tagMaturePreacher's Wife Rides with Tommy

Preacher's Wife Rides with Tommy


I want to thank people for helpful comments about my other story ideas and a few people for emails that gave me some good inspirations. I haven't written a new story in a while but I hope this is the start of a few more.


Tommy had plans for a quiet week in the summer but his Mom had other ideas. She was a big volunteer at church. When the preacher and wife told her they were taking a car load of furniture and boxes to their daughter away in a new apartment, Tommy' mom volunteered him. It wasn't a very long trip but a few hours up, stay overnight and come back. Two days he couldn't relax because his mom had to say "don't be silly, Karen, I'll send Tommy with you so you have a strong young man to help unload and do whatever you need."

His Mom was helping supervise the packing too. He might be 18 but she was still good at telling him what to do. He wasn't really too mad. After all it was only two days and he didn't have anything to do yet this summer. So here he was packing. Too many things for too small a car. It was a small crossover hatchback but they were running out of room. A tall bookcase and a long table were way too long for the hatch. Tommy's mom was an expert though.

"OK so we put the one side of the back seat down completely and lay the passenger side of the front all the way back. See, now the car is long enough. And a box here under here, these things here, another box on top and look everything fits." Tommy's mom was triumphant.

Karen, the preacher's wife had one question. "where do we sit?"

But Tommy's mom could answer that too. "A driver drives and then two of you in the one half of the back. We just move the bookcase this way a few inches."

But closing the door made them move the bookcase the other way and they were out of room. So Tommy offered to stay home. His Mom would have none of that. "Don't be silly young man. You turn this way and Karen, I mean Mrs. Pearson, sits across your lap. It'll be fine. She's light as a feather and there will be lots more room on the way home. You're not getting out of doing a good deed." So it was settled.

Just before they left, Tommy's mom came out with a cooler of drinks and food to make the trip more enjoyable. She told the preacher she packed all his favorites and gave it Tommy to find a spot. He replaced three pillows right behind where he would sit with the cooler. He might as well have the food close by! And put the pillows between the two front seats. "see, they'll protect the bookcase," he said.

With that they were off. As they started, he said "Sorry I make it so crowded Mrs. Pearson."

She climbed on top of him and said "It's fine dear. We are grateful for your help. Rev. Pearson doesn't talk much when he drives so I'm happy for the company and we really appreciate your help. Oh, and call me Karen. You're an adult now so I'm Karen to you."

He felt better already. As much as he pretended to hate the trip and doing it, He always liked the preacher and his wife. They were nice. Rev. Pearson was quiet and aloof but nice. And Mrs. Pearson had always been friendly. She was probably 45 or 50 and in good shape for her age but not really big enough for Tommy to picture her moving furniture. She was short and petite with longer hair. Probably cute when she was younger. Actually still attractive for an older woman. Tommy thought she was better looking than her daughter actually. But not dressed to move stuff. She looked like you'd think a preacher's wife would look kind of. A longer flowery skirt, not really formal but not really work clothes and plain blouse. But that was okay. Moving stuff was his job. He also liked how she treated him like a grown up. His mom didn't realize he was growing up but Mrs. Pearson did. He would call her Karen. It felt right and important to be an adult.

Even as they started she was arranging things. "Here, you turn a little to the side like that and I'll turn the other way and sit across your thighs. That will be more comfortable for both of us and we can face each other. There."

Tommy was actually comfortable and didn't mind having her sit there. In fact he liked it a little. She was friendly and feminine and smelled like roses or some other flowery perfume. She was way older than him but she was still a woman and that made it cooler.

She leaned forward to talk to her husband and sort of wiggled across Tommy. He was wearing shorts so it was her skirt on his bare legs. He'd have to avoid thinking too much about that or it might be embarrassing.

She turned back and said "OK, everybody gets a drink to start. Let's see if I can do this without hurting any of us." She turned and half climbed over the back seat to get at the cooler. Tommy leaned back to make room. Her leg was pushing off the floor and between his legs but it wasn't causing any problems. The real problem was the view.

