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Plus-sized Fun


I stood behind her in line at Wegman's. She was fat, really fat. She probably weighed 250lbs but... there was something about her. Her face was utterly gorgeous. It was not just cute or even pretty, it was absolutely stunning and there was something else....she was sexy. Her dark brown hair cascaded past her shoulders and her gorgeous smoldering dark brown eyes exuded sensuality. Her ass was big and round and her tight black pants did little to hide how big and fat it was. She was obviously comfortable with her body and she exuded confidence.

I could see the faint lines of her boy short panties through her tight pants. I had never been attracted to a big woman before. Small, petite, waspy women with tight toned bodies, small tits and blonde hair were usually my type but I couldn't take my eyes off the sexy plus sized woman in front of me.

She looked back at me and smiled. She had amazingly bright white teeth and a sexy mischievous smile. She knew I was looking at her. She bent forward to get something from her carriage and her red shirt rode up exposing a tattoo on the small of her back, a tramp stamp. She looked back at me again and caught me staring at her big round ass.

I sheepishly returned her smile.

She straightened up and turned back to the cashier as my eyes traveled up her curvaceous body. Her waist was surprisingly narrow despite her girth giving her an incredibly appealing accentuated hour glass figure. Her shoulders were broad but round and very feminine and her tan skin was flawless.

I wondered what she would look like naked.

She paid for her order and looked back at me again as she pushed her carriage away. She smiled again. She had my attention and she knew it.

I watched her slowly walk away as the cashier rang up my small order. He gave me a knowing grin. Did he see what I saw when he looked at her or was she just a fat woman to him?

I quickly paid for my groceries and hurried after her. She was still loading bags into her late model Lexus as I approached.

''Hi,'' I said confidently, ''I'm Rick.'' Smooth. I smiled.

"Hi.'' She flashed her million dollar smile. ''Christina.'' She extended her hand and I noticed that she wore a wedding ring. ''I was wondering if you would make a move.''

We chatted briefly. She was confident, flirtatious and even sexier up close. I had an almost overwhelming desire to kiss her. Our mutual attraction had been instant and it was powerful.

''My husband is away,'' she told me confidently. "Come home with me.''

"Yes,'' I answered quickly.

''Get it,'' she said with a smile.

We pulled into her driveway ten minutes later. The drive had been filled with sexual energy and innuendo and by the time the garage door closed we were both on fire.

Our lips met in a frenzied passionate kiss. Her tongue was long and thick and it plunged deep into my mouth as she pulled at my clothes.

We stumbled from the car as we continued to kiss and grope each other. She opened the door and we made our way to the foyer. Our lips were locked together and our breathing was heavy.

She cast my shirt aside and kissed from my neck down to my nipples making me moan softly. She sucked my nipples as she unbuckled my pants and dropped them too the floor. She sank slowly to her knees while I stepped out of my shoes, pants and underwear.

Her pretty mouth descended on my turgid rod. She sucked and slurped noisily on my throbbing cock as she tenderly caressed my soft smooth balls.

I felt cum boiling in my loins.

She stopped and slithered up my body. She kissed me deeply and her long tongue entwined with mine.

My hands roamed over her big soft body as we kissed. My cock pressed against her soft tummy. I wanted her. I pulled her shirt up over her head and freed her mammoth tits. Her cleavage was incredible. I pressed my lips to hers and kissed her hard as my passion soared higher than ever before.

She sighed and pulled me tightly against her soft sexy body. ''God you smell good,'' she cood.

I kissed her soft neck and she moaned softly as her big arms cradled my head. I unclasped her huge bra and her enormous tits spilled free as her bra fell to the floor.

''Let's go upstairs,'' she said in a soft sexy voice. I wanted her more than I had ever wanted anyone before.

I followed her upstairs and watched as her big round ass swayed as she walked. I ached for her. I pulled her big body into my arms. The warmth of her soft skin against mine felt amazing. Our lips met in another white hot kiss.

I slowly sank to my knees in front of her. My face was level with her huge chest and I marveled at her big round tits as I frantically pulled her pants over her big wide hips. Her tits were the size of bowling balls and they weighed just as much. They were a lovely shade of olive tan and completely devoid of tan lines. I buried my face between her giant orbs and slathered then with kisses as her fingers ran through my hair.

