tagNovels and NovellasPlaytime Ch. 02

Playtime Ch. 02


Chapter 2 -- Who is this Ed guy, really?

The discovery process of a research project always excited Mairead, but this time it was more than that. She had researched a wide range of subjects over the years, but up to now, none were for her own education. The personal nature of this research, along with the subject matter, truly had her juices flowing this morning. Like so many Saturdays before, she welcomed the weekend with some self gratification over a cup of coffee, but this time she could feel her clit still buzzing long after this morning's unusually strong orgasm.

Her sleep shirt slipped off over her head, destined to mop up her drops of pleasure on the floor before they marred the old wood again. On hands and knees, she unconsciously smiled as she rocked back and forth, dabbing at the spilled moisture. There were several older discolored spots on the floor beneath her desk chair. Mairead had told the girls that they were coffee spills, but her grin said there was more to the story.

In the mirror on the closet door, Mairead saw her heavy breasts hanging just inches from the floor. Large, milk- white, freckled pendulums swayed easily with the motion of her arms. She was unable to see her face from this angle, which gave her a voyeuristic sensation, and she found it surprisingly arousing. She watched a hand trace through the cavernous space between the breasts in the mirror. Lifting a single breast, the hand estimated its weight and density. Mairead figured it more than a bag of sugar, but probably not so much as two.

Youthful perkiness had lasted but a moment for Mairead. Blossoming early, she wore a C cup before finishing middle school. In those days, jealous girls accused her of bra-stuffing and pubescent guys looked for ways to 'accidentally' bump into her whenever they could. What was it about large breasts that caused so much commotion, she wondered? She knew that her 42Fs could easily cause a lot more commotion these days.

Continuing its trek, the hand in the mirror slid downwards over a not so flat stomach. "Jelly-belly," Mairead murmured, squeezing the extra padding around the too soft middle. She sucked it inwards to take a look before relaxing again and rising to her knees. Her face was in view now as she traced her fingertips along her outline from shoulders to thighs. "Irish women are built solid," she said, flawlessly imitating her mother's heavy brogue. It was stupid, and she didn't even know why she said it, but it brought a hint of a smile.

Leaning back with her legs folded underneath herself, Mairead spread her knees. Red pubic hair glistened with moisture and she ran a hand through the dense forest. "The rug sure doesn't match the drapes now", she thought, but even naturally, the color on her head never exactly matched her pubic hair. The saying seem stupid to her, but she realized that she didn't have much basis for comparison with other women. Angie was the only other live woman she had ever seen in the buff, but she shaved every morning, just like a porn actress in those internet videos.

"I'm no beauty queen," she whispered as she pulled the hair back from her face, "but there are men out there who seem to like us bigger girls." She stared into her own eyes desperately wanting to accept the image in the mirror, "Now I just have to learn to like me."


She sat back in the chair and the computer screen stared blankly at her. Mairead wasn't sure how to move forward. She had so many questions, but was too embarrassed to ask her girlfriends. They knew she was a virgin, but she didn't want to reveal the depths of her ignorance. She thought it would be easier to ask strangers from behind the safety of her computer. It didn't matter if they judged her. She was safely cradled in the anonymity of the World Wide Web. The question remained, however, if people would be willing to help; teach her some things and open up her world. An ad on Edslist seemed the best place to start.

Edslist.com. It seemed an odd name, but Mairead expected it was just as good as any other name. Stanslist? Peteslist? Kieranslist? They each might have their own lists, but for now, she was going to use Ed's. Her mind was rambling as she sat back in the chair. Edslist.com. It was a simple name, but she wondered if the person who created it was really named Ed? The concept was brilliant in her opinion. A single place for all sorts of folks to connect for whatever; jobs, housing, general info sharing, selling and buying stuff, even just to voice their opinions on things; and it crossed the entire country.

That Ed guy sure deserved a lot of credit, she thought. She wondered if he was sitting back right now in some big California mansion by the pool with some provocatively named umbrella drink in his hand? Was Ed a 50 year old married man with a beer belly that got lucky with one idea and skyrocketed up the social ladder? Did he dump his equally mature wife for some surgically enhanced arm candy? Or perhaps he was a young, single, ideas-guy , after years of toiling in obscurity, finally found the idea that vaulted him into the high life of parties and women.

Maybe Ed was hosting another large party like he did every month with a bunch of girls in tiny bikinis frolicking in the pool. They must be the girls with fake boobs that are covered just enough to maintain a PG-13 rating. It probably looked like a scene from that cop show based in Miami. It seemed that every week the writers found a reason for the cops to apprehend some creep on a beach or at a pool party. Did everyone in Miami walk around in a bathing suit all day? She wondered how much would be accomplished in corporate board meetings if that was so.

