tagGroup SexPolyamorous Ch. 01

Polyamorous Ch. 01


Part I

A Journey In Truth

Living in a small Midwestern Town isn't all that bad most of the time. It lends a sense of safety often not found a larger metropolis. Safety lends a peace of mind. Although peace of mind often comes with a price. Everybody knows everyone else as well as everyone else's business. Nothing stays private for long and that doesn't bode well for someone with a lifestyle like mine.

My name is Amber. I am a 30 yr old polyamorous female who shares my husband, Adam, with another female. We live in the same house together. We share domestic responsibilities, like every other normal household. Only Adam and I share our lives with our girlfriend, Alison. Mind you, I said OUR.

Adam and I grew up here. We went to the same grade school and graduated the same year from the same local high school. Back then, I paid no attention to him. Adam was a typical high school guy. His thoughts centered on sports, fast cars, and girls. He was amongst the in crowd. Adam was the quarterback of our high school's football team and also was on the wrestling team. Being captain of the team as well as quarterback lead to more than his pick of the pretty girls in school. It also led to a full football scholarship at the state university.

My high school career was 180 degrees from Adam's. I was the quiet, smart girl who sat at the front of the room and tried not to call too much attention to myself. The book smart wallflower, that was me and not to mention on the plump side. I graduated valedictorian of my class and received a full scholarship to the state university. I could have gone to Vale, Princeton, Harvard or any one of the Ivy League colleges if it hadn't been for the fact my folks weren't able to pay to put me through college. The full scholarship was a godsend. It meant I would be able to get a college education. Something no one in my family had ever done. It also meant I wouldn't slave away my life in a roadside diner like my mom had done. I wanted more than that for myself too.

Adam and I always ran in different circles. He joined a fraternity and I spent my four years at State living in a co-ed dorm. I can't say I was much of a joiner. I met Alison my junior year at State. She'd transferred from another university and we became roommates. She inspired me to change. I dropped the pesky pounds that had stuck with me through most of teenage years.

Alison dyed my mouse brown hair a honey blonde color and helped me pick out a hot new wardrobe. Amber the mouse had disappeared for good. Amber the tigress had arrived. I'd never had a closer friend than Alison.

Alison met a frat guy and got us invited to a party. It was a definite new experience for me. I'd never been to a real party in my life. I'd never had a drink of alcohol. More over I had never been kissed. That night showed me what I had missed out on. I recall the party as if it were yesterday instead of nine years ago. I had a few beers which made me extremely tipsy.

Alison kept watch on me, like my protector. A few frat guys asked me to dance. I remember the stench of their breaths from the alcohol they had consumed and I remember the feel of their hands groping my body. Alison came to my 'rescue' as one brawny frat boy tried to take liberties.

She whisked me away to a room upstairs. I experienced my first ever kiss in that room. I didn't know the act of kissing could be so wonderful. That night was truly a night of firsts for me. I had my first sexual experience that night with Alison. She undressed me and kissed me all over. Her lips felt wonderful on my breasts. She suckled my nipples until they hardened. It felt like they would explode.

I trembled as her fingers touched my pussy, slipping into my tightness. She told me she would be my first. She'd be the one to take my cherry. I begged for it as her tongue lashed back and forth over my clit and her fingers invaded my virgin cunt. It hurt yet I felt so good all over. She took me to ecstasy as I lay shaking beneath her shaking from my first orgasm. She kissed me, using her tongue. I could taste my salty pungent flavor on her lips. It tasted good. I knew then I wanted to do to her what she had done to me.

The sanctity of our passion was broken though as Alison's frat boyfriend, Brad, entered the room. His drunkenness was obvious. He reeked of booze. I can't say who was more surprised when he caught us? Us or him. His eyes bulged along with his cock, now clearly outlined through the material of his fleece sweats. He made a crude comment about his girlfriend banging her roommate instead of him. He closed the door and promptly dropped his pants. I flushed bright pink as I saw his large engorged penis. I had never seen one

of those and wasn't sure if I was ready to handle of one of those either. My eyes pleaded to Alison. I didn't want anything to do with Brad. I saw the look I gave Alison mirrored in her eyes. Apparently she wanted nothing to do with Brad either. It is a miracle we got out of there unscathed by Brad's lust.

We giggled our way back to our dorm room where we resumed our exploration of each other. From that moment on, Alison and I were virtually inseparable. After weeks of making love to me with her mouth and fingers, Alison introduced to me an 8 inch strap-on penis. I gaped in awe as she put it on. It was so thick and BIG. My pussy instantly got soaked. I wondered how it would all fit. She reassured me it would and how it would feel so good.

She started by kissing my mouth, my neck, suckling my nipples, like she usually did. She attacked my pussy with such ferocity. Her tongue and fingers strumming were a beat on my clit, making my cries music to her ears.

I came hard, drenching her face. With a slap to my thigh, she mounted me, sliding the thick strap-on into my tight snatch. I groaned at the thick invasion stretching me. She had finally taken my cherry. I panted hotly as she pumped 'her dick' into me, and called me her bitch. I had given myself to her. I belonged to her. I had even fallen in love with her.

The school year continued as did our relationship. Alison broke it off with Brad. She said only a woman could make her feel good. She said a man couldn't be gentle and loving as another woman. Men could never understand a woman's needs. I began to believe that was right. Alison and I became inseparable. I had never been so happy before.

Then summer came. Alison said she had to return home but she'd call me once she'd taken care of what she had to do. June, July and August passed and no word came from Alison. I felt a pain in my heart like never before. I was in love with her and it seemed as if she had deserted me. I returned to school but there was no Alison.

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