tagLoving WivesPool Payments Ch. 05

Pool Payments Ch. 05

byTx Tall Tales©


Kayla enters the fray, and learns the cost


I should have seen it coming. The girl clique was a three headed beast, and I was having sex with two of the three on a regular basis. How long did I expect before the third was privy to the action?

I ran into Kayla at the Half-Price book store, while picking up some light reading. I hadn't seen her in several weeks. She also had one young one, the same age as Lisa's youngest. The year before she'd been over to our pool pretty regularly. This year I'd only seen her once.

We said our greetings, and I asked her how come she never came by with her boy for a swim.

"I really can't afford the price of admission." She told me with an odd look that I really couldn't fathom. But I had a fair idea of what she was referring to.

"Really Kayla, you're being silly. You know you're welcome, no admission required."

She edged closer to me, speaking softly. "That's not what I heard from Lisa and Beth."

"Well, if they were paying anything, you could call it a 'donation', not admission. And donations are not required nor expected. Come on over anytime."

"Maybe I'll come over in the early evening when Traci's home. It seems a little safer."

"Whenever you want, just remember, the door is always open."

You can imagine my surprise when Lisa showed up the next day with Kayla in tow. Not 15 minutes later Beth made an appearance, for a total of 7 kids in the pool. It was becoming a permanent pool party.

After we'd been there a bit, sipping Rum Runners, Lisa asked if I didn't want to go in the house for a spell. I was almost afraid to answer, with Kayla and Beth there it seemed beyond brazen.

Beth encouraged me, saying "Go on, we can watch the brood."

Kayla turned to her, and asked "Don't you need to head in for a bit as well?"

"Nope," she replied, "I'm payed up for the week, with interest." She wore a naughty smile that left little doubt as to what she was referring to, but she did have the decency to blush.

I followed Lisa in, and we headed straight to the bedroom. I barely had the door closed before she was yanking down my shorts and going down on me. Within seconds I was more than ready, but I let her work on me for a while before helping her to her feet, and stripping off the flimsy excuse for a bathing suit she was wearing. It was closer to floss.

I knew exactly what I wanted; I wanted to do her doggy-style. And that's exactly what we did. I put her on her hands and knees on the bed, and I went straight to the point, no preliminaries, just knelt behind her, and slid my full length inside her tight little pussy. It was one of the things I loved about doing Lisa. Whatever I wanted, however I wanted. She was so easy, so willing. So flexible.

I was only a few minutes into her, when the door creaked open, making me jump off of Lisa, worrying that one of the kids might have come in. The house doors have security alarms on them, and give a series of beeps every time they're opened, but I guess I'd been too distracted to hear it.

Instead I turned to find Kayla standing in the doorway, slipping through it and closing it tightly behind her.

"Beth insisted I come in here and see what I'm supposed to be missing," she explained, but her eyes were fixed on my wet erection, eager to find it's home back inside of Lisa.

"I have no problem with that," I told her, looking over to Lisa, who had rolled over and grabbed a pillow to cover herself up.

"If you don't mind, I don't. An audience might be kind of fun," Lisa replied with a laugh, and then got back on her hands and knees, wiggling her cute little butt at me. "Come and get it, stud."

I had my hand on my cock, and was slowly rubbing it, keeping it good and ready. Kayla just stared at it, and I couldn't resist giving her a smile and giving my meat a couple of show-off exaggerated strokes. I climbed on the bed again, and mounted Lisa for the second time. Again no preliminaries, I just filled her with my cock, and gave her a long, slow, deep fucking.

Kayla slowly slid along the wall, so she could actually see what was going on. I put on a bit of a show, alternating long slow strokes, with a fast and furious pounding. I even turned toward Kayla once, creating a viewing angle of my cock sliding in and out of Lisa's steaming twat. Lisa moaned wonderfully seeming to enjoy the audience. Once I started to tire a bit, I rolled onto my back, and invited Lisa to finish on top. She climbed aboard backward, facing my feet and Kayla beyond them. She then put on an incredible show of her own, raising up and down on my cock, giving Kayla a great view of the entire length of my prick getting buried inside of her puffy swollen lips over and over again. With my hands cupping her ass, I helped hold her steady, while she showed off.

