tagLoving WivesPleasing Sandra Ch. 01

Pleasing Sandra Ch. 01


My name is Larry. I'm 30 years old and work as the chief dispatcher for a large trucking firm. My wife Sandra (pronounced saundra) is 27 and works at a clothing outlet store. A little about ourselves: I'm 6-foot and 195 pounds. I have a degree in Business Administration but mostly studied frat parties, beer drinking, and getting in the pants of sorority girls. I lost my virginity at 15 to a buxom senior punch and spent the next eight years, until I married at 23, working on getting chicks to do my bidding and satisfy my cravings. Half the time I pursued girls individually, half as part of frat-like parties involving large groups -- sometimes equally divided, other times with men way outnumbering women in share and share alike deals.

Sandra grew up in a more conventional environment and was extremely popular, stemming from her striking looks and body. Auburn hair silhouettes her beautiful face with bottle green eyes and full lips on an oval-shaped mouth. She stands 5' -5" and 110 pounds with 37D proudly protruding breasts, a 28" waist and 36" hips with a perfectly shaped ass. She's always had men drooling over her. She fooled around quite a bit but managed to keep her virginity. I began dating her just as she turned 19, dated her for 6 months then got engaged. It was two months after our engagement and two months before the wedding that I finally got into her snatch. That was by far the longest time it took me to screw any girl I dated. I was annoyed that I had to work so hard to get a piece of her ass, but the wait proved worthwhile. It turns out that Sandra is multi-orgasmic and can cum at the drop of a hat. The night I took her virginity she had her first orgasm... and her 2nd... and 3rd! It opened up a whole new world for her and she became obsessed with having my cock in her pussy. At our wedding I assured her that now that we're in an uninhibited relationship she would get all the cock she can handle.

We've been married a great seven years now. Releasing her pent up desires made her almost insatiable. We have sex at least five times a week, sometimes more when there are nights that we screw each other two or three times. In any case, she cums a dozen or so times a week. She can cum just from tweaking her nipples! Our sex life is varied and exciting. She's more than willing to try any position. Sandra dresses like a tart and acts like a sex kitten for me. Often we read erotic stories to each other or watch XXX videos. One thing she likes is to go dancing and bar hopping and tease and entice other men; this stems from having men and boys chase after her like puppy dogs her entire life. From my view she is one superb piece of ass. In fact, surprising to me given my experience, she can outlast me. She would have no difficulty with me fucking her 15 or more times a week but that's more than I can do. This concerned me since I'm breaking my wedding day promise to give her "all the cock she can handle."

I decided to turn that deficiency into an opportunity. Coupled with my fondest memories of the group fucks at the fraternity I would kill two birds with one stone. In between my humping her I would get other men to fuck her, too, while I directed and watched. I have an advantage in that Sandra, while not totally submissive, is mostly obedient and accepts my head of household status. For instance she has never even hesitated to do what I wanted to do. "Anything you want," she always said. With her idolatry of cock added in I'm confident 'anything' is big enough to include the activities I have in mind.

I began to plant the seeds. When we watch videos we often imitate what is happening on the screen. When a video showed a girl getting manhandled by three or so guys I threw out hints like, "Damn. We don't have enough bodies to try that." Plus I skewed our rentals to include more gangbangs. With our story reading, we take turns. When she reads I twiddle her tits and slowly finger fuck her. (Given her capability she cums two or three times with one story.) When I read I have her slowly jack me off. She has become expert at jacking over the years, which is beneficial to my plans. During one story she read about a husband convincing his wife to slut for him and screw his friends seemed to get her more excited than normal. With Sandra it's hard to tell since she is hot and bothered all the time, though she was breathing and squirming extra heavy this time. I leaned into her and said, "You are one hot piece of ass," and we fucked like crazy. She came four times during the reading and fucking.

Sometimes during slow fucks in bed I would ask her, "Do you ever close your eyes and imagine that someone else, like an old boyfriend or some man you fantasy about, is drilling you instead of me?"

"Oh, no, I love only you," she demurred.

I countered, "But those fantasies don't detract from love. I occasionally think about past girl friends but it's fleeting and takes nothing away from my love for you."

"Really?" she queried.

