tagNovels and NovellasPornStar Ch. 02

PornStar Ch. 02


Spencer tried not to stare at Darrin as the taxi pulled away from the curb and gave the driver the Wilshire's address. Darrin Mathews. Never in his wildest dreams would he ever have thought that he would be sitting thisclose to Darrin Mathews. But then, he never would have imagined that he was thisclose to becoming the Assistant District Attorney, quite possibly the youngest in the city's known history.

He tried not to laugh as well. He knew that he was vain. Dense Spence, the wild-haired nerd had evolved and Spencer H. Carlson, III had emerged from the ashes. Where Dense was shy and unsure, Spencer was confident and eloquent. The cloak of Dungeons and Dragons and Tubular Bells was cast aside in favor of Elizabeth George and Jeff Lorber. And this reunion was the final stroke in his grand masterpiece of reinvention. The chance to show everyone what the lame-ass Star Wars fanatic had become: a successful, powerful lawyer.

And so he had packed, excited to carve yet another notch on his belt of adulthood, a chance to rub his good fortune into the faces of those who had treated him so badly. But somehow, the air seemed to have been let out of his balloon once he saw Darrin. He had known who Darrin was as soon as he'd seen him. No one who graduated that year could forget the Mathews twins. Darrin, the gymnast with the perfect delts and fat-free gluts and his exciting sister, Mickie, voted Most Likely To Be Naked. And she didn't disappoint. No one forgot the commencement ceremony.

"So what do you do?"

Spencer watched the wide blue eyes swing around from the passing scenery to him. "I'm in the entertainment industry."

"Ah." Spencer shook his head, understanding yet not understanding. "You're an attorney, aren't you?"

Darrin laughed. "What would make you think that I was a shyster?"


"Sorry!" Darrin held his hands up. "I didn't mean you."

Spencer smiled, patting Darrin's denim-clad leg and quickly retracting his touch. "Don't worry, Dare, I'm used to it. Everyone just loves a lawyer."

"Bet the chicks do."

"Yeah." Spencer huffed in disappointment. "Don't I know it."

Darrin sized up his former classmate with a newfound sense of confusion. "Is that a problem?"

Spencer didn't answer for a moment. He was back in his hometown and he was the big man on campus. He had a hunter green Aston Martin and a lilac Bentley in the garage of his $430,000 home. He had ducks and swans in his manmade pond and quarter horses wandering his twenty thousand acre spread. He had straight teeth, whitened and capped and his skinny body was thick with sinew and muscle and yet ... no woman had caught his eye nor satisfied him. "Can I be honest with you?"

Darrin shrugged, accepting the cold Tsingtao. He didn't really care ... did he? "Sure."

"I ... uh, I don't really like girls."

Darrin laughed. "What, cooties?"

Spencer dropped down onto the couch next to him, thumbing the remote into life. "Not unless they're permanent." He gave an exasperated sigh. "I'm gay, Dare."

"Oh." Darrin swallowed half of his beer, deep in thought. What the hell am I supposed to say now?

Spencer saved him the trouble. "Thanks for your pity!" He laughed, tossing the remote on the table and sitting back, looping his long legs ankle over ankle as the New York Giants sought to make mincemeat of an unknown team.

"I didn't mean ... "

"Ah, fuck off!" The lawyer laughed, clapping Darrin on the back. "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to." Both men chuckled for a moment, Spencer pausing to push the hair out of his eyes and noticing that Darrin was watching the action. "So, how about you?"

"Uh, me?"

"Yeah. How's your love life?"

"Great." Darrin stuttered uncomfortably, then stood. "Listen, Spence, I'd better get going."

"Already? You just got here."

"I know, but I have a million things to do and Mickie will kill me if I don't pick up her dry cleaning like I promised."

"Ah." Spencer took a long swig, following Darrin to the door and watching his ass. Something was bothering him, no, not bothering, actually. Puzzling him. Why had Darrin suddenly decided to bolt when he'd started talking about being gay? Maybe because he was gay himself? That thought made Spencer's cock leap in his pants. He'd give anything to fuck this juicy piece of meat. "Wanna have dinner tomorrow?"

Otto Bahn would have said yes. Darrin Mathews waffled, his mouth opening and closing like a fish stuck on a hook. "Why?"

His response intrigued Spencer. "Why not?" He paused, staring at the man. "Are you afraid of being seen with me?"

"No." Darrin barked a bit too harshly. "I just have to work late tomorrow."

"Then make it lunch."

