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Playing with Caesar


I don't get to travel often so I was excited to finally get an opportunity to travel, and not just travel but take a trip to San Francisco. Work keeps me chained to my desk most of the time but I needed to make some client calls. It's not that San Francisco is so far from LA, but it might as well be the moon because I get away so infrequently.

I'm gay and married to a wonderful, sexy man who I love with all my heart, but I wanted a bit of adventure. I am in my mid-fifties and still attractive and I know life probably doesn't get much better than this. I am not rich but I live well, have a great relationship and am generally happy. But I have always been sexually adventurous and I also have some special interests. I have a foot fetish and, more importantly, a tickling fetish. It may seem silly to a lot of men, but nothing turns me on more than making a rugged man giggle and squirm like a little boy. If I can make him laugh while keeping his cock hard at the same time, that is better still. I knew that if I planned in advance I could find a man in San Francisco that would be a good subject.

I'm about 5 feet 11 inches and 175 pounds. I exercise regularly so I have a firm, pleasant body with about a 34 inch waist and a 42 inch chest, a handsome face and salt & pepper hair and goatee. I look younger than my age, except perhaps my eyes that show some fatigue. Unlike most guys from LA, I am not a sun worshiper. In fact I avoid the sun at all cost which makes me pale. However my skin is unlined and smooth with only a light dusting of body hair. With a firm body, my nice skin adds to my more youthful appearance.

I booked the trip about two months in advance and then began looking for a suitable playmate. I had paid for escorts many times before and so I knew that they could be fun or disappointing. I was looking for fun and I hoped careful selection would improve my odds. It's easy to get excited and drawn to the wrong type of man strictly based on his photographs. I began looking at a popular web site for escorts and after a few days found a man that caught my attention. He went by Caesar and had darkly tanned skin covered with curly body hair. He was massively muscular but not defined like a body builder. He was about ten years my junior which made him age appropriate as escorts go. Besides, I am not attracted to boyish men.

His on-line profile did not show his face, only a bit of his goatee adorned chin. Unlike many ads, he did not list three dozen fetishes he was into. No, his ad was much more reserved. I often find that the more activities a guy lists, the less satisfying he will be. By listing everything an escort is really telling you nothing. I was looking for someone who was more selective and not just trying to hook up with anyone. And Caesar had several photos of his soft, well shaped masculine feet. His ad mentioned, " I have flawless feet, for those who care." I cared. He also advertised that he had a sling available. That would make for a much more fun experience.

The site lead to another site where clients posted reviews. There were at least four years of reviews that were all positive and clearly not all written by the same person. However, they were also somewhat discreet. Only one review mentioned his feet and simply said that they were as good as he advertised.

I thought about his ad for a couple of weeks while considering other candidates and decided to cast the dice. I wrote to him and was very candid about what I was looking for. I told him I liked foot play and wanted to know if he was ticklish. I told him that is not something that can be faked and so it was important to me that he be honest. If I got a bad vibe I would continue my search. He responded that he was ticklish but had not done that type of play before but was willing to try it. I was clear that I did not want to tie him up. I know that even a very strong muscular man is putting himself in a dangerous situation if he allows a stranger to put him in bondage. I figured that by being very respectful I would be sending a good message about the kind of experience he could expect from me.

We set a date and time. The trip was about a month away. I checked back with him briefly a week later to make sure he responded. It was tempting to contact him more frequently, but I know that escorts can be stalked sometimes and I did not want to come across as a creep. I waited until a week before to contact him again.

Our planned encounter would not strictly be a tickling scene but also incorporate lots of sensual and sexual play with boundaries. I didn't want to fuck or be fucked as I have always reserved that for my husband. You may ask why a very happily married man with a good sex life would risk an encounter with an escort. Frankly, I need to admit to having a bit of a sex addiction. I also want to feel like I still am attractive and a good escort is usually very complementary. I only really get to indulge my fetish for tickling other men outside my relationship. My husband does not enjoy being tickled and it is somewhat frustrating that I can watch all the videos I want, read stories and look at photographs but I don't get to actually satisfy my fetish with him. And yes, it is selfish. Finally, tickling is a fetish that invites curiosity about how different men will react. I don't think I could ever be one hundred percent happy tickling only one man.