"Sure," I answered. "Try it. Neither of us will talk and you close your eyes and imagine, say an old boyfriend that excited you, while I slowly pump your pussy." I fucked her slowly but deeply with my eight inches. I watched her face with closed eyes. Her lips were slightly pursed but with just a faint smile that didn't change. But her breathing got more intense and almost became gasping; I took that as a good sign. I kept it up for almost five minutes and she didn't open her eyes or say anything the whole time. She did cum once with some moans but still no words and eyes closed. That told me she kept her focus on whomever she had chosen to fantasy about and was enjoying it – a great sign.

"See?" I continued, "With your eyes closed and mind elsewhere it could be anybody's cock and it doesn't change your love for me one iota."

Well, maybe," she said, "I'll have to think about it."

I replied. "Think about it for a few seconds now. Close your eyes and imagine your fantasy cock exploding in your pussy as a real cock fills it. Go ahead. Close 'em. Get your fantasy back." She closed her eyes and picked up her breathing as I picked up the pace. Within a minute I came in her and I'll be damned if she didn't cum again at the same time... the ultimate sign.

A few days later we were watching a gangbang video and I got less subtle. "Do you like that?" I asked.

She replied, "It's sex isn't it? Yeah, I like it."

I took a big step. "I'd like to watch you doing that sometime."

"What!? You want other guys to do me? Don't you love me anymore?" she reacted.

I went on, "I love you more than ever. But I would get a charge watching you being satisfied by men I got for just for that purpose."

"Well, I just don't know. I guess I don't fully understand. I'll have to think about it," she demurred.

There were enough qualifiers in her words that I took as positive. It was far from a definite no. It was more like "I'm not sure." I went for the coup de grace.

"Have I ever told you wrong?" I queried.


I looked directly into her eyes and continued, "Well, here's the deal. Sometime soon – within the month – it's going to happen. I'm going to set it up the way I like it. Get this settled in your own mind so that you're not thinking at all about whether you'll do it, but how good you do it, how much you please me, how much you cum, and how well you make the other cock feel. You won't have to worry about how—I'll figure that out and all you'll have to do is follow my directions. They'll be very explicit and you'll do everything exactly as I say without question and with full confidence that I won't do you wrong. Do you follow me?"

Sandra looked at me like a deer in the headlights for a few seconds. "Don't I have a say?" she eventually asked.

"Of course you have a say, babe, and now is the time. Let me know your concerns, and, as head of this household, I'll take your comments into consideration, then make the final decision. That's how it works. I listen to you, think about it, then decide... and then you do as I decide. As of now I've decided that I'm going to watch you service other guys. What do you say about that?"

More deer-in-the-headlights, this time for 15 seconds. Before she formulated a response I gave her a hug. "Good! This will be great... and you'll make me very happy. Trust me, you'll like it. Look at how satisfied that girl on the screen looks," I commented just as the video was ending and the girl, with a big open-mouth smile, was getting cum splattered on her ass, back, face and hair.

"In the meantime, mine will have to do. Get your pussy over here wrapped around my cock," I said. She fucked with all the enthusiasm she always does. There was a deluge of juice flowing out of her pussy. She had three orgasms. "Bingo!" I thought.

The middle of next week I informed Sandra that Lenny and Frank, two of my friends from work, are coming over Friday evening. "We plan to sit around, drink a few beers and maybe watch a movie."

Sandra inquired, "They're both single aren't they?"

"Yeah, though Frank has a steady," I answered. "Anyway, I want you to join us but also act the hostess – make up some munchies, make sure the beer is cold and everyone always has a full one."

She replied, "I get off work about 3pm Friday so this will work out fine. I'll have time to set up everything by the time they arrive."

"Great," I responded. "You should also have time to get dressed up. You know how I like to show you off so I want you to fix your hair long and loose, put on some makeup and dress in a sexy outfit. Something like a short micro skirt or hot pants and a tight blouse. Braless might be good, to show these off," I added as I reached over and gave a nipple a loving tweak.

"If you promise to do that, I'll make them available," she purred and put my hand back on her nipple. I twiddled her nipple for a few seconds and got her breathing heavy and moaning. Within three minutes she had her panties off, my dick out, and we were fucking like rabbits right on the floor. I could last only a couple of minutes but she still had two orgasms.

