tagLesbian SexPopsicle Girl Ch. 03

Popsicle Girl Ch. 03


There are times in one’s life when really good things happen to you. Heather was a really good thing. She came along just after I had broken up with my three-year lover and companion, Linda. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I was just about to climb the walls. It wasn’t exactly real depression, but it certainly was close. Heather was no ordinary girl; she was special. Very special. I had always been drawn to girls with natural red hair and hers was out of this world. I even began to wonder what the shaved little sweetie’s southern forest might like look completely grown out.

So I asked. “Would you do a really big favor for me?”

I was lounging on the sofa, reading a magazine. She was seated on a reclining chair directly across from me wearing short, off-white, faded and patched cut-offs. Her legs were to die for. “Honey,” she replied with a fake southern drawl, “I’d walk across a thousand miles of burning coals and then I’d do anything you wanted.” Then she laughed. She flashed her famous bright smile with those oh-so-perfect teeth. Her deep blue eyes always seemed playful, maybe even sinful.

I smiled back. “Silly girl. I was just wondering what a slight change would do for you.”

“Mmmm. A slight change, huh? Why do I think you have an evil idea on your mind?”

“Well, not exactly evil. But you know how much I love your hair.”

Heather looked at me a little quizzically. “I think you have mentioned that once or twice,” she said.

“Well, I was wondering what color it might be if you let it grow out, er…, down there.”

Her faced flushed before she smiled again. “I thought you were reading a magazine over there, and all the while you were thinking about my pussy! Shame on you, young lady!”

“I can’t think of a nicer thing to think about, babe. But I’m serious. I bet it would be really pretty.”

“Damn, Beth. I thought you were kidding at first. But if you really want me to…”

“I do!” I interrupted.

“It will take more than a month,” she said, “so that tells me I’ll be part of your life at least until then.”

I frowned at her remark. “Don’t we have a date for New Years?” I asked.

“You never asked me for a date.”

“Well, I am now. So that gives you another six good months,” I said with a flirtatious grin.

“Just a second. I don’t recall accepting any New Year’s date,” she said, straight-faced, trying her best not smile.

“I guess I assumed you might be interested in going out with me. If I need to find another date…”

Her eyes pierced through the warm air of the living room. “If I even catch you getting that close to another girl, your ass is grass and I’m a lawnmower.”

“Then we have a date?” I asked.

“Only if you ask me properly,” she replied with a cute smirk.

“Okay, Miss Hoyty-Toyty, I shall ask you properly. Actually, I have three desires. First, it would please me beyond all that is pleasurable to see a forest of red hair between your legs, primarily because I want to see if the carpet matches the drapes, so to speak. And, on New Years Eve, I would be honored indeed to have you accompany me to a party as my date. Finally, I would be the happiest girl in the world if you would come over here right now and sit on my face.”

Heather looked stunned for a brief moment, then burst out laughing. “I accept all three offers unconditionally.”

She arose from the chair and sauntered toward me, hands on her hips, her eyes piercing mine. Besides the cut-offs, she was wearing a cute, pink, ribbed tube-top that hugged her breasts tightly. Having recently taken a shower, all I had on was a white, terry-cloth robe and nothing else. She was beautiful beyond compare.

She didn’t even remove her shorts. She simply straddled my shoulders as I reclined on the sofa and pressed the crotch of her cutoffs against my startled face. I inhaled deeply and smelled that womanly odor I had become so familiar with. Reaching behind her, I put my hands on Heather’s perfect ass, over the top of the heavy cotton material, and pulled her into me. With the crotch of the cut-offs flush against my face, I kissed her all over, pressing my lips as hard as I could against her sex.

She leaned forward and placed her hands on the arm of the sofa to maintain her balance as she began to grind slowly into me. She moaned softly with each deep grinding movement. My robe had already fallen off the sides of my legs and the sash was beginning to come loose. I dug my nails hard into the thick cotton that covered the greatest ass in the world. I didn’t care if I couldn’t breathe, I just wanted to feel her hard and tight against me. Her womanly smell was becoming more aromatic by the minute.

I ran my hands up the side of her body and pushed the tube-top up and over her breasts. As I looked up from between her legs, the luscious pink nipples and creamy-smooth skin of her tits beckoned my fingers. Using a thumb and forefinger from each hand, I pinched the tiny nubbins hard enough to make her moan. Her face, flushed a bright red, was filled with lust. The more I pinched her nipples, the harder she drove her crotch into my face. My robe was all but off my body now, but I didn’t care. The moment was all about Heather’s grinding cunt.

