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Power of Two Rangers

byDick Thruster©

I know that as the years have gone by that there have been several Power Rangers but the original six or His favorite. So forgive me Amy Jo Johnson, David Yost and all the other rangers.

Kimberly and Billy were the only ones still at Ernie's this late. Kimberly was practicing a new routine on the gymnastics equipment, while Billy was working on a new invention. He had been very secretive about what this one would be able to do...but past inventions have always proved to be of use against Rita and Lord Zed.

It had been awhile since those two had caused much trouble in Angel Grove, but the Rangers knew that only meant that when the did attack it was going to be very disastrous. The communicator on Billy's wrist beeped. "Billy here what is the trouble Alpha."

"Ay ya ay Billy Lord Zed has unleashed a horrid of Puddies and a terrible film monster at the Grove drive in," replied the frantic voice of the cybernetic unit Alpha-5.

"The other rangers have already teleported to the location but are badly out numbered," the powerful voice of Zordon boomed.

"We are on are way," Billy assured.

After looking to see that the area was clear he and Kimberly reached for their morphers and after calling their respective Zord powers changed into the Blue and Pink Rangers and teleported to the seen of the battle.

Once they were gone Rita and Zed peered around the counter. "I told you it would work Zeddie," shrieked Rita.

"But the incompetent monster will not keep the Rangers busy long. GOLDAR! Get that machine and lets get out of here."

The golden henchman grabbed the machine and Zed waved his staff to take all three back to the moon.

At the drive in the Power Rangers were just about through trashing the Puddies. "For the Power cannon and blast that Film Freak thing before he hurts any of the people here," commanded Tommy the White Ranger.

The other five brought their weapons together and Jason fired the Cannon at the monster. The watched at it exploded into a thousand pieces. Just then the Puddies and pieces disappeared. "Wha..." gasped Zack "They are not going to make that thing grow?"

"This was too easy," Tommy muttered.

"Lets get back to the Command Center," Jason said.

Zordon told the Rangers of the theft of Billy's machine. Alpha and Billy looked at each other. "That machine is really of no use to them. It is a Love Machine I designed it to work as a way to break through the Evil shield that protected the candle that took Tommy's original Green Ranger Powers. There is no way that it can be used for evil intent."

"What about when it was used on your par..." began Alpha

Billy shot him a look that shut Alpha up, but the damage had been done. "Yes Billy he think the others have the right to know," Zordon insisted

Billy shrugged "My parents accidentally got hit by a stray ray and the could not keep from fucking each other for like a month."

The others had to fight back their smiles. Although they could see why that would be annoying it did not seem to be something that would be of much use to their enemies. "Maybe Rita or Zed aren't getting enough," joked Tommy.

"Knock it off Tommy. Billy was trying to help you originally. We all felt terrible watching you lose your powers. And if it did work at getting them back the extra power could have been used to boost ours...or even get us a new Ranger!" Kimberly shot back.

The Rangers thought that the joke was on Rita and Zed for stealing the machine that would not aid them in their evil plot to take over the world. Rita and Zed did know though and were waiting for the right time to strike.

Kimberly and Billy walked to Kimberly's house when a group of Puddies jumped out from the bushes. Kimberly did her best to fight them off because Billy, while an excellent addition the team, as a Ranger was useless in a fight without his powers. He tried to call the others but was prevent from doing so by a massive golden hand. Kimberly had finally gotten captured and as multiple Puddies held her Zed appeared and shot her with Billy's Machine.

The blast was more powerful than Billy remembered and Kimberly fell limp. The villains laughed and tossing Billy where his fallen friend lay the disappeared. Billy saw Kimberly was breathing and picking her up ran to her house. All the while trying to think up something to explain what had happened to her. Just as she was to the door Kimberly stirred in his arms. "Kimberly are you okay?" he asked

She smiled up at him and kissed him more passionately than she had any man. "I am perfect Billy boy," she cooed.

Billy stood there stunned by what she had done. He had never thought about what would happen if his machine were used on his fellow teammates. He knew he should take Kimberly somewhere safe and try to help bring her out of it but.... he was having trouble moving at all.

