tagNonConsent/ReluctancePoke Her Poker Ch. 02

Poke Her Poker Ch. 02


I want to give thanks to Gentleman With Handcuffs for editing and helping me with this story.

About a week after I told Mom about Dave wanting her to e mail her, I asked her If she got hold of him.

"I sent him an e mail and gave him my phone number and ask him to text me. I also told him that I go to the gym on Wednesday and that would be the best day for me. That way I wouldn't have to explain to your Dad why I was going over to his place." She answered.

That weekend Dave text her, it read "Wednesday would be great, around 6 pm. Plus I have something I need to talk to you about."

Mom asked me If I wanted to go and if I knew what Dave wanted to talk about.

"I have no idea what he wants to talk about. And I need to be at the school for a meeting anyway. Sorry I can't go with you."

Mary arrived at Dave's right at 6 pm. She was dressed for going to the gym and was hoping this wouldn't take very long. She didn't really want any kind of small talk. Dave heard the door bell and opened the door.

"Come on in." he said.

Mary walked into the apartment. She looked at Dave, "Here is your money. Where are my clothes?"

"Thanks for the money and your clothes are in the bag over there." Dave then hands Mary an envelope.

"What's this?"

"Just look at it."

Mary opens it and pulls out several pictures. At first she pretends to not understand what this is all about. Then she gets to the picture of herself with her legs spread wide. The pictures were of her giving a show to the guys and Dave fucking her at the poker game. It looked like she was having an orgasm but she didn't remember having one. On and on the pictures went... this son of a bitch must have used a zoom lens. But where was the camera? She didn't remember any cameras.

Mary looked up in anger at Dave. "What do you want?"

"I have some very incriminating pictures and tapes that you will not want seen by anyone, especially your husband, your son Joey, your neighbors, or anybody else I may want to send them to. You don't know who will find out. Does your husband know about this, did you tell him about the other night?"

Wrapped up in her shock, she didn't notice the way Dave was looking at her.

"No," Mary said in a small trembling voice, "He doesn't. He'd kill me"

"I'm sure he would be interested in how well you did at the poker game. I bet he would like to know how much you won or lost, and how you paid off your loss."

Mary nodded at that, not yet meeting his eyes. Her hand holding the pictures shook. She swallowed hard and finally saw the look in his eyes. Realizing what he wanted, what his price was going to be for keeping this secret.

"You can't tell my husband or show him any of these pictures. You know I'm married, happily married! What do you want?"

"If you do as I request, no one will ever find out about these pictures. If you don't, then I will send the pictures and tapes to everyone on your contact list and put them on the Internet for all to see."

Mary didn't say anything. Dave continued, "After a while I will explain to you how things will work and what you're going do for me. Right now Mary, you need to get out of that gym outfit, and come over here, I want a good look at you. Then you're going to suck my cock."

Mary looked at Dave and almost pleadingly said, "I don't want to do this."

Mary couldn't believe Dave was being so mean. She could tell he was serious and the last thing she needed was to have these pictures all over the place, at work, at home. Mary's mind was racing; she was actually starting to imagine sucking Dave's cock.

Dave yelled, "Mary, get out of the gym outfit NOW. I'm waiting."

Mary came out of her daydream and looked at Dave. Knowing she had to do as he wanted, Mary reluctantly started to take her gym outfit off. She took the sweats off first. When she removed her top, her sports bra came into view.

"Now I see why your tits look so small today, " Dave said laughing, "Now off with that bra, let's see your big tits."

Mary just stared at Dave and removed her bra. A tear trickled down her cheek as she realized Dave had full control of her. Her tits bounced out of her bra; her nipples hardening to the cool air in the room.

"Now the rest."

Mary bent over to remove her gym shorts with her tits hanging deliciously. She took off her panties along with the shorts. She was now totally nude in front of Dave. Dave complemented Mary on how nice her tits and shaved pussy looked.

Dave removed his clothes and ordered "Mary walk over here to me."

