tagNovels and NovellasPornStar Ch. 05

PornStar Ch. 05


The first thing he felt was the pain. Razor-like spikes of pain that radiated from the huge knot on the back of his head and connected with various other injuries on his body. He swallowed but his throat felt like it stuck together and his tongue was a dry wooden plank in his mouth. A voice boomed in his ear.

"Mickie! He's awake!"

Shut the fuck up! He wanted to scream. His head throbbed like a stubbed toe and the sudden loud noise had made him jerk. Soft fingertips connected with his cheek and his focus turned to them, concentrating on the texture. They were replaced by a pair of firm lips that gently touched several places on his face. Wincing, he forced his eyelids open, he blinked repeatedly, waiting for his sight to clear and for his pupils to adjust to the light.

"You stupid son-of-a-bitch!"

Darrin threw his arms over his head, hoping that the action would keep the sound from reaching him. "Please don't yell."

"You're lucky that I don't beat the shit out of you!" Mickie yanked his arm down, peering into his bruised face. "What the fuck did you think you were doing? How the fuck could you try to kill yourself?"

"Easy. I jumped off the bridge."

"You piece of shit!" Mickie punched him hard in the arm and went running off, sobbing loudly. Darrin heard a door slam and covered his face with his hands.

"She's right, you know."

Darrin slowly sat up, not realizing that someone else was in the room. Spencer came from around the island, a mug in his hand that he offered to Darrin. As he took the cup, he noticed that Spencer had a cast on his left arm and that his right eye had been blackened. "What happened to you?"

"I rescued your dumb ass, that's what happened!" Spencer spat, sitting in a chair opposite the couch where Darrin was lying. "I broke my arm trying to pull you out of the water."

Darrin stared at the young man, despair curling in his gut. "I didn't know."

"You're so fucking selfish, Darrin. Did you even bother to consider Mickie's feelings? How she would have to be the one to identify your body at the morgue? I suppose that didn't cross your mind."

The blond stared into the cup of hot cocoa, his mind tortured and even more confused than before he made the attempt. "No, I didn't."

"What the fuck is wrong with you, Darrin? What happened to the guy I met a few days ago? Last night, it was as if I didn't even know you."

You don't, not really. "Spence, it's been so long ... "

"Don't give me that 'so long' bullshit! You were a different person. You were a different person!"

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean! Prostitutes do the same thing when they're with johns. They become a different person so you don't really know who they are and you can't touch what's inside them. You were the same way last night." Spencer glared at him, wincing as he shifted his arm and bringing Darrin's attention to his injury. "You're such a conundrum, Darrin. You're sweet and shy one minute, then you're the most arrogant asshole I've ever met the next. Are you schizophrenic?"

"Not that I know of." Darrin avoided Spencer's eyes, focusing on the contents of his cup. "Might be a help."

"What's going on, Dare?" The touch of Spencer's fingers against his temple was like a balm to his inner wounds and he closed his eyes. "Tell me in. Let me help you."

Spencer's lips were soft, pressing against his with the care and concern of a worried parent. Darrin moaned and pulled Spencer's mouth down, crushing their lips together. He didn't want the passivity of someone who cared for him right now; he was looking for passion, raw, unadulterated passion that made him want to cum in his pants. When he pulled back and saw the emotion in Spencer's eyes, he knew that it wasn't what he wanted. He suddenly knew what he needed. He needed Spencer.

"Spencer," He whispered against his lips. "I don't know where to begin."

"Start wherever you're most comfortable." Spencer's heart leapt in his chest. The most beautiful man he'd ever seen was not only interested in him, but wanted to open himself to him. He saw the look in his eyes and touched his cheek. "Don't be worried about what I think. Just tell me."

Darrin's innards quivered and his mouth grew dry as he looked at his friend. Where the fuck do I start?

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