Lisa was good and worked up by then, and she dismounted long enough to turn around and face me before climbing back aboard. I was extremely excited both by her actions, and the idea of having a sexy blonde watching our every move. I grabbed Lisa's ass cheeks firmly in my hands, and lifted her up and down in a counter-rhythm to my own strokes, getting great penetration. I started thrusting into her harder, my hips powering away, hammering away at her.

"Fuck me good for her, Alex," Lisa grunted into my ear, and it was too much. With a guttural "Oh, FUCK," I came inside her massively. I peeked over to see what Kayla thought of all this, but the door was just clicking closed behind her.

Lisa rolled off of me with a smile. "That was intense, lover. Remind me later that I like the way you behave with an audience." Then she leaned over and kissed me warmly, lingering.

We cleaned up and headed back outside before too long, with refills on our drinks. Kayla and Beth were huddled in discussion, and I sat down and chatted for a bit, but needed to go back inside to get a little work done. Iloved the view, but was getting behind, and had a few things I really needed to close out by the end of the day. I excused myself from the crowd, and told them I'd be upstairs in my office if anything should come up.

I was composing an email reply at my desk, when I looked up to find Kayla eyeing me from the office door.

"Hi Kayla, what's up?" I asked her, not really paying too much attention, just finishing the last sentence before sending the email.

"Beth suggested I might be able to get a limited membership in your pool." She wandered across the room, around my computer table, and was standing over my shoulder looking at the work I was doing. "So, you guys do use these things for something other than porn."

"God I hope so, I make a living off these things, and as a porn star, I'd be going to bed hungry a lot." I laughed, closing the email application.

"So?" she asked, and I realized I'd almost missed her entire first comment.

"Limited membership? What did you have in mind?" I asked her. This was getting more interesting by the moment.

"You tell me, Alex. What payments would you like?" She was playing with the top button on her shirt, trying to act sexy, and I was getting hard again just thinking about her.

I found Kayla very pretty, but I knew a few people who thought she was funny looking. She had a very sharp turned up nose, very pronounced chin, and big green eyes. She was another bottled blonde, with big (store-bought) hooters, and a very curvaceous body. She was the biggest of the girls, not heavy, just more curvy. Round ass, narrow waist, shapelier legs. She was also the youngest by far. She was in her mid-20's when the others were all in their early 30's. She often wore overalls, and she was the only one around who did. Whereas the other girls wore very tight and revealing clothing, Kayla was a lot more reserved.

She'd also married a guy 18 years older than her, when she was very young. The news on the grapevine was that he spent more time locked up in his office with porn, then he did paying attention to her. It seemed like a ridiculous concept, but nothing much surprises me anymore.

What payments would I like?

I turned my chair to face her, just inches away, and placed my knees outside hers. I placed my hands on her legs just above the knees, and caressed upward, until they were on her hips. I then gave her a small tug forward, until our legs met.

"What payments would any red-blooded man want from a woman as hot as you." I answered.

"Like you really need me, after what I just saw going on."

"Need and want are two very different things, Kayla. I need to get some work done. I don't need the action you just happened upon with Lisa. I need to loosen my pants, or my dick is going to break. I don't need to be charging anybody for coming over here.

"On the other hand, I want to continue doing Lisa. I want to keep enjoying what Beth does for me, and I want to take you in my arms, carry you to the guest room, and ravish you until neither of us can walk." I stood up, the chair sliding away behind me, my body only inches from hers and placed my hands on her waist, leaning forward until her breasts pressed firmly against my chest.

She looked a bit like a deer caught in the headlights.

"Uh, what would you think is fair if I only come over about once a week?" She asked timorously.

"How about you become my permanent sex slave, and I see if I can wear you out?" I teased.


"Just kidding. How about if we get together once every couple of weeks, and do what comes naturally?"

"I don't know, Alex. I... I don't know if I can do what Lisa does." She could barely gasp it out.

I opened the top of my shorts while we were talking, and I took her hand and pressed it against my burgeoning erection, through my boxers. She pulled away at first contact, but then returned her hand of her own volition, and rubbed it just a bit.

