tagGay MalePlotting a Course Ch. 11

Plotting a Course Ch. 11


Chapter 11: Detour

*Note: I'm sorry for the delay. Thanks for sticking with me. This chapter follows Matt and Clint. I've changed the point of view for this chapter. I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know your thoughts.*

"I'll miss you Bobby." Matt said as he tightly squeezed his best friend.

"I'll miss you too Matt. We'll still see each other." Bobby sniffed, trying to hold himself together as he threatened to fall apart.

"Yeah, you and Rob better come visit!" Matt grinned and Bobby nodded. Bobby blinked his watery eyes, smiled, and waved as he and Matt headed off for the summer.

Matt leaned back on the hot seat and quickly recoiled and sighed before his mom started the engine of her car. His mind was muddled as he scanned the radio and settled on a classic rock station. He had always planned on transferring after his freshman year to his hometown college in Williamsburg, Virginia. He hadn't counted on making such great friends, especially Bobby. Matt sighed as he left the mountains behind and headed for the coast. Matt was excited to begin a new chapter in his life, one he hoped that would include Clint. Matt was in love with the rugged man. He knew that Clint cared for him deeply, but that Clint was worried about what his friends and family would think of him dating a man.


One hundred and eighty miles Southeast of Harrisonburg, VA, Clint was having a similar exchange with his roommate Rob.

"I'm going to miss you Bubba." Rob said, patting his taller friend on his broad back.

"You've been good for me, you know?" Clint's deep timbre answered. "Not only are you an awesome guy. You are so comfortable with yourself. I hope I can be like you someday."

"Dammit Clint." Rob grinned. "Come here you big lug." Rob and Clint shared a friendly hug, patting each other harder on the back until they finally relented laughing. "Keep in touch Clint. I mean it."

"I will roomie. Take care of the little dude." Clint smiled as he left his friend and walked toward his dad's large four door Ford pickup truck. He hugged his mom as she climbed out of the passenger seat and sat in the back of the cab. Clint smiled at his mom, glad he didn't have to squeeze his six foot six inch body into the backseat.

It was a long drive back to Martinsville, which gave Clint plenty of time to ponder the last year. He loved college and football. He made some great friends. He was impressed with his roommate Rob. He was openly gay, played football, was more than comfortable in his own skin, and seemed to take everything in stride. Clint had played around with guys before, but had never considered having a relationship with one. That was until he met Matt. Their first encounter was a drunken, frantic coupling New Year's Eve. There was something about Matt that Clint couldn't shake from his mind. Matt was a prickling in the back of his mind that he just couldn't ignore, a deep rooted longing. Clint was forming a relationship with Matt that he never thought possible. It terrified, but thrilled him. He would miss Rob next year, but was overjoyed that Matt was transferring and would be at school with him. He wasn't sure how in the open he could be with Matt, but he wished they could have a "normal" relationship.

***One month later***

"Of course I'll come Bobby that sounds fantastic. Do you think Clint will be able to make it?" Matt asked hopefully into the phone.

"I hope so." Bobby answered. "Rob's and my birthday are a week apart. He has to go back early for football, I'm sure Clint does too. That's why we're celebrating both of our birthdays the last weekend in July. Please say you'll come. I miss hanging out with you."

"I already said I would come Bobby. Relax. I know what I'm getting you." Matt snickered into the phone before continuing. "Now I just need to find something fun to give Rob.

"I'm cautiously optimistic." Bobby laughed. "I know you like giving, um, let's call them useful, presents."

"Should I call Clint now and see if he can make it?"

"Rob's about to call and invite him. I'll text you when he's finished."

"Okay, sounds good Bobby. I'll talk to you later."

"See you soon Matt. Oh wait." Bobby seemingly remembered something and eagerly spoke into the phone. "I'm going to be in Norfolk in the next week. Wanna meet me for lunch and you can help me pick out Rob's birthday present?"

"It's a date. I miss chatting with you Bobby."

"Me too. I'll talk to you later. Bye!" Matt ended the call in a good mood. Happy knowing that he would see his friends, and hopefully Clint soon.


"Speak of the devil." Clint's voice was playful as he answered the phone.

"Hey Bubba. How've you been?" Rob asked his former roommate.

"I've been alright roomie. What about you?"

"Well I'm calling to invite you to a party. My birthday is the end of July, and Bobby's in the beginning of August, we're having a joint party before I have to go report to my new football team."

"That's cool Rob. You know you live just about as far away from me as possible right?" Clint smiled as he goaded his friend.