I also care very much that my playmate has a good time as well. Of course I was very concerned that I have a good time but part of my fantasy is making a man really enjoy playing with me and I do love to worship a beautiful body. Moreover, tickling is one of those activities that can be playful and fun or torturous. Some guys like more intense torture, but I have rarely met an escort who shared my fetish; one or two, but they were exceptions. Even guys who list tickling among their activities are not usually turned on by tickling. They mostly are interested in tickling other men because it is low risk play and often a part of a bondage scene. So, putting Caesar at ease was a concern for me because the more fun he was having the more likely I would have fun.

I had booked two hours with Caesar but about a week before the trip I had an idea that made me give him a call. I had a couple of hits of very clean ecstasy left over from New Years. I thought about it and decided that I wanted to play with my emotions. Remembering my late 30's and early 40's I used to go dancing on ecstasy frequently and the guys in my circle and I were always very affectionate while on MDMA. Also, in my late teens and early 20's I had many brief sexual encounters that were also very valid emotionally engaging experiences. I wanted to feel like this was a special encounter. Engaging an escort, no matter how good, can feel more like an athletic event than an emotional experience for me. I wanted to let go and feel a connection with him. However, I was not interested in being the only one on ecstasy. If he was open to it then it might turn our encounter into a truly unique experience.

I texted him about three days before my trip and asked if I could phone him to ask a question. He said sure and so I called him while I was at lunch. I asked if the sling was available. In a light British/Middle Eastern accent he said that he usually charged extra for the sling but that it would already be set up anyway and so it would be his gift to me. I said, "Thank you. Now I have a gift for you. I have some very pure ecstasy and I would like to do it with you if you are interested." Without much persuasion he said yes and so we concluded our chat. I became much more excited about my up-coming trip.

Knowing that I would be on MDMA I decided that two hours was probably not enough time for our encounter and so I budgeted for three hours plus a tip. Caesar had expressed concern about my being out in the evening while high and so I thought that paying for an extra hour would give us the time we needed. Although I was less concerned that I would not have fun, I was still somewhat concerned about making Caesar feel at ease with me. Like bondage, taking drugs with a stranger is risky. Yes, the additional time added cost but it would make me a better client. In for a penny, in for a pound.

My trip to San Francisco was going well. I had not scheduled myself as tightly as I usually do and so was free to play several hours before our scheduled rendezvous. I took plenty of time to clean up. Although fucking was off limits during this encounter, it's always a good idea to be thoroughly clean because my ass was not completely taboo. My clothing was not going to be on for very long, but I wanted to feel sexy. I dressed in some black tight corduroy pants and a black and purple patterned long sleeved shirt. I decided to wear a black jock strap. The ecstasy would kill my hard on and if I became self conscious about that I could wear the jock to take my mind off of it. I could take a Viagra, but I find that it often doesn't help when I am on MDMA, so I decided to forego it.

I packed a small bag of supplies; my Sonicare electric toothbrush with an old head, a wiry hair brush, a comb. These could be tools for tickling. I would have brought feathers but they don't travel well and I didn't know where to find any locally.

His apartment was in Diamond Heights, a nice neighborhood with views of the downtown and bay. There were a lot of apartment buildings in the area. With the help of GPS I was there a little early and walked the neighborhood to kill some time. He asked me to phone ten minutes before arriving to give him notice.

As I strolled around I passed a drug store and had an idea. I stopped in and found a soft makeup brush to use as a tickling tool. I'd leave it behind with Caesar when we were done. The time was upon me and I was getting quite nervous. Too much time to think about our encounter had put me on edge. I made the phone call to tell him I was ten minutes away, then began strolling back to his apartment. I called 15 minutes early because I wanted to arrive five minutes early to get the nuts and bolts out of the way and not eat into our play time.

