Poolside Ch. 03, Pt. 1


Doris giggled. "No! Thanks to my mother and the older man she arranged to deflower me, I knew how to help him become a great lover. The problem is I also love Angie, and I had to find her a good man to be her first. You!"

"So how long do you and I keep having an affair?" I was stalling.

"This is the only time, buster! You've passed the final exam, and you and I are done! No more sex with me, period!"

I felt my penis slip out of Doris. I moved down her body and began to lick and suck up our combined fluids. Doris moaned. "You do that, too? You're even better than I thought!" She said.

I moved back to her face and kissed her, smearing her face with our aromatic juices. She grinned. "My turn!"

Doris twisted around into the sixty-nine position, and she began to clean my penis and pubic hair with her mouth. I quickly began to get hard. I continued lapping up the pussy juice and cum dripping out of her. Would Angie taste like this?

"Assuming I agree to this, umh, arrangement, what about protection? I don't want to get Angie pregnant!"

Doris paused her licking and said, "I got her on the pill last month, just before she turned eighteen." She continued her expert tongue action, making me still harder.

"And what happens after I seduce her, assuming I go through with this? I don't really want a young girlfriend in a town I don't live in anymore. Won't she be heartbroken if I just dump her? Or do the women in your family just have sex with guys without getting emotionally involved with them?"

"We've had plenty of time to work out that problem over the past several generations!" She said. "That part's neither easy nor pleasant, but it is straightforward. Besides you have to keep your relationship with Angie a secret, so she won't suffer in public - which helps a lot. And we've got a deadline! We're going to Europe for five weeks beginning the end of the month, and I want this settled before then. Angie can get over you while she's over there. The pool closes the day before we get back, and you'll be headed back to school. She won't have to see you then, either."

I was flabbergasted and stared at Doris for several seconds. "WHAT? You want me to seduce and break up with Angie in THREE WEEKS? While I'm working full-time? And we've never even gone out on a date before? And this is supposed to be kept SECRET?"

Doris just looked at me and nodded. "It's a bit of a fucking challenge!" She said and giggled at her pun.

"And your husband? Does he approve of my servicing his daughter? And you?"

"NO! The husbands and fathers do NOT know! EVER! If Bob found out about this he'd probably divorce me and hurt you, badly!" I wondered if Doris knew that Bob was unfaithful, not that it really mattered. She was right. Unfaithful or not, he wouldn't tolerate my fucking his wife and daughter. Or just his wife.

I thought about it for a minute. "I understand why they shouldn't find out. They'd realize how completely they had been manipulated, and . . . "

She cut me off. "Exactly! The only ones who will EVER know are you, me, my sisters, and eventually Angie."

"Your SISTERS? What the hell for?"

"I need at least one of them to help! As you pointed out, there isn't much time!"

"Maybe you ought to get somebody over there to do the job! I hear Europeans are much more sophisticated about sex than we are. Hell, hire a pro!"

"No, I want you. I don't want to have to 'try on' some other men right under my husband's nose in order to find a lover for Angie. You're it!"

"If I agree. This could be dangerous and expensive."

"Dangerous, maybe. Just don't get caught! But surely pleasurable! And I'll pay your expenses."

"So now you want me to be a male whore, hired to screw your daughter, then collect my pay and leave? What the . . ."

"NO! If you have to take days off from work, I'll pay you the same wages. If you have expenses like hotels, I'll pay for that. That's all I meant!"

Doris's licking on my penis had it erect again, and I was starting to think with it as guys so often do. Her juices were still flowing, and I was getting her to make little grunts as I flicked my tongue across her clitoris. Why the hell not? We were both ready.

"I'll agree to do it, Doris, but there's only one way to seal the deal." I rolled back around on top of her and kissed her, smearing more of her juice on her lips.

Doris looked knowingly at me and smiled. "And that is?" She coyly asked.

I rolled her back over on top of me and pulled her legs forward so that she was straddling my hips, with my penis against her pussy. "We're not going to shake on it, Doris! We're going to fuck on it! So climb on!"

Doris laughed deep in her throat and quickly climbed up and impaled herself on my erection. "I hope you're man enough!"

Doris clamped down with her vagina and lifted herself up with her legs, almost pulling me off the mat by my penis. Then she dropped herself back onto me. She repeated this movement several times. I knew I couldn't take too much of that! God, it felt unbelievably erotic! It also felt like she was pulling my penis out by its roots! Her legs were deceptively strong, but the strength in her vagina was beyond belief!

It also affected her. Her mouth was open and she was making high-pitched sounds as my penis slipped from her tight grasp as she lifted up, then she moaned as she again impaled herself on me. After only a couple of minutes, I felt myself starting to get close. I reached up and pulled on her nipples with one hand and I pressed my thumb against her clitoris with the other, and Doris exploded. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH"

Her rippling orgasm was intense, but not as sensual as what she had just been doing. I stared hard at her stretch marks and tried to think of fucking my mother. I pushed thoughts of Angie out of my mind. I managed to keep from ejaculating.