"I knew you'd say that Clint. I looked it up, it's a five hour drive. I've already asked Bobby's parents, you can stay here if you want before heading to school, or Matt lives in Williamsburg..." Rob trailed off knowing that would entice the big guy.

" I doubt Matt's parents would appreciate me coming to bunk with him. What day is the party?"

"It's the last Saturday in July, but you can come early if you want. Bobby's parents are fantastic, they really won't mind, I promise. Matt will probably spend the night that night too."

"Alright buddy, I'll figure something out. Probably try to talk to Matt and see what he's doing."

"Oh I'm sure he'll call you as soon as we get off the phone." Clint couldn't see Rob, but he was sure he winked.

Clint couldn't contain the chuckle that emanated from his belly. "So Little Dude called him first."

"You know it." Rob chuckled. "Be in touch Bubba."

"Alright Rob, I'll talk to you later. Bye roomie." Clint really liked Rob and his boyfriend Bobby. They were always so comfortable and happy. They didn't let anyone bring them down. Clint longed to have that sort of relationship with Matt. As if on cue, his phone started ringing and there was a picture of Matt's grinning face on his screen.

"Hey baby." Clint's voice softened as he spoke to Matt.

"Hey handsome." Matt answered, he still blushed every time Clint used the pet name.

"Rob has you pegged. He predicted you would call me as soon as I got off the phone with him."

"Bobby texted me... Sorry." Matt almost whispered the last word.

"Don't be sorry. It's cute baby." Clint replied and froze when he heard someone in the hall outside of his room.

"Aw Clinty, is that your girlfriend? Let me talk to her." Clint's mom entered his room and Clint immediately felt uncomfortable.

"Hey, I'll call you back." He ended the call before he could hear Matt's protests.

"Mom I don't have a girlfriend." Clint sighed as his mom sat down on the foot of his bed.

"Well who are you calling baby? His mom pressed.

"Nobody, you misunderstood." Clint grumbled, hating that he had to lie to his mother.

"Well I hope you're not leading her on sweetie. I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but got excited by what I thought I heard. Maybe you can find a sweet girl next year at school." His mom's voice was dripping with honey as she spoke.

"Maybe." Clint mumbled as his mom exited the room. He let his head fall into his hands as he thought about his life and his relationship with Matt. He had found something with Matt that he had never felt before. It was a struggle for Clint to think about having a relationship with Matt. He was sure his friends and family would object. He didn't want to jeopardize the relationships with his parents and brother. He wanted to be everything his parents dreamed for him to be. Clint's heart was aching, wanting to reach out to Matt, yearning to comfort Matt.

His brain was rebelling. It didn't want to upset his parents. His mom wanted him to find a girlfriend. Clint knew that he was a handsome guy. He could easily find a girlfriend. His parents would be extremely happy with whichever girl he brought home. Clint didn't want to live a lie. He wanted Matt. It was only a matter of time before everything would come to a head and he would have to choose which path he would travel along.


"There you are. What took you so long?." Bobby stood up as Matt jogged to meet him.

"Sorry couldn't find a parking spot." Matt panted as he fell into step beside his friend.

"Parking spot...right." Bobby rolled his eyes as they entered the mall.

"I was talking to Clint on the phone. Lost track of time." Matt admitted and Bobby stopped to look at him.

"Did you ask your parents if he could stay with you before he has to report for practice?"

"Not yet, that's what we were talking about." Matt shrugged and they kept walking. "I'm kinda frustrated."

"What's wrong?" Bobby asked before tugging Matt into the line for a Cinnabon. They both got an overly large cinnamon bun and sat at a table to talk.

"Well we were talking the other day..."

"And?" Bobby prodded.

"Well he called me baby." Matt's cheeks reddened and Bobby grinned at his friend. "His mom overheard and asked if she could talk to his girlfriend."

"Oh no." Bobby's grin quickly faded. "What happened?"

"He hung up." Matt twisted his fork and stared at a piece of the bun as it twisted over his plate. "I'm not sure what happened, but I know he was conflicted."

"Y'all will figure it out. It'll be tough for him to come to terms with what's happening."

"I know. You're right. We've talked about it. I know he loves me even if he isn't ready to tell others about us." Matt gave his friend a slight smile before they stood up and threw away their trash.

"Come on Bobby, Let's find Rob a present."


"Drive safe kiddo." Clint's dad slapped his son on the back before pulling him into a hug. Both men were well over six feet tall and enjoyed the embrace.

"Call me as soon as you get to your friends house." Clint's mom said wiping a tear from her eye.

