Playing with the Big Boys


'I've seen men for a few weeks.'

'You mean you've fucked them more than once?' Gus' smile was sad. 'My poor brown bear.'

It wasn't the first time Gus had called him that. George tested his feelings. The urgency to escape had diminished, along with the panic which had threatened to overwhelm.

The three sat in silence for a while, until George had calmed down.

And he felt comforted.


As icy light began to chase away the dark, George wiggled away again to visit the bathroom. He was sore, but not bleeding every time he wiped his arse. That was a relief. His usual one-night stands never took as much care as Gus and Frank did to open him up. His neck was littered with love bites from Gus, and his nipples pleasantly sensitive from when Frank had used them to hold on as his hips hammered.

Frank hadn't gone home, and they had all slept together. Nice as that was for shagging, the wet patches were fucking uncomfortable and Frank was a duvet hog. The latter didn't matter as Gus radiated heat, but the former was a distinctive nuisance in a double bed not made for three.

'Think the club would fork out for a super-king?' Gus must have had similar thoughts. The sun was peaking out as George returned from the bathroom, lending enough light for him to watch. Gus idly scratched his belly and cupped his for-once flaccid cock.

George shook his head. 'Tom'll probably suggest we just put the two beds together.'

Gus rolled over to study the headboard. 'Fuck me, I didn't realise the beds were identical. That's a bloody good idea.' He laughed and his furry love handles shook.

'I wasn't totally serious.'

'I am. We'll do it later today, and put the wardrobes and other clothes shit in my room. Between shags, of course.' Gus rolled back over, and George watched as the Scot's cock began filling. 'If you're not sore.'

'I could definitely take you again.'

'And me?' Frank ran a hand down his snail trail. He was totally hard, standing proud of the nest of blond curls. '

George's eyes darted between the two cocks. His cock throbbed and he realised he was clenching his buttocks. His mouth watered. 'Who's on top this time?'

'Don't you mean in the middle? And that's you.'

'You ain't gonna shit right for a week.'

'Yippee ki-yay, motherfucker.'

George didn't know how he made it to the bed before his knees gave way. Furry bellies rubbed front and back, but within moments, a mouth enclosed his cock. Another cock was fed into his mouth, and he sixty-nined with Frank as Gus stretched him. He writhed and sobbed, slobbering over Frank as he was roasted again.

He came in a spine-breaking rush, clenched his buttocks and felt Gus go. As he collapsed, Frank's come filled his mouth. Hands rubbed his own come all over his body and a deep chuckle came from behind. 'Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.'


Christmas morning. As brighter light shone through the windows and broke over the three of them, painting skin in shades of gold, George realised he was happier than he'd ever been before. Whatever happened, at that moment he felt safe, secure, and loved. A much richer man.

The richest man in town.


Thanks for reading, all and any votes and comments are appreciated.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. Or whatever your festive proclivities are.


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by Anonymous

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by Goldeniangel12/02/17

Loved it!!!!

Merry Christmas for sure! I'm so glad George got his happy ending and I LOVE the Bear theme throughout!!! The big guys are sexy!

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by FiveWolves11/11/17

Should be rated higher

Don't understand why this isn't rated higher. Not much character decloment, but it wasn't that kind of story. Hot!

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by Anonymous11/11/17


Not very good.

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by Anonymous11/11/17

great story. I love the hair raising details!

I was hard through the entire story. I love the fact that two teammates came together to help out a sex crazed man through his addiction! What great therapy!!7B9E

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