tagNovels and NovellasPlaytime Ch. 01

Playtime Ch. 01


Chapter 1

The Retirement of Snow White

Mairead stared at the blank screen, thoughtlessly pressing characters and then deleting them. She had sat in front of her computer over the last several months, trying to decide on the topic for her book. She had a journalism degree and had written hundreds of articles during college; one of them was for a rather prestigious paper. She was good at those jobs, but those articles were easy because they were assignments. She had her plot before the story began, and all she needed to do was research the details. Now, faced with the choice of any conceivable subject, she was overwhelmed into inaction.


In her youth, Mairead had buried herself in her studies. She was the lone child of a single mother from Ireland, and wanted to take full advantage of the opportunities gained by coming to the US. They moved into an apartment when Mairead was eleven, and she worked hard to make her mother proud.

Being the new girl with a funny accent at a tough inner city school, Mairead's freckled face stood out among the mostly brown skinned student population. To make matters worse, she matured earlier than the other girls and their jealousy often manifested itself in nasty pranks. Mairead's one wish during puberty was to be invisible, and in the years since, everything about her had evolved to camouflage her from the world.

Her clothing was the first layer of her defense. Work attire was a dark colored pants suit with the jacket long enough to hide her backside and her blouses never revealed any cleavage. Weekend clothes consisted of layered tops with baggy jeans, but she was most comfortable in an old brown terry robe which she wore around the house.

She stuck to the fundamentals of good personal hygiene, and made sure she was always neat and presentable. Her one touch of femininity was the long dark auburn hair, but that too was part of the design. The natural bright shade of red hair was dyed and its length was used to hide her face.

On the job, Mairead tried to appear confident by following all the rules. She stood straight, always gave a firm handshake, and looked people in the eye and smiled while speaking with them. Yet she was never seen without an armful of papers, clutching them to her chest. Her voice was tight and controlled, despite her efforts to sound carefree. No one in the office knew it, but she was hurting and insecure inside. Mairead had begun to ponder her choices over the years. She had forgone friends and dating, and now at the age of 34, she was realizing the mistake in ignoring the social part of her life. Throughout the years she would begin to feel uncomfortable if a person grew too close.

She had no personal connections with the younger women at work. All or their conversations were either bragging about the sexual escapades of the prior weekend or planning escapades for the upcoming weekend. Mairead had no stories to share and was usually left out. So she mostly kept to her job, punching the clock each day.

Outside the office, Mairead did have two friends. They were mature enough to see the person she was inside, and they didn't make her feel left out, despite her lack of life's experiences. Their busy schedules only allowed them all to get together every few weeks, but they made sure to carve out a girls' night whenever they found the time. It was during one of these girls' nights that Mairead's idea for her book came to life.


The movie was about a young Asian woman who was given to an older land baron as payment of her family's debt to him. She was scared and resistant at first, but as a concubine, she learned that she could use sex to her advantage, and ultimately used it to gain wealth and status. By the end of the film, the woman saves her father from prison by virtue of her social status. At first he does not recognize her, and when he finally learns the truth, he is disappointed in her. It turned out, however, that she was quite unapologetic and not embarrassed about her past. It was very women's lib for such an old movie.

"Wow," Mairead said as the ending credits rolled. "She was so determined in the way she used sex to improve her life. I don't think I could use sex like that."

"Me either," chimed Angie, a slim fit bleach blonde of 38. She was married to a rising star at a major law firm, but didn't work herself, so she spent her free time at the gym or the salons.

"Oh my God," screamed Valerie, a 40 year old divorcee. "Are you serious? You are such a little whore and you can say that with a straight face? And I suppose you didn't use sex to get that Mercedes you have downstairs?"

"No way," Angie snipped back. "I earned my car, girl!"

"On your knees and your back, you ho!" Valerie lost herself in a cackling fit as the words left her mouth. Mairead could not help but smirk behind the hair in her face. It was always like this between the two of them. No one ever really won the verbal sparring sessions, but the back and forth was in fun.

"And I suppose your balloon job was charity for the homeless? Are you the VP of Cleavage now," Angie bit back. "Your title went up almost as fast as the CEO's cock once you started waving those airbags around the office."

"Don't be a hater just because you can't fill a sweater properly! You need more curves to keep hubby interested, girl!" Valerie tried to put on a straight face before the next sentence. "I consider my money spent as an investment in my career."

"I didn't know pole dancing could be a career," Mairead chimed in sheepishly.

"Oh shit, even Snow White's on your shit!" Angie laughed so hard she almost wet her pants, but Valerie seemed a bit put off. Mairead was already regretting making the statement, but sometimes she couldn't help but add her two cents.