The idea of spending time alone with Spencer was making him uncomfortable. What would they talk about? Hey, why don't I tell you about being a porn star? Darrin shuddered, his sadness threatening to overwhelm him again. He wanted a normal life; he wanted a relationship. But it was very evident to him that he would achieve neither. "How about cocktails?"

Cocktails. Spencer thought about that word, conjuring images of Darrin feeding him his cock. Unconsciously, he licked his lips, then quickly raised his beer, taking a drink. "Sure. That'd be great."

"I'll meet you in the bar downstairs."

"Sounds cool."

"Great. See you then."

Darrin stepped out into the hall and quickly walked to the elevator. Only then did he allow himself to turn around and look back. Spencer still stood in the doorway and raised a hand in goodbye. Darrin was glad that he was far enough away that Spencer couldn't see his blush. The bulge in Spencer's pants and the fact that he was watching him leave made chills run down his spine. Could there be a chance? Before he could answer himself, the elevator doors opened and Spencer slipped from view.

* * * * *

"All right, Otto." Jesus checked the lighting for the fifth time and came around the edge of the bed where Otto Bahn and a twink named Jamie Hummers were lying. "This is the last scene for the night. Give Jamie a facial and make it a good one."

The younger man sat up, pulling the sheet off Otto's body and gasping in delight. "Damn, you're hung like a horse."

Inwardly, Darrin groaned but Otto just smirked, showing his muscle control by flexing his semi-hard prick and making it bob in the air. "Think you can fit your little mouth around it?"

"No but I'll try!"

"Good boy." Otto leaned back, closing his eyes and lacing his hands behind his head. "You may begin."


The plot was supposed to be a young man getting his first taste of cum so Jamie acted tentative, encircling Otto's cock with a hand and stroking it into full tumescence. Otto moaned softly, opening his legs a little wider.

"Darrin." Spencer's voice was soft, his breath warm against his neck. "I love you."

He turned, tears filling his eyes as he searched Spencer's dark ones. "What'd you say?"

"You heard me." Spencer moved closer, his spicy scent filling Darrin's nostrils. "I. LOVE. YOU."

Darrin closed his eyes and let the tears flow. Someone loved him. And it wasn't being said to Otto Bahn. It was being said to him. Darrin Mathews.

"Spencer ... Spencer ... "


Darrin opened his eyes, blinking against the lights. "What ... what's wrong?"

"Who's Spencer?" Jamie asked.

Darrin looked around the room, staring back at eleven pairs of eyes. "No one."

"So quit calling his name, will ya?" Jesus growled, turning back to the clapper loader. "All right, let's take it from the top!"

* * * * *

Spencer checked his watch again. It was nearly midnight and the hotel bar was about to close. Maybe this had been a bad idea. Maybe he should have just resorted to his usual aloof character and avoided feelings. After all, he had been doing it for so long that it was almost second nature. But something about Darrin caught him and held him fast.

Maybe it was simply his looks. The blond hair, the rippling muscles, the ever-present smirk all combined to make Darrin hotter than the nearest star. As cynical as he was, that would be simple but deep down, Spencer knew that it was something more and didn't have the answer. And that disturbed him.

"We're closing up now, Mr. Carlson." The bartender, Ray, said, topping off his Dewar's and soda. "You can take that to your room, if you like."

Spencer sighed, pounding the drink down, then reached for his jacket. "Thanks, Ray. Put it on my bill, would you?"

"No problem, Mr. Carlson. Good night."

"Hey, I thought we were going to have a few drinks!" Spencer's heart stopped when he heard Darrin's deep voice behind him. "Sorry, things ran a bit later than I expected."

"That's okay." Spencer laughed, trying to hide the tremor in his voice. Darrin just oozed sexuality and every nerve in Spencer's body was answering loud and clear. He wondered if his friend could sense his unease. "Well, the bar's closing up so we have to go somewhere else. You mind?"

"Naw, that's cool."

"How about we hit a club instead?"

Darrin shrugged, his stomach flip-flopping. He wanted to avoid a club at all costs. There would be no way that he could hide his persona there. "I don't know. I'm kinda tired. I don't think I wanna go clubbing tonight."


Darrin directed the twosome to the corner bar, just a few yards away from the Wilshire. Once inside, Spencer ordered a Dewar's and soda while Darrin stuck with his usual Johnnie Walker Black and a splash of Coke.

"So, tell me about yourself." Darrin just stared open-mouthed at Spencer, then swallowed half his drink. "Um, I didn't think that was a hard question."

