The evening approaches gently, as I walk along the darkening eastern shore. The heavy ocean scent blankets my senses with every breath I take. I inhale that intoxicating cologne deeply and my thoughts drift away. The quiet whispers of the rolling waves calm the atmosphere. My body relaxes in my solitude and I feel at peace.

The aquamarine blue of the sea deepens in shadow as the sun sets on the west side of the island. The blood moon has been rising beside me, swollen and full, along the horizon. I stop to marvel at her crimson beauty as she pulls herself up over the skyline and takes her place in the heavens.

I feel her gravitational attraction beckoning to the tides, begging the ocean closer. I empathize with her longing to shrink the distance between them. Slowly, the color fades into a deep shade of orange, then to pale yellow before becoming the pure white of a full moon. Her light glows brightly, a maiden on her wedding day. I sigh in awe and suddenly understand why the wolves sing to her in the mountains.

The sun has finally lost the battle to the night. The colors disappear and the world looks like an old black and white film. I tear my eyes away from the moon's enchanting face and look back along the trail of footprints I have imprinted on the powdery sand. The lights of the island city, miles away, are dim compared to the stars above me. This part of the beach is deserted. The outline of my car has melted into the night.

A sudden shock of fear jolts me back to reality as the impact of my isolation hits me. Never have I been so alone in the dark. The rational choice would be to go to my vehicle and drive back to the world I know. Yet, at the thought of leaving, I feel a pang of sadness. The waves, the salty air, the stars and moon have seduced me with their tranquil power. I am not ready to leave and decide to walk a little further. I assure myself I will be able to find my way back home.

The moonbeams ripple over the ocean's currents, shimmering and dancing over the black surface. The foam of the waves turns to boiling silver as it crashes on the gray beach. No longer distracted by the various colors of the sunset, the rest of my senses become magnified. I halt my progress along the shore to savor the sensation of the ocean breeze nuzzling me. I close my eyes and shiver as the coolness grazes off the warmth of my gold, sun kissed skin. The breeze draws back, slowly releasing me from its airy embrace.

The tide rises and rushes towards my feet unexpectedly. The surge of the summer sea tickles my toes like a playful lover. I can't help giggling at the thought. It's been so long since I have felt a touch so warm. I look around to make sure I am truly alone, before I pull off my tank top and shorts. I toy with the idea of removing my bikini top and bottom for a moment, but decide to keep them on just in case the police patrol this far out on the island. I giggle again at the embarrassment of having to explain my nudity to an officer in the middle of nowhere.

The jealous currents tickle my feet again as if to get my attention. I turn to the sea, smiling at its refusal to be ignored for more than a moment. Bathed in various shades of gray, white and black, I take in the monochrome scenery. The waves trickle back to my feet and recede, teasing me with their aquatic massage.

I sit on the beach to let my legs play in the shallow waves. The heat of the sand feels more intense on my thighs and hands then it had on my feet. Without thinking twice I lay full on my back, relishing in the pleasure of the burning grains inflaming my sensitive skin. The soft tidal motion of the sea strokes up my feet and thighs at the same moment, cooling the fires building up within me. I release a quiet moan into the dark as I arch my back in reaction to the sparks shooting through my spine and relax as they ebb away with the heat and the tide.  

I notice the stars burning brilliantly over me. I look around the noir canopy trying to find familiar constellations, but there are too many sparkling diamonds spread across the velvet night. I bask in their celestial glow traveling through the cold of space to warm my heart. How sad to think those stars are long dead in the void while their light still travels through the light-years to shine for me. It's almost like looking into the past and future at the same time. With that thought still in my mind, I close my eyes and begin to drift to sleep, listening to the ocean whispering its rolling lullaby.


Her radiant skin catches the last dying rays of sunlight and reflects them to me like a beacon of glittering gold. I notice her walking along the shores of the lonely beach, lost in her own thoughts. I wish to continue riding the currents of the sea and ignore her, but my curiosity seems to have overcome me.

