Playing With My Sister Ch. 10


"Oh God, Brother Bull!" Angela moaned. She was wide-eyed with her mouth open. "Your cock-head is inside my ass! You're making me a woman in back! Put your bull in! All the way! Oh Jesus!"

I fucked Angela slowly, going deeper with each thrust until my balls were pressed against her butt-cheeks.

"Paul, this is wonderful!" she whispered. "Your big stiff pole is all the way up my asshole. I never imagined it would be this good!"

Angela moaned with pleasure as I pulled back until my swollen head was kissing her rosebud, then pushed forward, filling her with one long slow stroke.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Angela cried as I took her anal virginity, slowly at first but increasing the tempo as she relaxed. She'd stopped masturbating but was still approaching orgasm.

Suzie moved out of the way as I bent forward. She ran her fingers through my hair and stroked my back while Angela and I kissed passionately.

I played with my sister's big firm breasts while I worked my cock in her butt.

"Oh Jesus, Paul!" Angela screamed. "I'm so close!" She slipped two fingers into her pussy and fucked herself frantically, making wet squishing sounds. "God!" she moaned. "Your bull . . . ramming my ass! Make him shoot! Please! Fill my asshole with your hot juice!"

"Do it, Stud!" Suzie gasped beside us, rocking back on Jeff's driving rod. "Give it to Big Sister!"

I was gripping Angela's hips to hold us together as I rammed my cock between her buttocks. "Fuck yeah, Sis!" I gasped. "Here it is!" She screamed and thrashed as I shot wave after wave of cum up her tight butt.

"Fuck, Jeff!" Suzie screamed beside us. "I'm cumming! Shoot it up my snatch! Oh God, yes! Yes! Yes!"

Angela collapsed on the bed, breathing hard with her eyes closed. I kissed her face and lips, still deep inside, supporting my weight with knees and elbows.

"Paul, that was so good!" Angela whispered. "I want to keep you inside me forever!" I could tell she was getting cramped. I moved beside Angela and took her in my arms.

Suzie pulled away from Jeff and stood up, a little unsteadily. Her golden pubic thatch was gleaming with her juices and his cum.

Bernie was still at the foot of the bed. He'd stopped jacking off, but his big club was still sticking almost straight up. "Hey Baby, where are you going?" he asked Suzie, grabbing her hand as she walked past and spinning her around to face him.

"The kitchen," she answered. "I'm thirsty." She tried to pull away, but Bernie didn't loosen his grip.

"You don't want a drink," he growled. "You want THIS!" Bernie wrapped his hand around his 2-1/2" shaft and aimed his flaring head, shiny with pre-cum, at her furry mound.

Suzie looked at me as I rose from the bed. She shook her head slightly and gave me a lewd grin.

"No I don't!" Suzie answered. "You raped Paul! Are you going to force me now?"

"Your boyfriend is a butt-slut!" Bernie said, gripping Suzie's hips and pushing her down onto the bed. "I gave him what he wanted! I'll fuck your ass too, if you like!"

"No!" Suzie said, lying on her back, held down by Bernie's weight. He worked his knees between her thighs, forcing them open.

"Oh God! Please don't!" Suzie begged, winking at me as Bernie pressed his 3" mushroom head into her folds.

Jeff, Angela and I were all on our feet, watching the action on the bed. Although I knew Suzie was playing a game, I still felt ashamed of my roaring hard-on as I watched her struggle against Bernie's relentless assault.

"Jesus!" Suzie sobbed. There were real tears in her eyes, but she was grinning, too. "Please stop! You're too big! It's tearing me open!" She beat on Bernie's shoulders and back with her fists until he pinioned her wrists. He was kneeling between Suzie's thighs and the rest of us could see his monster dick piercing her snatch.

Angela was standing two feet away from me. Jeff stepped behind her and she giggled as he cupped her heavy breasts with his hands and pressed his erection between her muscular buttocks.

Suzie's little breasts, with their swollen areolas and tight nipples, bounced as she tried to squirm away. Her wet pussy lips clutched Bernie's giant penis as he rocked steadily in and out, pushing more of his 8" length into her cruelly stretched vagina with each thrust.

"No, not like that!" Angela whispered urgently to Jeff. "Get the lubricant!"

"Oh God!" Suzie cried. "This is too much! I never dreamed of a cock this big . . . up my tiny little cunt! . . . Oh Jesus Bernie! Fuck me!" She started working her pelvis, moaning "Oh Jesus! Oh fuck!" as Bernie's pole moved inside her.

Angela was screaming softly beside me, playing with her tits as she pushed her butt back against Jeff's driving rod. "Fuck me Jeff!" she growled. "Fuck my ass while your brother rapes my baby sister!"

"Jesus, I'm cumming!" Suzie screamed. Bernie was fucking her at a moderate speed, holding her hips to keep her in place and pulling almost out, then sliding forward and bouncing his balls against her pussy lips. He continued his measured pace as Suzie thrashed beneath him.