As she moved he watched her tits bounce and her ass sway, she now stood face to face with him. Dave roughly pushes downward on Mary's shoulder. She drops to her knees, resigned to her fate. Mary reached out and touched his cock dangling only inches in front of her face. Mary thought to herself about how this evil ass hole was making her do this to him because he knew he could. But no one was actually holding her in that room. The pictures he had were pretty bad; she had to do whatever it took to make sure no one ever saw those pictures, not knowing "whatever" might mean. Dave grabbed Mary's head and started pulling; signaling her to stick his big cock in her mouth. After a hard slap from Dave, Mary began to bob her head on his cock; Mary was broken. Soon he was literally face fucking her face.

"Mary, you better swallow all of my cum." Mary gagged a few times as he pounded her mouth.

When Dave slowed down, Mary's mouth began to wrapped around his massive cock. She tried to feel disgusted but was starting to enjoy this. Dave grabbed her head and forced it down his cock. Just then, Chris walked into the room.

Dave looked at Chris and winked. Chris chuckled, "Looks like I'm next."

Mary tried to jump up and look at Chris. But Dave grabbed her head and held it still. He proceeded to shoot his load into Mary's mouth. Mary nearly choked; she didn't expect him to cum so quickly or so much. She swallowed some of it. What she didn't swallow was dribbling down her chin dropping on her massive tits. He let her mouth slip off his cock so she could look at Chris.

"No way. Chris comes over to my house all the time!"

Dave grabbed her hair, "Oh yes way."

Mary begged, "Please, Dave, don't make me."

"You're going to do what I want, when I want, and whom I want. Do you understand?"

Mary looked at Dave and meekly pleaded, "Please no."

Dave laughed tauntingly, "After I fuck you, you're going to suck Chris off and fuck him."

Mary wasn't happy, but she was realizing that she was at his mercy and had to do what Dave wanted to keep the pictures a secret. Dave put Mary on the floor, picked up her legs high and pushed them back until her knees were up by her shoulder squishing her tits. Her feet were resting on his shoulders as he thrust his cock into her pussy. He began to slowly pump into her. She let out a slight moan. Dave then picked up his speed and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. Mary started to lose her resistance. Dave noticed the way her big tits bounced and swayed on her chest, it was turning him on even more. He also loved the way it felt when he slammed into her. Dave was beginning to reach his climax.

Chris was watching the action. He was hard, but didn't want to cum in his pants, he wanted to cum in Mary. Within minutes, Dave finally shot his seed into Mary's cunt. After Dave finished fucking Mary, she went over to Chris and started to suck him off.

"You better get busy, so you can get home without hubby getting worried about you." Dave teased

Chris added, "You better do a good job on my cock bitch."

Mary looked up at Chris, looking like she wanted to say something but didn't. She started moving her head up and down on his cock trying to do a good job while trying to get him to cum sooner than later.

Chris was enjoying every bit of the blow job. "You know Mary, I've always fantasized about you sucking my cock and now you're actually doing it."

Mary tried to say something but couldn't with Chris's cock halfway down her throat. Chris grabbed her head and very roughly started to face-fuck Mary.

"Look up at me while I'm fucking your face."

Mary tried, but with the face pounding, she wasn't succeeding. Chris started to cum in her mouth. This time Mary was ready as she swallowed all of his cum. When she was done giving Chris his blow job she just fell to the floor. Chris picked her off the floor and lifted her onto the table as he grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge of the table. He quickly slipped his cock into her already sopping wet pussy and started fucking her like a mad man. He was thrusting his hips hard and grabbing her tits, pulling hard on her nipples. Mary wasn't used to being uses so roughly.

Chris looked at Mary and said, "This is just like my dreams."

When Chris was done with her, Dave called to Mary, "Come over her and sit next to me."

Dave started to play with her tits; Chris got dressed and said he had to go.

"Ok, remember don't tell anyone about this." Said Dave.

Chris smiled, "You got it."

Dave then looked at Mary and said laughingly, "Looks like you had a hard work out at the gym. This is how it is going to work Mary, every Wednesday at 6 pm you will be here and don't ever be late. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. I know you're worried that Mark and Tim will be jealous because you took care of Chris. Don't worry you'll get to fuck them also."

"No," Mary pleaded.

Dave laughed more. "Look you're going to be my slut whether you like it or not. Of course, I could let those pictures get out."

Mary just sat there with a worried look on her face. "How long is this going to go on?"

"Until I get tired of you or until you get replaced. You going to at least fuck Mark and Tim."

