tagErotic CouplingsPreacher Dan Ch. 02

Preacher Dan Ch. 02


Sitting in the back row and by her self, she decided to see how far she could go to get a reaction form him. Keeping an eye around the room, she slowly took her finger, and slip it in her mouth. In, out, and back in again. Taking the wet finger she move it down along her neck, down to her tits.

He saw her back there working her magic. His cock was getting hard, good thing he had put pants on under his robe. He had to block her found his mind till he was finished speaking. It was very hard to do, cause she had her finger back in her mouth and sucking on it.

"Let us pray." he told the room, bowing his head he lead them in a pray. Then wish everyone a good day.

He bit the people good byes, telling a few of them that had invited him to Sunday lunch he could not come. Finial everyone had gone, and as he walk back inside he did not see her anywhere, and he knew that she did not come though the line. Thinking that she went out the other door he hurried to his office to call her at home. With his hand on the knob, another Preacher stop him, asking him if he wanted to have lunch with him he told him no but thanked him and open the door. Closing the door and turning around he saw her sitting with her back to him. He reached under his robe.

She knew he would be in his office soon so she quickly took off her clothes and slip on one of his robes. The door opened, and closed, then she could hear a sound of a zipper being unzipped. She stood up, turned around to face him. She watched as he took his pants off, throwing them behind his desk. Slowly she walked over to the curtain, lifting it she walk in. He locked the door and followed her into the little room. There on his bed she laid, naked, and legs open wide with her fingers playing along the fold of her bare pussy.

"You like it Preacher, I did it just for you." she said softly.

He moved over to the bed slowly, stopping next to the bed. Her hands move up his legs, as her mouth blew hot air on his cock. Her tongue licked here and there, making his cock jerk with each touch of her tongue. His hands slip into her hair of her head pulling her closer to his cock.


She took his cock in her mouth and sucked him deeply in one smooth downward stroke of her mouth. That was all it took. His body started jerking, and his cock was shooting cum in hot, thick wads. Holding her head in place as his body jerked into her mouth. He never came that quick before, never ever. Breathing hard and heavy he slowly sat down holding her in his arms, whispering into her ear over and over again.

"Oh god, that has never happen to me before, and still be hard after I cum. Oh god baby, Oh god, Oh god," he said softly.

She kissed him, and asked him if they had time to fuck, she needed him real badly. When he was able to talk he told her that Kenny has been after him to bring her back out to the cabin......

"He told me he wants to spend the night with you. Would you be ok with that. I cannot leave at this moment, I have a wedding to do tonight." he said.

As long as he came out the next day, it would be ok with her, she told him. She liked Kenny. He drew her a map to get out to the cabin, pulled her into his arms kissing her hard, then whispered in her ear that he would be out as soon as he could and that he would called Kenny to meet her out there.

The drive was not that long as before, when she turned off the main road, and drove about half of a mile she spotted Kenny. She stops and he walk over to the car, he lean down and caressed her face, smiling at her, she motion for him to get in. She drove on and he moved closer to her. His hand caressed her legs slowly. She looked and saw that he had a huge bulge in his pants. She smiled, knowing the he was happy, and excited to be with her. She parked in front of the cabin, and went to open the door when Kenny put his hand on hers and turned her to look at him. He put a finger telling her to wait a minute. He handed her a note. And as she read the note he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.

"Hi, I was so glad when Dan told me you were coming out to the cabin to spend a night with me. I missed your lovely body press against mine, and I want very much to all night buried inside you. Look over at my cock and you will see just how hard you got me." she read the note.

She looked over and saw that he had his cock out and was stroking it for her. She touched his face and smiled, leaned down and kissed the head of his cock. She got out of the car and ran around the car, open his door and kneeled down. She looked up at him and lean in and lick the head some more. Then she closed her mouth on his cock head and slowly sucked. Reaching down she un did her top, showing him she was wearing no bra. Lifting her mouth away, she took his hands and put them on her titties. He pulled them around his cock, pushing his cock in and out the tops of her tit's. She leaned up and place a kiss on his lips and then told him they needed to go inside.

