tagNonConsent/ReluctancePoor Little Cassie Ch. 04

Poor Little Cassie Ch. 04


Note: This is part four of a series. It will make a lot more sense if you read them in order.

Chapter Four – Christmas Party – Part Two

I have to admit I wasn't entirely surprised that I had just gotten fucked on a deck in the middle of a Christmas party. It was sort of completing my week, the week I changed from a typical 18 yr old college freshman cheerleader to a girl who would let a stranger fuck her from behind in the middle of a party just because a man was now controlling her to the point of ultimate surrender. My poor young mind raced as I took yet another drink to try and wash away my worries from my mind and my ex-boyfriend's cum out of my mouth.

"Come on baby, I want to show you something." Tony said and held out his hand.

I put my hand in his and he led me back into the house. I immediately saw my parents and he led me over to them.

"There you are, Cassie. I was wondering where you were." My Mom said.

"Yes, I found her daydreaming on the deck." Tony said.

"I am so sorry honey. There really is no one here your age." My Mom said.

"You guys want refills on your drinks?" Tony said.

My Mom and Dad both nodded. Tony turned and walked to the bar.

"Honey, do you want to go?" Mom said.

"No, I am fine. I am having fun and I have met a few people. It will be ok." I said.

"Isn't this a gorgeous house?" Mom said.

I nodded as she looked around. Tony returned and had a drink for all three of us. He handed me a fresh new pink drink.

"Don't worry Mikey, it is a special fruit punch combination. Our little girl is still three years away from being legal." Tony said and punched my Dad on the shoulder.

I took another big drink and felt the calmness run down my throat and finally wash the taste of Tim out of my mouth.

"Let me leave you guys alone, enjoy yourselves and there are appetizers in the next room if you are hungry." Tony said.

Tony took my hand and kissed it.

"I will see you later, sweet Cassie." Tony said and leaned toward me.

"Meet me near the bathroom in five minutes." He whispered in my ear as he walked away.

I stood there stunned, not sure what to do. I turned to my Mom and Dad.

"Are you guys having fun?" I asked.

"Oh yes, we don't get out much anymore so this is lovely. Mike, you agree?" Mom said.

My Dad nodded and took another drink.

"I am getting a little hungry, let's go see what he has for appetizers." Mom said.

"I need to go to the bathroom, I'll catch up with you." I said.

Mom kissed me on the cheek and grabbed my dad's hand and pulled him out of the room. I took a deep breath and turned to walk towards the bathroom. I rounded the corner and Tony was leaning against the wall. I walked up to him.

"You ready for some fun, baby girl?" He said.

I looked at him and wondered exactly what he meant. He had a devious smile on his face and he held out his hand. My mind was screaming no but my small hand nestled into his. He led me down the hall and through a door at the end. We stepped into the room and he closed the door behind us. It looked like a sitting room of some sort, there was a couch, a big TV, and a fireplace with a roaring fire. He led me through the room and into another room. We entered the next room and it was huge. There was a king bed in the middle and another big TV. The furniture looked antique and beautiful. I heard some laughter and five guys walked into the room from a sliding glass door. There was another deck off this room.

The five guys I met earlier entered the room and stopped to look at us.

"What's up Tony?" The man named Jimmy said.

"I wanted to show you something and needed your opinion. Have a seat." Tony said.

The guys all sat on chairs and a couch there in the room. Tony led me to the middle of the room directly in front of the guys. They looked confused, as did I.

"You see, I have been thinking seriously about bringing little Cassie on in the Marketing department and wanted to know what you guys thought." Tony said.

"But Tony, we don't have a Marketing department." One of the twins said.

"Well, that's my point. Little Cassie here inspired me and I think we need one." Tony said.

"I don't get it Tony. What would she do?" The other twin said and I looked at Tony.

"Well, for starters she is going to nail down the Bertrand deal for us tonight. She also would be quite an inspiration to the staff on a daily basis, I think." Tony said.

All of the guys looked at him with strange looks on their faces. He looked over at me and I am sure I looked just as confused.

"Baby girl, would you please slip off that dress?" Tony said and you could hear a pin drop.

I stared at him and he just looked back at me with steely eyes and a slight smirk. I couldn't look at the guys. Tony made a small gesture with his head and my hands grabbed two handfuls of my dress and started pulling it up. I pulled it slowly up and over my head and then completely off. Tony walked up and took the dress from me. I watched him fold it carefully and lay it over the back of a chair.

