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Poodle Proof

byMy Erotic Tail©

Our naked bodies lay intertwined, her long hair draped over me like a blanket, surrounding me in her bodies delightful warmth. Her moist lips encircled my nipples bringing them to hardened projection while she toyed with them. Her soft hand making slow, gentle strides along my stiffened shaft.

I run my hand along her bare back and shoulders. Brushing her hair in sensual, light, combing glides with my hand. Her soft touches fuelled my desires. She stretched upwards, lightly kissing my lips before she began to move lower. Her tongue glided along the skin in a trail as she moved towards my crotch.

Her long hair flowed across my flesh, enhancing the pleasurable feelings. Her fingers continued to caress my manhood as my mind floated in ecstasy from the stimulation.

"Awwwwww...ouch...oh shit." I suddenly yelled in pain.

"What?" She shouted back as she raised her head and looked at me.

"Ahhhhooouuuuhh..stop it." I yelled. It was then we both heard the growling. Our heads twisted towards the foot of the bed, eyes searching for the source. "My foot...my foot." I spouted.

"Gggrrr." The miniature, white poodle had locked her jaws on my heel and was beginning to shake her head violently. She had a good hold and wasn't letting go.

"Get her off my foot, NOW." I shouted as I tried to reach over Tammy, my girl friend. To grab a hold of that mangy mutt and...

"No Cloud." Tammy said with a loving voice. She reached down and pulled the little poodle. But Cloud wouldn’t let go, instead she clamped down harder, her teeth digging deeper into my skin.

"OUCH...Ohhhh...damn it..." I spewed while trying to restrain my true pain. I shook my foot a bit and the little dog clenched her jaws tighter. "Aww."

"Cloud. Give Mamma some sugar." Tammy said in her little poodle talk way. She had the small dog in her hands now, she just had to coax her to let go. Responding to her voice, Cloud released her grip and began eagerly licking Tammy’s cheek.

"There, there baby, good girl." Tammy said with light tones.

"What do you mean good girl?' I blurted, while I inspected my maimed limb. The little "Piranha" had left several puncture wounds to my heel and ankle.

"Well, she was a good girl. She let go when I told her to." Tammy barked back at me, cuddling the little poodle in her arms as she sat back on the bed.

"Grrrrrrrr." The toy poodle began to immediately growl again, curling up her nose and bearing her enormous fangs. She made a couple of small lunges at me, attempting to escape Tammys firm grasp. The vicious little mutt looked ridiculous with tiny, pink bow and matching polish on her talons, as she strugged to attack me again.

"Tammy, you've got to do something about that little ankle biter." I said, in as light a tone as I could manage, knowing Cloud was a touchy subject. Tammy loved that dog more than anything and nobody could ever complain about the poodle without a verbal lashing in reply.

"Oh, don't start that again. I'll be putting an ad in the paper saying... Free to good home. House broken, neatly groomed and retrieves the paper fairly well. Strong and handsome boyfriend. He said it was either him or the dog...well I'm keeping the dog." She said harshly, with glaring eyes and tilted head.

"Ok ok...That’s what you said when she bit my nut sack too." I said and we both laughed, recalling that episode. "And don’t forget about the time Cloud sank her teeth in your ass, thinking it was mine." And we both burst out laughing, even though I was still rubbing my sore foot.

"Oh look...are you broken?" Tammy said as she pointed at my limp cock, where it lay curved against my leg, appearing bent. She laughed but I didn't, instead I looked back at her in frustration. Her light giggle and pointing finger sent "Jaws," back into action, starting another deafening round of incensed yapping.

Tammy got up off the bed with "Killer" in her arms, heading to the bedroom door. She was petting the poodle with sensual glides across her soft, furry back. Tammy thought of Cloud as a little angel, come down to protect her and keep her company. She adored her cute puppy face and fast paced prance across the floor, always raving about the beauty of the toy poodle.

I however, saw Cloud as a demon from hell. The viscous, little mongrel needed to be given a doggie downer, especially when we were having sex. Little, white Cloud was a dragon in disguise, with the fangs of a wolf and the temperament of a tiger. I’d learnt very early in the relationship to avoiding putting myself anywhere near the "Terminator”, though she would continually appear, eager to harass me.

Tammy came back into the room, sensually swaying her hips, dancing with an erotic flare. Her naked body slowly walked around the bed in an alluring fashion. Her perky breasts showed, protruding through her long hair as her they moved with each step. Her smile grew the closer she got to me. Lying on the bed next to me, she curled up against me, whimpering like a lost puppy.

"You sure do have cute puppies." I said as I leaned over and kissed her. Put my arm around her and slightly pulled her into me.

Ok...we’re Poodle proof." Tammy said. Which was the term we used to describe no worries for a short while. She smiled and settled into me.

"How’s your foot? Want me to kiss it and make it better?" She asked shifting her body to kiss my nipples. Smiling at me she slowly began to retrace her earlier trail.

"Well funny thing about foot injuries. Kissing the cock for long periods of time is known to be effective in foot therapy, reducing the pain and enabling it to be forgotten almost entirely." I said with a sensual pitch. Instantly she gripped my now growing muscle with her fingers, lightly breathing against it as she began to pull and tug.

Tammy began teasing my cock, licking the sides of my hardened shaft upwards before kissing the head. Eagerly she continued, with light strokes of the tongue along its length each lick ending at the crown. "Like this?" She asked.

"Oh yes...much better." I said as I began to relax and I felt the tension finally leaving. I lay there and relished the feeling of being lapped by her smooth tongue. Her lips folded around my hard cock, engulfing me before lightly pulling back. Over and over she teased me with the sensual rhythm, the sensation was wonderful and I was enjoying my healing treatment immensely.

I had all but forgotten my ankle, when I heard the little yapper outside the door. I jerked my head up quickly and shooting a cautious look at still closed door. Tammy suddenly took me deep in her throat, trying to ward off any fears that might tense me back up. It worked, the pleasure of her hot mouth was greater than the fear and I relaxed again enjoying her talented tongue.

The explosion of squirting cum in her warm mouth, took my mind far from thoughts of the little "Terror." Gasping for breath, I pushed her mouth away from my sensitive cock head. Tammy began to lap at my balls, curling her hands up like a sitting dog. Her tongue came out in a panting gesture as she smiled at me, even letting out a little "Ruff Ruff."

We both giggled at her playful puppy imitation. Then she rose over me, straddling my reclining body with her smooth thighs. Leaning down to kiss me, she eagerly licked my parted lips. Smiling into my eyes, she lowered herself onto my still hard cock.

"Grrrrr." Came the angry growl at the door, as if Cloud could clearly see us.

"I swear that little "Monster" has X-ray eyes or something. Oh well...at least we’re poodle proof for now." I said smiling, enjoying the sight of Tammy above me.

"You seem to forget one thing, love." Tammy said with a mischievous grin. "I’m the little monsters’ Mommy. And you don’t appear to be Tammy proof." Growling in the back of her throat, she leant closer, biting my neck as she rode me to ecstasy.

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