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Poker & The Wives


It was supposed to be a poker game for the guys, but the ladies had come in and taken over a corner of the room. As they talked the guys set up things for the game and complained about the intrusion. When the ladies decided to comment they just said something about them having the right to be there as well.

The drinks had started around early and by the time the table was set everyone was feeling friendly. Joe, the owner of the house was still a little mad.

"If you ladies are going to stay then the game is strip poker. We play poker, when we lose then the wife of the loser gives up a piece of clothing. That's the deal or you ladies have to leave." With that said Joe sat down fully expecting the girls to walk out. It only took about 5 minutes to learn never to underestimate a woman.

The women huddled together and then announced that they were staying and told Joe to deal the cards.

Joe riffled the cards and dealt them with short vicious throws. The hand went as expected. Each player asked for a few new cards and then came the showdown. Rich, a tall thin carpenter, won and Joe, Bill and Rod lost. They announced the results so that the girls could hear and then turned to watch the ladies reaction.

Joe's wife, a red head named Mary stood up, paused for a moment and then kicked her shoes off before sitting back down. Bill and Rod's wives followed suit. It was the ladies who now stared at the men in defiance.

Joe lost the next hand, with a smile on his lips he turned to Mary and said, "The pants, the blouse or the door".

Mary did not hesitate. She removed her blouse to reveal a very well filled white, lace bra. Joe turned quickly back to the cards, but the other three players continued to stare as the remainder of the girls dropped their tops into the growing pile of clothes. Bill told his wife, Beth that he had won and that she could keep her blouse.

Beth said, "You support your friends and I will support mine, and then she pulled her blouse off.

Three more hands and three of the girls were down to bra and panties and Rachael, Rod's wife, was on the spot to remove her bra or leave. She looked at the other ladies for help. They all stood in front of her and a moment later her bra flew over them onto the mound.

Rod, Joe and Bill lost the next hand. Mary dropped her bra without hesitation and Beth hesitated but gave in at last and then everyone looked over at Rachael. She swallowed hard and asked Rod if this what he wanted. With the peer pressure at a max level he told her, "Off or out."

I think he thought she would leave at last, but she closed her eyes and pushed the panties down to her feet, stepped out and kicked them onto the pile. The silence was complete as in an instant we all knew that Rachael shaved her pussy. Julie, Rich's wife tried to step in front of Rachael, but Rachael said that it was OK and stood proudly naked before us all.

With Rachael nude, Beth and Mary in only their panties and Julie still dressed in bra and panties it took a while for anyone to start moving again. The deal was back to Joe. As he tossed the first card to Rod he said, "she's naked I am out, nothing to play with."

Rachael said in a very determined way, "You started this, but we will finish it. I am still here and that means that you guys are playing for me."

The silence was unnerving, then the ladies huddled together once more. They all spoke briefly and then moved to the table. Mary finished dealing the cards.

Joe tried to fold, but the girls would not hear of it, so he asked for five new cards.

At the showdown he turned up 3 aces, and Rachael moved over behind his chair and waited.

Julie dropped her bra, and Beth revealed a close cropped bush of hair between her legs. Mary shuffled the cards and dealt three hands to Rod, Bill and Rich.

The guys did not reach for the cards so Mary gathered all three piles and dealt again. The girls next to each remaining player turned the cards over. Rich had the best hand and Beth stepped up behind him.

Mary and Julie looked at each other and slipped their panties down in unison. Mary handed the cards to Julie, who dealt them out to the two remaining players.

Julie picked up the hand in front of her husband and, without looking at them, said, "Fold! Bill, you win.", and she moved around the table behind him. Mary shifted so that she was now with Rod.

Mary spoke up at again. "Boys that was a good game you have won us and we are yours for the night. Ladies shall we gather our things and wait in the cars." They moved to pile of clothes and sorted out their own. Mary did not bother to dress she just took her pile and asked Rod for the keys to his car. Rachael asked Mary where the bedroom was and Julie and Beth, in different states of dress headed for the door.

It took the men about 3 minutes before they moved. Then each headed off in different directions, each with a very special night ahead.

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