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Kennedy's Girl


Ch. 01

Kennedy stepped out of her car onto the gravel parking lot and into the hot and humid August air. Shielding her eyes from the sun she gazed towards the rugby pitch at her teammates getting ready for todays practice. It was the first practice of the season and she could not wait to step onto the field again with her girls. As she strolled across the freshly cut grass she smiled at the familiar faces of her team who she hadn't seen since May. As she dropped her bag and sat next to Jordan, her roommate from freshman year and her closest friend, she felt a wave of excitement for the upcoming season.

"Hey beautiful, how was your summer?" Kennedy asked as she started putting on her boots.

"Oh you know, same old story from last summer. Work and summer classes, I really just need to graduate on time." Jordan sighed as she leaned back looking up towards the parking lot.

"I hear ya, two days into classes and I can already tell it's going to be a busy year." She followed Jordan's eyes and saw a group of girls heading towards them. "Ah here comes the fresh meat." Kennedy nodded towards the group of rookies slowly approaching.

"They look a little scared." Laughed Jordan. "I hope they're ready for what they're stepping into. Any fun hazing planned for this seasons rookies?" When Jordan didn't get a response she looked over at her friend seeing she obviously stopped listening. She was just staring at the group of girls. "Hey, earth to Kennedy, did you hear me?"

As Kennedy watched the girls approach she felt her heart give two hard pounds as her breath caught in her throat. Her eyes locked on the girl towards the back of the group, she had her headphones in staring down at her phone slightly nodding her head to her music. She looked a little taller than Kennedy, probably around 5'7" or 8". Her dark brown hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail with a few loose strands falling in front of her face. She was thin but not to skinny, just the right amount of fit to let you know she takes care of her herself. As Kennedy's eyes slowly made their way down the girl's body her heart continued to pound. The fabric of her tank top clung in all the right places and her athletic shorts stopping just above mid thigh. Her long legs stretched out from her body, muscular and tanned. Kennedy thought she was absolutely stunning.

"Dude you're zoning hard, what are you looking at?" Jordan said and she waved her hand in front of Kennedy's face snapping her out of her trace.

"Wow, do you see the chick with the headphones? Damn."

Jordan looked up at the group and then back at her friend with suspicious eyes. "Oh no, no you don't, not this shit again. Let's not forget about last season when you decided it was a great idea to start fucking a teammate. Remember how that one ended?"

Kennedy smirked as she thought back to her teammate Hannah. Last season they had a very short but hot fling. Kennedy was just having fun but Hannah was looking for something more. When it didn't end her way Hannah made it a living hell for the rest of the team. Starting drama, sabotaging practices, and not showing up to games until she was finally kicked off the team. Kennedy just winked at her friend and stood up to meet the new girls.

Ch. 02

"Hey guys, if you're here for rugby then you're in the right place. I'm Kennedy this is Jordan and we're your captains. Over there is coach, if you have any questions just ask him or one of us. What's your names and what year are you all?" Kennedy glanced at all the girls but lingered a little longer on the girl with the headphones. Once again she felt her breath catch as the girl looked up and Kennedy met her gaze for the first time. Her eyes were half hidden behind a thick row of dark lashes as she squinted into the sun. They were a dark brown honey that when the sun hit just right, gold flecks could be seen reflecting out. She had never seen eyes like those and she felt a little weak as she looked directly into them.

Again Kennedy was snapped back into reality as one of the new girls spoke up.

"Hi! Nice to meet you guys I'm Erin and I'm a sophomore. This is Madison my roommate, I dragged her with me and made her sign up with me, I was a little nervous to try out alone." Erin laughed.

Seeing that Kennedy still had this dazed look on her face Jordan rolled her eyes and recovered for them, "Don't be nervous, I promise once you step on that field you'll be hooked for life!" Jordan moved along introducing the group to the rest of the team. "How about you, what's your name?" Jordan asked the girl with the headphones. When the girl didn't respond she asked a little louder, "Hey, you with the headphones!" Upon hearing that Kennedy's attention instantly snapped towards Jordan's direction yearning to know this beautiful girl's name.

Drew looked up when she noticed one of the players talking to her and took out her headphones. "Hey sorry what did you say?"

