tagGay MalePoor Simon Ch. 03

Poor Simon Ch. 03


*Hello and welcome to the third installment of Poor Simon! If you have stayed with him this long, you should know by now that the following story includes Gay activity, emotional turmoil, non-consent, and domination. As always, please comment the hell out of it so I can make future installments better for YOU!

All characters in the following piece are 18+

Remember that this is a work of fiction, and that human trafficking is a sad, sick, and all too real problem.

With that said, please enjoy Poor Simon*


For one beautiful, sleepy moment, I was back home. I stretched on my little twin bed and yawned like a cat. I sniffed the air to see if Dad was making pancakes.

When my eyes opened however, I was in a dark room. The bed and the chest loomed like dark animals and I saw them through the fine mesh of the dog kennel's sides.

I realized where I was. The mere knowledge that I was no longer my own person was enough to make the corners of my eyes burn with tears. I huddled on the foam mat under the thin blanket and I cried silently for a little while.

Just the memory of what I had done yesterday made me shiver and cringe. I had squirmed as a man masturbated me to an orgasm. I had eaten like an animal off the ground. I had sucked a man's cock and then jerked off while he watched me. I had done all of these things while being whipped and humiliated, and somehow being aroused by it all.

I let out a small whimper. I had even licked up semen, his and mine. I fingered the collar around my neck and shivered. I didn't dare to take it off, even though I hated it.

I jumped and hit my head on the top of the cage when a shrill ringing filled the air. Master Anthony's alarm was ringing shrilly and I saw his large hand fumble for the button on the top.


My head hurt. I pressed my hand to the stinging bruise and managed to stifle my yelp into a quiet groan. I wrapped the blanket tightly around myself and leaned against the back of the cage. My stomach was aching with a mixture of hunger and dread.

Master Anthony got up, and he was naked. I looked at him, and I could feel pangs of fear and shame and even attraction. He was a very handsome man, but that only made me feel worse.

I flinched and screwed my eyes shut as he turned on the lights. "Good morning Simon." He said in a warm, slightly hoarse voice. "Today we are going to get you some breakfast, get in a couple hours in the gym, and then after lunch we have some other things planned."

He pulled on his dark uniform and dug the leash out of the big box that I called the toy box in my head. He came over and unlocked the cage.

I crawled forward and let him attach the leash to my collar, using a small silver key. I crawled out, desperately hoping that I would at least get some kind of underwear to wear at breakfast. Then I saw the tiny pink thong in his hand and I felt something in me ache with shame. I put it on when he handed it to me and it had barely any support. It went between my buttocks and created a maddening itch.

First he brought me to the bathroom and gave me a comb and toothbrush. I stood up to brush my teeth and hair. I tentatively asked permission to go to the bathroom and he stayed in the room as I urinated. I felt weirdly vulnerable and owned; because he watched me even when I did my most private functions.

As we walked to the cafeteria the cotton thong between my buttocks made me grit my teeth and clench. It was making this horrible friction and I could feel the warm, fluid feeling in my crotch that told me I would be getting an erection soon.

The restaurant was better lit today. He walked me towards the table with the Indian man and the European man sitting at it. There was also the big black man with the blonde submissive that I had seen my first day here.

I knelt by his leg obediently. The redhead and the brunette both gave me little waves, and I waved back. The blonde was tall and voluptuous and completely naked; her head was obediently downcast but she had a contented smile on her face.

When the young blonde waiter came, Master ordered breakfast for the both of us. Then he did something that made me gasp.

"How would you like a blowjob Thomas? My Fish is surprisingly good for a virgin and I need to give him some training."

The waiter smiled. "He is a cute little thing, I just have to take Mistress Kasha's order and I should have enough time."

I bit my lip and looked up at my Master. "Behave Simon. Your job is to do whatever I want to whomever I chose. You will be doing things to plenty of Masters and Mistresses and Fish, so I would get used to it."

"Yes Master." I whispered.

The waiter came back and I shifted so I was on my knees in front of him. I could see and feel the stares of all the Fish under the table, and all the dominants sitting around it. At an adjacent table, the redheaded boy I had seen yesterday was watching and rubbing his crotch through a pair of green panties.

