tagGay MaleWinning Alex

Winning Alex


Chapter 1: Meeting Alex

I wasn't much to look at when I first got into school, I was average size, if not a little small, I wore glasses, and I loved computers. From the time I was little I loved computers. I never really cared that many people didn't like me, I didn't need many friends, I had no siblings so I had learned long ago how to get along alone. Once I hit high school I guess you could say I sold out. I got contacts, dropped computers, at least publicly, and started working out. I don't really know why I did it, I just eventually got tired of being my only friend.

I really didn't want to start going up to people like the loner looking for a handout. Instead I got my body the way I had always wanted, I never liked being small, and I dropped the one thing I loved that kept people away. I figured if I at least looked approachable, I might get maybe a friend or two, not to mention, I had always wanted to work out. There is something about fitness that I like, and I hated never being able to lift much as the small kid.

I ditched the glasses because they were annoying mainly, and once we could afford contacts I jumped on it. By the end of sophomore year I was running every day, and working out at the gym 3-4 times a week. My parents loved it, my mom said I was

"becoming a nice looking young man"

My dad did that awkward patting my back when he wanted to hug me, telling me, "your becoming a real man, I'm proud of you."

It was unnerving.

It didn't take long for people to notice me. I worked in the field outside our house with my dad, and recently hadn't minded taking my shirt off so I've got a pretty nice tan. It actually started when I had got to the point I could bench 200, and my legs were so toned nothing even moved when I walked.

"Hey, Alex, you got a minute?"

Jacob Horn from my biology class was flagging me down. I had to fight not to look behind me and make sure I was the one he was talking to as I walked over, a small frown on my face.

My voice had dropped long ago, a little deeper than most people's, so I sort of sounded growly if I didn't watch it.

"Hey Jacob what's up?" I said, trying to keep my voice neutral.

Jacob was one of the star athletes we had at my high school, not as big as the quarterback but damn good anyway.

"Hey, the guys been talking, you wanna hang out with us after school?"

I smiled, I knew it was going to happen eventually, but football players just weren't the kind of friends I really wanted.

"Sorry man, got plans. Thanks though."

Almost every jock in my school was an asshole, and the only reason they would want me to hang with them was either as a joke, or because they wanted something. I wasn't a jock, I wasn't an asshole, we didn't have much in common. Jacob looked surprised, not many people turned them down, but he shrugged,

"Alright man cool." He said, clapping my shoulder lightly as he walked away.

A couple months later I was a pretty all around guy, I had friends in just about every group there was. I was friends with some of the jocks, Jacob included, a few of the Goths, though there were only so many I could take, I even had band geek friends.

The girls started when I hit junior year. I would get a wink from a girl at the lockers, a blown kiss from the football cheerleaders when I was running the track, stuff like that. I started questioning my own sexuality when it didn't do anything for me. Girls eventually got the hint I wasn't a first move kind of guy, or that's what they chalked it up to, and came at me. I got propositioned almost every Friday, but I always found a way to blow it off. Emily Peirce however, wasn't quite as slow as the others and one day she walked up to me at my locker and asked me a question that rocked my world.

"Alex are you gay?"

I gaped at her, my mouth opening and closing like a fish,

"What? Why would you ask that?"

She smiled a knowing smile, leaning close,

"Heres a hint, most straight guys don't ask why, they just automatically say no."

I blushed like an apple and after that day she became my best friend.

It took a while before I fully admitted to myself that I liked guys. I knew I wasn't girly, not in any way. I was romantic, I was a softy at heart, and I wasn't aggressive, but I wasn't really the girly type. Emily said there doesn't have to be a guy and girl persona in every gay relationship, there is just usually one who is more brute and one who is more romantic. Sometimes there both one or both the other. One night we were having one of our ritual movie nights when she asked,

"So what do you think your type is?"

I was startled, I hadn't really thought about it until now.

"I don't know Em. I haven't really given it much thought."

She laughed, sitting up straighter on the couch to give me her full attention, yay.

"Ok well are you like a Vin Diesel type, or a Orlando Bloom type?"

I laughed, I couldn't help,

"Is there no middle ground between a muscle man and a pirate?"

She laughed, "Come on Al try."

