tagGay MalePoor Simon Ch. 12

Poor Simon Ch. 12


*Welcome to the final chapter of Poor Simon!

All characters are 18+

I have decided to do the last chapter in 3rd person to give people a little perspective with Anthony.

Thank you for staying with me and please enjoy!*


Anthony Rogan Christopher woke up, feeling foggy and pleasant. Glancing at the blue digital readout told him that he had six more minutes until the alarm rang. Six minutes to laze around in bed.

As he rolled from his side to his back, the slender blonde boy at his side moaned sleepily and snuggled in further. Anthony felt a soft pang as he looked down in the near darkness at that mussed up head and dreaming face. They had been so lucky, it was a chance in a thousand that they hadn't been killed, a chance in ten thousand that the Fishers hadn't tightened their grip.

Anthony sighed as the alarm clock blared, quickly tapping the button and moving smoothly out of bed as not to wake his partner. He quickly and quietly got dressed in a business suit in the semidarkness of the room. He tucked the covers around Simon's curled up form as Simon murmured sleepily.

"See you in the afternoon Simon." Anthony kissed one velvety soft cheek. Simon hated being called pet names, especially sweetheart. He said it reminded him too much of Hanson. It didn't matter that Hanson's body had been mucked out of Hudson Bay eight months ago.

Anthony sighed and left Simon to sleep for another hour or so.


The first few months had been the worst. The months of paranoia, seeing Fisher spies everywhere. Every time Simon accidentally called him Master, it nearly broke his heart. Simon had been badly damaged, even by his brief stay. He had suffered long nightmares and apathetic days where he wept and laughed sometimes on the same breath. Anthony had been very afraid for him, but unable to comfort him.

Their relationship had been a platonic one until the third month, so that was another heaped-on bundle of awkwardness that had made everything worse.

They had reached a breakthrough when Simon joined Anthony for a morning jog. Exercise vented the deep hurts in him. Simon felt weird and logy if he didn't get at least an hour of exercise a day, and preferably two.

The end of those first two months, and all the pain and uncertainty that went with them, came when Simon finally had the courage to start having sex with Anthony again. Not anal sex, he still wasn't ready for that, but a series of blowjobs and handjobs and the cuddling that came after did worlds to mend their relationship.


Anthony sat at his desk. One minute he had been busy writing software and the next, he was suddenly lost in thought. A year ago, he never would have believed that he would have been able to have a perfectly stable and enjoyable life doing what he went to college for. He hadn't actually finished his degree in real life, but the forged papers in his envelope had helped with that, plus a few night classes to keep up.

Simon had finished up a second semester in high school when they came back. He had made a few friends even, and whenever they came over, they thought that Anthony was his uncle. High school had been easy for him, since he was no longer taking advanced placement classes, and he had graduated in the summer with a sweet little smile as he took his diploma. Now he was taking classes at the U of Minnesota Duluth.

Anthony had not wanted to go to Minnesota on the off chance that they found someone who recognized Simon, but Simon had been so homesick, and he had wanted to see his parent's graves. They lived in Duluth so they weren't close to the twin Cities, and Anthony had gotten used to the six-month winters.

Anthony frowned as he opened up his emails. There were the usual emails about work, a brief message from Simon telling him that he had aced his English final, and one weird lone email from an address he didn't recognize. When Anthony opened it, the message said,

Meet me at the little café on second street and Washburn, I have news.

When Anthony saw the signature, he froze a little. For a moment he was at war with himself. He knew he had to go, but at the same time he worried about Simon.

After a minute or so of staring moodily at the brief message, Anthony sent a reply to Simon, congratulations, and telling him not to make dinner, he was going to meet up at the café with a friend from work. It wasn't a lie, not quite.


Anthony stopped home briefly before his appointment. They had bought a small house that was very cheap because of the recession. The lights in the living room were up, but Anthony could hear a soft ripple of water and see the light from the upstairs bathroom. Simon often liked to take long hot baths with a book right when he came home from school.

Quietly, Anthony crept into the bathroom.

Simon was so beautiful. He was resting lazily in the tub, eyes focused on a fat little novel by Stephan King. His hair was wet near the back of his neck but dry on top. His slender hard body was laid out for him to see and touch.

