Possessing Bella Ch. 25


He eased his cock into her ass slowly, while he enjoyed her pain he didn't want to damage her beyond repair. Once fully embedded he gave a few slow thrusts before leaning forward to unclamp her nipples and begin to fuck her hard. Turned on by the sight and sounds she made he held tightly to her hips and fucked her hard so she would feel it for the rest of the day along with the bright red welts across the cheeks of her ass.

As he felt his climax approaching he curled a hand around her hip and teased her bruised and swollen clit to bring her to climax as he withdrew and emptied his cum all over her back and ass. Perfect he muttered as he flipped open the cross bar on the stocks and let her collapse to the floor with him.

They lay there for some time before he groaned and got to his feet pulling her up beside him. "You are so beautiful like this," he ran a finger over a wet track on her cheek. "You are the most amazing woman I have ever known. You are every inch as much a lady as you are a needy slut and I adore you." He smiled softly his hands gently gliding over her breasts. "While I think you look delectable like this, I am not sure the greater public is ready for this look just yet," he grinned. "Go up and shower, I will clean up and be up there in a minute," he smiled.

"Thank you, my lord," Bella said softly and started up the winding staircase filled with the pleasure of being his for now and always.

"We have a lot of distance to cover today so you will need to be faster than that," he said catching up to her as she reached the upper level of his bedroom and bathroom and smacking her ass.


"Why are we here again?" Bella asked pulling into her parent's driveway. They had arrived back from their trip a few days before to support her at the memorial for Mel.

"I forgot to give your father back his keys," Stephen said easily. "Don't worry so much I am hardly going to tell them I have collared their daughter and plan to use her as my personal sex slave," He chuckled at the wide-eyed expression she turned on him.

"Bella baby," Rosie came bustling out of the house opening her arms before Bella could even get out of the car. "It's so good to see you I know we just saw you but it feels like too long already. Have you eaten, it's passed lunch time?" she barely paused before answering her question. "No, of course, you haven't come inside I have made something nice for lunch," she wrapped her arm around Bella's waist taking her inside. "You too Stephen, a big man like you, needs to eat," she said decisively.

"Let the man get out of the car first Rosie," Joe chided her and offered Stephen, his hand. "Good to see you again. Unexpected but good," he tilted his head in an inquiring way.

"We can talk after lunch," Stephen said easily. "Oh and I forgot to return your keys to you, they came in handy, thank you."

"Hang on to them, it's good to know there is a spare set where Bella can find them if she needs," Joe waved away the keys. He liked Stephen and trusted him to do the right thing with both the keys and his daughter. "I just got a new toy for the shed. I don't suppose you'd have the time to look it over with me after lunch?" Joe invited hopefully.

"Maybe just a quick look," Stephen chuckled, "We are just doing a flying visit that happily coincided with lunch. I'm starving," he said as he entered the kitchen much to Rosie's delight.

They chatted about the trip to Italy and Bella's business as Rosie fed them with oversized portions of lasagne. Once they had finished eating Rosie began clearing the table, and Stephen stopped her clearing his throat nervously.

"If you could leave that for just a moment, please Rosie," again he cleared his throat.

Bella had never seen Stephen nervous before or heard him clear his throat in such a way. He was always quietly confident in everything he did, and she looked at him curiously while her mother sat back down at the table.

"Bella has given me a reason to believe, hope might be a better word, that she would accept a proposal from me, and I would like to ask your blessing," he cleared his through again. "What I mean to say, Joe, is could I please have your daughters hand in marriage," he placed a small ring sized box on the table.

Joe looked at his daughter, surprise and shock written all over her face. "Bella," he said and when she didn't turn to look at him, he tried again. "Bella?" he touched her arm lightly, and she turned her stunned look on him. "is this something you want?"

Bella nodded having no words. This was the last thing she had expected today, girls like her didn't get married they got collared, she was speechless. "I do, I really think I do," she said breathlessly.

"That's good enough for me," Joe said leaning back in his chair happily, "What do you think Rosie?"