"I will." Clint answered. He paused and bumped fists with his little brother before he climbed into his white Ford pickup truck. Clint started to get sad as he realized that he probably wouldn't come home until Christmas break. He started the truck and watched his dad run his fingers along the blue pin stripe that ran down the truck. Giving a final smile and wave Clint headed out. His former roommate Rob and his boyfriend Bobby were having a joint birthday party. Clint really liked Rob and Bobby. They were so at ease with themselves and really good people. He hoped that one day he could have that with Matt.

Clint grinned to himself as he thought about how his unlikely relationship had started. It was almost a year ago to the day that he met Rob and was surprised to learn that not only was he gay, but that he was not at all like the stereotypes. Rob really became a comfort to Clint. Clint could let his guard down around Rob and not worry about what others thought about him.

Clint's life changed for the better when Rob's boyfriend, Bobby, invited his friend Matt to a New Year's Eve party. Clint tried to hide his interest in Matt at first, but eventually the alcohol lessened his inhibitions. Clint was overcome with the six foot stud in front of him. Matt was thin with long and lean muscles. His eyes were twinkling like endless pools of an emerald green lake. Clint shook his head to clear the lust as his shorts started to stiffen around his more than ample organ.


Matt pulled into Bobby's driveway and before he could open the door his friend was running out to meet him.

"Thanks for coming. Nobody is here yet, Clint's on his way. Come on in." Bobby grabbed Matt's duffel bag before he had a chance to greet his friend.

"Good to see you too Bobby." Matt laughed as he followed his friend inside and greeted his parents.

"Come on, we'll put your stuff in my room. After the party my sister is going to stay with my Grandma and Clint is going to crash in her room until he heads to school. "

"Oh is he now?" Matt grinned and tossed his bag into Bobby's room. Rob was sitting at a desk and stood up to shake Matt's hand as he entered the room. "Good to see you Rob." "You too buddy." Rob answered, patting Matt's back before he stood behind Bobby and hugged him from behind. "Clint left a few of hours ago. The party won't really start for another couple. I guess you two need to catch up." Rob kissed the top of Bobby's head before he left the room and galloped down the stairs.

"So tell me, why didn't you ask your parents if Clint could stay with you this weekend?" Bobby asked as he jumped on the bed and patted the spot beside him.

"I dunno Bobby. I'm scared." Matt shrugged as he sat beside his friend on the bed. "I mean your parents took it well, but Rob and his dad don't get along. I don't know if I can handle being disowned like he was."

"Well you could've just said you were friends. Don't have to tell them you're "boyfriends."" Bobby chuckled and Matt elbowed him in the ribs. "Ouch." Bobby toppled over and feigned agony, but couldn't help but laugh. "You two are hopeless."

"I know." Matt sighed. "He's scared to tell his parents too. If he wasn't so fucking hot I don't know if I would try to have a relationship. One sight of him and my knees get weak. I can't resist him."

"That's how you know it's real." Bobby answered while he cocked his head to the side, looking away, daydreaming. Bobby shook his head before looking back at Matt. "Y'all will figure it out."

* Guests had started arriving and Matt mingled with Bobby and Rob's friends and family. Every time he heard a car door close he looked up to see if it were Clint. Bobby eventually came over and grabbed Matt who was sitting on the steps looking down the road.

"You know what they say about watched pots don't you?" Bobby asked as he lead Matt to the backyard.

"What, they won't boil or something?" Matt answered.

"Exactly." Bobby grinned. Most of the party goers had made it to the backyard. It was a hot and humid day and many of the guests were in bathing suits sitting on the dock, playing in the water, or lounging on the sandbar. Bobby's dad was grinning and chatting with whomever would listen as he tended the burgers and hot dogs. Matt felt Bobby nudge him and looked at where he pointed.

"Mom's guarding the punch. Doesn't want it to get spiked." Bobby grinned as they walked passed a table of snacks that had a large punch bowl in the center. Sure enough Bobby's mom kept her eyes trained on the punch bowl, but she smiled and waved as they passed her. "Billy you remember Matt?"

"Yeah, how's it going?" Billy asked Matt.

"Good, you?" Matt answered.

"I'm going to leave you for a second Matt. Billy and Katie will keep you company. Katie goes to William & Mary." Matt looked at Bobby and smiled as he walked away.

"I dunno why Bobby's mom is on guard. We have a couple coolers of beer and wine coolers on the sandbar if you want one." Billy grinned. "You should go put on a swimsuit the water feels great."

"I didn't bring one." Matt answered.

"Oh, well I'm sure Bobby has one you can borrow.