Simon jumped a little when he saw him, and a wide smile graced that oval face. "Hi Anthony, how was work?" His cheeks were a bit redder then the heat of the tub could account for. His penis floated limply in the hot water from a small tuft of gingery blonde hair.

Anthony set down his briefcase and took of his jacket, as he rolled up his sleeves he murmured. "It was a good day, and I'm afraid I can't stay very long before I meet my friend."

Anthony knelt on the white tiles behind Simon and the tub. He leaned forward and kissed those full red lips softly. Simon moaned.

Anthony crept his hands downward, gently rubbing his body through the water. One hand halted at those sweet pink little nipples, tugging and twisting and bringing them to bud. The other hand didn't halt until it wrapped around the semi-hardened shaft of Simon's cock.

Anthony's eyes opened halfway, and he felt another pang as he saw the outline of silvery scars on Simon's chest. They had faded with time and application of vitamin E oil, but they would never really disappear.

Simon whimpered a little as Anthony lowered his proud handsome head to suck and nibble at his neck. The time in the bathtub was sweetly extended because the warmth of the water made it harder for Simon to maintain an erection.

But Anthony's touch was irresistible and eventually Simon arched his back and cried out softly. Simon had always made the sexiest noises. Droplets of cum spurted into the water and dissipated like milk in coffee.

Simon's head sagged against the rim of the tub and he panted. He looked up hopefully at Anthony. The older man looked at his watch and swore softly.

"I don't have the time Simon, but I promise you can take care of me when I get back."

"Kay." Simon kissed his hand. "Have a good dinner." Anthony saw a momentary twinkle of loneliness, but then it was filled up with trust. Anthony had always loved those eyes. They were a shade of grey that was impossible to describe. It wasn't like clouds, or steel, or concrete, or any other description he had heard.


Anthony lingered a few shops away from the café. He watched nervously, afraid of the new intrusion. His life had been simple and good, and he didn't want any complications.

Axel Hart was sitting at a flimsy metal chair, sipping coffee from a cup and looking around nervously. He looked less feminine then normal, he had always been afraid to dress up in large crowds. He was simply in jeans that didn't close tight around his skin and a button down black shirt. He hadn't been able to resist a dab of mascara though.

Anthony sighed heavily and walked to the chair opposite of Axel and sat down. Axel's face lit up with a delighted smile and he reached for Anthony's hands.

"Tony! I was afraid you weren't going to—"

He frowned and looked a little heartbroken when Anthony pulled his hands from the table, out of his reach.


Anthony sighed. "I'm sorry Axel, but I can't do that with you anymore. If you came to see me for just that, then I should leave right now."

Axel huffed a little sigh. "I *didn't* come for just that." Then he genuinely looked a little sad and jealous. "There was always something special about this one, wasn't there? You stopped coming to my room for the first few days, and even when you did you were cold, and distracted."

"I'm not gonna be jealous; I just want you two to be happy."

A lean waiter with tight jeans and mascara-lined eyes came to get Anthony's order, and he gave Axel an appraising look.

"Just some coffee please." Anthony said softly.

Axel winked at the waiter and said, "He ain't my date honey, just checking up on some business. What's your name? And when do you get off?"

The waiter grinned and eyed Axel hungrily. "My name is Tyler, and I get off in about an hour, I know a great club a few blocks away..."

Anthony waited with a bored and long-suffering look on his face, while inwardly grinning. As Axel asked the slim waiter on a date he muttered under his breath.

"Some things just never change do they?"

They ignored him.


After Axel had wooed the waiter, they got down to serious business.

"I wanted to talk to you, I know that you've been out of the loop since you, ah... 'reneged your contract', y'know, flew the coop."

Anthony made an impatient little gesture with his hands.

"Yeah, sorry. You shouldn't be so worried, it's actually kinda good news for everyone. I'm sick of being a criminal, it was too easy to look the other way and just have fun fondling all of the cute guys. It was too easy to pretend they were there on purpose, y'know?"

Anthony sighed. "I know what you are talking about, but damn it Axel, you scared me half to death. Please just spit it out!"

Axel flushed. "Sorry! Sorry! Okay, here it is... The Fishers is gone. The company no longer exists and all of the Fish are back in their native countries. The Government covered up the press to protect them."