She crept backwards to the king sized bed dragging me with her. She lay back on the bed and I surveyed her sexy round body. Her big body looked even sexier naked. She was tan and curvaceous. Her wide hips held the tell tale tan lines of boy short bikini bottoms and her pussy was shaved bare and smooth.

She parted her thick meaty thighs as I lay down beside her. My hands explored the curves and folds of her soft round body as we shared a long deep wet kiss.

We had begun our tryst in a lust filled frenzy but there was no longer a need to rush. The intoxicating scent of her arousal hung heavy in the air as we kissed deeply and tenderly caressed each other. My fingers parted the thick meaty lips of her pussy and a flood of juices coated them as she moaned her approval.

Her tiny clit was hard and sensitive and she pushed it against my palm as her body started to tremble.

''Make me cum lover,'' she panted loudly as she quivered and shook.

''Right there,'' she hissed. Her breath came in short gasps and she yelped like an excited puppy as waves of pleasure washed over her big beautiful body. She pulled me on top of her and guided my hard cock into her liquid core. I had never felt a pussy so wet and it was amazing.

I pumped my cock into her soaking wet pussy hard and fast and she came hard after less than a minute.

Christina rolled me onto my back and straddled my waist. Her big body sat hard on my throbbing dick pushing it deep inside her until I felt her cervix against the head of my cock.

She bounced and ground hard on my dick as her giant tits swayed side to side. I reached up and squeezed her giant tits and she moaned loudly. She was by far the most sexual woman I had ever been with. Her entire body was an erogenous zone.

I watched as she threw her head back and cried out while her pussy convulsed around my dick. She came twice more as she rode my cock and her juices soaked my pelvis and the bed beneath me.

Christina climbed off me and turned around. She straddled my head and lowered her hot mouth to my juice coated cock. Her fat pussy pressed hard against my mouth as her thick thighs rubbed my cheeks.

The taste of her pussy was sweeter than honey and my cock throbbed with excitement.

I sucked her big lips into my mouth and swirled my tongue around her clit until she came again and again. She was the most orgasmic woman I had ever seen and each time she came a flood of fresh juices poured from her pussy. I swallowed her copious secretions as I continued to lick and suck her flavorful pussy until she rolled off me exhausted but far from satisfied.

I climbed between her splayed fat thighs and buried my cock balls deep inside her. Our mouths met in a deep passionate kiss as I thrust my throbbing manhood into her quivering cunt.

''Fuck me baby,'' Christina panted as another climax shook her big sexy body. Her fingers raked down my back leaving dark red welts in their wake.

I was close and she knew it. She grabbed my ass and pulled me deep inside her as she clenched her pussy muscles hard on my granite shaft.

I grunted and groaned as buckets of thick hot cum pumped from my cock. I filled her hot hole with boiling cream until it ran down her ass to the sheets below.

''Fill me up baby,'' she cried out as she came again. Her legs wrapped tight around my ass and held me deep inside her still spasming pussy.

I collapsed on top of her big soft body and we shared a deep tender kiss. Her lips were salty and her body glistened from a thin sheen of sweat that covered her from head to toe. Her hair was a mess but she still was still gorgeous.

We continued to kiss for nearly an hour until my cock started to stir anew.

Christina crawled between my legs and took my growing dick into her hot mouth. She licked her dried juices from my shaft and balls as she stroked my turgid wet rod. Her mouth moved lower until her tongue slithered across my tight puckered asshole.

I moaned softly as her wet tongue tickled my ass and dipped inside.

Christina stroked my cock as she buried her face in my ass. Her tongue plunged in and out of my asshole. Her long thick tongue penetrated me deeply as her hand furiously milked my hard dick.

I felt my climax building but Christina was good. She released my dick but continued to tongue fuck my ass. She teased me and kept me on the edge without letting me fall.

I groaned and squirmed from the amazing pleasure. She sank two fingers inside me as her tongue licked around them. Her fingers rubbed my prostate making me squirm with pleasure.

Goose bumps covered my body as she brought me to the brink with her expert fingers.

"You like that don't you baby,'' Christina cood as she pulled her fingers from my gaping asshole.

''Oh god yes,'' I moaned loudly.

She pressed her face between my ass cheeks and sank her tongue inside me.

''Do you want more,'' she teased as she spit on my ass and forced three fingers inside me.

''Yes,'' I hissed. I had never had a finger in my ass much less three fingers and a tongue and I was amazed at how good it felt.