"Hmm," she murmured out loud. "What if Ed liked BBWs too?" All of the girls in her mental image swelled up as the thought crossed her mind. Each skinny girl screamed at her sudden increase in girth. Tiny bikinis surrendered their PG-13 rating as they stretched beyond their limits. Climbing hurriedly from the pool, a dozen chubby girls ran screaming to escape further embarrassment, their fake perky boobs, now sagging with the added weight. Mairead couldn't help but smirk at the thought. "That's right; Ed's a BBW kinda guy and you skinny bitches can go!"


"An email address...?" In order to post an ad on the site, Mairead had to supply an email address, but she wasn't about to use her regular ones. She'd have to make up a new one, but what? Then it struck her; it was painfully obvious. She started typing the letters into the free email server. 'I R I S H B B W'. It was her first public declaration and she said it confidently out loud, "I am a big beautiful Irish woman." The first step of admitting it was now behind her and she was ready to move forward. "Now let's see who is willing to teach this BBW a few things."

Mairead pondered several ideas for her ad, but finally chose to keep it simple and to the point.

'A Question for the Men' was the title she settled on. She chose the 'strictly platonic' section for her ad with the hope that the guys here would be the most helpful without expecting much in return. The ad continued:

'34 year old female virgin wants to learn from your knowledge and experiences. If you are willing to help me, I'd love to exchange a few emails. Thanks for all your help in advance.'

It sounded a bit like an impersonal business letter to her, but she wasn't sure how else to write it. She knew that this was only the beginning and she would perfect her craft as she learned more along her journey of discovery.

She hit the submit button, but Mairead knew there would be a delay before she could view it, so she decided to browse the ads while waiting. M4W section seemed the obvious place to start. Legions of sex starved men were looking to satisfy their carnal desires, but many of their ads contained codes and references she didn't understand. She was able to decipher 'NSA' as no strings attached, but 'FWB' was not immediately obvious, so she went back to the reference site she had used to find BBW, hoping it would help her now.

FWB stood for friends with benefits, and the site defined it as:

Friends with benefits is an agreement between two people who are both friends and physically attracted to one another to have a sexual relationship. Neither party is considered committed to the other, and both can start dating someone else at any time with prior warning. A friends with benefits arrangement is not considered dating, a relationship or even casual dating by most people who use the term.

"Wow," she wondered out loud. "Do people really do that; just have sex without any real commitment?" She wasn't sure she was comfortable with that idea.

'Soccer Mom Wanted', 'Times are hard', 'Married man looking to enjoy life again', 'Let's meet for lunch', 'I need a release now'; the ad titles were not particularly inventive and she wondered how she could ever pick out a guy if she chose to. She assumed that most of these guys posted online because they were too ugly to meet women in the real world. The thought of those ugly freaks gave her a chill, so she checked back for her ad. Not finding it yet, she decided to step way for a quick shower.


Returning invigorated and smelling like spring flowers, Mairead sat back at the computer and refreshed the screen. There it was! Her first ad was published for the entire world to see! She hoped that she wouldn't have to wait long before someone answered her; she could already feel the warmth of anticipation between her legs. Her email inbox was still empty, so she returned to reading ads, though barely able to focus as her eagerness continued to grow.

'Webcam Buddy'. That sounded interesting. She had only ever used her webcam for work. She knew that folks could webcam with friends, but she assumed this 'buddy' wasn't only looking to say hello. Was it just about nudity? So far it seemed that guys liked to show off their penises. This was probably the next step after posting pictures on the website ads.

It was here that her research list would begin. She expected that new things would come up too fast, so she decided to keep track and go back to them at another time. She scribbled 'webcam' at the top of the page in the notepad she kept on the desk next to the pc tower. She wondered if he would really show his stuff to any stranger that answered him.

It had been years since Mairead had seen a live naked male. She had seen plenty of naked men in videos, thanks to Valerie, but the last live one was just after her high school graduation. Her mother was hosting a party that night, and there where a guy who tried to convince her that she couldn't start college as an 18 year old virgin. It was not so much the brilliance of his argument than her own curiosity, with a touch of underage drinking, that got her to give in. She had no intentions of returning to this city once she left for school, so it didn't matter if she was talked about; none of these people were truly her friends. She finally conceded, but as it turned out, the entire event was over before it started.


