tagLoving WivesPosh English Wife Strays Once More!

Posh English Wife Strays Once More!


Kay was 25 by now, but her well ordered life was completely going to plan. She had been brought up by a caring, disciplined, middle-class English family with her life mapped out for her, and now Kay was continuing to follow that map in her adult life.

A grammar school education, followed by a degree in science from University, and then Kay was able to pick her career where she was best able to use her skills. She lived on the south coast of England and the large multi-national company in the area was ideal for her talents, But what of being a woman......and a very attractive woman at that?

Well, if Kay had a fault it was that she KNEW she was attractive, she knew she was sexy and intelligent, and she knew she was a cut above the average! She was brainy and sharp, and did not suffer fools easily: in fact she could be quite snobbish and off-handed at times. She had perhaps been spoiled by her family earlier in life, and now she was not going to let anything stop her forging ahead in her career.

She had married early in life, at 19, possibly because she thought it would enhance her career, and possibly because she loved Dave, a childhood sweetheart. It had just seemed to happen, no big proposal, but it was all part of Kay's meticulous life-time plan which Dave seemed happy to go along with.

He adored her and they lived a very settled life down on the south coast, near to where they both had jobs. Their social life was enjoyable, they were both members of the local yacht club on Southampton water and, certainly, there were no thoughts of children, at least not until Kay had exhausted her ambitions as a chemist at the huge tobacco company where she worked.

Unfortunately, for Dave anyway, Kay's thoughts on sex were always secondary to her career......at least that was the impression she liked to give. Although she enjoyed sex with her husband when the right circumstances prevailed, it was always when she was in control, when she was in the right mood, and when she was able to dictate the pace of the action.

She had only allowed Dave to fumble and caress her before the marriage...never full sex, and the petting only went as far as Kay would allow. When she said, 'that's enough,' Dave knew his evening was over! After the wedding day, Kay enjoyed her sex, but only when the mood took her. That's not to say that she didn't become an expert in the use of her body.....and what frustration for Dave.

She could and did enjoy sucking cock, or being fucked to multi orgasms, or occasionally being photographed in erotic poses, but it was always done 'for Dave's benefit'.......Kay would never admit to her true feelings or fantasies.......she always remained in control.

As can be imagined, this got so frustrating for Dave. It wasn't as if his wife had anything to be ashamed of. She was a stunning woman, with sexy looks, who always dressed smartly, in the best clothes, and she was groomed to perfection with subtle, expensive make-up and perfume.

She was now 25, about 5'8 with pert and firm breasts, a slim waist, a tight ass and shapely long legs. Her hair was dark and straight, with ringlets at her shoulders, and she always drew admiring looks whenever she was out with Dave or down at the yacht club. She knew she was attractive but she was able to administer that withering look that said, 'Keep away' to others she thought were beneath her!

Dave loved the way others admired his sexy wife, and was proud of the way she looked.....if only he could get his wife to give in to her own passions on occasions....but she never did.....not in his company anyway. She wouldn't fantasise for him or speak about sex in any way, shape or form. It was so frustrating for him, but he had learnt to cope with the situation in the 6 or so years they had been married.

One terrible, or was it wonderful, episode that had brought Dave to his first emotional crossroads happened about 4 years into the marriage, when Kay was about 23. It had been on Dave's mind for quite a while, after he had seen his wife necking with another man at a party. They had all had a few drinks and Dave suddenly saw Kay kissing passionately with a friend from the yacht club. Not only that, but Kay's blouse was wide open and her naked breasts were being openly mauled as she was pinned against the lounge wall. It only lasted for a minute or two and then the party was over and the young couple made their way home.

Kay, being her typical self, dismissed the episode as high jinks at a party, blaming the drink and refusing to talk about it any further.

'Please don't go on about it, Dave.....it happened but there was nothing to it.....Now, would you like to fuck me?' The matter was now officially closed by Kay, but it just enhanced the lurid fantasies that Dave often enjoyed. Because she was a little snobbish, prim and proper, sexy, smart and aloof, Dave could not help fantasise about Kay giving in to animal tendencies. He often dreamt of his sexy wife being taken and giving in to wanton sexual activity. To see her out of control and being used by another man who had no regard for Kay's wishes was something that really fired Dave's imagination.

