tagNonHumanPlaything of the Goddess

Plaything of the Goddess


Daniel cast his line out on the placid water of the lake. The sound echoed off the surrounding mountains. The sky was clear with a few clouds scattered against the pale blue scene. Mountains surrounded the lake, keeping all noise in and all noise out. He was miles from the nearest town and he had hiked a few miles to get back to this spot. It was so calm out here, people rarely fished here because of an old legend about some monster lurked in the deep lake. Daniel read that the lake was a mile deep with a bunch of flooded caves below the depths. It honestly wouldn't surprise him if some massive creature lived in the lake, if anything it gave him hope that there were still places and things man has not discovered.

Daniel felt a tug on his line and he jerked the rod upwards, sinking the hook. He reeled as the fish in as it fought against him. It was big, whatever it was. He continued reeling until he pulled a massive Rainbow Trout out of the water.

"Well you're a big fella aren't you!" Daniel commented as he pulled the hook out of the fish's mouth.

The fish swam away quickly, back towards the safety of the deeper water. Daniel only kept fish when he had to eat. This was just a nice way to spend the afternoon. He cast his line out again and laid down on a rock. He took off his shoes and let his toes touch the glassy surface of the lake. It wasn't long before he felt himself start to drift off to sleep so he reeled in his line and set it next to him before closing his eyes and taking a nap.

Daniel stirred in his sleep as he could have sworn he felt some slimy thing brush by his toes. Probably a fish, he thought as he ignored whatever it was. Unbeknownst to him, several tentacles slowly and quietly rose out of the water around him. The moved all at once, one wrapped around his waist, pinning his arms to his side, another wrapped around his neck and squeezed. Daniel immediately started thrashing but the tentacles were massive and with strength to match, he was helpless to the slimy appendages. They lifted him off the rock and pulled him into the lake. Daniel at least had the sense to take a breath before he was submerged.

Daniel continued to thrash wildly as the tentacles pulled him deeper into the lake. Panic set in as Daniel struggled to free himself. He saw the tentacles were connected to something, but he couldn't make it out through the darkness below water. The thing was pulling him into one of the many underwater caverns. The monster entered the cave, pulling Daniel along with it. His air was running out as he could see where cavern opened up to a grotto made out of an air pocket. The monster put him above the water, allowing air to flow into his lungs but the tentacles continued their grip on his body.

He looked around to see several collapsed pillars of antediluvian origin. Then the monster to whom the tentacles belonged to rose out of the water. It was a massive woman, just her torso was at least a5 feet tall! Daniel was taken aback as he saw her aqua-green skin, pointed ears, smooth tendrils sprouted from her head resembling hair. She also had an eye dangling out from her forehead. It resembled something like the lure of an anglerfish. Then to surprise Daniel further, the thing spoke.

"Human, do you know who I am?" The thing spoke.

"N-n... No..." Daniel stuttered, his voice trembling in fear.

"I am Nerthus, Goddess of this lake. I saw you fishing, and I thought I could give you a purpose." She said in a powerful tone.

"W-wh-What?" Daniel asked, still very frightened.

"You see...it's been a while since anyone has come to visit my home. Much less, someone as cute as you..." Nerthus said seductively as a large but still slender finger slowly slid up his stomach.

"Uh...ah..." Daniel uttered.

"Let's get rid of those clothes, you won't need them anymore." Nerthus said as several tentacles surfaces and tore his clothes off his body like they were paper.

Daniel blushed heavily as Nerthus drank in his form. His body dripping with water and cold sweat. A smirk grew on her face as the tentacles pulled his body closer to hers. She slid her arm under his back, cupping his ass with one large hand. The tentacle around his waist let go and slid back beneath the water. Nerthus then used her fingers to firmly part his thighs, his arms looked for something to hold on to. A tentacle gently wrapped around his wrist, more in a tender hold than a forceful grip. His other hand found purchase on her right breast, more specifically, her dinner-plate sized nipple.

"Ooh, naughty boy...grabbing the breast of a Goddess." She cooed.

"I didn't mean to!" Daniel yelled in embarrassment, trying to pull his hand back.

A tentacle rose out from the water and held his hand in place. He could feel suckers pulling on his skin.

"Hmm, such an offense to a Goddess. After I have been so hospitable to you..." Nerthus said in obviously sarcasm.

"I'm sorry..." Daniel said, not wanting to risk offending her.

The lure glowed and Daniel felt the uncontrollable urge to speak.

"How can I make it up to you?" Daniel asked, almost against his will.

"Oh? Well, I suppose there is a way for you to earn my forgiveness." She said, her smirk turning into a devious grin.

Daniel was quiet for a moment as multiple tentacles rose out of the water. Two wrapped around his thighs, the suckers almost tickling his inner thigh. One leathery tentacle wrapped around his neck, squeezing just enough to make his breath ragged. Several tentacles moved close to his flacid member. Nerthus pulled him even closer to her face. She opened her mouth and a long, slick tongue slid out and under my chin. It was a new experience for Daniel and his penis began to twitch and harden.

"Hardening after just that? Oh the things I'm going to do to you..." Nerthus chuckled before she moved to kiss Daniel.