Christina pushed a fourth finger and my eyes rolled back in my head. It felt amazing and my dick was as hard as it had ever been.

''Do you want it hard,'' She teased. She thrust her hand into my ass as my climax barreled down on me like a speeding freight train.

''Yes,'' I cried out as I approached the point of no return.

Tina grunted. I groaned. The room filled with raw animalistic sounds.

I moaned and she stopped. I needed relief but she was content to tease me. I was desperate and she knew it. She was in control and I liked it. She slithered up my body and kissed me. Her tongue plunged into my mouth and I returned her kiss passionately.

Her heavy body on top of mine felt both comforting and erotic. She guided my cock into her soaking wet pussy as I sucked hard on her long tongue.

Her juices soaked my pelvis as she ground her big heavy body against mine. We thrust hard together until another climax shook her hot body.

Christina climbed off my body and rolled me onto my stomach. She buried her pretty face between my ass cheeks and renewed her anal assault. She eased four fat fingers from her right hand inside me as she climbed off the bed. She used her weight to push them impossibly deep inside me. The pleasure and pain mixed to create an incredibly erotic sensation.

Christina reached into her night stand and pulled out a long purple dildo. It was at least 14'' long with a thick round oval ball on one end that curved upward. The other end was straight and thick with a defined head. She pulled her hand from my ass and slid the harness up her big thighs.

''Are you ready for more,'' she asked playfully as she inserted the bulbous oval ball into her pussy and secured the phallus in the harness.

''Yes,'' I panted. If her fingers were any indication I knew I was in for a treat.

She poured lube onto the thick rod and rubbed the head over my gaping asshole making me moan softly with wanton desire.

"Here it comes baby,'' Christina cood as her wide hips pushed forward and the first few inches of hard latex penetrated my virgin ass.

''Oh god,'' I groaned loudly as she slowly sank 10 inches into me. The pain was bearable. The pressure was extreme and the pleasure was unbelievable.

Christina fucked my ass slowly allowing me to get used to her big dildo. Her weight on my ass felt immensely erotic and I found myself pushing back to meet each thrust. Her pace increased and soon she was furiously thrusting ten inches of latex into my quivering ass at a dizzying pace.

Christina's breathing was ragged as she approached another orgasm. Each powerful thrust of her hips brought me closer to euphoria as the big dildo touched places I had never dreamed could bring so much pleasure.

''I'm close baby,'' Christina cried out as the first tremors quaked through her big beautiful body. ''Cum with me,'' she pleaded as her climax washed over her big beautiful body.

''I'm there,'' I cried out as my cock spit hot cum onto the bed beneath me.

Christina continued to thrust her dildo into me as we rode the waves of our simultaneous orgasm. She collapsed on top of me and the full weight of her body literally took my breath away.

We were both exhausted and covered in sweat. My heart pounded hard in my chest and I groaned with relief as she pulled her big purple dildo from my ass.

Christina rolled off me and pulled her harness and dildo off. She lay on her back and draped her thick heavy leg across my torso. We kissed tenderly.

''That was incredible,'' I whispered between soft kisses. ''You are without a doubt the sexiest woman I have ever met.''

"Oh baby,'' Christina sighed, ''you are damn sexy yourself. Can you spend the night so we can play some more.''

"God yes,'' I answered quickly. ''What about your husband?''

''He's gone all week, besides he'll understand. He'll just be mad that he didn't get to watch. Maybe next time we can put on a show for him.''

I awoke to the sweet sensation of Christina's talented mouth on my hard cock. I looked down between my legs with blurry eyes at her beautiful face and smiled at the recollection of the night before. Her wide shoulders filled the space between my wide spread legs and her massive 40ee tits rubbed enticingly against my ass as her head slowly bobbed over my turgid rod.

"I needed to feel your hot cock in my mouth,'' she said between noisy slurps on my drooling dick. ''I hope you don't mind me waking you up in the middle of the night.''

''No,'' I smiled, ''not at all.''

Her mouth was hot and saliva spilled from her lips and covered my throbbing dick. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and stroked my shaft in sync with her mouth.

The loud sounds of her slurps filled the quiet night air as Christina gave me the best head of my life. I could feel the early signs of my building climax but I wasn't ready for the pleasure to end and she knew just what to do.

Christina pulled her mouth off my dick and rolled onto her back beside me. She kissed me passionately thrusting her tongue deep into my mouth making me taste the salty flavor of my precum.

