Eve was a strange day at the mall. There were lots of people frantically searching for those last minute gifts. There were very few small kids. There were a lot of young teenagers and pre-teens that seemed to take great joy in tormenting Santa. The pre-teens would invariably pull my beard and react in shock when it did not come off. The teenage girls would come in groups of three to six and squirm all over my lap and ask for all kinds of things. A few of them were things that would cause them to scream (if I really did produce what they asked for) and me to go to jail. Some were just innocent kids having fun. In any case, by 11:00, a security guard was nearby to keep the rowdier ones away.

At noon, as I was resting and eating a Big Mac and fries, there was a sharp knock on the workshop divider and one of the helpers said, "Come in." Mrs. Shattuck bustled around the partition and came right up to me.

"Lars, may I have a moment?" She motioned toward the back of the rest area.

I got up and followed her. "Now, the mall closes at 7:00 tonight. You can get some rest and get cleaned up. You may want to change into your clean costume. I'll make sure it is available over at the Shady Lady. At 8:00, you will find your sleigh in front of the Furniture Barn. The mall employees and many of the various store employees will be there. Some will bring their children. Rachel will help you hand out gifts for them. There will also be some gifts for employees. When the gifts are handed out, please feel free to enjoy the buffet."

"That sounds great Mrs. Shattuck. I'll be there with bells on."

"Oh, there is one more thing. That party will break up by 9:00 or 9:30. At 10:00, the mall's board of directors will be here. They have requested a little fashion show so they can select some last minute gifts for their wives." Then she leaned close and whispered, "Although, I really don't think their wives ever see what they buy." That confused me. She continued, "I would like for you to be the emcee for the fashion show. I have a script prepared. All you have to do is read it. Oh, and you will be compensated for the extra time."

"That's fine with me, Mrs. Shattuck. I've really enjoyed working here. Hopefully you'll have me back next year."

"You've been a marvelous Santa. If Mr. Olson does not decide to return, the job is yours. In fact, you are a better Santa, but he's been doing it for so long I have to give him first chance."

"Oh, sure, I understand. Thank you." I looked at the clock. "Well, I'd better get back out there. My public awaits."

The day dragged by. My 'customers' came in spurts. Everyone was in a hurry to get done so they would only have a couple of minutes before their parents ran out of patience and hustled them away. The teens were less problem with the guard hanging around, but a few still played their little games.

At last, 7:00 came and we closed up shop. I grabbed my things and headed straight for the Shady Lady. The door was locked and the shades were down so I knocked. I heard some movement inside and Liz came and opened the door just a crack. "Oh, Santa, I'm sorry. Old Lady Shattuck forgot we are doing the hair and makeup for the fashion show. I sent the suit back to the costume shop. They'll help you get changed. See you later." She gave me a little wave and bolted the door again.

I found my way to the costume shop and was a little disappointed to find Heidi was not there. Instead, there was a plump woman of about 50 dressed as Raggedy Anne. She was quite jolly and talked nonstop as she helped me out of my suit and into a clean one. Then she had me sit down in a chair and touched up my makeup. She did a competent job, but she was no Heidi, or not even a Liz for that matter.

Still having over half an hour to kill, I wandered through the mall just looking through closed storefronts. By the time I reached the Furniture Barn, buffet tables were already set up and food was beginning to arrive. My sleigh was already in place next to the gigantic mall Christmas tree and there were stacks of presents to be handed out.

I walked by and continued to look in a few other store windows then returned to the Furniture Barn just before 8:00. People were mingling and munching. Many others were still arriving. I looked but could not see Rachel or Heidi anywhere, so I went to the sleigh and had a seat. There was a list there and I began looking over the names. I didn't even see Rachel until she touched my hand. I looked up and smiled broadly. She turned and modeled her outfit for me.

Rachel was wearing a simple little dress of deep red satin. It had white fur (fake I'm sure" trim around a U-shaped neckline and around the hem which was about halfway between her knees and heaven. It fit tightly to her body on top and flared out from the waist down. She spun and I caught a glimpse of red sequinned panties as her dress rose. She also had on a Santa hat and ballet slippers to match the dress.