Suzie finally lay motionless, still impaled on Bernie's rod. "I guess size DOES matter," she mumbled almost inaudibly, looking dreamily up at Bernie. "I've never been fucked like that before . . . I came and came . . . Wait! You didn't . . ."

Bernie shook his head. "Not yet!" he agreed.

Suzie pulled Bernie down onto her and kissed him passionately. "We'll fix that!" she said. "I really want to feel you shooting inside me!"

"Let's change positions," Bernie said, lying on his back. "You'll like riding my cock!"

Suzie straddled his hips. "This is awesome!" she marveled, caressing his gigantic pole, rubbing its flaring head against her puffy wet pussy lips and grazing her swollen clit. "I didn't really believe Angela when she told me what it was like, but . . . Oh!"

Bernie thrust his pelvis upward, driving his tool into Suzie's snatch, all the way to his bulging balls. She went completely rigid with her back arched and head back, staring wide-eyed at the ceiling with her mouth open in a silent scream.

Suzie remained frozen for alarming seconds, then melted. "Jesus!" she whispered. "It's like being fucked by God!" She bent forward to kiss Bernie, rolling her pelvis and sliding her cunt over his massive tool.

They settled into a steady rhythm. Suzie's sexy little tits bounced wildly as she rode Bernie like a rodeo cowboy on a bucking bronco.

Angela and Jeff were still standing beside me. "Come here!" she whispered, pulling away and kneeling on the bed. He followed her, slipping his stiff prick back up her asshole.

I squeezed my balls with one hand while running the other up and down my rigid shaft, occasionally flicking my index finger over my pre-cum-slick head.

Watching the brothers fuck my girlfriend and sister was making me unbearably horny. I moved behind Jeff, staring at the puckered pink hole between his pumping buttocks.

The little plastic container of lubricant was on the far side of the bed. As I retrieved it, Suzie twisted to look at me, putting her hands on her ass cheeks and pulling them open. Her invitation was unmistakable.

I'd seen this on the Internet but never imagined I'd be doing it for real. Suzie rolled her hips in time with Bernie's slow pelvic thrusts. I matched the motion, pressing my lubricated cock-head against her rosebud.

"This is heaven!" Suzie gasped, pushing back against my prick and taking me smoothly up her butt. She was even hotter and tighter than usual. Bernie's giant pole rubbed my cock through the thin layer of flesh separating Suzie's ass and pussy.

"Fuck me boys!" Suzie gasped. "This is unbelievable! Bernie filling my cunt, stretching my skin and rubbing my clit . . . Paul's cock up my ass . . . Jesus, fuck me hard!"

"Oh God!" Angela moaned. She was kneeling on the bed and sliding the double-dong in and out of her pussy in time with Jeff's thrusts up her butt. "Fuck my ass while our brothers fuck my little sister! God baby, I'm going to cum!" Jeff gripped Angela's hips and rammed her ass as she screamed and thrashed.

"Oh fuck!" Suzie screamed. "Fuck my pussy! Fuck my ass! Oh Jesus!" Her body shook and her tits bounced as Bernie and I slammed our cocks into her.

Angela was kneeling on the bed, gasping for breath and staring at Bernie, Suzie and me. She whispered to Jeff and he pulled away from her and moved behind me.

I froze for a moment as his thick head and shaft invaded my anus. "Jesus!" I gasped. "That's really big!"

Bernie already had Suzie cumming when I resumed fucking her butt. Jeff reamed my ass as I drove into her, lost in blind animal lust.

"Yeah Baby!" Bernie moaned. "Take my load! I'm shooting in your hot little snatch!"

I drove up Suzie's ass, feeling Bernie's throbbing prick through the thin flesh separating her anus and vagina.

Jeff was slamming his big stiff cock into my ass, pushing me over the edge. I came deep inside Suzie's butt as Bernie filled her snatch with hot juice.

"Fuck yeah, Bernie!" Suzie gasped. "I feel you splashing . . . my pussy . . . Paul cumming up my ass! . . . Oh fuck!"

Suzie rocked her pelvis frantically, humping our spurting cocks as she came. "Oh fuck boys!" she moaned. "Shoot it all in me! Oh fuck!" She gradually slowed to a stop, straddling Bernie with her eyes closed, still spiked on our dicks.

Jeff pulled out of my butt and went to Angela. "Sexy man!" she purred, kissing his belly button. "With the big club!" Her fingers circled his still-stiff tool. "You fucked my brother's ass! . . . and mine, too!"

"Oh Baby!" Jeff whispered, reaching down to cup Angela's breasts with his hands. "You're so fucking hot!" He suddenly froze as he looked out the window.

"What's wrong?" Angela asked.

"Nothing, Baby!" Jeff answered, shaking his head and laughing. "I thought I saw someone looking in the window, but it was just the light. My guilty conscience, I guess."