Mrs. Pearson twisted and her neck was about even with Tommy's head. That meant he had a perfect view down the top of her blouse. It wasn't like she was wearing slutty underwear but her bra was still pretty and feminine. It was white and some kind of silk and even though it covered a lot it was pretty with some lace and decoration on it. He couldn't help getting little bit hard. Probably not enough to notice but it made him nervous.

When she turned back and then leaned way forward to hand her husband his bottle of water, Tommy adjusted himself but now that image was in his head. When she sat back down, she was closer and Tommy was glad he had shifted his partial-erection so it was on the other side.

The next half hour was fine. Mrs. Pearson asked him a lot of questions and they talked a lot about the courses he was taking, living at home and what he did to stay busy. He kept accidentally calling her Mrs. Pearson and she'd stop him, put a finger on his lips and say, "Karen, not Mrs. Pearson, we're both adults."

After a while she yelled to her husband, "another drink, dear? It's terribly hot back here." There was no response and she looked at Tommy and said, "The sound doesn't travel past all the boxes and pillows and the air conditioning isn't getting back here very well. Not that he hears well anyway." So she moved around and leaned forward, half in the front seat.

Now Tommy was staring at her butt and trying not to. Fortunately she came back quickly. She said, "OK, more drinks and sandwiches." With that she turned again, started to get up, fell all over Tommy as the car swerved, got her balance back and got up again. It was all innocent and nothing touched anything else but Tommy still liked it. He liked an attractive older woman falling on him. That was how he was thinking of her now. Not just the preacher's wife but as an attractive older woman.

She took a lot longer this time and he spent the whole time looking at her chest and down her blouse like a total pervert. But now he was appreciating how pretty her bra was and noticing the line of her cleavage, the smoothness of the skin above the bra and around the cleavage line, the shape of her breasts, and the hint of a bump in each cup where her nipples were. He looked away when she came back down and was close to being caught looking. He was also glad he moved his erection because it wasn't partial anymore. He found the whole episode really exciting.

When she came back down with all the food and drinks, she fell on top of him and he had to grab her to keep her from falling on the floor. She giggled in a way and said, "nice catch. Thank you for saving me my knight!" Then she busily got her husband a sandwich and drink and came back to Tommy's lap. "There, he'll be good for an hour!"

While they were lunching she asked, "so, do you have a girlfriend or is a strapping young man like you busy playing the field?"

Tommy was actually embarrassed a little because nothing was going on and he didn't know what to say. He said, "Well, no, I'm not really doing anything or anyone or you know."

She was sympathetic. "I'm sure a cutie like you will have no trouble once the girls at the community college get to know you. Tell me, Tommy, have you ever had a girlfriend?" At this point she was staring intently at him. She'd finished her food and was running her fingers along her collar because of the heat but her eyes held his in their gaze.

She made him nervous so he had trouble answering. Plus he actually didn't have much experience. But he had trouble not telling her the truth. "Well, no not exactly. I mean not like a formal girlfriend or stuff."

She moved her leg sideways and patted him on the knee or actually above his knee, somewhere mid-thigh. And more of a rub than a pat which made him twitch or at least throb a little. "That's okay, dear. It's okay that you've never done anything. That you are inexperienced. You probably need some advice. Some counseling from someone more experienced. Maybe advice from the pastor's wife not the pastor." She smiled a happy smile. It was warm and not at all suggestive or anything but it made Tommy feel embarrassed. He didn't know what to say.

"Don't be embarrassed honey. Let me think of advice I can give you. Oh for a start, be subtle. Women like subtle. For example, when a woman is leaning over a chair or maybe a back seat, you should try not to be too obvious when you look down her blouse." She smiled, looked down at her own chest and then back up at him."

He was very red now. "I didn't mean to do anything. It was an accident, Mrs. Pearson, I was..."

