tagInterracial LovePlunged into Darkness

Plunged into Darkness


Sandy moved back to the corner of the elevator as the two young black men stepped through the open doors. Her pulse quickened and her mind raced. She hated judging people she didn't know but they were both dressed like thugs, with baggy, sagging jeans and tight tank tops. They were both loud and boisterous, two traits the quiet midwestern born mother of three abhorred. The hairs on the back of Sandy's neck stood at attention while she kept her head down and pressed her back against the cold mirrored back wall.

The elevator doors closed and the heavyset brunette closed her pretty brown eyes for a moment, doing her best to relax as she struggled with her irrational fears. Sandy hated two things more than anything: confined spaces and elevators. Her breathing was deep and steady and her big, natural f cup breasts heaved.

"We got to get to the club quick before this Molly kicks in yo," the taller, darker man said. He wasn't a bad looking guy despite his tattoos and hardened smile. He had long dreadlocks framing a pleasant face with intelligent eyes and a strong muscular body. His thick arms were well defined and adorned with a myriad of monochromatic prison type tattoos. A thick gold chain was draped around his strong neck and his ebony flesh seemed to glisten from a fine sheen of sweat.

"No shit, my boy said this is some good shit Bro. Somebody's getting fucked tonight," the shorter man replied with a somewhat menacing smile. He was less attractive than his friend but he was far from ugly. His round head was shaved smooth and he had a surprising warmth in his smile. He was nearly 6 inches shorter than the man with dreadlocks but he looked stronger with broad, square shoulders and huge tattoo covered arms. Unlike the man with dreadlocks the shorter man had a few colorful tattoos on his milk chocolate colored flesh and Sandy discretely admired the intricacy of his body art. She wasn't generally a fan of tattoos but she could appreciate well done artwork.

Sandy felt her cheeks warm and she chewed nervously on her bottom lip as the two men spoke openly about sex. She inhaled deeply. Her hands started to shake and she focused her attention on the two well-built men in front of her to quell her rising fears.

The elevator shuddered and Sandy squeaked like a frightened mouse. Her pulse quickened and her eyes narrowed, zooming in on a particularly vivid tattoo on the left shoulder of the shorter bald man's back. It depicted a nearly naked woman with big bare breasts and generous curves. The woman was build almost like Sandy but with a more rounded butt and a narrower waist.

The elevator lurched to a halt and they were plunged into darkness making Sandy screech in terror. The only thing worse than a small elevator car was a small dark one and she whimpered like a frightened puppy as the pale emergency light glowed to life.

The room was spinning and tears formed in the corner of the terrified woman's eyes. Her fear of small spaces had been born when she was eight and she and her mother had been forced to huddle in a small storm cellar as a tornado destroyed their Illinois farm house. No one in her family had lost their life but their house had been leveled and all of their possessions had been summarily destroyed.

She squeezed her fists and tried to relax. Her eyes adjusted to the dim lighting of the stalled elevator car and she pressed her body tight against the wall. The mirror felt cool through the thin silk of her blouse and she focused on the sounds in the small space. The mechanical creaks and ticks of elevator freaked her out and she then directed her attention to the smells in the car. The faint scent of the two men was oddly appealing and she breathed deep drawing it into her lungs. It wasn't cologne but their natural aroma. It was light but musky and it had a profound effect on the cute married woman's needy body. It had been nearly a month since Sandy and her husband had been intimate. When she and Mack were first married they'd been like rabbits. Even then Sandy's libido had surpasses her husband's but he'd done enough to sate her often ravenous appetite. She'd always been a very sexual person. She had developed young and had her first boyfriend at 13. He'd been an older boy, in high school, and he'd taken her virginity before she was out of middle school. From then on she had loved sex but after three kids and with both Sandy and Mack working they were usually too tired during the week and too busy on weekends.

Sandy heard the emergency phone ring and watched the taller man pick it up. He spoke clearly and nodded slowly as he listened.

"Mother fucker," he said angrily. "God damn power's out all over town. No clue what's up but we could be here all god damn night."

"Man fuck dis shit, someone needs to get my big black dick yo," the tall man said loudly. "How 'bout you sugar, you want some dick?"

Sandy's cheeks flushed and she giggled nervously. "I think I'm good thanks," she replied softly.

"Why not?" He teased as he rubbed his crotch. "You don't like black guys?"