I sighed, Emily was damn stubborn when she wanted to be.

"Well I don't want a girly guy. I don't want someone rippling with muscles, but I want someone stronger than me, I know that."

She raised her eyebrows and I blushed a little,

"I'm not into like pain and torture and shit, but I like a little dominance, and it'd be cool if he wanted to hold me down or something."

I felt silly but Emily smiled like a chestier cat,

"Ok, blonde, brunette, raven beauty? Blue eyes, green, brown? Tall or short, jock or drama major?"

I think I just stared at her for two minutes,

"What is this a profile or something, you setting me up?"

She had that gleam in her eye I had begun to hate and I set my jaw,

"No Em, absolutely not."

She sighed dramatically and sunk into the couch again now that I had ruined her plan.

"fine...Ill wait till after graduation but then I have to at least try you know me."

I sighed, "Fine, ill figure out a way out of it then. To answer your interrogation though, hair isn't a factor, neither is eyes, tall, not a jock, like at least not one of the asshole ones, but not a twink, couldn't deal with that."

She had a calculating look in her eye I didn't like at all but she nodded, leaving it at that.

College was going to be an interesting experience, I knew that. Emily and I were going to the same university down state, only about two hours from our hometown, and I knew she would keep her promise to set me up. It didn't take long.

"Were going out come on."

Emily said as soon as I opened my dorm room door. I had no roommate, though I'm not sure how I got blessed with that, so she had no problem coming in while I got dressed.

"I don't really want to go out Em." I said, though I started pulling on clothes anyway cause she doesn't take no for an answer most days.

Today was no different.

"We've been here three weeks and haven't done shit. Your coming. We're going to that club downtown with James and Dillion."

I groaned to myself. James and Dillion were our newest friends, they were gay, and flaunted it like it was no one's business. They were both twinks, like Emily said could happen. I liked them well enough, but you can only be called boyfriend in that high pitch voice so many times before it gets old.

I shook my head as she literally bounced up and down on the balls of her feet, impatient. We arrived at the ridiculously packed bar about 9:30. We found the twinks, which was my nickname for them that they liked, and got a table near the back of the dance floor.

"We're out!" The twinks said, going to dance.

I looked at Em but she shook her head, "Go shake what your momma gave you honey."

I had never danced before in a place like this, let alone danced alone but I decided to give it a try. I was a good dancer, I knew that and before long someone's hands wrapped around my waist.

"Looking good handsome." A deep voice purred in my ear.

I turned in the man's big arms and looked at him. He was a good head taller than me, probably between 6'3 and 6'4 and his arms were massive. He had brown hair, and green eyes, and the whitest smile I had seen in a while.

He was cocky though, he held himself like he knew he had the body of a God, his lips curved in a knowing smile like he knew I wanted to jump him. The calculating look in his eyes as they roamed over my body was enough for me. I pulled away from him, making him frown a bit and said,

"No thanks. You're not really my type."

He was exactly my type, except he looked like he slept around a lot, used people a lot. I wasn't into that.

"What? Are you serious?" He looked shocked, like he hadn't been turned down in a while and he probably hadn't.

"Yea, I'm serious" I said, turning away from him.

His hand landed on my shoulder and I sighed in annoyance,

"What do you mean I'm not your type, you were undressing me with your eyes not five seconds ago."

I looked him in the eyes, knowing my gaze was intense and said,

"How many guys have you fucked this week?"

His face closed down instantly and I nodded,

"You got everything I'm looking for man, don't get me wrong. I just don't do users."

I knew the comment probably stung, the way his eyes darkened, but I just walked away.

I hated guys like that, I really did. They used you and left and I didn't want a guy like that. I sat back down with Em and she looked at me, eyebrows poised,

"Don't Em. Just wasn't my type."

She heard the annoyance in my voice and just nodded, for once not asking. The twinks rushed over to me, James gripping my arm like a lifeline,

"Are you in-fucking-sane?" He yelled over the music and I frowned at him, glancing at Em who shrugged. I looked back at him,

"Not that I'm aware of why?" He gaped at me like I told him D&G was going out of business.

"That was Mike Donovan, Alex!!"He screamed.