"Replaced?" Mary stared at Dave incredulously.

"Yes, replaced, and you can help find your replacement. Oh, don't go thinking you will be home free; I will still use you from time to time."

Mary just looked on as Dave continued, "I have someone in mind."


"Your friend Sue."

"No, I couldn't do that to her," Mary cried.

"Then I guess you're going to be my number one slut for a long time."

Mary sat there thinking while Dave played with her tits. "Ok," she said with a resigned sigh.

"This is what I want you to do. Bring her over here this weekend to play some poker with us guys."

Mary asked "Why would she want to come and play poker with you?"

"You're going to tell her about playing poker with us after she left your party, which is true. Tell her you lost a lot of money to me that your husband doesn't know about it. You want to get it back and you want her to help you. Plus, she needs to be quiet about it so because you don't want your husband or son to find out about it. This works because you both can just tell your husbands that you're going to have a girl's weekend. The upside for you is, if you guys win, then you're off the hook. I will forget about the pictures and everything returns to the way it was before that day. But, if you two lose then you're still on the hook. We need to get Sue to go as far as you did in the last game; which I know you're going to help with that. Maybe, just maybe, I'll give you a break."

"And if I don't?"

Dave responded with a harsh tone in his voice, "It is in your best interest for you to do it. If you don't, you might just find your son Joey over here while you're giving me a blowjob and fuck. Then he could have a go at his Mom. And I'm sure there are a lot of guys out there who would love to fuck you."

"NO! NO! Please nobody else, especially Joey. Just you and the ones you already told me I had to fuck."

"Then you better help us out with your replacement, if not you know what will happen. The game will be this Friday and starts around 7 pm. I won't invite Joey over, but everyone else will be here. So you better have Sue with you. Text me daily to keep me informed."

Mary looked at the time, "I need to get home. I'll try to get Sue to play poker this weekend."

Dave grabbed Mary's nipples and twisted them hard, she yelled out in pain.

"What was that for?"

"To remind you that you're my slut until I say you're not. Now get dressed and remember to text me about the poker game. Don't forget the bag with your clothes. Next Wednesday you better wear a sexy dress."

"I have to leave home in my gym outfit."

"I don't care how you leave home. You better have a sexy dress on when you get here. If not, you're going to have to be punished. And Sue had better be dressed sexy too."

Mary looked at Dave as she dressed and said "Ok."

The next day Mary called Sue and told her she needed her help. She told Sue her story, and Sue said she needed to think about it.

Mary begged, "I know you're as good at poker as I am. Between the two of us, we can teach these guys a lesson. Please say yes. I know we could win."

Sue pondered it, "We need to make sure our husbands will let us out this weekend."

"We can tell them to have a guy's weekend too. They should go fishing and take Joey with them. Then I am sure they will agree to our girl's weekend. I need the answer by tonight in order to get the game set up."

Sue called Mary back and said "My old man didn't seem to mind for me heading out for a girls weekend with you. He also liked the idea of getting some fishing in."

Mary said "He must've liked the idea, he called my old man up to set the fishing trip up. Plus they are going to take Joey with them. Ok, I'll pick you up right after work around 5 pm tomorrow so have a bag pack. Make sure you have a very sexy outfit with you. We can use our looks to try to keep their minds off the game. Then after we beat these guys and take their money, we are going shopping."

Sue was excited "Yes, we can to the new big mall about 3 hours from here. Plus dressing sexy would help us win. It will feel good to tease some young guys."

"Yes it will be, it might take us all night to win, but it will give us all day Saturday and Sunday to shop."

Mary then sent a text to Dave and said "The poker game is on. Sue will be with me."

Dave sent a text back saying "Be here by 7 pm, no later."

Dave then sent a text to Chris, Matt, and Tim telling them about the poker game. Also for them not to let Joey know anything about it and why. He informed them about Sue and Mary playing poker with them Plus he wanted them there at 6 to help set things up. They all replied him back in agreement.

Then Dave remembered that Mark worked at a Pizza joint. He sent Mark a text to see if he worked tomorrow during the day; Mark replied back that he did. Dave asked if he could make pizzas for the game and if he bought some weed if he could add it to the pizza, just for the ladies.