I pulled my head back from the crotch and took a deep breath. As much as I enjoyed being smothered by Heather’s body, the thought of not being able to take another breath was enough to bring me to reality. Having filled my lungs with air, I wasted no time in diving back in. The more I kissed her, the more I wanted her.

“I want to taste you,” I husked.

Her breathing was coming in short gasps. She arose from my body and stood next to me, looking down at my parted robe. Her eyes gathered in my nakedness. Her eyes moved slowly along the length of my body. She smiled. Without saying a word, she had told me how much she enjoyed the view.

I watched her undo the button of the cut-offs and unzip the fly. She pushed the garment down her legs. Before this evening, I had not seen the pretty, soft-pink, French-cut panties she was wearing. Her legs were opened wide enough to reveal a panty crotch that was literally soaked with her juices. She peeled the satiny material over her hips and eased it down her legs. When she stood up straight, her hairless slit, with fully engorged lips, seemed more inviting than ever before.

She resumed her position over me, her dripping cunt just inches from my face. Her mouth was open in a small perfect “O”. I grabbed her ass again, this time feeling its exquisite fleshiness, and pulled her down to me. She was completely soaked. In a fleeting second, her juices began to coat my face. She moaned loudly as I drove my tongue into the wetness while she pressed her sex flush against my face once more. This time it was without any clothing to prevent me from partaking in this garden of delights. Her taste was unbelievable. It was like honey on my tongue. I couldn’t get enough of her. I licked everywhere I could, from vagina to clit, then back again. I buried my mouth inside the puffy lips. I drove my tongue deep into the honey-pot and wiggled it. I quickly located her already hardened clit and suckled on it like a baby.

Heather worked her cunt all over my face, leaving a trail of wetness along the way. Every once in a while she lifted herself off of me to give me a chance to take a deep breath. The deep breath served as a signal to renew her assault. Ten minutes passed and my tongue and lips found every part of her that I had come to delight in. I never wanted it to end.

“I’m so close, baby,” she finally said, her voice thick and raspy.

I loved it whenever she came while my mouth was pressed against her pussy. “Close” usually meant three or four more minutes of sucking and licking and nibbling. “Close” always meant that when she did cum, she would almost squirt. Almost, but not quite. Cumming meant a renewed and copious flow of nectar that would pour from her like an opened faucet. “Close” meant I still had enough time to enjoy her cunt for several more minutes. It was more than enjoyment, it was pure pleasure.

When I began to shake my head back and forth and work my tongue deep into Heather’s vagina, I felt her body stiffen. She reached down, grabbed the back of my head, and pulled my face as hard as she could into her. She gasped once. Then again. Then one long, loud exhale before she spent all of the lust that had built up inside her into my waiting mouth. I would have drowned in her juices and died a happy woman. I swallowed all I could.

It took a longer time than usual for Heather to come down. Her whole body shook from time to time as the final tingles of her sweet orgasm sent chills up her spine. Tiny beads of sweat had formed on her brow. Her hair looked slightly disheveled. Her cheeks were rosy-red.

When she finally arose from her squatting position over my face, she looked down at me and smiled. “You look like you’ve just been through a hurricane, lover.”

“There was torrents of rain,” I said.

She smiled. “I can see that. I should have brought an umbrella.”

“I didn’t need an umbrella. I liked being in the rain,” I said with a broad smile. “You were really wild tonight.”

“I was just doing to you what I like having you do to me,” she whispered.

“I guess that’s the Golden Rule of love, babe. And it sounds like a request for reciprocal behavior.”

She pursed her lips into a half-smile. “I wouldn’t stop you.”

“Lay down on the floor and close your eyes and you will be in for a big surprise,” I said with a silly grin.

“You are such a poet,” she giggled as she eased her body onto the floor and lay on her back, eyes looking skyward. In the process, she wiggled out of the tube-top that had remained encircled above her breasts. She was totally naked now, just the way I liked her.

I arose from the sofa, running my fingers through my hair in a vain attempt to straighten out the mess she had made of it. She smiled at me as I drew the terry-cloth robe over my shoulders and let it fall silently to the floor behind me.

“I believe I asked you to close your eyes, dearest,” I said.

She complied.

I moved silently on the carpet in my bare feet until I came to a stop behind my naked sweetie. She looked wickedly exciting in her position flat on the floor. Her breasts rose slightly with each deep breath she took. Her legs were only slightly opened but still revealed the puffy crack at the juncture of her thighs. I turned, facing away from her, and knelt, my knees directly behind her shoulders, my toes on her chest. I put my hands on the carpet to keep from falling.