"Oh, I think there's quite a bit you could do, Kayla." I reached up and unbuttoned her shirt slowly. We stopped talking, while I took her top off, and she continued to massage my growing hard-on. As I pulled the shirt off of each arm, she switched hands but continued to get acquainted with my cock. She seemed enthralled by it.

"Didn't you just finish with Lisa? You're ready again?"

"I'd have to be dead not to respond to you touching me for the first time."

With her top off, I reached around her, my hands meeting behind her back, and unsnapped her bra. It brought my face even closer to her, and my mouth was by her ear. I nibbled on her ear lobe, then let the tip just nudge her inner ear. "Shall we play?" I whispered. She had to let go of my cock a second, to let the bra come off, then she was slipping her hand inside my boxers stroking me. I turned her face and kissed her softly. My hands were caressing her bare back, while her hands tugged at me.

"What are you going to do with me?" She asked hesitantly, once our lips parted.

"I'm going to spend the better part of a summer doing everything to you that you deserve. Over and over again." I answered. Her shorts had an elastic waistband, so I grabbed shorts and panties both and tugged them to the ground. She covered up her tits and crotch with her arms and hands, and then realizing how silly she was being, she stopped covering her breasts, but both hands were hiding a view of her young pussy.

"I...I thought maybe I could give you a hand-job," She said with a quiver, backing away from me.

I grabbed one of her hands, and pulled her over to the back of the couch, where I placed my hands on her hips, and turned her away from me. I then pressed against the middle of her back, bending her over the couch. She used one hand to maintain her balance, and the other she was using to cover up her rear, pretty poorly at that. I used my foot to nudge her legs wider apart.

"Alex? What are you going to do with me?" she sounded so nervous, and yet she never quite said 'no' to anything so far.

"Let's start with just a taste of what Lisa got," I told her, letting my hands explore her body a bit from behind, caressing her soft young flesh.

She just stayed there, bent over, one hand trying to cover her crack, the other bracing herself, waiting to see what was going to happen to her.

I stood back, kicked off my shorts and removed my boxers, and then kneeled behind her. My hands went to her round ass, moving her hand away, and then opening her up. Her hand stayed where I placed it, holding her ass cheek tightly.

"Are you looking at it?" She asked nervously.

"Of course! You're beautiful." I leaned forward and placed a small kiss on her ass cheek.

"Oh God, this is so embarrassing. Can we turn off the lights?"

"I want to see you, you are so sexy. I want to watch how you react. I want to see your gorgeous body as I take you." I then leaned forward letting my tongue caress her between her legs.

"Oh, no! What are you doing?" She cried, almost pulling away from me, pressing hard into the back of the couch, but there was nowhere to go.

"I'm going to eat you my sweet. You have such a pretty little pussy." I spread her cheeks with my hands, and licked from clit almost completely to her ass.

"Alex, what are you doing? That's wrong!" She almost sounded hysterical.

"No, it's wonderful." I told her. As I licked her again, she tried to close her legs, but I was too far in between them.

"Alex, no, this isn't right," she pleaded.

"Come on Kayla, this can't be new to you."

"Well it is! You don't use your mouth there!" she gasped.

"Kayla, a lot of people use their mouth there. Beth and Lisa and I do." I backed away and turned her around facing me, her rear resting on the top of the couch. She covered up once again.

"Really? That seems so gross, so dirty." Her worked up face left me little doubt that she really believed that.

Wow! I had a real innocent here. Hard to believe in this day and age.

"Let's try this again," I suggested. I lead her around the couch and eased her onto her back. Her hand came up and covered her furry little pussy. The action had the bonus value of pressing her breasts together, enhancing the already delightful view.

"Alex, really, I feel weird. Can we please turn out the lights?" She seemed almost on the verge of tears, and I didn't want to lose her.

I stood and took two steps to the wall where I turned off the lights. The room was still lit pretty well, from the daylight streaming in through the curtained windows.

"Is that better?" I asked her, sitting on the edge of the couch beside her. My unflagging erection was only about a foot away from her eyes, and I reached across and soothingly brushed her hair back, and let my hand wander down her face, neck and shoulders.

"A little," she admitted.

"So how about if we just play a little, get to know each other?" I suggested, my hands still slowly wandering across her upper body, still avoiding her nipples, but playfully caressing the sides of her breasts.