Kimberly slid out of his arms and taking him by the hand led him into her house. Kimberly smiled and told him that her family was away for the weekend. Once again Kimberly kissed Billy and he responded...though still stiff from the neck down his tongue had no problem keeping pace with hers. Kimberly undid the straps on Billy's overall and was happy to see that he wore no under wear. She dropped to her knees instantly; though he was not the largest man she had ever seen he certainly was the stiffest. She quickly took his dick into her mouth and using one hand and her tongue blew Billy. She knew instantly that he was a virgin by how quickly he had cum in her mouth.

"Kimberly he think..."Billy began to stammer.

"That is your problem Billy you think too much." Kimberly said and she began to strip off her clothes. "You need to just act sometimes. Be a man and fuck a woman." She tore off Billy's shirt pushing him onto the floor. "Or just shut up and let the woman fuck you. How long have he known you?" Kimberly asked, almost whispering as she spoke.

"About all our lives. Remember Ms. Mitchell's 1st grade class?"

Kimberly studied him. She climbed up onto him, not sticking her pussy on his dick yet but teasing him so as to get a big load when she did. "In those years, did you ever want to ask me out or make a pass at me? We are Ranger partners and we studied together, but you were always chaste. Why?"

He swallowed. "I guess I didn't have the courage to ask a girl out. I like you a lot, you know, more than any other girl I know. You know how awkward I am about girls."

"I like you too," she said, surprising herself. "You've told me how you feel frustrated sometimes, and I've told you as much about myself, but here you are, alone with me in my house."

"But you're different!" he said, almost defensively.

"Am I?" she said, acutely aware that his eyes were locked on her breasts.

He looked awkward for a moment, and then looked up at her face. "Would you like a kiss them?" she whispered.

"Nobody's ever asked me that before, hell no girl has ever let me see her before," She leaned over him; he looked helpless and lost, and she felt an almost motherly urge to teach him, help him find his way.

They felt the seriousness of the situation as his dick started to rub the inside over her thigh. "Yes," then something clicked in him "Kimberly?" Billy said, in a very quiet and hesitant voice. "Do you want me to touch your body?"

"Yes," she said, backing away. She felt a warm tingle of anticipation as he looked from her breasts to her trimmed pussy. She looked up at him. He said his eyes fixed on her. "This is new for me, but you've got a beautiful body."

"Billy, you're a gentleman," Kimberly said. In one of their impersonal conversations about sex, she remembered that they'd agreed that he wanted to remain always make sure it was okay to proceed before doing anything because all women like all different things. "You really don't have to ask, sex is a reaction to feelings. If it feels wrong he will stop you.... but let go first."

"I don't know if he can," he said, smiling weakly his hands slowly started to reach for her luscious breast, her body tense with anticipation. He very tentatively touched her nipple with a finger tip, then slid his hand gently down her side to her hip and thigh, lingering there before touching her other nipple.

"Does this feel good?" he asked.

"Yes," she whispered. As she said it, she realized that she'd secretly wanted him to touch her that way for a long time. She looked up at him as he stroked her and briefly tried to figure out how long she'd wanted him. She was sure her memory was tricking her because as she looked at him, she was sure she'd wanted him from the day the first day of sex ed in 7th grade when she was trying to understand all the technical stuff, but she knew that wasn't right because he was always the smart one not the hot one.

He bent and kissed her as he gently touched the smooth skin between her legs. She reached down and held his hand there as she returned the kiss, then reached up to hold him. As he kissed her neck, she felt a wave of warmth sweep over her, and it intensified as he worked his way down to her nipples.

She found herself hugging his head to her breast as he kissed. A wave of anticipation swept over her, and she realized that she was grinding herself against the pressure of his hand between her legs. He changed from kissing her nipples to sucking on them, and as he did, it released a wave of pleasure through her body. The waves continued, each one more intense than the one before, until she found herself relaxing in a state of infinite pleasure, looking up at him as he looked at her.

She watched silently as he lay under her. As he took his hand from between her legs, she was aware that she'd had an orgasm, but she wasn't able to react. She watched silently as he looked at the moisture on his fingers, sniffed his hand, and tentatively tasted it.

"I hope you enjoyed it," he said. "I did."

"I did," she whispered, finally feeling her ability to control her body returning. "But you better not think that you are stopping there, one orgasm is to not going to satisfy me. I'm still horny. Your hand; I get pretty stinky and gooey down there when I'm excited."

He sniffed his fingers again as she sat up. "I sort of like the smell."