Anthony sat there, thinking hard about all of the reverberations of this, of all of the meanings. Axel went on talking.

"You were the first chink in the armor... clients heard bits and pieces, they ignored the fact that the man was a complete and utter nut job who killed Fish, and they focused on a Master who had killed a client. Only about half of the clients came to the auctions after that."

Anthony thought slowly, Mr. Grey must be furious, there was no way that Simon and him could possibly be left alone...

"The second blow was when Grey had a heart attack. It wasn't fatal, but he needed more intensive care and he ruled the Island through web cams and over the phone, but his control started slipping and things just got sloppier and sloppier."

"Then he had a fatal heart attack and the Doctor took over."

Anthony blurted. "They let that son of a bitch back in! Why? The dumb fuck stole a Fish!"

Axel looked around. "Shh! People are staring! They let him back in because he panicked and gave Grey all of his money after Grey found and killed Hanson. Grey kept him on because it was half again as much as he would have gotten for Simon in the auction and the Doctor worked cheap. He always worked cheap, the only reason he took this job was to molest young boys."

Axel thought for a moment. "Where was I? Oh yeah... The Doctor took over in March and for a while things were fine. He ran things according to Grey's system and clients were starting to come back, but then that one kid, you know the kinda chubby black-haired boy? His name was Matthew and he got sold to this guy in Saudi Arabia. This guy was new, and we didn't know what to expect."

"It turns out he fell head over heels for Matthew and found out how badly the Fishers had been treating him. He didn't find the authorities, it was a clean little operation. Matthew told him not to harm any of the Fish, and the guy hired a few dozen mercenaries. I heard them attacking and I panicked, I just took off my clothes and put a collar on, and no one hurt me."

Axel looked a little haunted. "They hurt a lot of the Masters and Mistresses though. Killed some... Kara got away, thank God, she left when things were under new management. I don't even know if they bribed or killed the rest, or what they did, all I know is that they are either gone or deep in hiding. If they had checked the records, I would have been in deep shit too, but they didn't and I told them I had been captured from the United States, and we were all returned."

Axel shivered and he looked really pale. "Matthew told them about the two people who had hurt him the most while in the Fishers. The Doctor liked to hurt him, and Paul was always very cruel to him. The Arab guy kidnapped both of them and... and the last I heard he kept them alive for about a week while he was torturing them. I hated the Doctor, and I had no love for Paul, but no one deserves to die that way."

Anthony nodded, and secretly disagreed.

"After that it was basically over; I stayed in hiding until I could get an old friend to change my name on all of my documents. I'm Axel Rogers now. I just wanted to find you, and make sure you knew. You both have been free and clear for about six months, and no one will ever become a Fish again."

Axel looked up, and his old cheeky smile was starting to grow. "Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna go and see what kind of underwear that sexy thang was wearing."

Anthony smiled and got up, leaving a hefty tip. Some things just never changed.


Anthony parked his car in the driveway, and the first flakes of snow were beginning to fall. He grimaced at them—he had been born and raised in California—and walked inside.

It was dark, but not empty. A glass of wine was sitting on the little wooden table that they ate their meals on. Anthony picked it up and smiled. Simon was a hopeless little romantic, and something good was in store.

He picked up the wine, still cold, and sipped. Something metallic clinked at the bottom of the wine glass. It was a pair of small metal keys.

Now that he was standing in a different position, he could see a candle that burned on the little side table in the upstairs hallway. He moved up the stairs, sipping his wine and slipping out of his jacket.

A fat red candle was burning softly, and gleaming in the light of the candle was a small contoured bottle of lubricant. The bottle was brand-new.

Anthony felt his face melt into an expression of joy and happiness. Four months ago, Simon had told him in a choked and ashamed voice that he was afraid to have Anthony make love to him, and that he still had nightmares about his first anal encounters. The plastic bottle of lubricant meant that he was finally getting over his fears.

The trail of clues was tantalizing. Anthony knew where he would be, but he drew out the experience, moving slowly. He threw his jacket on the floor carelessly, then his tie. Then he started unbuttoning his shirt as he kicked off his shoes. He left a trail of clothing as he went along, following the trail of tantalizing hints to the prize that waited at the end.