It got to such a point for poor old Dave that he began to drop subtle hints to his wife, usually at the time of peak passion for them both. In a roundabout way, he would sometimes drop the hint that he wouldn't mind if Kay took a lover. He tried to put it as gently as possible, usually as his wife was in the throes of orgasm, but still he came up against a brick wall.

Until, one day, he was hit by a thunderbolt from Kay......she HAD been fucked by another man!!

'You're always talking about it, Dave....well, it's happened already, and it's over. He fucked my brains out, it was wonderful but that's the end of it. Now, I don't want to talk about it any more!' And she didn't. Try as he might, Dave couldn't persuade Kay to go into any further details......but he wondered if it really was over. To cut a long story short, Dave kept a closer watch on Kay.

It wasn't the fact that his wife might be getting sexual satisfaction away from the marital bed, it was the fact that Dave dreamt about watching his sexy wife.....Yes, watching her being fucked by another man. He loved her, he forgave her, but there was still that nagging fantasy of watching his prim and proper wife having her delicious body being used, abused and fully satisfied by another cock.

And suddenly, out of the blue, Dave managed to see it!!! His wife was looking after her parents home while they were on holiday, and Dave thought she was spending quite a lot of time there. So, he crept round there one night and, sure enough, Kay was 'entertaining' a work colleague on the lounge carpet. Dave had never seen his wife so insatiable as he peeked through the curtains from outside.

He had never seen Kay be so submissive. He had never seen her abandon her self control in such a fantastic way. She did everything that the other guy asked....and more. He was a handsome looking man in his thirties, from the factory where Kay worked, known for his womanising, and Kay was like putty in his hands.

She let him run his hands up her silk stockings and push his hand into her panties. She opened her gorgeous legs while he played in her pubic hair and then slipped fingers into her cunt. She sucked him deep into her throat, she sat on him and rode his cock, she was moaning and sighing with abandoned delight, she bent over the armchair to allow herself to be doggie fucked, she had cum trickling down her face, and she fucked like a rattlesnake until they were both completely shattered.

Rather than enter the house and confront his wife, Dave stood outside jacking off his cock until he had climaxed at least twice while watching events unfold on the carpet. He crept off sheepishly at the end and arrived home before Kay returned, not a hair out of place and looking as fresh as a daisy! She also had that feminine glow, as though she'd had her 'brains fucked out' again!!

Dave was at a crossroads once more. He realised that he needed Kay more than she appeared to need her. She could be wonderful company, she was smart and intelligent, he was proud to have her on his arm and call her his wife and she had a fantastic job. She was also good in bed...when she wanted to be! On the other hand, his wife was straying, and it looked as though she was giving her body to other men when the mood took her. How did Dave feel about this? Well, he knew he should be distraught with grief and anger, he should have it out with her, tell her to change her ways or else.......but could he?

He had fantasised many, many times about watching Kay being fucked and now it had happened......and it had given Dave a real hard on with sexual excitement, to such an extent that all he could do was watch and jack his cock off while Kay was getting somebody else's big cock up her cunt. If only she'd talk about it to him, if only she would explain her fantasies, if only she would give in a little while they were making love.....but Kay remained the same....aloof and in control.

So Dave remained tight lipped and tried to look on the positive side. She was gorgeous, she came home every night and they otherwise enjoyed each other's company. But there were the clothes too. My God, Kay knew how to dress well.

She always bought her own clothes, and she bought a lot of them. She earned a bigger salary than Dave and he marvelled at her wardrobe. The dresses, skirts, blouses, jumpers were all top quality and fitted her shapely figure like a glove. There was always a hint of shapely thigh....sometimes quite a lot of thigh, or the clothes were so tight that they clung around her tight ass or melded across her wonderful breasts. She also bought classy shoes, very often high heels and stilettos which accentuated her sexy legs, and Kay never skimped on her underwear, either.