Doris calmed down, and kissed me while she recovered. Then she began again. I lasted through another of her orgasms. But the next one was just too intense, and I felt my penis swell and begin to spurt, and Doris and I screamed together for a long time.

She fell on me and we both just clung together, covered with sweat, gasping for breath. After about ten minutes, Doris got up, releasing my penis with a wet pop. She moved up to my shoulders and sat on my face. "Eat me!" She commanded.

I did, and she enjoyed another, less-intense orgasm. Then she moved between my legs and licked me clean. By that time I felt I could probably stand up - with a little help from Doris. That was a workout!

Doris took me by the hand and led me back into the house, through the master bedroom, into the huge master bath. We entered a shower that was big enough for six people. We began to share an erotic shower, soaping and rinsing each other.

I had two fingers of my right hand inside her, and I was rubbing her nipples with my left when I had a sudden thought. I broke away from kissing her, and asked, "What about Bud? Won't he be a problem? He'll probably come after both Angie and me!"

Doris was holding my stiff prick and balls as she gently soaped them. She looked at me and said, "He won't be a problem. I guess I didn't tell you what happened to him."

She paused. "His testicles were so damaged. They had to be removed. Poof! Castrated! 'But the Stud is now just a guy with a big penis that he probably won't be able to make stiff. No more testosterone except from pills."

"But I didn't hurt him that badly! Hell, he could even drive himself to the hospital!"

Doris gave me a cold stare. "We've donated over a million dollars to that hospital. At the very least we ought to be able to buy a little personal satisfaction from the doctors, don't you think?"

I realized that's what Bob had arranged when he'd called the hospital! I've never had my penis go soft so fast. I moved my hands away from Doris, but she wrapped her index finger of one hand around the base of my now flaccid penis and balls. With her other hand she gently fondled my testicles. "Looks like we won't be having any shower sex, will we Don?" And she gave me another cold stare.

Now I was worried. "Bu . . . bu . . . but he'll know I did it to him, and when he gets out he'll come after me! I was lucky to blind him with the camera last night! But if he catches me off-guard, I'm dead!"

Doris kept holding my privates. "He's not going to be on the streets for at least twenty years. Right now he's sedated, and by the time he wakes up and finds out he's a eunuch, he'll be charged with multiple counts of rape. Angie knew the names of a dozen of his girlfriends, and just before you got here, I got a phone call that three girls had already sworn out complaints downtown."

"OK, so he's arrested. But when he gets out on bail . . ."

"Bail? Judge Parker is one of my husband's closest friends. Bud's a documented menace to society. There's no chance he'll be out on bail!"

I backed up in the shower until I hit the wall, but Doris followed me, still holding my penis and balls. She looked up at me and smiled. "I'm sorry I scared you, Don! You have nothing to worry about as long as my husband doesn't find out about you and me - or you and Angie!" She gave my balls a firm squeeze.

Just like turning a switch, Doris changed gears. She let go of my penis and balls, pulled my face down, and kissed me. "We've got to plan this very carefully." She said. "You've already saved her, so it should be easy to get her to talk to you. When she does, ask her out for Saturday. I'll figure out a way to keep your date a secret from everyone else, including Bob."

"I don't think I can seduce her in one date!"

Doris sighed impatiently. "START seducing her. I want the main event to take place somewhere nice, like in a good hotel. Let me work on that! In the meantime, get her thinking about you! And wanting you! You don't have a lot of time!"

I got dried off and dressed. I didn't know whether to be looking forward to seducing Angie or to be afraid of what would happen if word got back to her father. All I had to do was secretly date her, slip her into a motel, screw her, then dump her - all without anyone finding out. Hey, no problem! Sure. Well, at least Angie turned me on, so the effort would be pleasurable! And her body was fantastic!

I was more than a little thoughtful when I drove away. I had some time before I had to go to the pool, so I got some burgers and drove around while I ate them. This was an awfully cold-blooded thing to do to Angie. But did I really have a choice? Yeah, I probably did, but I was really attracted to her. That's always the excuse, isn't it? I was thinking with my prick. The intense I-want-to-fuck-the-female-that-I-fought-and-won feelings from the night before were lurking just below the surface. Hell, even the virgin's MOTHER wanted me to bed her! Testosterone defeated common sense as it usually does.

Doris was a sexual enigma. She had obviously experienced several powerful orgasms with me, but somehow she never really lost control of herself. Was it because she was so much older than I was and had given birth? I had certainly enjoyed the experience, but there was a residual ache where her vacuum fuck had practically ripped my penis from my body. Did Bob Hamilton enjoy having Doris do that to him? If not, that might explain his getting laid elsewhere. I abruptly got erect as an image of Angie's naked body splashed across my mind, and I stopped musing about her parents and their sexual activities. I thought about how I would actively seduce Angie - with her mother's blessing!

Continued in Poolside Ch. 3, Pt. 2

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