"Guys, are you inspired?" Tony said.

I looked at the guys and they were all staring at me with their mouths open. Their eyes moved from my black silk pushup bra down my flat tummy to my black silk panties. My black stockings were now on display and I am sure causing pants to tighten. I was still wearing my black heels which looked strange to me as I was standing in front of all these guys in my underwear. I wanted to cover myself but I knew that is not what Tony wanted so my arms hung loosely by my sides.

"Baby, pick one of the guys to continue, please?" Tony said.

It took me a minute to figure out what he meant and then I walked slowly up to Jimmy. He seemed to be the oldest one there and for some reason he had a trusting face.

"Jimmy, you win the prize, unwrap a little more of our Christmas present." Tony said.

Jimmy reached up and popped the front clasp on my bra. My young firm boobs immediately bounced free and he slipped the bra off my arms and tossed it to Tony. He was staring at my chest, only a few inches from his face. He leaned forward and kissed my right nipple. I moaned and my nipple hardened instantly. He kissed my other nipple and then looked at Tony.

"She is exquisite and I am quite inspired." Jimmy said and rubbed his crotch.

Tony laughed.

"Baby, pick another winner." Tony said.

I walked and stood in front of one of the twins. He reached up and pulled my panties down slowly. He uncovered my bare pussy very slowly and then slid them down my thighs. They reached my knees and dropped softly to my feet. He reached down and I stepped out of each leg. He sniffed the panties and then threw them to Tony.

"Son of a bitch. She is perfect." The twin said and rubbed the outside of my thighs softly as he stared at my teenage pussy.

"Yeah, I thought you would like her. Baby, can you go have a seat on the edge of the bed?" Tony said.

I turned around and walked the few feet and then sat on the edge of the bed. They guys were all still staring.

"Now I need you guys to let me know if she is worthy of employment. However, you can only use your mouth and you can't put anything inside her yet, I need her fresh and clean for Bertrand. Speaking of Bertrand, Jimmy, is he here yet?" Tony said.

"Not yet Tony." Jimmy said.

"Good, you go first and then you can go out and wait for him. Baby, would you please spread your legs for Mister Jimmy?" Tony said.

I slowly spread my long legs, I was still wearing my stockings and heels but my pussy was now wide open in front of these guys. I was leaning back with my hands on the bed, just waiting.

"Bon appetit, gentleman, I will be back in a few." Tony said and left the room.

Everyone looked at me and I lowered my head. I was a little embarrassed at my ultimate submission. How did I get here? Just last week I was sitting in class on the top of the world, a college cheerleader, a new boyfriend, and all the freedom to do whatever I want. Now I am sitting on a bed pretty much naked with my legs spread just waiting for five guys to do whatever to me.

I noticed movement and Jimmy was now kneeling between my legs. I watched as his head came closer and then as his tongue reached out and touched my clit. I shivered and flinched and he licked slowly down my pussy, his tongue sliding between my lips. He flicked in my hole and then sucked on my clit. I closed my eyes and spread my young legs wider.

"Jesus Christ, she is so fucking sweet." Jimmy said and licked slowly down the length of my pussy again.

I closed my eyes. He continued to lick all over my pussy. His tongue was warm and soft and he seemed to know exactly where to put it. I felt my young body responding and I couldn't stop it. I heard a moan and I knew it was me. Jimmy was still licking and my hips were now moving slightly. I moaned again and then he pulled away. My eyes popped open just in time to see another guy kneel between my legs. I didn't remember his name but I thought he was the accountant. He looked like an accountant as he munched on my little pussy.

I closed my eyes again and let my head fall back. My hips were moving a lot now to try and push up into his face. His tongue was just as talented as Jimmy's and he was playing me like a fine instrument. I moaned again and then I felt a wet warmth on my right nipple. I did not open my eyes but someone was now sucking on my right nipple and squeezing my left breast. The tongue was still going in my wet pussy and I felt an orgasm build slowly in my toes and run up my legs. I moaned, the man bit my right nipple, another man sucked my clit softly, and I came like a truck. I started thrashing around and they held me. My little body convulsed on the bed and slowly settled down. They let go of me and I collapsed on the bed, my legs still wide open.

