tagHow ToPlease Your Man: How To Make Him Mm

Please Your Man: How To Make Him Mm


I decided that I will write the "how-to" of pleasuring a man, mainly myself, by separating it into a several different parts. So far, the parts that I have come up with are:

2)Oral Sex

These parts will then also be divided into sub-parts. I won't begin with one and then continue to four, though. I think that I want people to know a little bit about what they would be getting from this piece. Of course, guys will want to read it because they can coerce their girlfriends to do the things that they especially are fond of, under the guise of helping her be a better lover, without giving her blatant instructions. Women will want to read it so that they have an advantage over their friends when it comes to getting guys, because no matter how you shake the stick, guys want a woman that knows what she's doing without having to deal with her promiscuous past and this piece will make it easier for her to say that she didn't learn from experience but through research.

The best part about this piece is that women will be able to cause a man pain that is pleasurable, like when she "deepthroats" or penetrates her mouth with his penis until her face is up next to his groin and his member is past her mouth into her throat. Pain that is pleasurable like when she continues "sexing" him, even after he has already ejaculated, and his penis is throbbing, until it stops pulsating completely and he is completely flaccid.

This writing will help a man get what he wants because he knows what he wants although he cannot always say it.

As this is a rough draft, I can promise that everything might not be in order, but there may not be a final draft to this piece either, because I am very lazy when it comes to talking about sex, like any guy. Why teach a woman how to be great at sex when if she is, then there would be no reason to replace her or lose her? I will try to put the important stuff in bold, but try as I might try, there may be things that I forget to bold because, I am lazy like I said. What's good: make it passionate with kissing, dry-humping, cupping my head with your arms while I am behind you, calling me dominate things like "daddy" and my own name (which works just as effectively), stroking my thing while I am inside you, sticking your tongue out at me and flicking it or begging for my cum over and over, sucking the inside of my hole until and up to the rim of my cock head as hard as you can when I have orgasmed, making a hole with your fingers in front of your vagina or butt hole while getting penetrated by his penis, sucking so hard when your mouth comes off of it there's a popping sound, turning while pulling, etc.

1. Intimacy is the foreplay. Foreplay for a man starts the moment that he tries to sleep with her. It's like a tango where he pushes and she pulls but he still doesn't want too much of a challenge that he cannot defeat or conquer.

He likes to French kiss for hours, so make sure that your teeth are clean and your breath smells good, unless you're some harlot that he has no romantic interest in. In that case, this entire thing does not apply to you. Intimacy in a prostitute's case is a golden shower, cumshot, and other disrespectful stuff that I will not mention.

He likes to dry hump, for you to sit on his lap and gyrate your hips, to touch and to kiss you all over your body in the most private to the most public parts. Your body feels great and if he is a guy then he will be pleased to have your body as close to his as possible.

2. Performing oral sex on a guy is good but I think that most guys like to have vaginal sex, but we will get to how to make that part better too. It should always be lubricated. Oil feels better than anything else when it comes to penetrating any hole but her mouth. The mouth is best with nursery jelly because oral sex should be a combination of a hand-job and throat-job. He likes when you make a fist around his penis that is connected to your mouth, and when doing so you turn and pull. There are variations to this, like placing your other hand around the base of his penis while you do that or by using both hands to turn and pull his penis in your mouth.

Use three fingers, your thumb, forefinger and middle finger to hold his nut sack and penis separate. After, use your other hand to twist and pull the head of his penis while your use your mouth on his nut sack. Rub the penis all over your face and the inside of your mouth because it feels amazing.

Lick his butt hole and everything else on the underside of his body, I guess, even finger his ass, pulling towards your face. It feels weird for a while, which may be why some guys don't really like it. I am one of them. Hold his penis at the base and use your hands to deepthroat his penis and stroke back to the head. Don't be confused; just make sure that you use your hands to stroke his penis when you give oral sex. By keeping his penis warm, he is most likely to orgasm. It opens the blood vessels to allow for a harder erection. The warmer the better and your hands are warmer than your throat is.

3. When he is penetrating you, massage his balls. He will love that. When he is having sex with you focus on doing that, not on how small it is and how much you wish he was someone else. You can do that later. Stroke his penis while he penetrates you, and if you can use both hands to do pleasure his balls and his penis.

He knows that you might be a whore, or you might not. Make him feel like you are his whore. Say things like "Daddy, I'm your little whore". He likes hearing these things just as much as you like shoes. He likes hearing his name and he likes possessing you. You may not want to hear that but it's true, so make him feel good.

4. When he is done, continue stroking because the pleasure has not ended. Whether he is inside of your mouth, pussy or ass, he likes when you continue stroking. If he tries to push you away, it is because he does not want to seem vulnerable because his skin is so very sensitive.

He might try to move your hands while you do this, not because it doesn't feel good, but because he will orgasm too fast and he doesn't want you to think he is a minute man in the bedroom. I get drunk off of whiskey a great deal and my girls do not, so they tend to do these things very often, and try as I might to ramrod her, when she is ready for me to orgasm, she will do this, and I am powerless to it.

So, before you rate this piece, please try it on your partner. Give me feedback, too. It is good stuff and if he doesn't like it, then he must be powerless to your methods and you should follow the writing verbatim. There may be some things that I didn't cover, like wrapping your legs around his waist during the missionary position or positions in general that you can find in almost any book. There are so many variations to sexual intercourse but these little tricks will definitely make for magnificent sexual experience.

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