“Look up,” I said.

She opened her eyes to a moisture-laden, yawning pussy right above her face. Her eyes widened at the sight. She licked her lips sensually, knowing what was about to happen. After all, turnabout is fair play. But I had something slightly different in mind, at least at first.

“Open your mouth and stick your tongue out,” I said in a firm voice.

“What are you going to do?” she asked as she opened her mouth nice and wide.

“I am going to drip something nice and sweet onto your tongue,” I replied, my voice now thick with lust.

“Omigod, yes!” she exclaimed. “Give me some!”

I was so hot from what Heather had done to me I knew the task would be easy. “Close your eyes and tell me when you feel the first drop.”

I wiggled my hips slightly and felt a small amount of my love juice glide along the inside of my inner labia. The clear moisture suddenly fell upon her waiting tongue.

She squealed excitedly. “Oh, Beth, YES! I want more!”

“There’s lots more,” I said as I put my hand between my legs and gaped my slit even wider. I jostled the pussy lips just enough with my fingers to allow several more drops of honey to fall straight down. Heather took the drippings on her tongue, then closed her mouth and swallowed.

I had never done anything in my life quite like this, but the thought of dripping my love juices into Heather’s mouth only served to increase the flow coming out of me. I moved a finger into my vagina and stirred the pot some more. This time a lot more of my love for her flowed out of me, straight into her waiting mouth. She opened her eyes and watched the liquid nectar fall from my cunt to her face. She swallowed every drop and asked for more. The little slut couldn’t get enough of my juices.

“Let me help you,” she pleaded.

She worked her hands between my squatting legs. As soon as I removed my fingers from my sopping pussy, hers replaced them. One index finger from each hand helped to splay my vagina really wide. I could only imagine the view she was getting from below. With just a few wiggles of her fingers, she induced more rain to fall from the sky. She continued to swallow everything I gave to her, greedily.

After just a few short weeks of living with Heather, I had created a living, breathing slut. And I loved it!

“Time to get even,” I husked, lifting my hips high enough to free her fingers from my love nest. I lowered my hips back down until my hairless slit fastened itself tightly to her face. I wiggled my body hard enough to hear my seemingly endlessly flowing spendings squishing against her skin. Her eager tongue was everywhere. She used the flat of her tongue to lave the entire length of the inside of my vulva. She tickled my clit with just the tip of her tongue. She circled the outside of my vagina and then drove her tongue so deeply into me I thought she could touch my tonsils. She was driving me wild.

Suddenly I felt an index finger at my back door. Without taking my cunt from her face, I leaned forward just enough to give her the access she wanted. The anal entrance had already been lubricated with my own juices. With hardly more than a nudge, I felt the finger glide slowly into me. Before I knew it, the finger was deeply ensconced inside my ass. The feeling was exquisite.

“OHHHHHHHHH!” I cried.

While she drove her tongue in and out of my slit, she worked her finger in and out of my ass. For the next five minutes, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I could feel something really special building up inside my loins. It was all too much. I gasped out loud as I came, the cum flowing from me in torrents.

It took me a long time to wind down. My heart raced wildly for several minutes afterward. I turned completely and lay next to the most wonderful woman in the world. Her body, like mine, was still warm from the unbelievably wonderful festivities we had just taken part in. When I finally gathered my composure, I stood up and offered Heather my hand. With our faces and our hair sticky from each other’s juices, we strolled hand-in-hand to the bathroom and took a long, hot, steamy shower. We giggled like teenagers. We lathered each other with sweet-smelling soap. We kissed and hugged as the water ran down upon our bodies.

I had never been happier. Some might wonder how a redheaded beauty like Heather could end up with someone as plain as me. I wondered too. But not for long. In the weeks and months that followed, we grew together. In fact, Heather had agreed to “grow” where I wanted her to, and she soon sprouted the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. The hair that adorned her lower abdomen was a much lighter red than the hair on head. So the carpet didn’t exactly match the drapes, but the carpet was far more beautiful. Sometimes I sat in bed and just stared at the light-red triangle of soft down. Even the full growth hair was so sparse that it permitted a delightful view through the hairs of the previously hairless slit. Sometimes I kissed the beautiful hairs until my lips grew tired. Sometimes I ran my fingers through the softness.

Sometimes, in fact more often than not, I closed my eyes before heading off to dreamland and said a silent prayer that all of this would never end. I had fallen deeply in love with my “Popsicle Girl” and was totally awed by how easily sweet Heather had paved my road to happiness. I looked at it another way as well--a real popsicle is the second most lickable thing I know…

to be continued

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