He buzzed me into his building and I took the elevator to the third floor. He greeted me at the door wearing loose, knee length shorts and slides on his feet. He looked like his photographs, deeply tanned and covered with dark curly hair. He was massively built and solid; the body of a man. He had an engaging smile and had large dark eyes. As was noted in his many good reviews, his head was shaved. He had a melodious voice with the slight accent that I had heard on the phone which enhanced his worldly charm.

His space was very well decorated with a galley kitchen to the left opening to a large living area that faced the view. There was a balcony running the length of the unit. To the right and left of the living area were large bedroom spaces and I could see the sling set up in the bedroom are to the left as it was placed near the bedroom door. The lighting was soft and he was playing some jazz or easy listening music. The place had an air of luxury about it. It was impeccably clean and neatly arranged.

We stopped in the kitchen and he offered me some water. I accepted gladly and decided now was the time to get the transaction out of the way. I told him that I was hoping he would be available for three hours and he smiled and said he was. I then counted out the money along with a tip. As I said to him, I didn't want to worry about that at the end of the evening nor did I want him worrying about it either. I think it was a good decision for me. It helped me relax a bit more and I sensed that he felt respected for his time.

"Thank you for keeping the sling up and for agreeing to do ecstasy with me."

"It caught my attention when you said it was pure ecstasy. It has been a long time since I have done it." he said.

"When I bought it, it came in crystal form and so I had to grind it up and measure it myself. I could tell it was relatively pure."

"You have taken this before yourself?" he asked.

"Yes and I can tell you that it has not been cut with speed. I hate that stuff. This should be a nice feeling. I took your advice though and decided to not bring more than these two hits since I need to drive later." With that we each took our capsule and washed it down with water.

"Do you smoke pot?" he asked.

"Yes, of course." With that he passed me an e-cigarette and I took a small hit. Then he suggested we go to the bedroom. Instead of heading towards the room with the sling we went to the other room. I undressed, deciding to go without my jockstrap, while he arranged a few things. My eyes found a clock and noted that it was about 7:10 p. m. It would be about 40 minutes before we began to feel the ecstasy.

The room was beautiful, very clean and neat with a large master bathroom to the rear of the unit and a balcony at the front. He had a king sized bed that provided plenty of room to stretch out and play. I was still very nervous but hoped that it would pass. Caesar returned from the bathroom naked with a nice hard cock and lay down on the bed with an arm outstretched to receive me. I lay down in the crook of his arm and began to explore. His body was hard from regular workouts and his entire front torso was covered with black curly hair. His body hair was course in texture which seemed very masculine and complemented his physique. He smelled fresh and clean. We began kissing and as I kissed him I tried to focus my attention on being in the moment. The only way to combat my nervousness was to focus on the here and now.

I love to kiss. Kissing is like partner dancing and I also love to dance. Each move requires a response and one needs to read the moves of ones partner to be fully engaged and enjoy it. So much is communicated in a kiss. Caesar was a good kisser. Our tongues danced and played. I closed my eyes and fell into the kiss letting it go on for as long as it would. As we continued to kiss I ran my hands over his wonderful body and lightly pinched a nipple. He placed his hand on mine and guided it away from his nipple. Ah, too sensitive, I thought. I need to be careful. And yet, we seemed to be in sync already. He was good at non-verbal communication and I am a good reader of people.

I sat up in a kneeling position and continued to massage his body. Maybe he thought I would begin by tickling him right away, I don't know. But with three hours to play I thought that it was best to start slowly and get comfortable. I would save the tickling for later. Right now I had a wonderful man letting me play with his body and I wanted to fully enjoy the lover in front of me.