Mark replied instantly, "Sure, I will be there by myself from 2 to 3. Ask them what kind of pizza they like and we can make sure it only gets put on theirs."

"I will get back to you."

Dave then texted Mary "Don't eat before you guys come over, I'm buying pizza. What kinds do you two like?"

Mary texted him back and said "She knew Sue liked the same kind she did, with everything on it."

Dave responded "Make sure you bring the wine for you two. Bring enough because it could be a long night and it will help getting Sue where we want her."

Mary answered "Ok, but we are going to win."

The guys all showed up at 6 pm. Mark brought six pizzas.

"The two with everything on them including the weed are for the ladies." Dave informed the guys.

When he was asked why, he answered "Because they have weed on them. I want to make sure the ladies get high. Just in case they don't drink enough wine."

The guys were all in agreement with that. Dave had already set up the cameras before the guys showed up. He made sure they were hidden real well, just in case Mary was looking for them. While the guys waited for Mary and Sue to show up Dave explained the game plan.

Mary picked Sue up, they both just had jeans on at that time. Mary said "We need to stop by my office so we can change into something sexy."

Sue smiled "Sounds good to me, but we also need to stop by a department store, I need to buy some stockings to put on."

"Good idea. Let's stop by the ATM and withdraw about 500 dollars in cash each."

About 10 to 7 the door bell rang and Dave answered the door. Here was Mary and Sue all dolled up. Mary wore a skirt which was about an inch above her knee, She had dark stockings on that just made her legs look real sexy, two inch heels, a white tight blouse with a low neck line, and a necklace which just made you look at her chest. Sue also had a short skirt on. Her shocking were a little lighter then Mary's. She also wore a pull over tight top with a turtle neck.

Mary spoke first "Sue this is Dave."

Dave smiled "Glad to meet you."

Sue smiled back "I remember you from the party a few weeks back."

"Ladies please come on in. I hear you two think you can beat us at poker."

Mary and Sue both laugh "We don't think we know."

Dave smiled at this as Mary handed Dave two bags, which had a total of 4 bottles of wine.

Mary said "Please but that on ice for us, you guys are too young to have any."

Dave just laughs and says "Ok."

As Sue walked past Dave she ran her finger along the side of his face and winked at him. Dave checked Sue's ass as she walked by. Then he introduced the guys to Sue and Mary.

Mark began "I got some pizzas. I heard you two like everything on your pizzas. So I got these two just for you two."

"You think we are going to eat two pizzas." asked Mary.

"Well not at one time, but if the game goes all night, you may want to snack on it from time to time."

Sue complimented "That was nice of you: I haven't eaten since lunch, guess I will have a piece right now."

Dave spoke again "Ok the plates are right next to the pizza. We have already been eating, so go ahead. I am going to put your wine in the cooler. You want a glass with your pizza?"


As the ladies ate their pizza, they just had small talk with the guys. After the ladies each had finished one slice of pizza Dave said suggested they move to the table and get the game started. Mary and Sue's moved to the table, making sure the guys were watching their ass and stocking legs, they sat next to each other. Dave explained the rules to Sue.

"Why can't we go and get more cash if we needed it?" She asked

Dave explained "That way nobody spends more than they can afford."

Sue said "That's cool, my old man would kill me if I lost too much and then I wouldn't be able to explain to him why I was playing poker with you guys." The guys all laugh at that.

Tim said "Ok high card starts the deal."

Sue won the first deal. She gave the boys a sweet smile before she started the deal. After about two hours into the game the women were winning big time.

Mary looked at Dave and said 'Looks like I am going to teach you that lesson tonight."

Dave just smiled. Sue and Mary were drinking wine and eating pizza. One of the pizzas were about finished. With the help of the pizza they were starting to get a good high. Then the game seem to turn into the guys favor. Sue and Mary had to start to buy more chips. They were both getting to their limit of 500 dollars. Sue got up to get another slice of pizza and bought one over for Mary. Mary asked Tim if he could refill their glasses. Since Tim was out of money, he was also out of the game; and so he agreed.

They all took a break and Dave cornered Mary. "Mary you're both getting low on cash, remember your going to help get Sue into the same position as you were in at the last game."

Mary assured him "Yes I remember."

"Good you need to help to get her to bet the last of her money."

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