Mairead sat on her bed with her shirt open and bra unhooked as he nervously groped at her breasts, repeatedly asking her if it felt good, but not really caring about the answer. Behind a feigned smile, she nodded yes, hoping he would move things along. "They're so big," he said as he pinched her nipples roughly. "Are you ready to try now," he asked eagerly, again not concerned with her response. He was already pulling at this belt and his pants dropped to his ankles. He stepped from them and moved closer to her. "Do you like it," he asked as his excited penis protruded towards her chest. She could only stare, and her mouth opened slightly as she admired its features.

Mairead measured against her open hand; it was shorter than the length from her wrist to fingertip; its girth slightly more than her thumb. It twitched in the air above her palm in anticipation of her first touch, and his testicles hung loosely below. In response to his question, she nodded slightly, but her eyes remained transfixed. Having no understanding of what she saw, she could only assume wearing pants made men very uncomfortable.

An overzealous hand awkwardly tugged her nipple again, drawing a squeal of pain. In his bumbling ignorance, he believed he was pleasing her. "Touch it," he insisted. "Take it in your hand; both hands!" Mairead reached out, drawing from him a gasp of pleasure. It looked odd to her. Something was not quite the same as the pictures in the magazine she found in her mother's room, nor the statues in the museum.

"Rub it," he said his eyes wide with the lust of youth. She closed her hand and rubbed backwards from the tip. His foreskin slid backwards exposing the head, and now it resembled what she was expecting. Inquisitively, she took hold of his scrotum, gingerly testing the spongy contents. This part of his body was so different from the rest; his penis was rigid despite the looseness of the covering flesh; his testicles dangled from his body, seemingly not so solidly attached as an arm or leg.

Mairead's manual examination was already causing him to shudder. He stepped closer, grabbing onto her for balance, but Mairead did not realize that his climax was imminent. His breathing was heavy and his hips rocked as she felt his fingers dig into her shoulders. She really had no idea what she was doing, but he seemed to be enjoying it. She looked up into his face for some clue or direction, but his eyes were closed and his hips started jerking forward. The head of his penis suddenly erupted fluids and she was startled. Reflexively, she jumped backwards, but the sticky fluid was already dripping down her neck and chest. The white mess repulsed her and she grabbed her shirt to wipe herself clean, while he stood fixed to his spot, coaxing the last of his ejaculate on his own.

She watched him to conclusion as his penis went flaccid, even with his continued manipulation. It shrunk to half its size, almost disappearing behind the surrounding hair. Sheepishly, he stared at Mairead as her eyes asked him what was next. Without a word, he grabbed for his pants and ran off down the stairs. In retrospect, she found it ironic that the front door not only closed on him, but on her sex life for several years to come.


The wait for a response more excruciating than Mairead had expected. She rationalized that placing the ad was the start of her new life attitude. She posted her ad in another city to avoid the possibility of conversing with someone she actually knew. It was all anonymous so no one would know who she was. Things were going to be just fine. She would think of this a just another research project. Before long, the familiar announcement of "Mail Call!" was heralding the arrival of the first responses. Her stomach leapt as she switched screens to see who had responded.

There were three messages waiting. She decided to open them in from first receipt to last which made Robsworld up first.

'A virgin at 34? I got something that can fix that!' Attached was a waist level picture of a man holding his penis in his hand. It was rather fat and veiny, and the hand was in desperate need of a manicure.

"Ewww," Mairead was immediately put off and closed the email. She wondered just why guys want to show off their stuff so badly. It wasn't such a good start it seemed, but perhaps Kittylicker would have a better response.

'Millions of women across America are needlessly suffering from virginity when a simple cure is widely available and absolutely FREE! Contact Dr. LOVE and let me fill your prescription!!'

Quite creative, she thought as a smirk edged across her lips. It was witty and not as disgusting as Robsworld, but still not what she was looking for.

Daddy4U wrote, 'Hello Ms. Virgin. I'm always eager to help out when I see questions posed to the men, but I never thought I would find a 34 year old virgin! I guess you are eager to catch up now so I'm willing to help with whatever questions you may have. Ask away. I'll do my best to share whatever I can.'

"We have a winner," Mairead cheered out loud, waving her hands in the air. She was excited and aroused at finding a new friend, or maybe teacher was a better word. She was going to learn so much! Her fingers went to the keyboard but she hesitated on the first hurdle; what to ask?

She typed slowly, 'I feel funny about this, but I'd like to find out about sex. I want to know what I am missing. I know the basics of how it goes, but I'd like to find out what else there is to know. What do people do when they get naked together? And what should I call you? Should I use your name?'

Send. The blinking (1) next to her email outbox indicated a single message preparing to depart. It appeared only a few moments, and then disappeared. The journey had begun and she was left to wonder about where it was going to take her.

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