Another pair of lips kissed me. I opened my mouth to accept the tongue of a stranger. I wrapped my hand around his head and pulled him to me. I wanted attention, my body was on fire and I wanted men to do things to it. At this point I didn't really care what, just touch me, kiss me, bite me, anything. He kept kissing me and I felt another tongue between my legs. He was moving very slowly. More hands on my breasts and I was a lucky girl.

This round continued for another 5 minutes and I was well on my way to another orgasm. Suddenly the men pulled off and I opened my eyes to see Tony standing there. He was smiling. The guys were standing around the bed. Tony walked over and lifted me up to a sitting position. He had my panties in his hand and he put them up to my mouth. He pushed slightly and I spread my lips and he shoved my panties into my mouth. I made a weird noise.

"Sorry about that baby but I can't have you talking for a little while. Something is going to happen and no one can say anything." He said and looked to the guys.

They all nodded. I looked up at him.

"Don't worry sweetheart. You don't have to do anything different from what you were just doing. Keep those pretty legs spread and just enjoy." He said and turned to walk away.

I was very confused as were the guys. We looked at each other and then heard something. Tony walked around the corner with my Mom. I jumped to get up but Tony held out his hand and I froze.

"Keep still, baby girl." He said.

I looked at my Mom. There was a blindfold over her eyes and her hands seemed to be tied behind her back. She was standing very still. She was still wearing her pretty red dress. Tony walked her to the middle of the room, near me. He reached around and started unbuttoning her dress. Buttons ran all the way down the front and he was now opening the third one. I saw her white bra and then her stomach. It wasn't quite as tight as mine but it wasn't bad. He kept going and now I saw her white panties covered in pantyhose. My Mom started to shake a little but she didn't move. He finished unbuttoning and her dress was hanging completely open. He pulled it back over her shoulders and it hung on her arms. The guys were all staring. Tony unclasped her bra in the back and it loosened on her chest. He pulled it over her head and let it fall over her bound arms. Her breasts were big and full and hung down a little. Her nipples were big and brown and they were rock hard. She was shaking.

"Ok Helen, now we are going to do something a little different. I have a guest here that needs attention and you are going to help her out." Tony spoke to her and she nodded.

He led her closer to me and grabbed her head. He pushed her head slowly down towards my chest. I could feel my Mom's breath on my breast.

"Now use that special tongue Helen." Tony said.

My Mom stuck out her tongue and started licking and kissing my nipple. I bit my lip, I was horrified and excited at the same time. I noticed movement and most of the guys were rubbing their crotches. She moved to the other nipple and I tried not to scream.

"Aren't they lovely, Helen? Nice and firm." Tony said.

"Yes, yes." My Mom answered.

Tony grabbed her head and pushed it down to my crotch. She was only inches away from my open pussy. I felt her breath.

"Now Helen, you are going to eat out this cute little teenager. Have you ever tasted teenage pussy before Helen?" Tony asked.

"No." My Mom answered.

"Are you excited, do you want to try it?" Tony asked.

"Oh yes, yes, it smells wonderful." My Mom said.

Tony pushed her forward and I felt my Mother's tongue lap at her own daughter's pussy. I lurched forward as the pleasure overtook me for a second. My horror at what was happening was losing out to the wonderful feeling of a warm tongue running over the most sensitive part of my young body. I moaned and Mom sucked on my little clit. I was so conflicted, what had I become? How could I be excited that my own Mother was being abused and forced to suck her own daughter's pussy? I moaned again as my Mom licked slowly up and down the complete length of my young cunt.

Tony moved behind her and started pulling down her pantyhose. I watched him slide them to her knees and then move behind her and jam his cock into her. She squealed but never stopped licking me. Tony was fucking her hard now, her head moving in and out. I was going to cum again. I closed my eyes and concentrated on my Mom's wonderful tongue and I felt my young body winding up. I heard a groan and opened my eyes to see Tony's orgasm face. He dumped a load into my Mom and stepped back. The accountant guy stepped behind her and shoved his cock into her. She groaned into my pussy. My orgasm hit me hard and I screamed into my panties. I grabbed my Mom's head and held her to my crotch. The accountant was hammering her and I was convulsing, it was quite a sight. The man finished as I was slowly coming down. Another man moved behind her and I held her head. She was licking softly and slowly as she let me recover.