"Where were you all week while I was stuck with the old ladies?" I whispered and pulled her up into the sleigh. As she stepped up, I noticed the delicate silver snowflake ankle bracelet I had sent to her office with the "From Santa" tag on it.

"I'm sorry you had to work with them, but I've been thinking all day how to repay you for the gift, Santa." She leaned down and kissed me on the cheek and whispered, "Much more later." She gave my arm a squeeze and took the list to begin gathering kids and presents.

There were a couple of dozen small children who received dolls and trucks. A few older ones received other gifts. Then there were gifts for employees, mostly holiday food baskets or flowers, some with bonus check envelopes tucked inside. The kids all sat on my lap, of course, but I was surprised when most of the women employees and a couple of the men did as well. When the gifts had all been handed out, I helped myself to a few remaining goodies from the buffet table. Rachel slipped away for an unknown errand as the crowd began leaving with shouts of "Merry Christmas."

Mrs. Shattuck came up and latched onto my elbow. "Thank you, Santa. The children really enjoyed that. Now come with me into the Furniture Barn for the fashion show."

I let Mrs. Shattuck escort me into the store. The windows had been covered with draperies and the gate-like door was open only enough to allow passage. Inside, there was three tables, each about 6 feet wide and 18 feet long, had been set up in a U-shape. Large comfortable chairs sat along the outside. At the open end of the tables, some steps had been set up to allow access up and down so the tables could be used as a runway. Just inside the opening of the U was an overstuffed chair on a slightly raised platform. A microphone and my script were there waiting for me. I sat down and began looking over the first page of the script. About half way down I saw Rachel's name and smiled as I realized why she had left.

I looked around the room. Behind me, away from the table, were several large screens. I assumed this was the changing area for the models. To my right, in an area that had several dining sets, a bar had been set up and about a dozen people were mingling there and visiting. To the left was what was the regular living room furniture display section of the store and it was empty except for the furnishings themselves.

I had barely made it through the first page of script when the people who had been at the bar came over and began seating themselves around the table-stage. Mrs. Shattuck was flitting around the group, making small talk and ensuring they were comfortable. The people around the table were all men, ranging from one man of about thirty-five or forty to several in their late fifties or early sixties and one who had to be over seventy. There were seven men all together. A bookish looking woman of about 40 was seated at a small table with several charts and a laptop computer in front of her. I learned later that she was a bookkeeper. She had a list of clothing sizes of all the men's wives, daughters, 'nieces', and others they might be buying clothing for. At a signal from any of them, she would mark down the purchase and get the correct sizes wrapped and ready to go.

Two cocktail waitresses, probably from the steak house in the mall, were filling drink orders around the stage. Mrs. Shattuck cleared her throat for attention. "At the request of Mr. Donaldson" she began while nodding to the oldest man, "We are proud to present this special fashion show for our board of directors." There was mild applause around the table. "Santa was kind enough to stay and perform the emcee duties," she nodded toward me and I waved. "I hope you all enjoy the collection we have put together for you. Be sure to let Ms. Kiefert know if there are any items you wish to purchase. Instrumental Christmas music began playing softly in the background, which was my cue to begin, as Mrs. Shattuck exited toward the back dressing area.

I began reading from my script, "Our first series of garments are the holiday collection. Wearing a delightful outfit from Ye Olde Costume Shoppe is Heidi Kelly." Heidi entered and stepped up onto the stage in her elf outfit. "This ensemble is composed of a candy cane striped, pleated skirt and a matching sweater. The red elf hat and shoes complete the outfit." Heidi strutted daintily out to the corner and did a pirouette, causing the skirt to flair. "Heidi is also wearing a complimenting pair of red and white striped knee socks." I wanted to add 'and a sexy red thong' after seeing her pirouette, but I didn't. I did notice that the men near the corner, sitting at her feet had noticed, too.

Heidi continued to the other corner and twirled again. She then skipped to the end of the table and exited.

"Our next model, Kasey, is wearing the angel gown." A tall, thin brunette stepped onto the stage in a pure white gown and five-inch heels. She was stunning. "This floor-length gown is composed of nine layers of chiffon with a satin sash at the waist." As she did a turn, I continued, "The wing design on the back is of egret feathers, as is the boa. This would be a perfect dress for that holiday party."