Angie's cackling had barely died down when Mairead changed her tone to Valerie. "What's it like Val?"

"You mean the boobjob? It's sort of painful right after you get it, and you have to relearn to balance in high heels, but..." she started to giggle, losing her feigned indignance. "But you don't need one, girl. All you need to do is show them off a little more. Give the boss a little peek-a-boo!"

Mairead tugged unconsciously at her robe. "No, I meant the sleeping your way up the corporate ladder. Did you really do that? What's it like?"

Angie jumped in, "Hell yeah she did! Remember when it was the middle of the summer and she claimed she had chapped lips? She was sucking so much cock she had lipburn!"

"I'm serious Angie. Stop it." Mairead turned back to Valerie. "Did you really?"

"Look, I was dating a senior manager at the time, and we were quite... um, active. But he wasn't in a position to aid my career, and we had broken up months before my own manager promoted me. I never fucked anyone just for a promotion."

"You considering sucking somebody to jump start your career, Mairead," Angie snickered.

"Oh leave her alone, you sex starved bitch," Valerie countered. "You know Snow White doesn't even know how to suck dick, she'd probably get fired instead!" Now they both laughed out loud.

Mairead was too embarrassed to keep talking. She took the last sip of the wine and then took the empty bottle towards the recycle bin. It was late, and this was the sign to call it a night.

"Well, my single woman fantasy world goes back into the box," Angie said as she stood. "The American dream beckons; hubby, kids, dog, picket fence, yada yada... "

"Hmm, good luck with that," Valerie said. "All this talk of cock sucking has me in the mood for some me-time. Mr. Wizard is calling my name!" She made a motion as if she was riding a witch's broom, and all three of them giggled again. "It's been a while since I had the real thing so he's my man for now!" She turned her head and looked at Angie. "How about you, Ang? Getting any more at home than I am? Do you even remember what his pecker looks like?"

"You're a bitch!" Angie quipped. It was common knowledge that Angie and her husband had not seen much of each other over the past year as he was working his way up to partner.

"Just tell me when you are ready and we can hit the clubs and bring home some eager youths and educate them! They can be sloppy and clumsy, but they definitely earn points for eagerness and stamina!"

"Some other time perhaps..." Angie mumbled.

"Well don't say I didn't offer," Valerie ended, then turned to Mairead to say goodbye. "The offer is open to you to honey. We can find you some little middle school kid so you two can learn together."

Angie laughed again; glad the focus had shifted from her. It was a long time since she and Darryl had any sex and she was beginning to consider Val's offer seriously. Masturbation was not doing it for her any longer and she needed to be touched.

There were kisses and hugs all around, and the door closed on another night with the girls. Tonight Mairead wasn't happy though. Valerie's comments had hurt. Mairead was feeling the pain; the pain of innocence; the pain of ignorance. She could not get the thought out of her head as she cleaned up and prepared for bed. Looking into the mirror as she washed her face, she took a hard look at herself and decided that tomorrow things will change. Tonight was the last night she would be called Snow White. She was going to find out what sex was like, and she would write her book about her experiences. It was going to be cathartic and educational at the same time. She was excited by the thought and was able to lift her mood before her head hit the pillow. Tomorrow was the dawn of a new day.


It was early on Saturday when Mairead woke. The excitement of her new research project didn't allow her to sleep, so she decided not to wait any longer. She turned on the computer and headed to make some coffee. She wondered where to begin as she sipped at the hot cup, and then she remembered the news. There was some story about a guy using Eds List to find prostitutes. That seemed like a good place to start, so her fingers went to the keyboard and her journalist instincts took over.

Following the links to the closest major city to her town was easy enough. Clicking through the options, she found the personals. There were ads from men, women, and some folks calling themselves T 's and CD's. People were looking for others to do all sorts of things. Were they all just desperate? How many of them were cheating on their spouses? Some were quite open about their infidelity, but Mairead was sure that many more did not admit it.

There were many terms Mairead was not familiar with, but BBW was frequently recurring term, so she switched to another site to look it up.

"Big Beautiful Woman" (commonly abbreviated as BBW) is a neologism most frequently used in the context of affirmation of or sexual attraction to women who are overweight or obese. Today, the abbreviation is often found in personal ads denoting an identification with (or preference for) such women.

"Hmmm, you learn something new every day," she whispered to herself. She stood up and walked in front of the full length mirror on the closet door. She dropped her robe and tried to see herself as a BBW lover would. Her hands traced the fabric covering her large heavy breasts, moving downward over her jelly-belly. She called it that because she felt it jiggled too much when she walked. Turning to look at her profile, she pushed out her chest and behind. "Maybe there is still a chance for me yet. There are guys out there who like what I have. I just have to find them."