Angela pressed her breasts together, trapping Jeff's lubricated penis. "Oh fuck Baby!" he moaned as he humped. "I hope somebody is watching! Watching me fuck your tits! . . . Oh God!" Hot cum burst from his cock head, smearing Angela's chest.

"What a night!" Suzie muttered, looking dreamily around the room. "Oh no!" she suddenly cried, looking at the clock. "We have to be home in 20 minutes!"

We showered and dressed hastily, then kissed the brothers goodbye.

"You can use the front," Jeff said as Angela turned towards the kitchen.

"I just want to look at something," she answered, stepping through the back door into the darkness. A few moments later, she returned with a pair of white panties.

"These are torn!" Angela said, kissing Suzie. "Paul was really excited when he ripped them off you!"

"They're not mine," Suzie answered, taking the panties from Angela. "I didn't wear panties . . . or a bra . . . tonight." She blushed slightly. "It makes me feel so dirty . . . sexy . . ."

Angela grinned wickedly. "I wasn't wearing panties, either. Just that half bra that holds my tits up and shows my nipples."

"Let me see those panties again," Angela said. "I wear this brand . . . so does Mom . . . but they're too big for me." She laughed. "I guess Jeff was right. We put on a show for somebody. They must have enjoyed it. These panties have fresh cum and pussy juice on them." She shrugged and threw the tattered garment into the trash can beside the sink. "Come on! It's time to go!"

It was 3:15 AM when we reached Suzie's. Her parents popped out of their bedroom to greet us before the front door closed, wearing thick robes over their pajamas. Once again, I wondered how they'd managed to have three kids. Mom favored filmy negligees and the skimpy briefs Dad generally wore to bed clearly showed where I'd gotten my oversized teenage dick.

We sat at the kitchen table with small glasses of wine and talked about "Casablanca." Everybody was yawning and I finished my wine and left after a few minutes.

Angela was waiting in the shadows. We kissed passionately, then walked home holding hands. "Those could have been Mom's panties," she said thoughtfully.

"That's silly!" I answered, automatically arguing. "If Mom and Dad caught us, they'd bust us SO hard!"

"Mom and Dad are pretty sexy . . . uh . . . sexual!" Angela responded, flushing at her slip. "We get off watching. Why shouldn't they?"

"You know . . . all those times it felt like someone was watching . . ." my voice trailed off.

"Yeah . . ." Angela whispered.

I laughed sharply. "We're being paranoid!" I stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and kissed her, hard and open-mouthed. "It's been a long night and we're tired! It was someone else, getting a free show!"

"Of course it was!" Angela agreed, too readily, as we resumed walking.

The family quarters are on the second floor of our hardware store. We heard Mom's orgasmic screams as soon as I opened the door. "Oh Jesus, Leo!" she cried. "Fuck me! I'm cumming so hard!"

Angela and I stepped inside, moving cautiously through the darkness. Clothes were scattered all over the living room.

The bedroom door was open and the nightstand light was on. Mom was on her back with Dad kneeling between her raised knees, squeezing her bouncing breasts with his hands while slamming his cock into her snatch. Dad's rhythmic grunts provided counterpoint to Mom's high-pitched screams.

"Fuck yeah, Leo!" she screamed. "Shoot it! God, yeah! Shoot it up my pussy! All of it! Cum in me Baby! Deep in my pussy! Oh God, oh fuck!!"

Dad laughed as he slowed to a stop, gasping for breath and barely able to support himself.

"Here Baby!" Mom said, guiding Dad to her side with his head pillowed on her breasts. They lay still with her stroking his hair.

Angela and I were frozen, staring into the bedroom. Suddenly, she grabbed my hand and yanked me away from the door. "Let's go before they see us!" she whispered. We escaped into the hall, opening and closing the apartment door as noiselessly as possible.

We ran up the stairs to Angela's third-floor apartment. I was on her before the door closed, bending her over Dad's desk and sliding my dick up her hot wet pussy.

Angela unbuttoned her blouse and I squeezed her tits while fucking her to a screaming orgasm. I stopped deep inside to give her a chance to rest, then hammered her until the cum exploded from my throbbing cock.

After kissing passionately in the center of the living room, we stripped and ran to the bed. Angela sucked my cock and I ate her out, then I fucked her -- front and back -- and came in her ass.

"Watching Mom and Dad got me . . . us . . . SO hot!" Angela whispered as she lay in my arms.

"Yeah!" I agreed. Mom and Dad had always been open about sex, but they'd gotten wild in the last few weeks. "I wonder what turned THEM on?"

* * * * * * * * * *

Copyright (c) 2006 by Ken James

All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual people is coincidental.

This story depicts a world in which AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases are non-existent. In the real world, please practice safe sex.

Please contact me. I love getting feedback and reply to every message.

Many thanks to Wayde for his constant love and support.

* * * * * * * * * *

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