"I was just asking what's your name."

"I'm Drew."

"Hey Drew I'm Jordan and this is Kennedy."

Drew looked over at the girl Jordan was introducing. When Drew made eye contact she felt her pulse quicken, the way this girl looked at her made her shift her weight uncomfortably, or was it nervously? She looked Kennedy over quickly trying hard to not be obvious. Kennedy was about 5'5" and fit. Through her tee and shorts Drew could tell she had a lean fit body. She had blonde hair that was shaved close on the sides and done up in a faux hawk. Her piercing blues eyes stared into Drew's intensely causing Drew to quickly drop her gaze, which landed her staring right at her lips. They were so full and the perfect shade of pink, they looked so soft... Drew a little puzzled at her own thinking quickly said hello and sat down to get her cleats on.

Kennedy noticed Drew look her over quickly and smiled to herself. She knew she looked good and she hoped Drew thought the same.

Kennedy knew she was a lesbian since 4th grade when she first heard what a lesbian was. This didn't make her middle school and high school years the best experience. She was into every kind of sport since she could remember. She hated dressing girly, which was always a battle with her mother. When middle school came around the other girls noticed that she was a little different, especially in the way she dressed, and slowly they all kind of avoided her. Which was fine by Kennedy, all her friends were boys anyway and they just thought of her as one of the guys. High school was when she officially came out which didn't improve her social experiences. The girls went from avoiding her to making her the butt of their jokes and homophobic slurs. So she just focused hard on her sports and grades, which landed her where she was now on a rugby and academic scholarship. Once in college she really started to thrive, being on such a diverse campus, being a lesbian was no big deal. She found herself making friends quickly with guys on her floor as well as girls and rugby being such a big sport at her school helped a lot.

"Hello to you too." Kennedy smiled at Drew and went to stand next to her other teammates who arrived. She kept finding herself looking back at Drew watching the cute brunette. She kept smiling at herself as she watched her pull her boots on, she found it cute that she had to keep pushing her hair back out of her face as the wind kept blowing it back. She noticed when the sun caught her hair just right you could see natural red streaks shining through, which made for a beautiful effect. There was something about this girl that was instantly pulling her in that she couldn't explain.

As she continued to watch, Kennedy's eyes slowly drifted to other part of Drew. Her mouth was crooked with concentration as she laced up her cleats, Kennedy's mind turned into more sensual thoughts as she wondered what Drew's lips would feel like on hers. She wanted to run her tongue over her lips and slowly melt into her mouth. She could see herself nibbling Drew's bottom lip and kissing her until she finally is granted access and slides her tongue inside her mouth kissing her a little harder. Kennedy could feel she was starting to really get turned on as her thoughts continued to grow. Knowing that wouldn't be good for practice she stood up to get the girls ready for warm up.

"Okay everyone let's take a few laps and get a good stretch in." Kennedy said over her shoulder as she started to jog past the girls. She made sure though to end up behind Drew as they ran their laps, getting the perfect view of her butt as she jogged around the field. Kennedy couldn't tell if the sweat dripping down her face was from the hot sun or the fact that she was getting so turned on. She knew she wanted that girl but also she knew she had to play it right. The team needed all the new girls they could get and she didn't want to scare anyone off, plus she was pretty sure Drew didn't play for "the same team". Kennedy knew she would have to start testing the waters in the up coming weeks.

Ch. 03

Over the next two weeks Kennedy went out of her way at practices to be next to or have contact with Drew. Since rugby is a full contact sport she wouldn't have trouble finding those opportunities. Every day at practice Kennedy made sure to wait to put her rugby shorts on and practice shirt on until after Drew arrived. Making sure to stand right in the girl's line of view, trying to draw her eyes. Since it was only the first few weeks of practices the team wouldn't start tackling drills until the rookies learned the rules, which did cut down on the physical contact Kennedy was looking forward to. She made sure however, to pair herself off whenever she could with Drew to try and get to know everything she could about this girl she couldn't get off her mind.

"Alright ladies, fitness time!" Kennedy yelled out towards the other girls who all moaned in protest.

"It's like 500 degrees out, can't we just skip todays running? Plus, we ran our asses off already today"

Even though it was super hot and Kennedy was ready to get out of the heat she didn't want to miss another opportunity to pair off with Drew.