A half-hearted chuckle escaped him and he squirmed uncomfortably in his chair. "It-it wasn't. I'm just not used to being asked that."

"Why not?" Again, his interest was peaked. Asking about one's job was normal in everyday conversation. Why not in Darrin's life?

Darrin let a bit of Otto slip in. "Being in the entertainment industry, if everyone knows what you do, you tend to get a target painted on your back."

"That's the life of a lawyer."

"Yeah, sure is." Darrin laughed, raising his glass in a toast.

"So, tell me about your cases. You must handle a lot of celebrities. Come on, dish some dirt."

"Now, you should know better than that, Spence."

"Yeah, I know. Attorney-client privilege. I just thought you'd have a little tidbit you could tell a fellow jurist ... "

"Nope. I'm well-known for keeping my mouth shut."

"I see." Spencer laughed. "And what about your personal life?"

Darrin sighed. No sense in keeping this private. After all, Spencer had already volunteered his status. "I'm gay."

Spencer shouted happily. "I thought so!"

"Jesus, will you keep it down?" Darrin angrily shushed his friend, glancing around. "I didn't ask for a broadcast."

"What's wrong? I thought you were out of the closet." Spencer noticed that his jest didn't raise a smile on Darrin's face and he whispered, "I'm sorry. I guess it's not as easy for everyone."

"It was never easy for me." Darrin drained his glass, gesturing toward the bartender for another. "Small towns don't forgive easily."

"What's for them to forgive? It was your life."

"I was the golden boy, remember? Star quarterback, headed for superstardom. I was supposed to put this fucking town on the map, remember?"

Spencer nodded slowly. He remembered. The scandal happened a few weeks after graduation. Darrin had been arrested for sodomy after he and Ronnie Littleton were found in flagrante delicto, his dick mercilessly pounding Ronnie's ass. Homer Littleton was outraged; after all, he was the owner of the National Bank and a fine, upstanding citizen in their little town. Darrin had escaped the barn with his life, only to be arrested hours later when Ronnie had told the police that Darrin took him by force. Of course, the fact that Ronnie was cumming when the flashlight caught them in its beam was overlooked and Homer had Darrin's ass nailed to the wall.

The verdict: leave town immediately. Darrin had disappeared overnight, only returning years later to purchase old man Littleton's mansion and to happily piss on the dead man's gravesite.

"I was always sorry about that."

Darrin shook his head. "There was nothing that you could do, Spence. Everyone knew that Homer Littleton would get what he wanted, no matter who stood in the way."

"But what he did to you was wrong." Spence watched Darrin shrug noncommittally and wondered what was going on in the man's mind. He wondered if it had anything to do with their chance meeting on the bridge. Had Darrin been staring into that muddy water for a different reason? "Darrin ... "

"Wow, look at the time." Darrin made a big show of checking the time on his watch. "I'm sorry, Spence. I've got an early appointment and I've gotta get some sleep."

Spencer could have sworn that he saw tears glistening in Darrin's bright blue eyes. "Listen, why don't we have dinner tomorrow night, after the opening reception for the reunion." Spencer tossed a twenty on the counter, turning to Darrin. "You are going, right?"

"Spence, that's quite impossible ... "

"Are you kidding? You've got to go! What better place to rub your success in the noses of those assholes!" Spencer laughed. "Besides, you get to see who's fat, who's ugly ... who's still fat and ugly," He gave Darrin a knowing wink. "You know."

"No, I don't think it would be a good idea." Darrin pushed through the door, fishing his gloves from his pocket. "I'll come by for a drink before you go, though."

"Sounds great. Give me a call after your appointment."

"Okay." Darrin watched the young man depart, noticing how the streetlight's glare bounced off Spencer's curls and the way his hips took a seductive turn with each step. His mouth watered. "Spencer!"

Spencer turned and was surprised to see Darrin dashing towards him. He was even more surprised when Darrin's mouth crashed onto his in a desperately passionate kiss that set his cock throbbing in the tight confines of his pants. Darrin's tongue plundered his mouth in a way that he'd only dreamed about: forceful, arrogant, controlling the very breath in his lungs and leaving him limp. It was several seconds before Spencer came back to reality, lightly balanced in a pair of strong arms.

He wanted to say something but couldn't put words to his feelings. So he just stood, staring into Spencer's unreadable eyes and letting his fingertips gently slide along his whiskered cheek. "See you tomorrow."

"Uh, yeah." And with that, Darrin melded into the shadows of the street, leaving Spencer with a head full of questions and crotch full of cum.

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