She looked quietly at him for a long time, then sat up beside him and hugged him. With her free hand, she gently touched his chest before she spoke. "I never imagined this would happen to us."

He kissed her briefly. "I didn't either. I've always liked you, but he guess I've always tried to suppress my... my sexual reaction to you."

"Thanks for not suppressing it this time," she said, kissing him gently.

He took his time responding. "Kimberly, would you like me to fuck you?"

"Yes," she said thinking that he was the most frustrating man to fuck, but need it too bad to let that stop them. She stared at him seeing he was confused about what to do next. He was gallant, and she realized there was only one way they were do it, so she bent over and kissed him gently on the mouth. As she did, she felt herself reacting sexually again, and what she'd intended to be a gentle kiss became passionate. She felt her bare breasts softly resting on his chest as she kissed him, and as she moved, the feeling in her nipples as they slid across his skin was echoed by a pleasant tingle within.

She kissed his chest, and discovered that sucking on his nipples seemed to excite him. She stroked her hand down his stomach and felt her arm brush his penis. She felt its shape with one hand as she kissed his chest, and then began to gently massage it. It expanded and stiffened in her grip, and he hugged her tightly against him.

She let go of his penis and lay on top of him, slowly lower herself on to him and the once he was full inside her grinding her hips against it. She felt the warm pressure of his penis deep in her pussy as she kissed him, and with each thrust of her hips, the pressure sent a wave of pleasure through her body. He slid his hands gently across the smooth skin of her back in rhythm with her thrusts, but as she began to thrust harder, he held her hips firmly against him.

As Kimberly reached her second climax, she kissed Billy deeply. The second climax wasn't as all encompassing an experience as the first, but this time it was being joined by a hot huge load of Billy's sperm and the more than made up for it.

Billy was no longer scared and he rolled Kimberly onto her back, her tits thrust up, firm and proud. Her skin was wonderful - smooth, warm and white. Her nipples and areola were small and round and centered, with complete hardening. Kimberly was blushing under new inspection. She let a tiny moan escape her lips as he brushed his fingers lightly over her nipples. They looked like two pencil erasers. He caressed all of Kimberly's breasts with his hands, pressing, gently squeezing. Her breathing became rapid as he slowly lowered his face down to her nipple, and she moaned loudly as he sucked it into his mouth, between His teeth. She tasted clean and dry.

For the first time Billy appreciated how Kimberly's body was even more spectacular than he had imagined - it was flawless. He returned his attentions to her breasts, licking and sucking on one nipple, while caressing the other breast with his hand. His other hand slowly traced its way over her flat tummy, her navel, until; finally, it entered her curly pubic hairs. She groaned as he softly pushed a finger into her already-wet slit. Her legs relaxed and she allowed his hand to part her thighs. He found her clit and her hips immediately began a subtle humping against his touch. A second finger joined the first, gently squeezing her hard, slippery clit between them. She tensed - and then in one strong release, she came. Her toes curled, her thighs locked tight on His hand, she tried to pull her breasts away from his caresses as she cried out. Slowly, so slowly, the wave receded and her body relaxed. He was hard and excited and he wanted her. He stood brought Bridget's hand to his cock. She jerked it away, as though burned, and rolling onto her stomach stared back at him with her ass in the air.

He understood. Her legs offered no resistance as he crawled between them and licked his tongue into her still-wet pussy. He heard her gasp as he found her clit and buried his tongue deep inside of her. Her legs spread wider, until he felt them settle on his shoulders, and her hips pumped onto his mouth. When he could tell she was again nearing orgasm, he lifted himself over her body and paused. "You sure you want it in the back like this?" Her head made a tiny nod. He resumed to send his cockhead to resting at her cuntlips. Almost immediately, her hips thrust up off the sofa to take his cock into her, and he cooperated by thrusting his hips down into hers. As he buried His cock to the hilt up her hot, tight pussy, her head snapped up, and her eyes opened and looked at Billy. They fucked like that, Kimberly on her knees and Billy behind her for several more orgasms.

What the two of the Rangers had been missing since Kimberly first start to suck on Billy's dick was the beeping of their communicators. Rita and Zed knew that as a single unit the Rangers were unstoppable.... but if one or more of the Rangers were prevented from answer the call the others could easily be defeated.

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