"No mam, I'm making sure we're the fittest team this year! So, everyone pair off with another girl about your same speed for this relay coach set up. Hey Drew, you'll be with me." She saw Drew look around with a little bit of apprehension before walking over to Kennedy.

--Drew had been noticing that Kennedy picked her for everything when the team had to pair up. When she called her over to be her partner for the relay she felt this wave of nervousness that she couldn't quite place. Her heart would start to pound and she found it a little harder to breath. She kept brushing it off thinking to herself it was because this girl was the captain and she didn't want to mess up. But, as she walked towards Kennedy she started to feel a little light headed, maybe it was from the heat? Right before she was next to her, Kennedy flashed Drew the biggest smile. Drew's head swam as her heart beat even faster and her vision grew hazy.

Next thing that Drew saw was Kennedy's face inches from hers as she lay on her back on the field. She saw her mouth moving but heard no words being spoken. Drew just tried to focus, watching Kennedy's mouth as she spoke. She noticed that her mouth slanted a little to the right as she talked and beads of sweat had formed on her upper lip. Drew had the sudden urge to reach up and pull those lips to hers, feel their softness as they brushed across each other, and taste the salty liquid on her lip.

She was startled at her own thoughts as she realized what she was thinking. For the past two weeks Drew could not stop thinking about the short haired rugby captain. She looked forward to practice everyday because she would get to see her. She always thought it was because Kennedy was so nice and funny and wanted to be her friend. But, as she thought for a second she realized it might be more than that. Everyday before practice she would eye Kennedy as she slipped on her shorts and tee, her butt and legs looked so good in her rugby shorts and her toned stomach rippled as she slipped her tee over her head. Was this more than just admiring a pretty girl? Once again, taken aback by where her thoughts were, Drew quickly told herself, "I'm not gay, Kennedy is just really awesome and I admire her. Why can't another girl look at another girl without it being gay?" Even as she thought it, it sounded a little weak.

She suddenly became aware of Kennedy again inches from her lips, this time she looked at her eyes which were full of concern. She reached down and brushed a strand of hair away from Drew's face. The contact instantly made Drew shiver despite the intense heat of the summer air.

--Kennedy had no clue what happened, Drew was walking towards her to start the drill and next thing she stumbles and faints on the field. She rushed over to Drew and yelled at another girl to get some water. She knelt next to her and lightly shook her shoulders.

"Drew! Drew! Open your eyes, can you hear me?" She saw her eyes lazily flutter open, trying to focus. "Come on open your eyes, you're okay." As Drew's eyes seemed to focus a bit more, she looked up towards Kennedy. A slight crooked smile played gently across Drew's lips that only Kennedy saw and Drew herself didn't realize.

As she continued to coax Drew to keep her eyes open she could see the girl watching her lips with an intense curiosity flashing in her eyes. She took this opportunity to move her face right next to hers, looking in hers to see if she was okay and to just get closer.

"Come on Drew, can you hear me? Can you try and sit up?"

"Hey dude, here's some water, is she okay?"

"I think she's just dehydrated and overheated." Kennedy explained as she grabbed the water bottle. As she looked back down she felt her heart swell with compassion and concern. She reached down and softly brushed a few strands of hair off Drew's forehead. When her fingertips brushed across her face, electricity felt like it shot up her arm and through her body. She jerked her hand back as her heart pounded. She saw Drew shiver under her touch, which made Kennedy give a slight giggle.

"Drew... You're okay sit up and drink some water."

Drew slowly blinked her eyes a few more times and started to sit up. Kennedy reached down and helped her into a sitting position, the direct contact made both of their stomachs flutter.

"Are ya good?" Kennedy asked again.

"I think so, I'm not sure what happened. I'm so embarrassed!"

"No don't be, it's really hot out and I think you just got a little over heated."

Drew paused for a second as she thought back to what made her faint. "...Yeah." was all she could manage.

"Come on, I'll help you up." Kennedy reached down and offered her a hand. Drew took it and she pulled her up with ease but a little to quickly causing Drew to be off balanced. As she stumbled slightly she fell right into Kennedy who wrapped her waist trying to steady her. Kennedy felt Drew's chest brush up against hers causing her nipples to instantly stiffen. Drew tilted her face up with an apologetic look in her eyes but didn't say a word. They just looked at one another for a second enjoying the feeling of their bodies so close together.