Kasey continued her turn on the runway and exited while I tried not to drool on my beard. I noticed one of the men signal Ms. Kiefert for a purchase.

"Ho, ho, ho! It's Mrs. Claus!" Mrs. Shattuck herself appeared wearing a costume like the ones worn by my assistants while I was Santa. "The red velveteen house dress is covered by a white cotton apron to keep those Christmas cookies from making a mess. The traditional bonnet and lace-up boot-shoes complete the ensemble. The perfect outfit for entertaining the children over the holidays." Mrs. Shattuck walked along the runway and smiled down at the men, though they did not seem overly interested.

"Ho, ho, ho! When Mrs. Claus is away, Santa has another helper." Rachel entered in her Christmas dress. "Rachel is wearing a red satin A-line dress with a scoop neck. The red pumps and nylons, as well as the Santa hat complete the outfit." As I said 'nylons', Rachel had a toe pointed to the corner of the table. She bent elegantly from the waist to run her hands up her leg to the top of the nylons, lifting her skirt slightly so it was obvious the stockings ended at her thighs. I stuttered a little as I continued, "The faux fur trim is synthetic, but adds a distinctive holiday touch."

The next few were dresses with holly patterns, mistletoe patterns, and one that had a skirt with a winter scene panted on it. This one had been worn by Liz, from the Shady Lady. I'm not sure any of the men really saw the skirt's art work, as the seemed to be concentrating on her bosoms attempting to escape through the material of the white blouse.

"The next collection is our formal wear selections," I continued. The formal wear was just what you'd expect for the most part - long flowing gowns. However, Liz was wearing a halter style gown. The V-neck plunged below her breasts exposing ample cleavage and, being backless, she wore no bra. I swear she put extra bounce in her step to make those jugs jiggle. There was also a slit in the right side so her leg was exposed to the thigh with every step. Anita, a striking blonde about five-eight, wore a black gown that looked completely normal at first glance with long sleeves and a fairly high collar. Then she turned and the back had just three spaghetti thin straps connecting the sides, so it was virtually non-existent from her shoulder blades to the top of her ass.

Things heated up with the next collection which was called the "Casual Party Dress." The first couple wore the basic 'black cocktail dress' that every woman owns. Then Kasey came out wearing a skin-hugging nylon number, "Kasey has on a Crochet lace halter dress in purple and black. This delicate crochet lace dress has halter neck and peek-a-boo merlot lining. The deep plunge neckline and backless design accent her figure." The neckline plunged nearly to her navel with just a thin strap crossing her cleavage to hold it together. The hem came to halfway between her thigh and knee, but the back really was totally bare from head to ass rise and side to side except for four criss-crossed straps as thin as string.

Rachel came out wearing a "Lace slipdress. This dress features an ultra-feminine black lace surplice bodice with spaghetti straps. Drop waist black satin skirt with built-in crinoline slip gives it a flirty flounce." Indeed, it was 'flouncing' as she strutted and turned. The lace was loosely woven enough that her nipples were visible beneath the fabric.

Anita followed in a very short dress that was laced up the sides, so that a three-inch band of skin was visible from shoulder to the hem, just below her hips. This one obviously required no bra or underwear and really got everyone's attention.

The rest were equally risqu‚ and revealing until the last. "Heidi is dressed in the traditional school girl attire. The white cotton blouse and red plaid skirt are the hallmarks of this design. Notice the black and white saddle shoes and white knee high socks." Heidi had her blonde hair in pigtails and was carrying qa book in one arm across her chest as she skipped onto the stage. When she did a twirl, I ad-libbed, "And Heidi may be on her way to the principal's office unless she finds the bra and panties she apparently left behind." The men clapped and laughed and Heidi continued to strut and show off.

I thought the show was fun and heating up until I turned the page and saw the "Sleepwear Collection." It wasn't quite what I expected though. It was mostly kimonos and silk pajamas. The girls weren't terribly revealing, but an occasional leg would slip through a robe. Cleavage often appeared, but these were more concealing than some of the party dresses.