"It's not that, no," she answered honestly. "I'm married for one thing." She felt uncomfortable with the topic of conversation but she was grateful for the distraction because it took her mind off of her claustrophobia.

"You ever gone black Baby," he said moving slightly closer as his friend stood silently beside them, also rubbing his crotch.

"No," Sandy replied. She had grown up in a small town with very few black people.

"Ever thought about it?" He asked in a deep smooth voice. He had an almost hypnotic cadence and a soothing tone.

"If course," she replied. She had been attracted to several black boys before she'd met her husband and she'd even gone on a date with one black boy in college though she'd never told any of her friends back home or her husband about that. Mack was a bit of a racist and most of her friends in Illinois would have judged her poorly if they'd known.

"So why ain't you ever tried it Baby?" He asked moving even closer to her. Her heart was racing and she felt self-conscious that they could hear it but she was glad for the distraction none the less.

"I guess I've never had the opportunity," Sandy lied. She caught a whiff of his heady scent and she felt a familiar tingling between her thick meaty thighs. She had on two separate occasions had extramarital flings while traveling for business but she'd never done anything so close to home.

"Opportunity is knocking," he said with a chuckle. He placed his hand over hers and guided it to his crotch.

Sandy gasped and instinctively squeezed his hard cock. It felt huge in her small hand and the wheels in her head started to spin. Butterflies battled in her belly and her hand moved slowly up and down his clothed dick.

The taller man turned Sandy slightly and the shorter man stepped behind her, sandwiching the pretty brunette between them.

"We shouldn't be doing this," Sandy said weakly. Her words were hollow and lacked conviction especially since she still had the taller man's cock in her hand. "I don't even know your names."

"I'm Trevor," the tall man said quickly, "and he is Jonny."

"Oh, I'm Sandy," Sandy said playfully. Her voice shook with tremolo as Jonny reached down and lifted the hem of her semi tight skirt over her full hips. She'd never been a skinny girl but she had been much thinner before having kids. She wasn't fat and she had a nice hourglass shape but her hips and thighs were bigger than she liked.

Trevor bent lower and brushed his lips across hers. His tongue slithered across her lips and she sighed softly as his hand slipped inside her small silky thong.

Jonny slid his hands under Sandy's blouse and deftly unhooked her big underwire bra before teasing and pinching her sensitive nipples. Trevor pushed Sandy's panties down and she moved her legs apart giving him unfettered access to her needy sex. The pads of his fingers rubbed gently over her clit and her breathing deepened.

Sandy's hips undulated sensuously and a soft moan rose from her chest. Her legs trembled and her chest heaved as Johnny squeezed her big tits and hard nipples. Trevor's gentle touch was juxtaposed with Jonny's roughness and the combination was amazing. Sandy had never had a three way before but it was one of her secret fantasies. The idea of being the center of attention in a lurid sexual interlude was incredibly arousing to the one time theater major and she felt a flood of wetness between her legs.

She unfastened Trevor's belt and his baggy jeans fell to the ground. Her hands shook with ravenous desire as she freed his cock and squeezed it tight. The rich fragrance of her arousal filled the small space and she cried out when her body convulsed from a strong quick climax.

"How do you want to do this?" Trevor asked politely as he stepped out of his pants and boxers.

"Wha, what do you mean?" She asked nervously. Her body was trembling with excitement and her knees felt weak and unsteady. The curvy MILF was more excited than she'd ever been. She knew well the excitement of infidelity but that coupled with the fact that she was with two well built young black men made it exponentially better.

"Who do you want to fuck you first?" Trevor asked before kissing her. His insistent tongue dipped inside her warm mouth and entwined with hers and she raked her nails down his back with one hand as she stroked his big dick with the other. His cock was the biggest she'd ever seen and she was anxious to feel it inside of her.

"You first," Sandy purred. "But I want to taste you both too." She dropped to her hands and knees and gazed up at Jonny's powerful body as he dropped his jeans to the floor. His cock sprung free and she sighed deeply. It was slightly shorter than Trevor's but equally thick and thickness was what she loved. She'd been with several well hung men in her lifetime and while she had told plenty of men that size didn't matter, the truth was that nothing beat a fat cock stretching her tight pussy. The combination of pleasure and pain was pure euphoria.

