tagLesbian SexPop Music Ch. 01

Pop Music Ch. 01


Katie awoke with a start but whatever nightmare she had seen was quickly forgotten as reality crept in on her. It was dark. Out of the corner of her eye, she detected a brightening glow outside her bedroom window and turned to see the full moon seemingly roll out from behind a cloud. She had slept the whole day away. Like some sort of sensual werewolf, the full moon always made her horny.

She stretched her arms and lay back on the bed. Her hands soon found their way to her crotch and began a slow teasing rub across the damp material of her thong. Warm shudders ran through her thighs and her breathing became more pronounced. Two fingers pushed aside the cotton panel and spread her thick, full-blooded lips apart as she envisioned her boyfriend’s throbbing 7 inches, highlighted all the more in memory. In a moment a third finger from the other hand jabbed itself deep and hard into her aromatic vagina, simulating the rhythm of her fantasy.

Suddenly an idea intruded: her vibrator. She rolled over, retrieved her pink toy from its shoebox hiding place next to her bed and clicked on the familiar hum of the smooth plastic cock substitute, even as her thoughts returned to the real sausage that had inhabited her hole less than 24 hours earlier. Light shivers shot through her entire body and she moaned meaningless words in ecstasy as she slowly zeroed in on her clit.

Katie teased herself over and over right to the brink before finally giving in. At the peak of her orgasm, she poked her handy little appliance full force up into the pretty flower of her pussy. Beneath closed eyelids, boyfriend Max’s ever more impressive dick fired its luscious cream into her mind as tiny groans of pleasure exploded into uncontrollable screams of joy! Her thighs were shaking and her pussy was soaked. Goosebumps appeared all over her body and sweat dripped off her forehead but, even as her moment dwindled away, Katie knew that it was not enough. It had barely scratched her itch.

Just then, she thought she heard a knock on the door downstairs. She brushed back her hair and threw on a seldom-used bathrobe as she hustled down the stairs to check. Looking through the spyhole, she saw her best friend, Betty. She threw open the door with a “Hey!” and a big hug for her startled friend. “What are you doing here?”

The attractive, shy brunette stammered “I…I…I…tried…to call you all day and nobody answered. I know how your Saturday nights go sometimes and, well…I was getting a little worried.”

“Awwww, Betts you’re sweet,” Katie said as she used her palms to gently caress her friend’s face, going so far as to give her an unexpected peck on the lips.

“What are you….d…doing?!” the other girl complained as she pulled away. With a wicked grin that filled her whole face, Katie just pulled Betty inside and locked the door, motioning her to the big red couch in the living room.

Betty was about to say something else when Katie put her finger to her mouth to shush her. “I love you, Betty,” she whispered softly as she encouraged the robe to slip off her shoulders and fall to the floor, leaving her standing completely naked for the first time in front of the admiring eyes of her best friend since childhood.

Betty seemed hypnotized, her eyes wide and a bit of a smile on her open lips. She made no attempt to stop Katie as she joined her on the couch, pulling off her clothes between increasingly more passionate kisses.

Unable to control her own long-frustrated desires as her friend’s touch made her shiver, Betty began lightly stroking Katie’s full melon-shaped breasts, pinching their dark berry nipples erect. Katie cooed and calmed the girl with her pleasures. Lying back on the couch, she gently directed her new lover to the still sopping heaven between her legs. Betty rubbed and squeezed the hairy mound so much like her own, running her fingers back and forth through the crack and pausing every so often to lick the tasty wetness from them.

How often had she done this to herself? How often had she fantasized about just what a sexual experience could be like with Katie? Spreading the slick, shiny labia apart, she dipped first one, then two and finally three fingers hesitantly into Katie’s hole, pushing way up into her squishy depths to appreciative moans. Katie just enjoyed, letting her best friend explore her body at her own speed, running her virgin eyes and hands all over her titties, her coochie and her butt.

Eventually, Betty was bold enough to kiss Katie’s lower lips, making sure to take a deep nasal breath to get the full effect. Katie took advantage of the moment and used her hands to hold Betty’s head to her crotch. Not that Betty would’ve moved it. She instinctively licked all the juice she could find from around the lips and then began making tightening circles on and around the dancing little clit.

Soon Katie wanted more, though and prompted her lover into spinning around to the classic sixty-nine position. She was now lying flat on the sticky couch with Betty’s tight, smooth ass right at her face. They wasted no time trading favors as Betty continued to slurp away at her new favorite food and Katie aimed her own experienced tongue squarely at the other girl’s virgin bush.

Betty followed her mentor’s lead and the two were soon lapping at each other’s melting clits as they humped each other’s faces. As each lover’s climax built, they both became wild, cunt-eating cannibals, attacking each other’s quim ever more intently, triggering multiple orgasms. Their moans and screeches of pleasure were drowned out by the job at hand (or mouth) but the tears of joy on each woman’s face mingled with the other’s pussy juices to create a salty, tangy treat greedily licked up as things settled down to an afterglow.

To say that Betty immediately felt embarrassed and self-conscious would be an understatement. She grabbed a pillow and held it in front of her as she sat up. “Oh my gosh!” laughed Katie. “You were wonderful!”

“W…Was I?” Betty could still taste Katie in her mouth but now that the moment had passed, it all felt so wrong.

“Betts, I came like a flood and…uhhh…so did you!” As she said it, she wiped her hand across her sticky face and licked her lover’s juices with a sigh. Betty blushed. “You know, I’ve told you for years, you just need to let yourself go and enjoy life as it happens! I’ve had ten lovers since I turned 18 three years ago, eleven now counting you. Big cocks, small cocks, thick, thin. Older guys, young guys, fat guys. In every case I wanted them at the time and they wanted me! What’s wrong with two people wanting to make each other feel good in this stupid world?”

“I….Well, I…”

“How many lovers have you had in that same time?”

Betty held up her fingers in a zero effect.

“None! Exactly. I think tonight, we learned that you can be a tiger when you come out of your shell. Now we need to get your cherry popped and I think I know just the cock to do it.”

“No! No! I couldn’t. This is all….so…so fast. I mean, I just came over to…”

“It’s not fast, you’ve been putting this off for years. I love pussy but once you touch a boy’s prick…Mmmmmmmm!Yum! It’s easy. It’s fun. You’ll find out soon enough.”

“What are you doing?”

Katie’s still sticky fingers began hitting the buttons on her cell phone. “If your best friend can’t get you laid on short notice, what good is she? Don’t worry. I’ll be with you the whole time. I want to watch you lose it. You’re gonna love it! Oh, Hello, Max? Honey, I’ve got a really big favor to ask you.”

To Be Continued…

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