Their trance was quickly broken when Jordan shouted, "Jeeze guys get a room!"

Drew's cheeks flashed bright red and she quickly pushed out of the embrace, put her head down, and started walking to her gear to change her shoes and leave.

Kennedy looked towards Jordan angrily and flipped her off mouthing the words, "Fuck You!" She quickly turned to catch up with Drew.

"Hey don't listen to her she's being stupid." Still embarrassed Drew didn't answer and kept her head down.

"You walk to practice don't you? Let me give you a lift and make sure you make it home safely. Don't want you fainting again in the road." Kennedy nudged Drew with her elbow with a joking laugh.

"I'm not gay!" Drew quickly snapped, instantly regretting blurting that out when she saw the surprised and slightly hurt look in Kennedy's eyes. But she wasn't sure how to recover from that.

Kennedy who was surprised by the outburst tried to make the best of it by saying, "I'm not gay either!"

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry... I just... I thought... Oh my god..." Drew was at a loss for words trying to apologize when she saw a huge grin flash across Kennedy's face.

"I'm totally kidding, I'm a huge lezzie. I was just trying to crack a joke and make you smile." She laughed light heartedly.

Drew tried to look pissed but quickly smiled and let a small giggle escape across her lips.

"Come on though, the look on your face haha! For real though just let me give you a ride, it's my duty as captain to make sure my players are all okay."

Drew hesitated for a second before nodding her head accepting the ride.

Ch. 04

As Kennedy started her car Drew slid into the front seat throwing on her seat belt. As Kennedy pulled out of the parking lot she couldn't help but notice Drew's legs as her already short shorts slid higher up them as she sat down. Her legs glowed in the sunlight that was coming in from the window. She smirked when she saw the little patches of dirt on her knees from practice.

Drew could see Kennedy looking at her in her peripherals and tried hard to keep her eyes forward. She shifted nervously in her seat under Kennedy's gaze, still wanting to apologize for her comment earlier. When Drew saw Kennedy smile out of the corner of her eye she looked up catching Kennedy staring at her legs.

"What's so funny?" She asked feeling a little self-conscious.

Being caught Kennedy's cheeks flashed red and she snapped her head forward. "Nothing... I... I was just thinking about the joke I told you earlier." Usually in a situation like this, she would have winked and made a pass but this girl made her head feel fluttery and she lost her thoughts for a second.

Drew smirked knowing she caught her red handed and enjoyed watching her to be the one to squirm uncomfortably this time. They rode in silence for a bit until Drew finally spoke up, "Hey I just want to say I'm really sorry about earlier, about what I said. I just got really embarrassed and I didn't mean to upset you if I did. I just really like you and I think you're really cool and I want to be your friend. You're so sweet and beautiful and..." She was talking a mile a minute when Kennedy interrupted her.

"Oh so you think I'm beautiful?" Kennedy played off of this seeing this as a chance to test the waters. "Well thanks cutie." She chirped as she flashed one of her heart breaking smiles that Drew had come to cherish. "When you walked on the field for the first day of practice I thought you were the cutest girl I've had ever seen. And those legs, caught my eye from across the parking lot." She stopped there to gauge a response from Drew.

Drew sat there for a second taking in the compliment, blushing hard, she made eye contact and didn't breathe for a second. Before her mind could stop her mouth she quietly said, "I... I thought you were incredible when I walked up and was introduced to you." She quickly looked down. She had never felt this way towards another women let alone another man. Everyday since she met Kennedy she had to keep telling herself she wasn't gay and making up excuses to why she had this unfamiliar attraction to this girl. She still was confused and not sure what to think about it.

Kennedy's heart was pounding ten times faster than normal as she let Drew's words softly land in her ears as she pulled to a stop in front of Drew's apartment and put the car in park. They both sat there for a second not sure on what to say. Finally Kennedy broke the silence, "Well here ya go." She said a little awkwardly. "Hey so remember tomorrow night there's a rugby party at my house and all the rookies are required to go, so I'll see you there."

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