"Ok, I guess," she answered softly.

I figured her breasts must be fair game. They were store bought, and her husband must have paid for them for a reason, so I reasoned she was used to having them played with. My breast play went from gentle caresses, to massaging, to my enjoying each of them with my mouth and tongue. She didn't fight me on that one, and she obviously enjoyed the action. After a few minutes I wanted more, and I let my hand wander down her body, while still working on her near breast. My fingers felt the beginning of her bush and I cupped her mound, rubbing her without letting my fingers enter her.

Again she allowed me my transgressions, and I could feel the burning warmth in her. Once her hips were pressing back against me, thrusting up against the heel of my hand, I let my fingers sink further, pressing against her moist lips, my fingertips edging into her.

I sat up, and took one of her free hands and placed it on my stiff rod. She closed her fingers around it, giving it a squeeze, and stroking up and down a bit.

"God, it's so big, so hard," she said softly.

It seemed so odd that Beth, Lisa and now Kayla commented on how big I was. I didn't think myself particularly huge. Like every guy I'd measured myself a few times, and measured along the top I was right around 8 inches. If 6 inches was the average I was only a couple of inches longer than that. Maybe the local husbands were a little under-average.

Kayla stroked me for a bit, and I started easing my middle finger into her, enjoying the feel of her warm, wetness. She brought her other hand into play, twisting her upper body, and bringing her face within a couple of inches of my hardness. With two hands stroking me strongly, the precum started to leak out of my cock, and she squealed.

"Are...Are you coming?" she murmured.

"Hardly," I answered, stifling a laugh, "that's just my warm up juice. You'll know when I come, which shouldn't be too long from now." I had to wonder how little she knew about sex. "Don't tell me you're not used to doing this either? You're married, woman! You must have a little experience."

She almost shuddered. "Not much. It's always pretty much the same. He climbs on me in the dark, pumps away at me for about a minute, grunts and rolls off. That's pretty much the extent of it." She sighed. "I hate his fucking computer. He stays up there for hours, then comes down with his thing all hard, and does his weekly duty before drifting off. I don't like where those hard-ons come from."

I leaned down and kissed her. "That's a crime. You are made for sex. You have an amazing body that would make any man rock hard. I think it's time somebody widened your horizons." I kissed her again, deeply, and was pleasantly surprised when her tongue finally tangled with mine.

I sat up a bit. "Miss Kayla, I think it's time Professor Alex evaluated your readiness for this summer internship," I teased. I had my middle finger deep inside of her now, and wiggled it around for emphasis.

She smiled for me, and my heart expanded. "Yes sir, Professor, I'll do my best." She giggled for just a second. "I may not have as much experience as your other interns, sir, but I think you'll find me an eager student." An almost imperceptible push back against my finger was more than enough encouragement. She blushed strongly, and turned away for a second, then thought better of it, and faced me, her pretty green eyes challenging me.

I was so pleased to hear those words. I was a little afraid I'd pushed the boundaries a little too far, too fast, but I felt now that she wanted those boundaries tested, if not shattered. I also loved the idea that she responded so well to a little bit of role playing.

I leaned down, by mouth almost touching hers. "I'm honored to be your teacher." My lips captured hers again, and now she responded eagerly, her hand once more seeking out my cock, and stroking it.

I had pulled my finger out of her and was massaging her mound. I nudged two fingers into her entrance. "Before the exam, I think we need to verify the vessel is suitable."

She smiled again for me, a twinkle in her eye. "Yes, Professor Alex, of course." She still gasped a bit when my fingers entered her firmly then started a litany of strokes, twists and curls, playing within her.

I was working her pussy over with my fingers, and she was reacting nicely. Kayla was pressing back, and I could feel how wet she was getting. I must have been distracting her, because she was still clinging to my cock, even as I felt her climb the ladder to her own impending orgasm.

"What are you doing to me?" she gasped.

In response I only fingered her a little more forcefully, the meat of my thumb pressuring her clit.

"That feels so wild," she whispered, pushing back just a bit. She released my cock, and brought her hands up to her breasts, holding them. "Oh, God, Alex, just like that."

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