I just looked at him, noticing Em sat up straighter at the name. I was definitely missing something. I looked back at the big man who was still watching me occasionally, trying to place his face and failing, finally asking, "Who is Mike Donovan?"

I asked, because I wasn't just going to sit there and it was obvious I was the only one who didn't know. Dillion grabbed James before the kid passed out and said,

"Mike owns this club Alex. He owns 4 clubs in this city alone, he even has one in Las Vegas! He's only 24 and he's made the biggest name for himself than anyone around here has in decades. Everyone wants to be his best friend, everyone wants in his bed, and you just turned him away like he was a horny college student with an ego complex!"

I shook off Dillion's hand, irritated,

"He's a user, people are nothing to him, he calculates you as soon as he sees you to see how much you are worth his time, how good you will be for him. I don't like guys like that man I just don't."

James was in control of his senses now and shook his head at me,

"Alex, boyfriend, people who sleep with Mike suddenly get better raises, more job offers, hell even if it's just more friends they get something. He doesn't choose just anybody to take home." I stood up, beyond frustrated,

"Your right he picks someone that might do something worth his while, takes him home, fucks him senseless and never looks his way again. Doing favors like that makes him feel better about it, but still makes him nothing but a rich ass player."

I grabbed my jacket, told Em bye and headed for the door.

A man in a black suit stopped me as I got passed the bar, just glided in front of my path, making me bump into him a little. I shook my head, trying to get passed him, sighing in aggravation when he didn't move.

"What?" I growled at him, letting me voice slip.

His lips quirked in amusement as he looked down at me from his towering height. He was taller than Mike Donovan, clearly meant as a bodyguard for the fabulous playboy.

"The boss would like a minute of your time, if you will."

His voice was thick with an accent, and clearly expressed he didn't expect an argument. I threw my hands up, fed up with this shit,

"What is this the mafia? He owns clubs, jeez, chill with the Godfather accent. No I don't want to talk to your boss. If you'll move, I'll make sure I never grace the doors of this fine establishment again."

The man was surprised, something you can tell didn't happen to him too often, but he moved after a minute of silent contemplation. I stormed out of the club, shaking my head at the nonsense over a club owner.

I held to my word, I didn't go back to Mike Donovan's club. Two weeks later, he came to me.

I was sitting in my dorm, catching up on some biology homework when a heavy knock sounded on my door. I didn't know who it would be, Em was in class and the twinks were at some carnival in town. Opening the door I had to fight not to sigh in annoyance as Mike Donovan's green eyes met mine. The big guy was behind him and people all over my corridor were looking at him like he was a movie star.

"Did I leave something at your club?" I asked, voice mild.

Mr. Donovan looked surprised, like he really thought maybe that night was a moment of drunk stupidity and I would jump him as soon as he came in my dorm.

"Can I come in please Mr. Sharp?" His voice was a deep growl.

I didn't ask how he knew my name, or my dorm number, I just rolled my eyes and moved aside, letting his big body take up the little space I had. He looked huge in my dorm, as he looked around it with disdain. Apparently it didn't quite reach his standards. Surprise surprise. I leaned against my desk as the big guy leaned on the door, his eyes taking in every inch of my space.

"What can I do for you Mr. Donovan?" I asked finally.

The man turned to me, a pleased look on his face,

"So you do know who I am."

I nodded, " I didn't when I turned you down but some well meaning friends informed me afterward."

He moved closer to me, "Then why didn't you come back?"

I couldn't believe this man. I stood up straight and shook my head,

"Because what I said was true. I don't like users. I knew you were a user just looking at you, but hearing your reputation just was the icing on the cake."

Mr. Donovan's eyes darkened, yet again, and he moved ever the more closer, until I could feel his nicely pressed pants brush up against my leg, his chest close to mine.

"No one turns me down boy. I could be good for you, your personal life, professional life."

I was getting the impression this man really didn't get why I turned him down like I did. He didn't see anything wrong with his lifestyle.

"I'm not a boy, your only 3 years and some odd months older than me, and I don't want anything you have to offer. I don't do one night stands, and especially not one night stands with benefits. That's called prostitution. Not a hobby I frequent."

He stepped back, face frowning, and I could almost hear the gears working in his mind as he tried to comprehend this. Finally he looked at me, his face no longer passive but plain angry.