Another fat candle was on the floor in the corner. In the light of the candle were a bundle of receipts.

One for Bed Bath and Beyond, a set of silk sheets and pillowcases.

One was for a little adult shop called Risky Business, and it was for a pair of panties and a set of handcuffs.

The last one was from PetCo, and it was for a collar.

Anthony frowned a little at the last one. He was at the corner and he could see the soft flickering light spilling out from the open doorway of the bedroom they shared. Anthony opened the doorway and he couldn't help but smile.

The light from at least a hundred flickering candles filled the room with a gentle luminescence (with a little amusement he saw a fire extinguisher hiding discreetly in the corner.) The plain cotton bedsheets had been replaced by rich dark red silk and kneeling on the bed, looking up at him with an insecure mixture of love and lust and need, was Simon.

Simon knelt on those silky sheets and his hands were cuffed in front of him with a pair of padded cuffs connected by a short chain. Low on his lean hips rode a pair of sexy lacy red panties. The kind of panties that leaves about half the ass hanging out. He had let his hair grow out a little and it was hanging loose and slightly damp around that pretty face that had drawn him in all those months ago.

Anthony tried to find the words in his head to describe those amazing grey eyes. The color of a waterfall, the shadowed side of a pearl, a darkened mirror. They came close, but not quite right.

He had fastened a red collar around his neck, and it had a little heart-shaped silver tag on it. Anthony moved forward, but Simon stopped him with his soft words.

"I realized why I was so afraid Anthony... I was afraid, because whenever we had plain vanilla bedplay, I was afraid you would get bored and leave me. At the same time I was so afraid that if I dared to tie myself up, or let you whip me, that it would be scary and tainted and wrong."

Those beautiful eyes rested on his face, filled with trust and love.

"I trust you Anthony, and I want you to make love to me. Tell me what to do, because I'm an expert at the little things, but in this I may as well be a virgin. I trust you, and I love you."

Anthony finished the wine and set the glass with the keys down on a table, careful not to knock down the dozen or so candles that covered the surface of the table.

"I love you, too."

Anthony dropped his trousers and his underwear and he was suddenly and gloriously naked. He stood for a moment, allowing Simon to fill his eyes. His body was no longer that even tan, it was paler, but still strong, still muscular. His chest was covered with a spreading delta of wiry black curls that narrowed down to a stripe of wispy fur that thickened again under the black cup of his navel to a wide, but neatly trimmed patch of thick black pubic hair.

Jutting out of that pubic hair was his cock; the piece of him that Simon had suckled and fondled and toyed with so often. Simon felt an innocently lustful fascination with that piece of him, as if it were an intricate toy, made just for him.

Simon looked up into Anthony's smoldering dark eyes. "I'm ready Master." He whispered, barely breathing. His heart was beating so a frantic tempo in his chest and sweat was starting to bead under his arms and on his smooth hairless chest.

Anthony moved slowly onto the bed, enjoying the whisper of silk on his hands and knees. He wouldn't make this like the impersonal encounters he had inflicted on Simon back at the Fishers, here there would be love.

He raised a hand to brush the velvety softness of his cheek and press his thumb into Simon's mouth. Simon sucked gently, never taking his eyes away from Anthony's face. Anthony leaned in and pressed his own lips to Simon's. Simon moaned a little and the chain clinked. Anthony's gently questing hand told him that under the lacy red fabric Simon was as hard as a rock.

"Simon, I want you to ride me. You can say how fast we go, and you can control how deep I go, but first suck your Master's cock. Get me good and hard for your hot little ass."

Simon whimpered. He loved it when Anthony talked to him like that.

They switched positions on the bed, slipping sinuously on the new sheets. Anthony reclined like a king on a stack of three pillows with his legs spread and his cock jutting from his crotch like an exclamation point.

Simon crept up, crawling with his cuffed hands. He knelt and shoved his sweet little ass in the air so Anthony could watch it while he sucked.

After ten months of intimate knowledge of the man he loved, Simon knew just what to do. He ran a line of soft wet kisses down the insides of Anthony's thighs, nuzzling the warm flesh and stopping just short of where the bush of pubic fur started before starting on the other leg. After running down both thighs three times he wrapped his hand slowly and reverently around the thick throbbing base.

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