"Good idea, I'll go find him. Talk to you later." Matt smiled as he passed Bobby's mom who was talking to someone and headed around the house to the front door. He reached for the knob, but froze.

"Thank for coming Bubba." Rob said and Matt's body shivered at the sound. Rob's nickname for Clint was Bubba. He turned around and saw Rob, Bobby, and Clint standing in the driveway. Without thought he jumped down the stairs and darted toward Clint. Matt watched as Clint grinned when he saw him approaching.

"Miss me?" Clint laughed as Matt barreled into him for a hug. He heard Rob chuckle and Bobby giggle, but he didn't care. He buried his face in Clint's chest and breathed in Clint's manly scent. Clint was patient and just held Matt. When Matt finally looked up at Clint he had tears running down his face. "Don't cry baby." Clint whispered before placing a gentle kiss on his forehead.

"Why don't you show Clint where he can put his stuff Matt?" Rob winked at the pair and then he and Bobby walked away and out of sight around the house.

"Lead the way." Clint bellowed, smacking Matt on his ass. Matt's face flushed red, but he grinned as he lead Clint inside the house.

"You're staying in Bobby's sister's room." Matt said, looking over his shoulder at Clint as they walked up the stairs. Matt stumbled on the next step, but Clint grabbed him before he fell face first into the hardwood stairs.

"You alright?"

"Fine." Matt regained his composure and led Clint to Emily's room. "I was going to change into one of Bobby's bathing suits. You wanna go for a swim?"

"Sounds good, it's sweltering. I don't have AC in the truck. Clint heard Matt mumble something. "What was that?" Matt turned crimson and shook his head and ducked into the bathroom closing the door behind him. "You hiding from me?" Clint asked, before opening the door. "Well I need to pee anyway." Clint walked over to the toilet and Matt stared wide-eyed as Clint fished his weighty penis from the zipper of his cargo shorts. Clint slid his foreskin back exposing a thick, pink mushroom head before he started relieving himself. Matt gulped and Clint turned and grinned at him. Matt closed his eyes and ran out of the bathroom. Clint finished up and washed his hands before he found Matt sitting on Bobby and Rob's bed. "What's wrong baby?"

"I'm embarrassed." Matt mumbled. "I'm a klutz around you. I feel like such a perv around you. Everything you do turns me on." Clint sat beside Matt on the bed and wrapped an arm around his shoulder.

"Don't be embarrassed." Clint stood up and took Matt's hands in his. "Come here." Clint pulled Matt to his feet. "Maybe I can fit into one of Rob's bathing suits." Matt smiled and walked over to the dresser. The first drawer he opened was full of underwear in varying styles and colors.

"Quite a collection." Clint chuckled holding up a blaze orange jockstrap. Matt grabbed it from Clint and quickly placed it back in the drawer and closed it. Matt opened another drawer and knew he was in the right place. There were boardshorts on top and Matt pulled out a pair.

"I think you should try this pair." Clint grinned holding up a Speedo.

"I will if you will." Matt smiled and searched for a larger suit for Clint.

"I don't think I could fit in that." Clint grinned and cupped a noticeable bulge that had formed in his shorts. Matt couldn't move. He was mesmerized as Clint slowly started massaging his hardening rod. "I missed you Matt. I don't think I've ever gone so long without finding someone to give me a hand."

Clint's words brought Matt out of his reverie. "Oh really?" Matt grinned, he hadn't expected that Clint would have been faithful, they hadn't discussed if they were exclusive. "You haven't been with anyone else?"

"Not since I first had you." Clint smiled warmly and Matt was almost overcome with desire for Clint.

"Me either." Matt admitted before Clint's large body wrapped him in a warm embrace. "You smell so good."

"You do too." Matt felt Clint's lips briefly land on the top of his head.

"Come on let's change and get outside."

"We can't go outside like this." Clint smiled as his eyes darted between their swelling dicks. he walked over and closed the door behind them. Clint leaned his back against the door while Matt instinctively fell to his knees in front of the larger man. Clint couldn't help but become enamored as he watched Matt deftly unbutton his cargo shorts that fell crumpled at his feet. Clint's blue striped boxer shorts were tented and Matt slowly tugged them down his muscular, tree trunk sized, fur covered thighs. When the band finally cleared Clint's straining erection it slapped heftily into his taught and hairy abdomen. Matt slowly lifted his hand and tried to wrap it around Clint's enormous erection. Matt was again in awe at the sheer size of it. He slowly grasped the silky foreskin and slid down exposing a swollen pink glans and a drop of clear dew that had formed. Matt licked his lips before he carefully harvested the sweet nectar from Clint's leaking shaft.

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