Plus-sized Fun


Christina looked back over her shoulder at me and begged me to fuck her ass hard.

My cock pressed against her sphincter and Christina relaxed as she pushed back against me. I felt a slight pop as my dick entered her ass.

''Fuck me,'' Christina moaned as I sank my dick balls deep in her big fat ass.

I grabbed her generous hips and thrust my hard throbbing cock into her ass. The sensation was unlike anything I had ever felt. Her sphincter tightly gripped my shaft squeezing hard as I pumped into her ass but the head felt much different as though it was in a vast warm cavern.

''Pull my hair,'' she panted.

I grabbed a hand full of her brown locks and tugged as I continued to fuck her ass.

''Harder baby,'' she moaned insistently.

I pulled hard on her hair as I fucked her ass at a dizzying pace. Her fingers rubbed and pinched her hard clit while I fucked her.

My back ached and sweat covered my body from the exhausting pace of our frenetic pace.

''I'm there baby,'' she panted as her body started to shake. Her sphincter clenched hard on my dick as a powerful climax ripped through her fat sexy body.

I continued to pound my cock into her ass as I tugged hard on her hair and slapped big ass cheeks. I could feel my orgasm building as I fucked her ass and as the last waves of Christina's climax shook her fat round body I pumped a load of hot cum into her bowels.

We collapsed on the bed exhausted and completely satisfied. I drifted to sleep and awoke alone in her bed as she showered.

I kissed Christina goodbye and we exchanged numbers as the cab waited outside to bring me to my car. We promised to meet up again but life rarely goes as planned and while we still talk on occasion the opportunity to repeat our tryst has passed.

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