''Hand me the lube from the night stand,'' she instructed as she pulled me on top of her big sexy body.

I handed her the bottle of Wet as she guided me onto my knees straddling her waist. She poured the clear viscous liquid into the valley between her massive tits and pressed them together around my stiff cock.

''Tit fuck me baby,'' Christina said softly. Her voice was course and her eyes filled with lust.

I pumped my dick into the warm wet cocoon of her tits and she looked up at me with her smoldering dark eyes. I had only tit fucked one girl before but with Christina it was better. Her huge tits were softer and smoother than anything I had ever felt and the simultaneous friction with my cock as my balls had me on the brink in just a few minutes.

''Cum on my tits lover,'' Christina panted as her eyes bored a path to my soul. ''Paint them with your hot cream.''

''Oh fuck,'' I cried out as thick cum spit from my dick. The first blast hit Christina under her chin and she quickly released her big soft tits and scooped up my cream with her fingers. She stuck her fingers into her mouth as I covered her huge round tits with copious amounts of thick white cum.

Christina pulled me down on top of her and kissed me forcefully. Our tongues entwined as our bodies slipped and slid, separated by my viscous cream. She rolled on top of me and slithered upward until her huge wet tits hung in my face.

''Lick them lover,'' She panted. I was caught up in the moment and without thinking I licked my cream from her sticky tits.

''That's it baby,'' Christina cood, ''clean my big titties. Taste your delicious cum.''

I licked her tits and nibbled on her hard nipples as she ground her fat sexy body against my pelvis.

''Oh fuck,'' Christina panted. ''This is so fucking hot. I need more.'' She was on fire. She knelt over me and straddled my head.

''Eat me baby, make me cum.'' She lowered her dripping cunt to my mouth and violently fucked my face as climax after powerful climax washed through her quivering body.

She collapsed beside me. Her huge chest heaved as she fought to catch her breath. She had cum three times on my face and my hair was soaked with her fragrant juices but she was far from satisfied. Her fingers played with her pussy as she brought herself off again.

''Can you go again,'' Christina pleaded. I need you inside me.

I pulled on my dick as I watched my plus sized lover purr like a cat in heat. It stirred and puffed up but I needed more time.

''I'm sorry,'' I said sheepishly but she wouldn't be denied. She reached into her night stand and pulled out her harness and her big purple dildo.

''Put that on,'' Christina said as she tossed me the harness.

I fastened the black leather straps around my waist and legs as Christina lubed up the big oval ball on the dildo.

''Bend over,'' she said playfully and as I did she eased the thick oval ball into my ass making me groan loudly. She fed the dildo through the harness and secured it in place

I looked down at my big fake purple cock and I felt both humiliated and excited as my sexy fat lover knelt doggy style in front of me.

''Fuck me hard baby,'' Christina said in a needy lust filled voice as she looked back over her shoulder with her smoldering eyes.

I eased the big purple dildo into her soaking wet pussy and I moaned as the oval ball moved inside my ass.

"Harder,'' Christina moaned. She pushed her big fat ass back against me as I thrust the dildo into her with hard fast thrusts. I could feel the oval ball moving inside me with each thrust and it felt good.

The sound of slapping flesh filled the room but as Christina approached another climax her guttural moans drown out everything.

''Pull my hair,'' she demanded.

I grabbed her brown locks and pulled hard as I thrust the big fake cock into her sloppy wet cunt.

''Slap my ass,'' Christina pleased. ''Please, I am so close.''

I pumped the purple prick into her hard and fast. Sweat ran down my face and my back ached with exhaustion. I slapped her big fat ass hard leaving a red hand print with my free hand as I continued to pull her hair with my other hand

''I'm cumming baby,'' she cried out. Her fat ass quivered and she yelped unintelligibly as a powerful climax consumed her sanity.

Christina collapsed face down on the bed. She was exhausted and as close to satisfied as I had seen her.

I pulled the harness and dildo off me and my rejuvenated dick jutted out from my body.

Christina smiled weakly. ''Mmm, give me more.''

I climbed on top of her and rubbed my drooling dick over her sensitive pussy lips making her shudder.

''Not there baby. In my ass.''

She didn't have to ask twice. I had tried anal with two girls in my life and both times it hurt too much to get my cock inside them. I knew that wouldn't be the case with Christina. I poured lube down the crack of her big fat ass and covered my cock with a generous helping of slick wet lube.

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