I looked up at Thomas and he was smiling. "Come on Fish, its not that hard."

He unbuttoned the dark pants of his tuxedo and pulled out a young cock. His was shaved smooth and hairless. He was about six inches long and a bit thicker then I was. He wasn't completely erect, but his slow stroking was making him get harder.

I was surprised and ashamed to realize that my mouth was watering. I felt Master's hand on my shoulder and I leaned forward.

His cock was much easier to manage than my Master's cock. I wasn't as distracted and flustered by clips or toys so I was able to concentrate. His cock was smaller than my Master's, and it was warm and yielding under my lips and tongue, but slowly getting harder.

I covered him with little laps of my tongue, and he really liked that. He was getting rock-hard and letting out soft groans. I looked up into his eyes as I swirled my tongue around the thick head of his cock, tasting droplets of precome.

"Damn!" he gasped. "Jesus Tony, you lucky bastard. He's a natural."

He grabbed his wet cock and pulled it out of my reach, leaving a pair of heavy, dangling testes. I froze a little and looked back at my Master. He nodded encouragingly and gave my shoulder a gentle squeeze.

My face was flushed and I was very aroused. I leaned forward and licked his smooth shaved testicles. The skin felt warm and almost silky under my tongue. When I sucked one into my mouth he made a high-pitched sound that made me flinch back. I wondered frantically if I had hurt him and if Master would punish me.

His face was flushed but not angry. His penis was wilting in his hand and the black cloth of his cummerbund was splattered with a good amount of his come. I hadn't known how close he was. When I looked up at Master Anthony he was smiling.

"You still have a little cleanup to do Simon."

I licked his clothing until every errant speck of semen was cleaned off. He had a lighter, almost tangy taste. The voice in the back of my head was still screaming, but it was quieter now. It was as if my mind and body were getting accustomed to the idea of me being a sex slave.

I shivered and blushed. If my mind was being a coward, then my body was getting far too brave. My erection was wilting and I felt swollen and a little painful.

"That was a good performance. Your Fish is a natural, and I think that Raine wants to help him."

The speaker was a pudgy ordinary looking man with horn-rimmed glasses. At his side was Raine, the slender redheaded boy.

I blushed and huddled into Master's leg. Raine was maybe a little older then me, with a sexy smile and throw-me-down-and-fuck-me eyes the color of pine needles.

My Master grinned. "I would be glad to let Raine help Simon, he is very shy though, and he may need a little motivation."

I yelped as his short whip lashed my back. "Sit down and spread your legs Simon, just like we did last night."

I moaned and my face flushed with shame and discomfort. Despite that, I quickly sat and moved my legs apart so Raine could see me. He licked his full lips and crawled forward. His Fuck-me eyes were lidded and looking right into mine.

"Aw, you're so sweet!" he purred in a low sexy voice. "You're like a kitten, or maybe a puppy. Something small... and cute... and helpless."

I blushed and inched away from him as his face came closer and closer.

"I liked the way you started licking him." He licked my cheek and then pressed his lips into mine. I was suddenly kissing this sexy redheaded boy who was leaning over me. I felt small and completely out of control. His mouth was hot and his tongue darted in and out of my mouth possessively.

I broke the kiss and looked up towards my Master. *Help me!* I pleaded with my eyes, but he only watched with a smile.

"Wow, I like your nipples Simon, they're very tender and sensitive. They look like little flower buds." I yelped over and over as he played with my nipples, pinching and sucking and biting.

"P-Please!" I begged. "Please s-stop! It h-hurts!"

"That's what it's supposed to do silly! And you like it, too! I can feel you getting hard. Whimper and wail all you want, but you're lovin' this."

It was all I could do to hold still as his cool fingers reached into the stupid little thong and pulled out my straining cock. "Ooh! That is a pretty little soldier! Hard as a rock, too. I bet you even taste sweet."

I yelped as his hot mouth engulfed my cock and he started bobbing his sexy head up and down on my penis. Then he forced his head all the way down and swallowed my cock. His lips were writhing in my wispy pubic hair and his face was bright red. He was fisting his cock in his hand and swallowing over and over.