"Oh," she dabbed at her eyes emotionally. "My baby's getting married," she waved her hands as if to fan herself.

Clearing his throat yet again, Stephen stood and moved around the table to where Bella sat and turned her chair to face him. Getting down on one knee he looked into her eyes and asked softly, "Bella Lucia Biancotti, will you marry me?" He opened the small box he held displaying a beautiful diamond engagement ring.

"I never dreamed... I didn't think... Yes," she said finally through her swirling emotions. "Yes, I will marry you." Stephen wrapped his arms around her and kissed her softly.

"Oh Joe," Rosie sobbed dabbing at her eyes with a napkin, "he's such a nice boy."

"This will be the only time you find me on my knees at your feet," Stephen murmured into her ear making her giggle.

"We'll have the engagement party here just like we did with our anniversary," Rosie said excitedly. "You men go and tinker with that silly car and Bella and I can work out the details," she shooed the men out to the shed and asked Bella to help her clear the table.

"Don't get carried away my love, I am sure they have their friends and Stephen's family to consider, and we are a long way from the city," Joe warned in a stern voice.

"I thought that the old abbey down near Sanctuary Cove might be a good spot for the wedding, but it would work for an engagement party if you have your heart set on one," Stephen suggested smiling at Rosie.

"I know the place, it was a bit run down the last time I went past it, a few years ago now," Joe frowned trying to remember something important about the Abbey.

"Its undergoing big renovations, I believe that its main drawcard will be to host weddings and the like, it's quite beautiful down there looking over the cliffs, especially at sunset," Stephen tried to allay Joe's worries. "Why don't you drive down and have a look sometime."

"Sure I'll contact the owner, see if he minds," Joe agreed still trying to remember why the abbey seemed so familiar.

"No need just give me a call, I'm available most days to show you around the abbey," Stephen said helpfully.

"Ah yes, that's it, I forgot, the Abbey of the Cove or the Brotherhood of the Cove," he rubbed his head still suffering from jet lag days after the big flight home. "Bella isn't that where...," he bit off he words realising too late the connection between the abbey and the charity Bella wanted to support anonymously. "Right," he nodded as it all came back to him a fraction too late, "You own that place don't you? I'm sorry still suffering a bit of jet lag I'm afraid," Joe tried to recover from his gaffe.

"I see," Stephen said looking at Bella with a raised eyebrow.

"Vince left me so much, and I didn't want or need it, so I had Dad make donations to several charities I knew did good work," she said quietly. "He looked into each one and made the donations anonymously so that I was wasn't pursued for further donations by all of the charities I chose. Yours was one of them." She admitted honestly.

"In that case I would be doubly interested in having you come down and look around at the work we do there," Stephen wasn't sure how he felt about the fact that she had not told him about this earlier and possibly wouldn't have if Joe had not accidently mentioned it. "I am there most mornings or Bella and I often travel down on the weekends if that is easier for you," he added.

"Not this weekend," Bella added quickly seeing her mother about to seize on the opportunity to see more of her daughter. "We have booked you into that hotel you stayed in the last time Stephen invited you to the city."

"Oh I thought we would stay with you again like last time," Rosie said crestfallen. "You will need us close on such a sad occasion." She closed the distance between them hugging Bella to her.

"Now, now, my love," Joe said sternly, "She has someone who loves her to look after her when it is over. It is enough that we will be there."

"I will be fine Mum," Bella smiled at the familiar phrase her father used often on her emotional mother and felt her mother disengage the crushing embrace. "I am expected to attend a private wake after the memorial held by some of his business associates, and I don't want you cooped up in my apartment with nothing to do but clean out my closet or something."

"We had a very romantic evening the last time we stayed in that hotel," Joe winked at his wife who giggled and blushed.

"Go on to the shed, then you two and let us clean up this mess," Rosie began picking up plates from the table her flushed face reminding Stephen of Bella's constant blushing and making him smile with affection for the older woman.

"You're a lucky man Joe," Stephen clapped him on the shoulder, "I can see where Bella gets her beauty from."