"You are one super hot piece of ass," I cooed as we lay resting on the floor. "I like that in a woman."

She gave me a sloppy kiss, we got up, put ourselves together and, after she whispered, "I might need more of that later," went about our business. I watched as she headed for the kitchen, still straightening her panties and skirt with her butt cheeks bouncing up and down and swaying side to side. I thought, 'that bod is perfect for fucking.'

Frank and Lenny arrived at 7pm, Friday. I greeted them warmly and offered them a beer, but they were paying me no attention. They were agape at Sandra with her flowing hair, the hemline of her skirt no more the two inches below her ass, a thin blouse that looked two sizes too small, and, as was obvious to anyone, braless. I earlier had enhanced it a bit by unbuttoning the top three buttons – copping a quick feel in the process.

They finally came down to earth long enough to sit and make themselves at home, until a couple of minutes later when Sandra arrived with a tray of beers and a bowl of munchies. She bent way over as she handed the boys their beer and regained their rapt attention. They thanked her for the beer and complemented her looks profusely without taking their eyes off her partially covered tits. Then, with the room back to complete silence she bent over even further to put the munchies on the low coffee table. She was facing Frank and Lenny and they got a clear unobstructed shot of her tits. I got a view of half of her butt cheeks and gold thong.

Everyone regained their composure again and we all settled in with chitchat on the topics of the day, the boys and I with beers and Sandra sipping wine. It did seem like every five topical comments brought more complements of Sandra. After about 20 minutes I called Sandra over and asked her quietly to get more beers while I not too subtly rubbed and squeezed her ass. As she headed for the kitchen I gave it a couple of light pats.

"Are you sure you can keep up with that?" Lenny asked with a chuckle. "No offense, but she looks like it takes more than two to take care of her, let alone one!"

"I do all right," I responded. "Though it does sometimes take some work," I laughed.

The banter went on for another hour. It was getting boisterous after our four beers and Sandra working on her third large glass of wine. She was especially loose, basking in the guys' incessant complements and flirting, and getting free with her own flirtation. Eventually Frank asked, "Where is that hot movie you told us about?"

"Good idea," I answered. "Sandra, honey, get everyone a fresh beer and yourself a fresh wine and I'll put the movie in." I inserted the DVD and turned the lights down. So everyone would have a good viewing seat, we all had to sit on the sofa. It wasn't big enough for four so I sat in the middle with Sandra on my lap. We were all settled with new drinks and I clicked the remote.

The opening scene had a man in a suit sitting at a table with a buxom blonde under the table sucking his dick. As the movie progressed a second man entered and the blonde was draped across the table with the cock still in her mouth and another cock reaming her pussy. Everyone was breathing a little heavier, including Sandra. I reached around and rolled a nipple between my index finger and thumb. She gasped and started breathing heavier. I put both hands around her and unbuttoned another two buttons. This allowed me to push the front of her blouse to the sides and completely expose her tits. I now had two hands on both tits and nipples. This usually gets her hotter than a pistol but she managed to control herself, only adding light moaning to her heavy breathing.

This went on for ten minutes with Sandra squirming and moaning while trying desperately to not be obvious while taking in the hot sex in the movie. But it was impossible for her to not be obvious with Frank and Lenny sitting right next to her, and I caught them sneaking numerous peeks. Their eyes were no more than two feet from Sandra's tits which made them clearly visible even in the dark, and their peeks soon became lengthy stares. Sandra kept looking straight at the TV screen as best she could.

Time for the next level. I leaned toward Lenny and quietly asked, "What do ya think? Does the blonde in the movie or my wife have the better tits?" Sandra gave me a quick anxious glance. I whispered in her ear, "It's all O.K."

"It's hard to say," Lenny answered. "I can't really tell."

"Well, I can help," I said. "Not with the blonde but I can with my wife. Feel her tit; she won't mind," adding to Sandra, "Just keep your eyes on the screen." Lenny began massaging her tit and squeezing her nipple. I added to Lenny, "Flick a fingernail back and forth over the tip of her nipple, and every few seconds pull on it; she likes that." Sandra gasped and let out a long hhhmmmmmmmm as Lenny's fingernail did its thing.

I turned to Frank, "See what Lenny is doing?"

"Uh huh."