I turn towards her darkening silhouette and move closer, invisible to her human eyes, eager for a better look. Her profile glides gracefully upon the sand. She is rather petite, almost the height of a young girl. However, the curves of her body reveal she has traded in the prettiness of youth for the true beauty of maturity for several years now. Her arms and legs move to the rhythm of the ocean, relaxed and comfortable in her solace.

I am startled when she turns towards my direction, and then quickly remember she cannot see me unless I want her to. I look behind me and see the vermilion glow of the rising moon. I realize she is watching it ascend over the horizon. I feel hypnotized by her presence and find myself drifting closer to her. I want to see her face before the colors of the day are lost for the evening.

I see her staring past me, captivated by the rising satellite. Her almond shaped eyes are a deep shade of brown. Her appreciation of Luna's beauty captures my heart. I find myself wanting her to look at me in amour with those dark pools of earth and to sigh for me as she did for that moon.

Beyond the shadows of the sand dunes, the sun dips below the sky leaving a halo of colors before the night embraces her. She turns her head back the way she came, suddenly aware of the darkness. I watch her thinking and wonder what is going through her mind. Her soft full lips pucker in a worried kiss and her smooth forehead creases in anxiety. I notice she is looking towards the lights of the city on the island. I realize she wants to go back to them and I feel distressed at the thought of her leaving. I want her to stay a little longer.

As if in response to my emotions, she turns away from the city and continues to walk further along the beach. I sigh in relief that she is not leaving yet, but am no longer satisfied just looking at her. I want to know if her skin is as soft and smooth as it looks. I summon the ocean breeze and caress her tender body gently. She stops, closes her eyes and allows me to cool her warm skin. She smells sweet like vanilla and coconut. I inhale her tropical perfume and pick up a hint of her feminine essence. It makes me hungry and I want to know if she tastes as delicious as her fragrance. I fight to control my urge to take her by force. Something about her makes me want to take my time.

Her feet are close to the water's edge. I raise the tide to trace the curves of her heels and toes. Musical notes escape from her throat. The melody of her giggle bounces in the air and I smile at the joy of hearing such a beautiful sound. She quickly looks around as if she is about to do something mischievous and then takes off her garments. I am taken aback by her voluptuous figure. The swell of her breasts cupped and concealed by the fabric of her top are not large, but they jiggle invitingly as she moves. My mouth waters at the thought of ripping the triangular cloth off and suckling them. Her torso is not slender, but flows smoothly downward to her small waist. Her hips flare out and taper down like a mermaid's tail, she truly seems meant for the sea. She turns away from me, looking around again. With her back to me, she plays with the strings on the sides of her bottom and then giggles again at her own musings.

I want to be the one to evoke that sound from her lips and bring the waves in again to draw her attention back to me. She turns around, smiling. For a moment I believe she knows I am there and fear she will run away, but she remains standing on the beach. Her smile strikes a cord within me, I feel bewitched by her beauty and I wonder if she is a daughter of Calypso.

I tease her feet again, longing to run my hands along her perfectly tapered calves and firm thighs. Again I am shocked, and wonder if she can hear my thoughts, when she sits upon the sand and waits for the next wave to wash over her lower body. My desire heats the sand and burns hotter at the sight of her laying her body down upon it. I bring my liquid hands forward and rush them up her legs and splash upon her body. Her moan tells me she is enjoying herself as much as I am.

Like lava, the core of my being bubbles in molten liquid fire, but I am afraid to reveal myself to her just yet. I rein in my mounting passion, calming the sand and waves. I let her relax, cuddle her softly with the breeze and dull the ocean sounds to a soothing hum. With her eyes on the heavens, she slowly drifts to sleep and my excitement grows. Once she is in a deep slumber, I lay beside her small frame; stroking her delicate flesh to the rhythm of the sea.


As if in a haze, I slowly turn to my side and become aware the ocean breeze is no longer caressing me. The pleasant touch of thick, fluid fingers gliding along my skin draws my attention.