"Funny, I was about to tell you how lucky you were," Joe laughed and led the way to his shed.

They stayed another hour at her childhood home in which time she and her mother marvelled at her ring time and time again and talked about possible ideas for an engagement party. They left in a flurry of hugs and kisses and promised to spend at least a small amount of time together before the memorial.

Bella began driving back to the city but each time Bella moved her hand she stared in wonder at the ring nestled on her finger. Girls like me don't get engagement rings she kept saying to herself thinking of the gold collar that now lay about her neck. Distracted beyond belief after the first few kilometres by the diamond catching the sun and glittering brightly as she gripped the steering wheel she pulled over at a small service station.

"Could you drive please, Sir Stephen?" she asked quietly preferring to let him drive her car rather than consider taking off the ring. He turned to frown at her in confusion as she undid her seatbelt. Seeing his expression she placed her hands back on the steering wheel and looked at the ring. "It's so shiny and pretty in sunlight, I can't concentrate properly on the road," she smiled softly.

"You can take it off if you like, for the drive back, I have the box," he offered with a chuckle. "We may have to go through the collaring and engagement scene again for your guardians tonight, but the most important people needed to know first."

"No!" she snatched her hand back from the wheel cradling it in her other hand against her chest making him chuckle louder. "Girls like me don't get rings like this. We get collars," she verbalised her thoughts. "Why?" she whispered, turning to look at him. "Why propose? I would have honoured your collar without this," she extended her hand gazing in amazement at the ring.

"I love you," Stephen said simply, "I want to share that with our vanilla friends as much, if not more than I want to share it with the people in the lifestyle," Stephen said. Leaning over to hold her hand and twist the ring on her finger. "I want us to build a life together that includes both worlds and all that comes with it. You are correct that most girls in the lifestyle do not marry their Master's, but you might be surprised at who is married as well as collared. Did know that James married Dorothea very early on in their relationship."

"I didn't know that," Bella said considering what he had told her.

"I will drive back for you princess," he teased stepping out of the Sunbeam. "Do we need fuel while we are here?" He enjoyed the few occasions he had sat behind the wheel of her car. Joe was an expert restorer doing the research to identify and locate the original parts and accessories for each project he worked on.

As Bella sat in the passenger's seat she considered having to go through a collaring scene similar to when Mel had collared her. It seemed so long ago now and she had almost forgotten how she was introduced to Mel's friends by begging his collar in front of them, followed by her introduction to club patrons within a golden cage. She'd never seen or heard of any other collaring like that since then and she wondered what would happen tonight when they faced Rob and Kurt. By the time they pulled into the parking garage she felt almost sick with worry and she sat in the car twisting the ring on her finger while Stephen held the door open for her.

"Come on little one," Stephen chuckled, "You can't stare at the ring all night," he chided her not understanding why she hadn't moved from the car. It was only when she looked up that he saw the worry in her eyes, and he pulled her up into his arms and walked without talking to the elevators.

It wasn't until they got to the apartment that he spoke. "Placing her on her knees before him as he sat in a large comfortable armchair he looked at her and felt his own anxiety about the worry in her expression and the way she had been twisting the ring.

"Tell me," he said with more of an abrupt tone than he had intended to, bringing her head up to look at him.

"Will you want me to beg in front of everyone like Mel did and then blindfold me and put me in the cage like Mel did?" She said in a rush having thought about it for some time.

"No," Stephen said evenly. "Mel was a big man with a big personality. He ruled both the club and his company and had almost a rock star status amongst the lifestyle community. He and Rob had given people a safe to indulge their lifestyle and their fantasies, and he was to most people larger than life. When he finally took a girl for his own it was a big deal and being the showman he was; he gave them a show." Stephen said and watched as she chewed her lip thinking about what he said but sensing that she was still worried he continued.

"I have never invited such scrutiny of my personal life. I enjoy having my home and friends far removed from the club and its regular patrons. Had I not taken you there I doubt even Rob would have looked at the Abbey close enough to know what I did there," he said considering it as he spoke. "We might need the formality of re-enacting your collaring for Rob and Kurt because they are your guardians and their roles in your life will change now and it is the right thing to do, just as asking your parents' consent to marry you was the right thing to do. Old fashioned maybe but the right thing non-the-less."