He lifted his finger and pulled out a pad and wrote down something. Gave it to her. "There is no one around here , and I would love to take you outside up against that rock over there." she looked over and saw a large boulder looking rock, she smiled and nodded her head yes and quickly undressed. He smiled and got out of the car and took his clothes off. Pulling her with him, he picked her up and put her onto the edge of the rock and wrapping her legs around his waist, he entered her hard and fast. He made a grunting sounds he thrusts into her. She held onto him tightly as he drove into her hard.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!" he grunted in her ear.

She could feel his hot cum filling her pussy. And that sent her over the edge and she cried out she was cumming. Slowly he pulled out and help her into the cabin to the bed. She laid back and closed her eyes. When he came in he saw that she had fallen asleep. Smiling, he puts away the food and stuff then went over and laid down next to her. She woke up to find that he was between her legs, licking her pussy into a hot flame. He held onto her not letting her move away from him, until she exploded in his mouth. He sat up licking his lips and smiling at her. Then he handed her another note, while he puts some food on the table.

"I want to thank you for this time with you. I have a special place I would like to take you and make love to you, if you will allow me too. It is not beautiful as you are, but I hope you will like it." she read.

She nodded her head yes when she touched his shoulder and showed him the note. They sat down to eat dinner, and take care of some other stuff.

They entered a cave, and walk for a long time hand in hand. He stops and let her go though the green leaves first.

"Oh my god It is beautiful." she gasps.

It looked like a small room full of bright, colorful flowers, a waterfall, and clear green emerald water. Soft thick grass covered the ground. He led her over to the water, had her touch it. It was warm, clear and very tempting. He undressed her slowly, and kissed her all over. She walked out under the water fall turning around and around. He followed her coming up behind her, pressing against her back. She felt his hard cock, and wanted him up her ass this time, and whisper in his ear just what she wanted.

He moved back behind her an eased his cock up her ass. Slowly he pushed his way inside, and when he was fully inside he held her hips tightly, and started moving in and out of her tight ass hole. He moved her over the little ledge and had her put her hands there. He fucked her hard, he love being inside her, he wanted to keep her for himself, but he knew that Dan would not like that. He leaned over and kissed her back, hugging her to him as he exploded inside her.

After he had carried her back to the cabin. He laid next to her on the bed, and fell asleep. Sometime later she awoke to find him sleeping. Being horny again she slowly moved down and took his cock in her hand. She strokes his cock, watching as it grew harder, longer, and fatter. Then she lean over and took him in her mouth to suck him awake.

The door opened and Preacher Dan walked in to find them on the bed and he saw that she had Kenny's cock in her mouth trying to wake him up. He pulled off his robe and walk over to the bed and move up behind her, lifting her ass up, he carefully rubbed his cock up and down her pussy and ass hole. When he slide back up to her ass hole she push back hard, pushing his cock deep up her ass hole. Grabbing her around the waist he pulled her off the bed and moved her over to the table, bending her over the table, and slamming his cock harder into her. He did not last long, a couple strokes later he blasted her ass hole with hot cum.

Kenny watched from the bed, waiting for her to come back. Instead Dan told him, he could leave. He left the cabin, but did not go far. Dan pushed her to the bed and lay down on her.

"Your mom called, and asked if I had seen you, I told her that you were working with some young girls for me. Mmmm, god you make me so fucking hot for you." he harshly told her.

"We cannot keep meeting this way, someone is going to find out. But I have an idea, but I have to talk with Kenny about it first." she told him.

A week later, she asks Dan again how she could get in touch with Kenny, and again he puts her off. On Sunday he stop her asking if she could stay for a little, he needed to talk to her. She went to his office to wait for him. When he came in the room, she heard his zipper come down.

"You might as well zip it back up, until You tell me how to get a hold of Kenny, You are not getting anything from me anymore." she told him, as she turned to face him.

"Why you little B I T C H," he said coming towards her.

She stepped up to him and looking him in the eyes. Told him if wanted to fuck her again he better get Kenny here fast. Then she walked out.

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