She loved the best stockings and suspenders and kept a good selection in her drawer, and her panties and bras were in all colours and shapes. Dave often got a hard-on as he watched his wife dress in the morning before she went off to work, but again he told himself that he was proud to have such a smart and sexy wife to share his life ......if only the men at work knew what Kay was wearing under her top layer. And then he shivered as he thought that some of them probably did!!!!

'Kay, darling,' he tried one night in bed after his wife had allowed him to enjoy her body without getting too carried away. 'You know you do have the most fantastic body, beautiful breasts, a slim waist and a shapely bottom. It does turn me on, you know, and I often think about you giving in and......!' Kay knew what was coming.

'Oh Dave, please don't go on. Things happen in life, but I do love you and I don't want to talk about things like that......it's not very nice, I get embarrassed and......and I've got that promotion on my mind at the moment, haven't I? I really do want that job, Dave.....you know how much I have worked to get that promotion......and I think Doctor Hillard will be making a decision in the next few weeks. Let's get to sleep now, shall we?' Again, she had changed the subject, not allowing Dave to complete what he wanted to say, although she had no doubts what he was leading to. The subject was closed and poor old Dave had to go to sleep still with frustrations rattling in his brain.

It was true that Kay was in line for a promotion at work. Her work in the chemistry lab had always been first class, her data had led to great improvements in the way manufacturing was carried out, and she knew she was well thought of by management. But it wasn't cut and dried. There were 2 or 3 other contenders for the job of team leader and Kay knew the final word would come from the senior man, Doctor George Hillard.

He had been the boss since Kay had started at the factory, and she knew perfectly well that any major decisions about promotions amongst the staff would come from him, particularly in her department. The problem with Doctor Hillard was that he wasn't Kay's type. He was a little, short, podgy man, in his late 50s, going bald, and he was even shorter than Kay's 5'8.

Hillard, there was no doubt, had a soft spot for Kay, and who could blame him. Dave and Kay occasionally went to the factory social club if there was something special on in the evenings, and Dave had briefly been introduced to Hillard and his wife. Who could blame Hillard for enjoying the sight of any attractive woman around the factory when one looked at his own wife? She was definitely in her 60s, grey hair done up in a bun, drab clothing, and she was even fatter than Hillard himself.

Dave could see the boss steal furtive glances at Kay on these evenings. He didn't say anything to Kay but he knew that she probably was also aware. Hillard had even got Kay up onto the dance floor on one occasion, and Dave watched his hands run up and down Kay's back, as well as see his eyes twinkle as he engaged her in trivial conversation. It was all very proper but Dave knew that Hillard was enjoying immensely the closeness of his attractive and sexy wife.

Again, Dave tried to raise the subject when they got home. 'What did the Doctor have to say when you were dancing, Kay?' Quickly, Kay closed the subject.

'Oh, it was just work, and he was saying how pleased he is with my experiments! The interviews for the promotion are at the end of next week, so I need plenty of sleep so that I can concentrate, Dave, darling. Don't make too much noise when you come to bed.....I'll probably be asleep! Goodnight!' and she was gone, and poor old Dave was left to pull his plonker again!!

At the start of the week when the interviews were to happen, Dave at least got Kay to discuss the process.

'Well,' she began. 'I've got 4 days to produce some data based on the work I've been doing. It's got to be in by Thursday evening, and then Friday is devoted to the interviews. I must get the data in by Thursday, so I don't know what time I'll be home in the evenings.......you'll be OK to get your own food, won't you darling?' It wasn't a question, just a normal statement by Kay, but Dave wanted to be supportive. He knew how much the new job would mean to his wife.....and the increase in salary would be quite significant, too.

'Of course, darling,' he smiled at her. 'Where will the interviews take place?'

'Well, I assume they will be in Doctor Hillard's office. I think I'm on Friday afternoon. Must go now....see you this evening....byeee darling.'

Dave was left wondering again. Kay wanted this promotion......she wanted it badly....but Hillard? Hillard? He was old enough to be her father. He was short and fat. He was balding, and Kay had often spoken about him in a derogatory manner.