A few minutes later he lifted his legs and put his feet in my face. I grasped them and finally got a good look at the flawless feet he advertised. I never asked his shoe size but I would guess a size ten. They were wide with a gentle high arch and well shaped toes and clear well groomed nails. His soles were as soft as a teenage boy's. I have once played with a man whose feet were just as soft, but they were not so well shaped and not attached to such muscular furry legs or so handsome a body. The skin of his feet was softer than many people's hands and perfect in every way. They were freshly clean, but I wondered in that moment if I might have enjoyed a little taste of perspiration on them.

I devoured them like a starving man at a banquet. I love to lick and worship feet and this would be a great night because I knew that as the ecstasy came on later it would enhance an already perfect experience. Still not tickling him, I ravenously licked his soles, sucked each toe and flicked my tongue between his toes. I pressed his soles to my face and nuzzled them and then put each set of toes in my mouth to suck.

Hardly passive, Caesar used his powerful legs and feet to take control. He crooked the back of my head with one foot while pressing my face with the other. He moved my head around between his feet like a soccer player manipulates a ball on the field. This was a new experience for me. I have had many men use their feet in many ways over the years but Caesar really understood how to be dominant with me without my feeling any sense of abuse or degradation. After a few minutes I grasped them again and began licking. I paused and looked into his eyes. "Best feet ever," I told him. My cock had sprung up hard and I stroked myself while I continued to lick his beautiful feet.

After a few more minutes of foot play he asked if I would rub some lube on his cock. He preferred a silicone lubricant that I also like and so I began stroking him and fondling his balls. His cock was nearly as tan as his body except for above the circumcision scar which was somewhat lighter toned and pinkish. He had a handsome cock, thick at the base and tapering slightly towards the mushroom shaped head. I swallowed his cock while watching his balls pull up tight to his body. After a short time sucking him he stopped me. It was far to early for him to orgasm and I realized I may have been being over zealous.

"Are you into feet?" I asked.

"Not really. I mean it feels very good and I look after them." He seemed to very much enjoy what I was doing, but I understood. He wasn't really into other men's feet but he enjoyed being worshiped.

Caesar flipped himself over and presented his meaty, manly ass to me. It was definitely a man's ass, dusted with finer hair compared to the rest of his body. There was a tan line, but his skin was still olive complected and I am certain he sunbathed nude sometimes. Parting his muscular cheeks I was surprised his hole was less hairy than I expected. I had told him that I wanted to rim him and here was a tasty treat spread before me. I did not need to be told what to do.

I love to rim a nice clean ass and, as with the rest of him, Caesar's ass was impeccably clean. I never just dive in; well maybe sometimes. But right then I had time to play and enjoy the evening. I began with long tongue strokes in his crack as I massaged his muscular cheeks and gave his lower back a deep tissue massage. There are so many nerves that pass through the base of the spine and I find most men really enjoy a massage of the upper butt cheeks and lower back as they are eaten out. Not too much pressure because this isn't supposed to be physical therapy, but enough pressure to make this about his entire ass and not just some tentative teasing of his hole.

I'd be tickling him soon enough. Right now I wanted to pleasure his ass. I buried my face in his muscular ass crack and licked, sucked and nibbled my way around. I ran my goatee over his soft skin like a brush. I pushed my tongue deep into his hole. Mostly, I paid attention. When he seemed to like something, he got more. When I was doing something too long, I switched it up. I caressed him deeply. I sucked on the outer edges of his ass lips. I sometimes teased with my tongue but mostly this was an enthusiastic and vigorous butt munching.

After about ten minutes I came up for air. "You have skills," he said.


"You're good at that."

"Thank you. And I haven't even done what I am good at yet."

He smiled at me,"I can't wait."

I rolled onto my back and pulled him on top of me. His weight felt brilliant on my body. Caesar outweighed me by about 30 pounds, which felt right. I began lightly stroking and tickling his back between the shoulder blades.

I remember having a play buddy many years ago that was very ticklish in the center of his back; ticklish enough to make him laugh. But for him that was the one place where tickling was highly erotic. He would sometimes lay on his stomach and ask me to tickle his back for ten or fifteen minutes at a time. How could a man like me with a tickling fetish resist someone begging to be tickled?

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