It was so quick. I screamed as his throat brutally throbbed and massaged my sensitive shaft and as he forced me to come. I felt a throb of pleasure, but I wasn't basking in it like I had last night. I trembled as he came up for air, smiling at my wilting member.

"You do taste sweet, I win. Master Paul told me that you have been eating quite a lot of come lately, so here you go!"

I cried out as he kissed me hard and spat all of my come back into my mouth. Then he smeared his hand all over my face, wiping off his own come. Then he crawled back to his master and nuzzled his crotch sluttily.

"Hmf, Paul needs to reign in that Fish. He can't decide if he is a dominant or a submissive. No matter what he acts like, he doesn't do anything for me."

I looked up at my Master who was speaking. He smiled at me and ruffled my hair. "Swallow your own come, but I'll take care of that brat's spunk."

I smiled a little at my Master as he carefully wiped my face clean with a napkin. "Thank you Master." I whispered gratefully.

When the food came I was starving. Master's breakfast consisted of three fried eggs, some bacon, and toast. My breakfast was half a fried egg with a little salt, half a bacon strip, and a big portion of sliced fruit.

I ate carefully, making sure not break the careful laws about eating with my mouth and my mouth alone. I lapped up the water like a dog, I fumbled each piece of fruit between my teeth, and I got grease on my cheeks when I had to root around for the bacon. Master Anthony wiped my face again when I was done and he absently stroked my hair while he finished his meal, filling me with genuine pleasure.


We went to the locker room where Hanson had started to molest me. Master Anthony opened a locker and quickly got dressed into a gray t-shirt and a jock strap and a pair of thin nylon shorts. He gave me a similar jock strap and told me to exchange the strap for the little pink thong. I put it on, grateful for the more comfortable garment. We went through the door into a small gym.

I was amazed at the gym. It was small but it included a running track, weight machines, treadmills, a wooden floor for aerobics, and a thin pool. The pool ran the length of the gym and it was only three lanes wide.

"You are a very submissive Fish, so there won't be any need for you to bulk up. What we are going to be working on is aerobics, cardio, and we may tone up your legs a little. Some of what you do will exercise your legs a lot." He ruffled my hair. "Let's go to the treadmill first."


My legs trembled like guitar strings. Every muscle in my body felt like so much shivering jelly and my lungs were raw from gasping. Apparently, I was severely out of shape.

Master had made me run four miles on the treadmill, and he gave me water after every mile I completed and waited behind the treadmill with his whip to encourage me to go farther. After running I had worked various machines that strengthened my back and legs and ass. On every machine he had me doing high repetition, low weight, so I would tone and not bulk. After a very short break and a protein bar he had made me do laps in the pool until I lost count.

He had exercised as well. He was covered in a light sheen of sweat as he looked down at me. I was clinging to the edge of the pool, heaving for air and half-afraid that if I let go I would drown. The endorphin rush had come and gone so many times that I was dizzy.

He smiled. "I think that we've done enough for today. Now we can go to the sauna."

I crawled out of the pool and he locked the leash around my neck. I obediently crawled after him on legs that felt like hot steel rods powered by muscles as sad and limp as old rubber bands.

The air hit me in a wave. It was hot, moist, clean, and faintly woody. It was dark and steamy and I could see a few others.

Master handed me a small towel. "Wrap that around your waist and put your swimsuit in the bin."

Once I was done with that I sat next to him on the hot wooden bench, limp and completely relaxed with exhaustion. It was a little hard to breathe in the steamy chamber, but the heat felt so good on my sore body.

It got harder and harder to keep my eyes open, so I finally just closed them and slipped into a light doze. My body crumpled even further until I was resting my head on Master Anthony's shoulder. As soon as I realized what I was doing I quickly sat up and cringed a little.

"S-Sorry Master."

He petted my damp head gently. "Calm down Simon, I wont whip you for falling asleep in here. Just relax, you must be exhausted." And that is how I ended up getting an afternoon nap.

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