'He keeps making innuendos, Dave,' she had said. 'He says things with double meanings,' she had said. 'He thinks I should find it all funny.....but I've seen the way he looks........oh never mind, he is the boss after all,' and then Kay had changed the subject, as usual. It was pretty clear to Dave what MIGHT happen this week, but how would he know? His wife certainly wouldn't tell him anything.....only if she had got promotion or not! Dave just had to know!

As usual, Dave watched his wife get ready for work each morning and, as usual, she looked really smart and sexy. Hair immaculate, make-up subtle and sexy, and a change of dress or skirt or blouse each day. She really did look wonderful....and very fetching. But it was on Friday morning, the day of the interview, that Dave really had to hold his breath...and bite his tongue!

'Good luck,' he had smiled at his wife as she left for work. He had given her a soft kiss on the cheek as she made for the door, and the perfume today was overwhelming....and Dave's favourite. The clothes that Kay had chosen almost knocked Dave backwards with excitement. He couldn't see the underwear she was wearing, but the outfit was incredible. Christ, he was horny just watching his posh totty wife leave for work.

Kay wore a black, button-up shirt but she obviously had on underneath a bra that was designed to lift and hold her breasts up, like a well filled platform, which stretched the shirt to the limit. Her wonderful tits really pushed out the black shirt and they looked tremendous. Dave knew she was also wearing top of the range black stockings, even though the tight, black mini-skirt was just long enough not to expose Kay's stocking tops. She topped all this off by wearing her highest pair of heels, and these had the effect of making Kay's legs look long, shapely and spectacular.

Dave could only imagine what was underneath the outfit, but he had no doubt that her little panties would be really minute, if not just a little thong. As he watched her walk to the front gate, he felt himself gently stroking his cock through his slacks, wondering what the hell was likely to happen during the day. Yes, Kay was due for her interview today, and wanted to look at her best, but surely that is all it would be......an interview?

After all, it was Doctor Hillard, and Dave knew how his wife felt about the little fat baldy boss. He thought that she would keep everything on a professional level and that the promotion would be based on merit alone. But could he be sure? What could he do? He went off to work, but decided to take the afternoon off.....it was Friday and he was due some time off, so he was back at home by 1pm.

Dave was as nervous as hell, not only hoping that his wife would earn a deserved promotion, but also having the lecherous thoughts that always passed through his mind when his wife was away from home on her own. Should he just wait and hope that Kay came home with good news, or should he try and do more? He knew he couldn't sit at home going mad with frustration, as he would be a nervous wreck by the time she returned. He knew she wouldn't tell him the truth anyway, not if she didn't want to. That was Kay's way.

He left in the car about 1.30 and knew exactly where he was going, and what he would do. He knew the layout of the factory and the grounds where Kay worked, as he had been there many times previously. His heart was thumping, but he knew that if he didn't follow his intuition, he would be wondering for months to come. He arrived on the outskirts of the factory grounds, parked the car and walked along the hedge of the field that bordered the grounds of the factory. There was no-one around and as Dave moved closer and closer, he kept looking through the hedge to see just where he was.

Doctor Hillard's office was on the ground floor in a block that was quite close to the boundaries of the factory grounds, and Dave knew that he could get within about 50 yards of the block and still not be seen while hiding in the hedge. When he found the best position he could manage, he sidled into the hedge, trying to avoid too many scratches and grazes from the thick branches, and was eventually satisfied with his position. He had brought some binoculars and raised them to take a look.

As he scanned the block of buildings, he could definitely see the office he knew to be the Doctor's. As he focussed the bino's, he saw that the office was empty. Shit, thought Dave. The interview must be elsewhere. He looked at his watch. It was 1.55.

He thought about having a cigarette when, suddenly, he saw the office door open and in walked Doctor Hillard, on his own. Hillard took off his jacket and sat behind his big desk, shuffling papers and then looking at his watch. Dave could see him look towards his closed door and mouth something. The door opened and in walked Kay. Dave's heart missed a beat and then started beating hard in his chest. He looked closely at Kay through the binos and couldn't believe what he was seeing.

The sexy outfit that she had worn when leaving the house that morning was gone, and Kay was wearing just her thin, white laboratory coat. Dave could see that was all she had on, apart from the black stockings and the high heels. Was she still wearing her bra and panties? Incredible.

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