Mairead sat again to continue looking through the ads. So many men were posting pictures of their dicks, but not nearly so many women posted nude pictures of themselves. Were those pictures from the men supposed to turn women on? Mairead had seen pictures of dicks before, but simply the sight of one wasn't enough to excite her. There was, however, that porn film Val had brought one night. There was a scene of a guy stroking his dick and that DID excite her.

The masturbation scene had aroused her so much that her underwear was soaked by the time the guy ejaculated into the air. In slow motion his sperm sprayed all over the chest of a bleached blonde with overinflated boobs. Mairead watched, feeling her wetness spread, and feared her jeans would be next. The chesty blond lapped up the white fluid as if she had never had so sweet a treat; Mairead's eyes were fixed on the screen. What does it taste like? She shuffled in her seat hoping to create some soothing friction in her jeans, trying not to touch herself. Once man had finished she needed to change her clothes. She used the excuse of wanting to change into her robe, and exited the room while the lights were still off for the movie.

Mairead put a hand between her thighs to check her seat. The first time she watched the masturbation scene, her panties were far beyond damp. It was exhilarating and embarrassing at the same time, and it was happening again now as she recalled that evening. Her yellow cotton panties had darkened and her sleep shirt was feeling moist. She stood to slip off her panties, and tossed them towards the bedroom door as she sat back down. They landed on the floor with a wet splat. She always got very wet when aroused and had wondered if it was normal. She couldn't imagine women soaking through their clothing every time they got turned on.

She leaned back in the computer chair and spread her feet apart in her usual position. She closed her eyes and envisioned the man stroking himself again. His dick was long and thick and curved upwards towards his stomach. She remembered staring at the purple head sliding back and forth through his hand. The balloon chested bimbo knelt on the floor in front of him; mouth wide open, like a young bird waiting to be fed by its mother. The bimbo's dark red nails scratched at the man's testicles as he stroked himself, telling him how much she wanted him to cum all over her.

Mairead's hands moved faster and the wet rhythmic sounds grew louder. Her small nipples stood up beneath the sleep shirt as she massaged the side of her breast. She squeezed as if milking herself, sending waves of electricity directly to her clit as shivers of lust danced down her spine. She felt highly aroused this morning, and every touch seemed that much more charged.

She typed in the web address of a porn site the girls had shown her and opened the first video with 'masturbation' in the title. There was a long haired brunette kneeling before a man with both hands on his cock. His lubricated dick glistened and stood straight out above his sack. The woman's hands twisted and slid about its length, her fingers barely able to close completely around his girth.

"SHE was stroking HIM", Mairead thought out loud, becoming even more aroused by the idea. The brunette was passionate in her efforts and spoke to the man as she looked up at his face. She wanted him to cum on her, almost begging him to conclusion. She licked and sucked his balls, seemingly wanting to swallow one whole, but she never slowed the pace of her hands. It wasn't long before the man's hips matched her tempo and groans were heard from his throat. Mairead was fascinated and her clit was on fire as her fingers played faster and faster. The buttons of her sleep shirt were ripped open and Mairead pinched and tugged mercilessly at her pink nipples. She opened her mouth to mimic licking his balls. They dangled from his body, swaying with every stroke of his hard cock. "Give me your cum," Mairead echoed, "Cum on my tits!"

The swelling orgasm rose in her lower back as the man proclaimed he was about to cum. Mairead's feet rose from the floor and she bit down on a hard nipple, never taking her eyes off the screen. The man's hips jerked forward as he groaned loudly, and the fluid sprayed from the end of his prick. "Yes, yes! That's it baby," the brunette cheered. "Give it to me; give me all that juicy cum!" Her pace quickened as she milked every last drop from him, catching some in her mouth, and then allowing it to drip down her chin. She continued to coax him on, and never missed a stroke.

Mairead was immediately consumed. The onrush of orgasm was fast and harsh; the violent shaking almost knocking her from the chair. Her fingers were as deep inside as she could bear and she felt her vaginal muscles tighten their grip. Her teeth had clenched on a nipple and the electric charge was more than she could endure. Her legs flailed in the air teetering her on the edge of the seat, but she managed to get a foot to the floor before losing her balance. The orgasm was intense, but she wasn't yet satisfied. She continued to work her swollen clit, squeezing it between thumb and forefinger. It wasn't long before the aftershocks were sending more tremors through her body, finally leaving her fulfilled and exhausted.

It was not uncommon for Mairead to find drops of pleasure, as she called them, on the floor after playing in this chair, but this time it was more of a puddle. Both hands were dripping with her cum and the sleep shirt was soaked to the waist. "Wow," she exhaled as the final shivers concluded. "Oooooh, I think I'm going to like writing this book."

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