I let go of my Mom's head and laid back on the bed. I felt her lay her head across my tummy as the guys kept fucking her. It was one of the twins. I put my arms around my Mom's head and held her. I wondered if she could tell it was me? Could she smell me? Did she know my touch? I held my Mom tight as the other two men fucked her. There were only five, I did not see Jimmy, he must be waiting for this Bertrand person. Who was that and what did Tony mean by me nailing down the account? Was I going to have to fuck this person? I did need to fuck something. My pussy was on fire and I had just cum hard twice. I could feel how wet I was.

The last man finished in my Mom and Tony grabbed her and stood her up. Her face was glistening with my juices and cum was running down her thighs. Her pussy was matted and wet and looked a mess. Tony pulled up her panties and pantyhose, trapping all the cum. He pulled her bra back on and then started buttoning her dress. He finished buttoning and she looked almost normal, except for the glistening cunt juices on her face from her own daughter's pussy.

Tony moved over to me and whispered in my ear.

"Get dressed and get back out there before your Mom." He said.

I jumped off the bed, pulled my panties from my mouth and slipped them on. They felt strange but I grabbed my bra and slipped it on quick. I pulled my dress over my head and straightened it. I fluffed my hair and I was good to go. I noticed then that the four guys were staring at me. I smiled and walked over to one of the twins, I would have to learn to tell them apart.

I got on my tiptoes and kissed him on the lips. He grabbed me and kissed me back. I moved to his brother and did the same. Tony was standing next to my Mom smiling as I kissed his staff. I moved past him and smiled. I left the room and immediately went to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and fixed my hair a little. I adjusted the top of my dress and I left.

I went to the bar right away and Mandy gave me a drink and a smile without me having me have to say a thing. I took a deep drink to try and calm myself down. My pussy was actually itching, I needed something and I was thinking it needed to be long and hard. I took a deep breath and looked around. My Dad was talking to a group of guys and I walked over.

"Hey sweetheart." My Dad hugged me and kissed me on the forehead.

He must have been feeling pretty good, his hug was strong and he usually got very affectionate when he was getting drunk.

"Hi daddy." I said as he squeezed me.

I could feel my boobs being pushed together against his chest and from the looks of the two guys standing there they noticed it too. I started to wonder if everything tonight was going to be sexual. I got fucked by my ex-boyfriend on the deck, got oral sex from five guys and my Mom and now these two guys were staring at my firm young boobs as they tried to pop out of the top of my dress.

"Let me introduce you to these guys. This is Billy, I graduated from high school with him and he works for Tony. This is my daughter Cassie." Daddy said, pointing to a handsome black guy.

"Nice to meet you Cassie." Billy responded in a smooth, sweet voice.

"Nice to meet you." I answered.

"And this guy also works for Tony. His name is Frank." My Daddy said, pointing to the humongous guy standing next to Billy.

"Nice to meet you Frank." I said.

"And you too sweetie." He responded.

Frank looked like a lumberjack. He was over 6 feet tall easily and his shoulders looked massive. He was wearing a stereotypical red flannel shirt and had a full beard so that helped the comparison. His hands were gargantuan as they held onto a glass. The glass looked so small and it was the same size as the one I could barely get my hand around. He did have a wonderful smile but I felt like he was looking at me like a piece of meat.

They started talking again about sports and stuff and I looked around the room. I saw Jimmy and then I saw the twins. I looked around more and the room was getting very crowded. I took another big sip of my drink and then laughed at a joke that Frank told. I felt someone near me and I turned to see my Mom walking up. She looked like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Her hair was perfect and her dress looked nice. I knew that her panties and pantyhose had to be full of cum as she walked up to the group.

"Hi Mom." I said.

"Hey baby." She said and kissed the top of my head.

I wondered if she had any idea she was eating out my pussy a few minutes ago. I stared at her face and came to the conclusion that she had no idea. She stood next to my Dad and he introduced her.

Billy made a comment about my beauty and genes and my Mom beamed. He was pretty smooth. He looked at me and smiled a big, pretty smile. I smiled back and wondered what his cock looked like. I was afraid that I was going to find out eventually, I just wasn't sure exactly when.

Speaking of cocks, I looked down and then let my eyes wander up Frank's legs to his crotch. I took a sip of my drink as I stared at his crotch and wondered if it was equivalent to the rest of his body. I could feel my poor pussy tingle as the image of him standing in front of me holding a cock that looked like a big log.

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