Trevor knelt behind her and sank 7 of his 9 inches into her frothy hole. She winced when he touched bottom and grunted from each powerful thrust. Jonny lowered his strong naked body in front of Sandy and she eagerly sucked his fat dick into her hungry mouth. The salty sweet flavor of his sweaty precum soaked cock filled her mouth and she shuddered when he grabbed hold of her head and started jogging his hips fore and aft.

"Suck that dick," Jonny barked in a deep menacing voice. His hips thrust violently and his big balls slapped rhythmically against Sandy's chin as Trevor gripped her wide hips.

Sandy rocked between them. Urgent moans poured from her cock filled mouth and she felt the knot in her belly tighten with each stroke. She came hard and her juices soaked Trevor's thrusting dick as Jonny fucked her mouth hard and fast.

They switched places and Jonny fucked her like a jackhammer. His taut body slammed against her fat, juicy ass and he grunted like an angry boar as he rammed hard and deep. A third climax washed over the pretty brunette and she slumped forward in a sweat soaked exhausted heap.

Jonny settled between Sandy's legs and then pressed his big cock into her quivering hole. His thrusts were wild and erratic and his breathing labored.

"Here it comes," he announced proudly. He grunted and moaned loudly and Sandy felt his seed splash deep inside her. She felt a pit form in her stomach when he came. She was on the pill and had been since her youngest had been born but she had missed a day and hoped that she was safe.

Jonny pulled his dripping cock from her gaping cunt and Sandy rolled onto her back. Her hair was wet with sweat and matted against her forehead and her body was soaked. Trevor moved into place and eased his dick into her cum filled pussy. He fucked her with smooth sensuous motions and she whimpered like an excited puppy as another orgasm lapped at her tired body.

"Don't stop," Sandy pleaded as she gazed into his dark pretty eyes. Her nails dug into his ebony hips and she guided his pace as her hips bucked wildly against his.

Trevor fucked Sandy until her climax ebbed and then he buried his cock deep inside her. He was silent when he came but she felt his hot seed soak her creamy depths and she hooked her strong legs behind his gorgeous ass, holding him deep inside of her until he went soft in her grasp.

Several hours later Sandy sat between the two young muscular black men with Trevor's spent dick in her mouth. She'd been fucked a half dozen times between them and she was too sore for more. They had both filled her mouth and pussy with loads of cum and she was certain that she was a disheveled mess but sucking his dick, even soft, took her mind off of the tiny elevator car.

The harsh florescent lights hummed to life and the elevator lurched downward.

"Fuck," Sandy exclaimed as she leapt to her feet and searched for her clothes. She grabbed her sheer white blouse and quickly buttoned it as the two men pulled on their jeans and shirts. She straightened her skirt and slipped her shoes on while she located her bra and stuffed it into her purse moments before they reached the ground floor.

They all grinned in unison and Jonny showed Sandy her tiny thong before stuffing it into his pocked. Sandy's cheeks flushed and she squeezed her thighs together, relishing the soreness between them.

Steven, the head of maintenance, grinned knowingly when the doors opened and he saw the state of the three people inside. They looked like they hadn't slept with red tired eyes and while the two men looked somewhat composed the woman was a mess.

"You made it through the night," he teased as they stepped out and onto terra firma. Sandy's hair was a disheveled and her blouse was buttoned unevenly. Her dark nipples were clearly visible without a bra to hide them and her eye makeup had left streaks down her rosy red cheeks.

"Is everything fixed?" Sandy asked through deep steady breaths as she grabbed her phone and sent a quick text message letting Mack know she was okay. There had been no service in the elevator and she was sure he was worried sick.

"The trains aren't running so you're stuck in the city and from what I heard there aren't any hotel rooms available anywhere," Steve said apologetically. "Also the cell towers have been overwhelmed and you'll have a hard time making or receiving calls. Though I think texts are working but slow."

"You can stay with us Baby," Jonny offered with a wide smile. "Trevor lives ten blocks down. Your husband won't mind will he?"

"He'll shit a brick," Sandy replied sounding like a trucker, "but what choice do I have."

"I'm getting a little hard just thinking about getting you naked again," Jonny said crassly. He cupped his package and Sandy shuddered.

"I need food, a drink and a nap," she replied with a playful grin. "And my pussy may be out of order for weeks after what just happened."

"That's okay," Trevor said cupping her surprisingly firm tits, "we've got lube. We can take turns fucking your tits and ass. After we eat."

She'd never been fucked in the ass by anyone as big and thick as either of them but she was game for anything and without power what else was there to do but fuck.

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