tagNonConsent/ReluctancePoor Melinda Ch. 06

Poor Melinda Ch. 06


"Handcuffs!?" That's not what I was expecting. I actually don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't that.

"I still wanna keep you hard the rest of the way" she smiled "but I want to make sure you don't get selfish again and this is the only way I can think to do dat."

"You have handcuffs?" I'm still a bit astonished.

"My boyfriend a cop"

"Uhhhhh..." I'm at a loss for what to say. For whatever reason I don't really feel like I'd be in any danger although if someone else was telling me this story I'd certainly think they were an idiot for even considering it. A crazy girl, with a boyfriend, who's a cop, wants to handcuff me?

"It's not that far now" she tries to convince me. With her arms still on top of my car she starts wiggling side to side setting those tits into delicious motion. She quickly looks down at her own heavy hangers to verify that they're on display to her liking an then looks back to me to enjoy watching my brain melt. "and think" she continues, not letting those puppies stop "if your hands are locked up, I hafta keep you hard myself."

"Unnnn..." I try to form a reply while my penis hardens watching her breasts jiggle and jostle "How far is it?"

"Not far" jiggle "near the park" jiggly-jiggly-jiggle.

I don't really know where the park is but I'm just not thinking well now. "ok" I say feeling a wave of excitement and trepidation. She smiles and stands up ending the boob-show. She tosses the purse onto the drivers seat and digs through it. Sure enough, she finds a pair of handcuffs.

"You do have keys to those?" I ask.

She reaches in again and with a smile produces a key. She stands up again and slides the key into her pocket and then goes to the back door and opens it. She gets in and slides over behind me as I watch silently.

"Sit back and put'cho hands behind the seat" she commands.

I do and with my heart fluttering in my chest I feel the cold cuff close around one wrist. I feel her grab my other hand and guide the other wrist into the waiting jaws of the sister cuff. As it clicks shut I realize I'm trembling a bit. My penis is straining my pants. I try to calm down as she returns to the drivers seat and closes the door.

"Comfy?" she asks with a smile.

Actually, it's not too bad. "Yes" I reply.

She starts the car and shifts towards me looking up and down from my face down my torso at her leisure. I think this might be her kink. She really seems to be enjoying having me in this situation. I admit I like it too but if she wants to lock me up at when we get to her house, I won't be cool with that.

She reaches over to feel my crotch and finding me hard looks at me with a big smile. "Whoa! I see this is not gonna to be hard to do."

She starts rubbing me through my pants and I try humping against her hand. "Someone's exited!" she laughs. She starts playing a game with me. She pulls her hand away when I push my dick up into it and squeezes and rubs me when I relax back into the seat, which makes me press up into her hand again. It's frustrating to have the pleasure removed at the moment I try to increase it. She of course, finds my frustration amusing. She giggles.

She holds her hand up in the air over my crotch and says "Come on boy, try to reach it" I hump up to her hand where she gives me a brief squeeze and then raises her hand a bit more. Now it's out of reach but I still strain to rub myself against the only thing I can, her maddening hand.

"Come on! Come on boy!" she playfully teases as if my penis were a dog jumping to reach a treat. "Come on, beg". She laughs and with that she pulls her hand away and I plop back down onto my seat.

She casually looks at me appearing pleased with herself. After a moment she explains "I need to make some adjustments".

She grabs the top of my pants near the belt buckle with her right hand and pulls down the zipper with her left. I'm getting so excited with the prospect of her touching my dick. Once the zipper is open she starts undoing the belt.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm gettin yer dick out" and she starts to undo the button of my pants.

"You need to take my pants off for that?" I'd like to maintain as much cover as I can.

"I WANT to take yer pants off for that"

I watch helplessly as she starts to pull my pants down to mid thigh. My penis tries to stand up but my boxers constrict it to about a 45 degree angle off to the left. As she supports herself with her right hand on the console between our seats the fingers of her left hand slide up under the left leg of my boxers. It tickles but I fight the urge to laugh because the last thing I want it to give her the idea that she can start tickling me in my helpless state. I'd rather she just rob me and leave me than go through something like that. But high up on my thigh she starts making circles, random, light, tickling circles.

"I know there's somethin good in here somewhere" she teases. Part of me wants to block out the sensation so I don't get tickled but another part of me, the part that's noticing now soft those fingers are, that knows how much my dick wants to be touched, that part wants to soak it all in so it can imagine those fingers on my penis. I just hold my breath and hope it ends soon.

"maybe up a little further" she slowly reaches farther in while looking at me. I switch glances between her face, with it's little smile, and her hand slowly disappearing under the leg of my boxers. Now her fingers are tracing around my ball sac. It's a toss up over what I want more, her to touch my penis or just stop.

"I bet this ain't where you want to be touched" lips parted in a gapped smile.

Trying to keep my cool I manage "There is another place I'd prefer."

"I bet" and she removes her hand. After adjusting her position in her seat she reaches towards my waist and I feel her brown fingers under the waistband of my boxers and she starts to pull them down. I'm trembling again with the need and anticipation. I desperately want her to make me cum and I don't just mean I want to cum. I want her to do it. Like she owes it to me. Like it clears a debt. It would make us even after all the shit she's put me through.

"Here it comes" she sing-songs as the waistband slides down the length of my erection to the tip and then, boing! It pops free waving in the air for a second before coming to rest pointing right to the ceiling of my car.

She continues to pull the underwear down until it meets my pants at mid thigh. She then grasps both the pants and the underwear and pushes them both down below my knees.

"Is that really necessary?" I ask.

Ignoring my question she just looks at my erection and grasps the base "Mmmmm, lookit dat!" and with that she starts to give me almost exactly what I wanted. Up and down she starts to slowly slide two fingers and a thumb. Not much pressure but after not being touched for some time I'm loving it.

"You like dat?" she softly asks without looking up

"Yes. Oh yes" I consider asking her to start driving so we can get back to her place right away but my dick won't let me.

She wraps her hand all around it and gives it a couple of good squeezes and then takes just the side of her index finger and starts rapidly rubbing it up and down the most sensitive spot just below the head. I'm lost in the sensation until her voice finds me.

"How much you pay me to make you cum right now?"

"You're not a prostitute are you?"

Laughing she responds "No but... You think ah'm gonna jerk a white boy for nothin?"

She grips just below the head with a circle made of her thumb and forefinger and starts slowly and lightly running up and down the length of my penis making it difficult to carry on the conversation "Um... well, I'd...."

"Yeah, I bet you pay almost anything if I make you nut right now." she says while watching my erection strain.

"Ohhhh..." I groan. I really want to cum. If only she'd increase the pressure, or the speed.

"So Mikey, you wan'it?"

"I do" she lightly set her palm of her right hand down on the head of my dick and started tickling the underside with her fingers

"So what about me?" her fingers continue the light tickling.

"I thought we'd be making each other cum?" although I didn't really care if she cums or not and I was even thinking she'd just be concerned with making me cum good so that I'd be impressed with her. "you know, when we get to your place" hint, hint.

"We'll see. I'm not so sure I'm into that anymore"

"Huh? Why?" She circled my penis with her thumb and index finger right around the most sensitive section and started jacking up and down quickly but lightly, and only over a span of about half an inch. "Why?" I repeated although now I was asking about her teasing.

"you've been very disrespectful towards me" and off her hand comes.

"What? What do you mean?"

Ignoring me she puts the car in gear and looking over her left shoulder pulls away from the curb.

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