"You'll change your mind, I know you will."

I just nodded, "Ok. We done?"

The big moved like he wanted to hurt me but Mr. Donovan waved him back.

"Yea were done." He said.

I moved to walk to the door and he caught me off guard, his big hands pushing me against my desk as his lips hit mine. The kiss was all demand and I fought not to move my lips back as my hands pushed uselessly against his arms. He pulled back after a minute, and had me trying to control my breathing as my cock stirred, wanting attention after a kiss like that.

Mr. Donovan chuckled, "I'll see you soon boy."

Chapter 2: Buying Alex

It wasn't even two days before the first gift arrived. A man literally dressed in a butler's uniform knocked delicately on my door and I frowned, hoping it wasn't tall dark and cocky. I opened it and frowned at the little man in tails smiling passively at me.

"Mr. Sharp?" He asked, voice pleasant.

I nodded, not knowing how to talk to this man and he handed me a medium sized black box, with my name written in big but elegant letters across the front. He turned and left as I took it, and I didn't think to call him back as I closed the door. Sitting it on my desk I slowly opened it, breath hitching when I saw the sleek black laptop that sat inside. It was beautiful, and I knew it would be top of the line. There was a note on top that was written in that same big elegant handwriting,

"I noticed yours looked pretty out of date, enjoy. MD"

I looked at my beaten up laptop that took 10 minutes to turn on and frowned, it wasn't that bad! I didn't even open the sleek black beauty, just put the cover back on and slid it under my bed. The next day the same little butler came, handing me a box with a big expensive Rolex in it, that fit perfectly on my arm. The next day it was a new iPod touch. All of these items went into the box I had gotten labeled, MD, under my bed. I never even opened them. The gifts stopped for a few days, and I hoped he had gotten the picture.

Em came in on Friday, exhausted and plopped down on my floor, laying her body back against the carpet. Em didn't like beds, and sofas, she would recline on the floor before she ever touched a recliner. She, of course, noticed the box.

"What's this?"

I looked over and rolled my eyes,

"A man that can't take no for an answer."

Em frowned, then read the initials.

"MD? As in Mike Donovan?"

At my nod she tore impatiently into the box, gasping as she saw what was inside. She picked up the laptop and turned it over, seeing things I hadn't bothered to look at and letting out a low whistle.

"Why aren't you using any of this stuff? This is incredible."

I just looked at her, "I can't be bought Em, and it's just proving what he is even more."

She didn't understand, and I knew the twinks wouldn't so I swore her to secrecy before letting her leave. Monday morning she was banging on my door, bright and early. After I opened it, looking like hell warmed over she ran inside.

"You have got to get down to the courtyard, right now."

She didn't give me much choice so I threw on some jeans and a shirt, matted down my hair and followed her downstairs. Even I stopped and stared at what I saw waiting in the courtyard. A sleek, dark red, Ferrari sat, glimmering like a stolen beauty in a circle of students that was only growing larger. The little butler was standing beside it, and he saw me instantly.

"Mr. Sharp! Please come over here, I fear I can't hold them off much longer." His voice was calm though, despite the words.

"You've got to be kidding me." I mumbled as Em pushed me forward.

I approached the beautiful car like it was a piece of glass, not being able to stop myself from running a hand lovingly down the side.

"What is this B?" I asked, and the butler frowned at the nickname before regaining his composure.

"A gift from Mr. Donovan, sire, he left a note inside. I hope you are pleased."

Handing me the keys, the little butler smiled before walking away, and getting into the driver's side of a stretch black limo waiting at the curve. People swarmed instantly.

"Are you fucking Donovan?" and "I've never seen him give a car to anyone" and "Damn you must be good in bed Alex!"

Em placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder,

"We need to get you and it out of here babe, they're not going to back off."

I sighed in annoyance as my body tightened in anticipation of driving this thing. I got in the driver's door, much to everyone's disappointment and started the car. It purred like a dream when I hit the push start button and I tried not to squeal tires as I put it in gear and drove away, Em in the passenger seat.

I was downtown by 9 that night, pulling the sleek car up to the front entrance, and getting out. The bouncer looked like he wanted to argue but upon noticing who it was, he spoke quickly into a mic on his ear and let me in.

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