"I understand," Bella seemed to finally let some of her anxiousness go and smile at him. "I think it would also be the right thing if we told Dorothea before the rest of our friends," she said thoughtfully.

"I agree," he said checking his watch but not elaborating. "Now you have about thirty minutes to get ready.

"Yes, my Lord," she stood and hurried to her bedroom. She stood in front of her closet considering all the clothes she owned. Stephens preference for corsetry narrowed her choice somewhat but she wanted to look particularly lovely for him tonight and she rifled through several things. She pulled out a cream coloured corset made of a shimmering translucent material, the whalebone partially hidden by strategic beading. With it were a matching beaded G-string and a diaphanous skirt that wrapped around to secure in the from where it was as short as a micro-mini but cascade around her thighs to be almost full length at the back.

Once she was ready, she looked at herself in the mirror and wondered if the outfit was too over the top for a weeknight at the club. It was too late to do anything about it now she thought and went out into the living room where Stephen waited. He too had changed and looked elegantly handsome in his black shirt and tie. He had traded his usual suit pants for leather and Bella quivered longing to touch them as he stood to approach her. Feeling less worried about being over-dressed she stood still as Stephen tightened the lacing of her corset to his liking and murmured in her ear, "You look beautiful my little princess of pain," and squeezed the bare cheek of her ass beneath the fall of silk until she whimpered softly.

Stephen groaned and stepped back leading her from the apartment and down to the club. He knew Kurt had already arrived and that Dorothea had also arrived for an early dinner with Charles and Sera. They girls in the foyer had texted him after each arrival as requested and even though he knew he had their approval he did not like being in the spotlight as he knew he would be tonight with the news that he had collared Bella. He called Theo as the entered the elevator.

"Could you have Mrs Brown meet Rob and Kurt in his office? I will be there in less than a minute," he said stiffly in his deep bass making Bella look up at him.

"Dorothea is here?" Bella squeaked in happy surprise.

"It is only right," he smirked repeating her words back at her.

They walked into Rob's office, having quickly passed through the foyer and salon bar to find Kurt fussing over Dorothea. He had taken the news of her condition worse than anyone had expected and when he had tried to insist that she have the surgery and possibly prolong her life he had met with disapproval from everyone else who defended her right to choose her fate.

"Bella has begged my collar, and I have taken her as my own," Stephen said without preamble, neither asking their permission nor inviting any argument.

"Well it's about fucking time," Rob said leaning back in his chair. "You'll understand that we need to hear it from her, though, formality and all being her guardians." He chuckled. "Kurt stop fussing like an old man and get over here," he grumbled.

"Seriously," Kurt said in a dry voice, "Fussing like an old man? You couldn't have come up with a better insult that that?"

"Well I could, but I didn't want to offend Dorothea," Rob smirked sheepishly.

"Alright let's hear it, little one," Kurt looked at her expectantly. "Why did you finally beg the big oaf's collar?

Bella burst into a fit giggles, taken aback by the jocular mood after worrying about the event so much all afternoon. She contemplated what she wanted to say as she had that morning and now faced with a more informal discussion rather than having to re-enact the begging process she couldn't find the words.

"I loved Mel," she began, "but I think I was more in love with who he was and this new world that he wanted to share with me. We had such a short time together as a couple that we never got to explore those other things that deepening feelings beyond that initial attraction. I think coming up to the memorial that I realised that the love I felt for Mel though very real was based on the adrenaline I felt when I was with him. It was such a fast-paced thing fuelled by excitement and fear." She paused and swallowed being as honest with them as she was with Stephen when they lay in bed talking in the dark of the early morning.

"I am not sure I understood then what real love was then. Love shouldn't make you feel scared or forced to perform. I have never once considered running away from Stephen as I did so often back then." She blushed deeply but carried on regardless.

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