Then I read the next page. "The final collection for the evening is an exclusive one. Each piece of lingerie is a one-off design. Please wait to make your purchases until all of the models have exhibited the clothing."

This sounded interesting. I read on, "If any of the gentlemen feel overdressed for this last part of the show, please make yourselves more comfortable." Jackets and ties came off around the tables.

"First is Enola Shattuck wearing a silk sleepshirt. The ruffle-collar has a deep-V with a tie front." Mrs. Shattuck actually looked pretty with her hair down and the silk gown flowing from her shoulders to below her knees. As I said 'tie front', she pulled the string revealing her cleavage in the open V-neck. "Bell sleeves with lace-up detail make this sleepshirt almost dressy enough to wear in public but side slits make it obvious that it is meant to be worn only in private." She continued nervously along the catwalk, showing leg with each step. If she looked good, I couldn't wait for the others.

As Mrs. Shattuck exited, I began reading the next, "Anita selected a fishtail gown." I looked at her and gulped. "The black gown is of a crocheted lace, widely spaced and airy. The hem sweeps from the knee at the front to the ankle at the back. The bodice is tied at the top behind the neck in a halter fashion." At this, Anita reached behind her neck and pulled the string and pulled the top just slightly away from her body before retying it. It took little imagination to picture it dropping to totally expose her luscious breasts. Even with it on, her nipples were actually visible through the holes in the material. From the back, there was nothing between her neck and ass. Through the material, you could see a black thong covering only a minimum. Her rounded ass cheeks were plainly visible. I continued, "This gown leaves any man wanting just a bit more."

"Kasey is attired in a side lace gown of black silk. The ankle length gown features silk ties up each side and spaghetti straps at the shoulders." The gown was basically two pieces of material that were not big enough to make a garment. The sides left at least three inches of skin showing with criss-crossed lacing holding it together from breast level to hips. It was open from there to the floor. It hung across her shoulders on the thin straps just high enough to cover her nipples. It shimmered and moved as she walked. Since no panty straps were visible at the sides, she obviously wore none.

The men were drooling. They were close to the stage, most leaning on it and looking up. I am positive everyone, even the old guy must by now have the beginnings of a hard-on.

"Sylvia (a 5'5" brunette of about 25) is wearing a sheer mesh babydoll. The rounded cutouts at the waist emphasize her figure," The babydoll was basically a see-through mesh bra with an additional piece of mesh material hanging nearly to crotch level in front and back with a strap at the chest level and another at stomach level keeping it from falling completely open. It did have shoulder straps like a bra. "The outfit is completed with a matching pair of mesh panties in a French bikini cut with double hip straps." The combination of the two materials kept her crotch from being on complete display, although maybe not to the men below.

"Monica (about 20, half Asian, short hair) is wearing the flyaway babydoll. It is of black silk with a pink ribbon trim and ties. The applique on the shoulders and panty front is a hand-stitched Japanese Rose motif." I looked up top see what I was reading about. The nightie hung from Monica's slender shoulders by thin straps. There was a rose above each breast. The garment barely reached crotch level. The front was held by a single tie between her breasts, the nipples causing the fabric to protrude. From the pink tie, the garment was open revealing her smooth stomach and below it, black bikini panties with a rose on the front and thin straps on the sides. As she moved toward the front of the stage, the back of the nightie rose and fell with her movements. I could see that the panties had a triangle starting at about two inches wide at the waist band and tapering down until it disappeared in her ass crack. The globes of her ass were visible even when she was standing still.

"Our next model is Liz in a fabulous peignoir set. It features an underwire lace-up corset style bodice, front ruffle trim on the sheer fabric, and sheer high hip panty." Her breasts were tightly bound in the top which barely covered her nipples in black material. The cleavage was a sight to behold. The rest of the garment was a single layer of sheer black material except for the vertical stitching lines on her stomach. The gown had long sleeves and flowed from an open waist in front to ankle length in back with ruffles along the edges. The panties were of the same material and her dark bush was visible through the material.

By now, I noticed several of the men had lain their jackets across their laps and some may have been masturbating beneath them.

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