Pleasing Mom


Mike feeling his mother's orgasm, knew he could finally release what had been pent up inside of him all night. With a howl he pushed his cock in as far it would go, and came, balls deep in to his mother's womb.


Mike's seed erupted out of his tortured nuts and raced up his shaft, flooding his mother's already sodden vagina. Mike shot up like he had an electrical charge shot through his body and continued to pump the content of his swollen balls into his mom. Having finally evacuated his nuts, he collapsed in to his Cindy's sweaty arms.

They lay like that for a while, his shrinking prick still buried in her, kissing and whispering to each other. Finally Mike rolled off his mother.

"Can I sleep with you in your bed tonight? Mike asked.

'I don't think so baby, you had quite a day, you need to get some rest," she said getting up and putting on her robe, "and I doubt if we slept in the same bed we'd get a whole lot of sleep."

"Wait, mom", Mike said almost with a tone of desperation in his voice.

"What is it baby?" Cindy asked concerned.

"Mom could you...could you....." Mike stammered as he stood up, his now erect cock jutting proudly out once more. Cindy looked up at him still not comprehending.

"Could you suck me off?" Mike asked almost meekly.

"Of course," was Cindy's only reply, as she smiled at him and once more dropped her robe.

As Cindy unceremoniously dropped to her knees, it occurred to Mike how simple and straight forward his mother was. There were no pretenses with her, no false modesty, she believed that the man was the boss and that a woman should do what she was told.

If Mike was amazed at his mother's willingness, he was even more amazed at her heretofore hidden skills in oral sex. When his naked mother grabbed hold of his hard cock, she licked the length of it a couple of times, and then with out warning took the entire thing right down her throat. Mike was stunned to see, and feel, his large nut sack pressed up against his mother's chin, and the sight of her manicured finger nails expertly fondling his bag almost made him lose it right there. His big hand gripped her bleached blonde hair and held on for the ride as his mother looked up at him, her big eyes twinkling in a smile.

******* ******

What neither mother or son were aware of, as Cindy lustily sucked his cock, was that they were being watched.

Hidden in the bushes not 40 feet from where Cindy was slurping on her son's fat dong, sat Ray, a friend of Mike's from the football team. Ray had left the lame party he was at and went to find Mike and talk with him about the game. He had decided to cut through some back yards and enter through a hole in the fence of the Johnson's property.

At first when he had heard Mike's moans, he figured his buddy must have some chick over, but as he drew closer, he didn't recognize the girl. With her hair obscuring her face Rick couldn't get a look at, but figured it was a hot scene anyway, so he settled back in to the nearby bushes to watch the show.

Rick watched as his friend's broad chest began to heave and his hands seemed to be forcing the girl's head further down on his stiff shaft. Rick was impressed with how his pal was basically throat fucking this hot babe and he watched in envy as his friend crammed the length of his meat into the willing girl's mouth. He could hear the girl starting to gag. Mike's hands suddenly flew off her head.

"I'm so sorry Mom," Mike said apologetically, " I got carried away."

"That's no problem baby," Cindy giggled, " I want you fuck my face good and hard, just make sure to cum in mommy's mouth."

With that Cindy took Mike back in to her mouth and began to suck heartily.

Watching from the bushes, Rick was stunned. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. It was Mrs. Johnson who was blowing her own son. Rick knew Cindy Johnson because she was one of the teams most loyal supporters, and he knew she was hot, but he would never have guessed she was a whore.

Rick's thoughts were interrupted by a howl from his friend. Mike was cumming full force down his mother's throat.


Cindy knew it was coming, but still found herself startled by how much semen was filling her mouth. She greedily gulped it down and felt a shiver of a mini-orgasm rush through her when she realized what she was doing and whom she was doing it with. Ever the optimist, Cindy was thrilled by the turn her life was taking, she may have been more cautious about her future if she had known the plans of the young man watching from the near-by bushes.

To be continued.........

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by Anonymous

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by RontheSwanson04/08/18

Absolutely do not do what I think You're gonna do (to the author)

Keep it between mother and son or maybe add the sister but do not add any other guys.

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by doug_nought08/03/17

I know it sounds horrible

but maybe it's for the best that a second part wasn't written. I for one would have been raging had Ray gotten involved.

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by ROCKY7007/30/17


If your telling us an INCEST story, don't bring in outsiders, mom and son, brother and sister, dad and his little girl. But not friends, Do you want your buddy fucking your mom.

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