A soothing shiver sinks into my flesh as the hand trickles down my shoulder, flowing with the curves of my arm. They clasp my fingers briefly before rolling back up. I suddenly realize those fingers belong to a man.

I try to open my eyes, but the sea is still weaving its paralyzing spell. My mind panics, I want to run, to wake up and go home, yet my body feels leaden and heavy, it refuses to respond to my commands. I feel the grip of fear tightening in my chest, leaving me breathless and fighting the sobs building in my throat. My nose begins to sting and tears well up behind my closed eyes. As the first tear seeps through the cracks of my lids, I feel a slight tug in my mind.


I sense her consciousness gradually drawing out from the trance. I prepare myself for the shock she is about to feel once she becomes aware of my presence. A sudden surge of panic fires across my link to her mind. Her senses become my own. I feel the rapid drumming of her heart beating within my chest. An unfamiliar, burning itch creeps through my nose and my eyes swell. Her terror makes me want to comfort her. I lightly brush against her thoughts and wait for her reaction.


I feel a buzzing pressure on the center of my forehead. I focus my attention on the vibrations thrumming within my brain. I concentrate and realize there is another presence within me, not just beside me. It draws me further from myself, I feel as if my mind is being cuddled. The sensation is so affectionate, my fear vanishes in an instant and I find myself wanting more. The sense is so securing, I am reminded of the times I used to cradle my teddy bear for comfort. I feel my body drop away and become aware my eyes are now open. I turn my head slightly to see who is with me.

It is still night time, but somehow he appears to me as if in daylight. It must be a trick of the moon I think, but he tells me it's not so without moving his lips. I am too in awe to notice he is speaking to me through my mind. His eyes are of the deepest Caribbean blue I have ever seen, boundless as the sky on a cloudless day. My emotions sink in those pools of tropical sea. I fear I am losing myself in that aqua void and try to resist his pull, but like the moon wanting to be closer to the sea, I feel his desire to possess me.

He shifts his body to lay protectively over my own and cradles my head on his forearms. I find I can move my hands once more and without a second thought caress his cheek. My fingers trace his jaw line; the stubble of his beard reminds me of the sand, smooth and grainy at the same time. His body feels solid and firm, but the curves of his muscles flow without a flaw. I press my body closer to his, eager to touch every inch of his silk skin. He envelopes me so completely, it's almost as if I have been dipped in a pool of his being and I can't feel the bottom.

"Μη φοβάσαι (Do not be afraid)..." He says through telepathy. My thoughts expand and I feel emotions unlike my own. They run deeper than any depths my heart ever dared to explore. The strength of their currents is so powerful and unrestrained; I am suddenly frightened of being dragged by the undertow. Images, impossible to describe, flash and blur in my brain. They reveal the life he has lived. Time holds no meaning and stretches in eons of loneliness. My soul aches to erase those years of self imposed seclusion. It leaves me gasping for breath when I finally catch familiar names and histories that help me piece together his identity. I begin to tremble again when I realize who is lying upon me.

"Oh my God," I exclaim in a choked whisper. "I must be dreaming."

"Δεν είστε, δεν (No, you are not)," He replies in silence.

As if to prove I am awake, he bends his head down and his lips press against mine. Smooth and moist as a ripple of water, his kiss gently rolls over me. My heart beat thunders through his spirit and echoes like a coming storm in my mind. I sense his desire building into a white squall. My sensations suddenly seem magnified and I quiver in anticipation from the violence of his love. I open my mouth to swallow the salty crystals of his breath.

The neutralized metallic flavor tantalizes my taste buds and I suddenly want to know if the rest of him is just as tangy. At the same moment he tells me I taste sweet as sun ripe fruit. I giggle into his mouth and feel the corners of his lips turn up in amusement. I wrap my arms around his neck, my legs snake each of his as I give in to his hunger and make it my own.