"She has another tit. Help yourself. She'll love it." I made sure Sandra could hear what I was saying. She gave me a brief queasy look. I winked at her. She let out a long mew and started to pant as Frank went to work on her left tit and nipple. I kissed her on the back of her neck and whispered, "I said you would like this. Do you like it?"

All she could do was another long moan which I took as a 'yes'. "Then you're going to love this," I added and moved both of my now free hands under her skirt and easily got a finger past the thong into her pussy. I slid my finger in and out and did circles on her clitoris for a steady two minutes. I cooed in her ear, "You're so hot my finger is going to drown in your love juice. I'm going to get some help."

I said to Lenny and Frank, "Why don't you two check all of her. Let's trade places. I'll keep her tits happy and both of you put a finger in her cunt and see how hot she can get." There we were: me massaging both tits and a finger from each guy simultaneously finger fucking her. I noticed them struggling so I suggested, "Take her thong off to get it out of your way." They each grabbed a side of the thong and, to my great satisfaction, Sandra raised her ass to help them remove her thong. They went back to work on her pussy. After another minute I said, "Use two fingers each and stretch her cunt a little."

With four fingers from two different guys reaming her love hole and my tweaking both nipples, Sandra gave up trying to be subtle and was moaning and panting uncontrollably. I whispered in her ear, "Didn't I tell you that as long as something – anything – was pumping your pussy it doesn't matter who the something belongs to?" She immediately screeched, shuddered, and convulsed with a gigantic orgasm. I commented to Lenny and Frank, "Wasn't I right? My wife's the hottest MILF going isn't she?"

"Holy shit!" was the most cogent reply.

After we wound down I said, "There is a contest that I made up for tonight. But, it would require you guys to fuck my wife. Is everybody game?"

"Hell, yes!" Lenny and Frank chimed.

Sandra looked at me quizzically. I cooed, "I love you and you're going love this."

I continued, "I'll explain it as we go along. First, Sandra has to get acquainted with everyone's dick. You guys take your pants off and stand in front of the sofa. Then, Sandra, baby, I want you to spend about a minute getting to know each dick. Get on your knees and in turn pull their briefs off, take each guy's dick out, fondle and kiss it and inspect it."

Sandra now looked in a daze but had a slight smile on her lips as the three of us removed our pants and shoes. The she got in front of me. I told her she already knows my dick and to just give it a hello kiss and go to the other guys. She gave my cock a peck, crawled to Lenny, pulled his briefs off and began fondling his dick. She jacked on it, caressed his balls and kissed the head. I was elated how she was getting into it. She did the same with Frank.

"Lenny take her skirt off and Frank her blouse," I commanded. As they removed her clothes I wrapped a large black blindfold over her eyes. I went on, "This is a test. All of us will fuck my wife in turn and she will determine which cock feels the best. But she can't see whose it is nor can she feel or hear whose it is. I'm going to tie her onto the kitchen table with her legs overhanging. We have to fuck her without talking or touching except for in her cunt. Everybody got it?"

Lenny and Frank nodded. My blindfolded wife came to my voice and whispered, "This will be the first time a penis other than yours will be in me... I hope this is what you want!"

"It is, my sweet," I replied, "Just think about how happy you're making me and focus entirely only on how your pussy feels." I walked her to the kitchen table, laid her on her back, and tied her arms to the back legs so her ass was on the edge. I then tied her legs, bent at the hips, to the front legs so that her pussy was spread wide and sitting at the perfect groin height. She was very still but breathing heavily almost to the point of panting. I thought it would be fun to leave her like that in her silent world of anticipation for a few minutes.

The three of us returned to the family room. I informed the two, "Remember this is an analysis, not just a fuck. If everything goes right, she'll become a super skank and we'll all have the opportunity to fuck her for real. Don't forget that you can't talk and you can't touch her anywhere except with your dick in her snatch. O.K?"

They all nodded agreement.

I went on, "O.K, then. I want you guys to fuck her slow and deep and try to make her cum. That probably won't be hard as she usually cums at the drop of a hat. Let's go quietly back to the kitchen." Lenny you go first. Just walk up to her and slide your dick all the way in and have at it. I'll go second, and Frank you get thirds. Last, while maintaining silence let's have very little time between us – Bang! Bang! Bang! is how it should go."

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