Daniel opened his mouth, inviting her long tongue in. She accepted and her tongue darted into his mouth and she kissed him deeply. She kept kissing him, their tongues sliding against each other in passion. Daniel could feel himself hardening further. Then a tentacle wrapped around his twitching member and moved in wavelike motions. Daniel moaned into Nerthus's mouth, her tongue wrapped around his. The tentacle moved faster, the pleasure was so unlike anything he had ever felt before. The slime that covered the tentacle allowed it to smoothly stroke his rock hard penis. If she kept this up, he wouldn't last much longer.

"Mghmm...cummi-" Daniel tried to tell her though the passionate French kiss.

Nerthus broke the kiss as Daniel came, coating the tentacle in his seed. He moaned loudly. The tentacle around his cock slowed its motions but didn't stop. Ecstasy engulfed his mind, all thoughts were gone he focused only on the rapturous sensation that made his whole body shake and quiver in pleasure.

"My, cumming from that little? I admit I was hoping for a bit more foreplay but if you insist." Her devious smile returning to her face.

"Huh?" Daniel struggled to think through the tremors of his orgasm.

He felt an especially slimy tentacle glide along the soft skin of his inner thigh. It nuzzled the tip against his asshole. He let out a soft whimper. The tentacles around his still hard member slowly stroked, his cum had eased what little friction was left in their movement.

"You came easily, I won't do the same..." Nerthus said, staring deeply into his eyes as the lure glowed again.

"Please..." Daniel pleaded.

"Well, if you insist!" She said as the tentacle slid into his ass.

Daniel yelped as the thick tentacle pumped in and out of his cavity, exploring deep in his intestines. He looked down and he saw his abdomen bulge from the tentacle. It moved at a steady pace. Then the tentacle around his cock matched the rhythm of the one in his ass. Daniel tipped his head back, laying it on her arm as the tentacles gave him carnal pleasure only a goddess could give. His eyes rolled back into his head as he felt the speed of both tentacles increase.

"Oh! Oh god! Yes! Keep going!" Daniel called out.

The lure glowed again.

"Keep going... what?" Nerthus asked.

"Please keep going my Goddess! Please fuck me forever!" Daniel said lustfully as drool spilled out of his mouth.

"Good boy, I think I'll keep you here mortal, as my personal plaything." Nerthus responded, clearly pleased by his offer.

Daniel felt the tentacle in his ass curled back in on itself, the tip rubbed his prostate as the curve in the tentacle continue pumping into his ass. He moaned again, his tongue hanging out of his mouth. Then his Goddess leaned in and kissed him deeply once again, her tongue slid around his mouth and down his throat. She pulled away, letting her tongue slowly slide out of his mouth. Daniel panted deeply. He felt her hand trace a slender finger around his nipple before pinching it. Daniel cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. The tentacle around his neck tightened, making his already heavy breaths raspier it also made his member harder than he though possible. He could feel another orgasm building. The tentacle in his ass could also feel it as it unfolded itself and thrust deeper.

"I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum deep in your ass and we will cum together!" Nerthus panted as the thrusting in his ass turned into violent pumping.

The tentacle around his cock sped up as well. Daniel groaned and held on desperately to keep from cumming. Nerthus twisted his right nipple between her thumb and forefinger. The supernova of stimulations was overwhelming Daniel.

"Are you close my Goddess?" Daniel called out, his lust was practically tangible.

"You will feel it my little plaything!" Nerthus responded between moans.

Daniel could feel that the tentacle in his ass swell, opening his ass wider. He couldn't take it anymore, despite all of his efforts he was going to cum. Then sweet relief hit him as hard as his climax. The tentacle swelled once again and released at least a gallon of hot liquid deep in his intestines and stomach, causing his abdomen to swell to the point that he looked pregnant. His shout echoed off the walls of the grotto as his entire body was enraptured by the single most powerful orgasm of Daniel's life. Cum went everywhere, it covered his body and he even got a rope on his Goddess's beautiful face. Daniel's eyes rolled back into his skull and his toes curled, every muscle in his body tensed up and spasmed. His taught thighs tried to close as the tentacle around his cock kept moving but the firm grasp of the other tentacles kept him in position, intensifying his sex-induced euphoria. Then, finally the tentacle wrapped tightly around his cock stopped its wavelike motions and slid away, leaving his member loose and spent. The tentacle in his ass slowly pulled itself out, sending ripples of pleasure with every sucker that rubbed against his prostate.

Daniel laid in his Goddess's arm, limp as his mind struggled to think at all through the lustful haze. However, he just couldn't muster up the strength to say or think anything. He laid there as he looked into his Goddess's eyes. Nerthus laid back and set her plaything on her stomach and chest, letting his tired head rest between her voluptuous breasts. She closed her eyes, content that she had chosen a good little plaything...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/13/18

I don’t understand all the hateful comments on this story. I usually skip through a lot of the plot portions of stories to get to the sexy bits (I’m the worst, I know). I thought your writing in themore...

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by Anonymous05/19/18

Kinda gay.

As I was looking through the entries here on literotica I came across this. Perhaps judging the book by it's cover I immediately imagined the figure of a tall statuesque Greek goddess light brown hairmore...

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by Anonymous05/17/18


Good idea. Poor spelling and sentence structure. Useless imagery (That comment about intestines) did not nothing for me and was a major turn off. Kind of seems like something I would write off my medication.


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by Anonymous05/17/18

Well, that was interesting

Got the job done, but I am not sure how I felt about it all in all. Will there be a sequel? It seemed like it was going to be a much longer story based on the goddesses dirty talk 😝

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by Anonymous05/16/18

Fucking gross.

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