I sigh when he breaks the kiss and caresses my face. He sits with his legs crossed as he lifts me up to straddle his lap. He cups my cheeks with his palms and brings me to tears with his penetrating stare. Lost for words, I close my eyes and press my face into his smoldering hands, my body communicates with his. He slides his fingers along my throat, along my shoulders before separating and running one on my chest and the other on my back simultaneously.

The tingling sensations remind me of a light rain shower as his fingertips continue to trickle up and down my body. I squirm in the confusion of wanting to be embraced by him once more and wanting him to continue worshiping my body in his aquatic strokes. In response to my plight, my hands find their courage and begin to satisfy their longing to trace the streams of his masculine physique. I feel him jump in surprise and I smile in satisfaction, but my smugness doesn't last long.

Caught off guard he devours my lips. I return his kiss in a fever of pitch of my own, while gripping his soft, slick hair with my fingers. I feel his hands rip apart my top in quick jerk. The sound of torn cloth startles me for an instant, but passes quickly as his hot hands grip my breasts. I moan in shock and pleasure of his dominance. I abandon my reservations and inhibitions to follow his lead. Our thoughts begin to swirl in a whirlpool of lust. I can no longer tell the difference between our separate consciences.

His lips leave mine and I feel his teeth upon my throat. I release his feathery hair and slide my nails down the back of his neck then dig them into his back. I press them deeply into his skin as he bites down harder. The pleasure pain electrifies my confused nerves. I don't want him to stop even as the agony makes me claw down his spine. My heavy breaths heave my breast up as I fight the urge to cry out. He releases my neck and runs his fluid tongue down my shoulder and chest, weaving his way in a slow tease to my nipples.

He takes one in his mouth, suckles and nibbles before moving on to the next. My hands run through his hair and against his rugged cheeks as I press my body forcefully against his face and wrap my legs around his waist. He suddenly shoves me on to my back and kisses me in frenzy again. I feel an aggressive wrench near my hips followed by a ripping noise and vaguely realize I am completely nude. With one hand he pins my hands above my head by clasping my writs together. He uses his other hand to shove my thighs further apart. I catch my breath expecting a thrust of pain, but as he plunges deep inside of me I shudder in a tempest of rapture.

He drives into me over and over again in reckless abandon as I cry out in wild bliss. He releases my writs and wraps his arms around me. We roll over to switch positions and feel him sink deeper into my throbbing well. I look down into his eyes, smile and grasp his throat in a firm grip. He submits to my control and surrenders himself to my delight. Like the waves during a hurricane, I rock my body back and forth while circling my hips round and round. I feel the heat of a summer sun rising within me. I ride faster chasing after the warmth of the dawn. I release my lover's throat as two orgasms roar and crash over me in unison. The seconds drag into forever as I scream in euphoria into the twilight sky. I feel my love quiver beneath me, he grips my hips and joins me as I climax one more time stronger than before.

"Θα μείνεις για πάντα μαζί μου; (Will you stay with me forever?) I feel him ask me in the haze of my thoughts. I feel a touch of sorrow behind his words, but without thinking about the price to have a love as divine as his. I say yes.

Without warning I feel the waves of the ocean fade back into silence before they build up to a growl. He wraps his arms around me and presses his lips to mine as the water crashes all around us and swallows us both. I feel a moment of panic as I hold my breath as the tsunami consumes us whole.

"Πάρετε ανάσα έρως (Take a breath, Eros)," he whispers in my mind. "Μη φοβάσαι. Σ 'αγαπώ. (Do not be afraid. I love you.)"

Somehow beneath the water, my vision is still crystal clear. I take inhale the sea and marvel at the sensation of being filled completely. The water rushes into my throat and nostrils, my lover fills me with his own salty fluids. I smile to him and promise to stay. We rise above the surface of the water and look back onto the beach. I see a figure lying on the sand and realize it is me. I feel a brief pang of sadness to see my body blue and covered in sand, but I have found something more precious than a cold shell of flesh. Without looking back I mount my lover's chariot and allow him to carry me away.

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