But she stopped him. "Shhhh. It's okay. You have to call me Karen, remember? And I'm not mad, just giving advice. I don't mind. I gave you the chance and I'm flattered you took it. And how sweet that it made you so very hard." Then she looked down at the lump in his shorts and smiled back at him. She reached across and gave his bulge three little pats. "It's very sweet but I was just explaining that you should be subtle if you don't want to get caught. I liked it and I like you but you can never be sure."

Tommy was incredibly embarrassed, almost humiliated. But also very aroused. "Please, Mrs, I mean please Karen. Please don't tell anyone. I'm so sorry."

Karen was just getting started. "Tommy, sweetheart, don't be silly. Everything we say or do is protected. It's secret. Private because it's counseling. I can't tell anyone anything even your mom and you can't tell anyone anything even George." She nodded to her husband in front. "It's private so we can be honest. Everything is between us. Everything." She smiled at him to put him at ease.

She reached down and undid the two top buttons of her blouse and began to run her fingers over the flesh of her chest while she talked to him. Her fingers touched the skin just above the top of her bra cups, making small circles and pushing one side of her blouse. "Tommy, I understand the curiosity you show and your lack of experience making you wonder. It is flattering that a peek at me gave you an erection. Erections are very natural. Peeking and getting excited made me feel good and even a little excited too. It is very natural." She pushed her blouse to one side and looked down at the nipple bump visible in her bra then back at Tommy with an understanding smile.

"Tommy, I want you to know something. When men get excited their penis gets hard just like your penis got hard. You liked what you saw and your penis reacted by getting nice and erect. That's what penises do."

Tommy was embarrassed and excited every time she said the work penis. Of course it was embarrassing that she noticed but also every time she said penis it was exciting in a strange way. The preacher's wife sitting there with her blouse pulled a little apart and calmly talking about his penis.

She was smiling and continued. "Now see this bump in my bra?" She touched it with one finger to trace it. "This bump is my nipple. I'm sure you know that. Nipples can get nice and hard too just like your penis." She was patting her nipple with short strokes making it slightly larger. "Usually this means a woman is either cold or excited. And it isn't cold in the car so I must have enjoyed a handsome young man staring down my blouse."

She reached out and took his hand and whispered softly "go ahead it will be okay, I want you to feel it between your fingers. Just lightly touch it." She placed his finger and thumb on her own nipple and kept whispering. "See how firm it feels and how it pushes against the silk of my bra. Just put a little pressure on it so you can feel the firmness. Squeeze between your, Oh yes, can you feel it, OH."

Tommy's eyes were watching the bump and lightly squeezing and almost pinching and rolling but he was distracted and noticed a far away look on Karen's face just before he stopped. Her breath was heavier too.

As soon as Tommy stopped, she very quickly lifted herself up and twisted over the seat and grabbed a few cookies. Then pulled her blouse together and came back and leaned forward to say a few words to her husband and give him some of Tommy's mother's homemade cookies.

It was just a minute before she was back and adjusting herself on her seat, Tommy's lap. She was breathing heavily. "Tommy, you can see what I was saying about nipples and penises. You have a very gentle touch and you might have noticed that it made me a little excited. For a sensitive woman, the right touch can have an effect similar to yours if someone squeezed your penis like this." And she reached down and rubbed and squeezed his erection.

Tommy had no idea what to say or do at this point. He wasn't sure what was going on but he liked it so far and was confused. He didn't want to say the wrong thing so he let her do most of the talking. He was glad she stopped squeezing him when she did because it felt really good and he worried about making a mess.

Before she kept talking, Karen opened her blouse again and Tommy could see her nipples pushing her bra out. She absent-mindedly touched her skin and sometimes ran a hand over her bra cup while she talked to him. "Tommy you need to be careful though. If your date gets really excited it might be difficult for both of you to resist going a lot further. She might get distracted by your penis and wonder about it because it seems to be larger than her...well larger than other people's that she knows. She might want to see it but know that she shouldn't. You could both go away or go home and avoid the distraction but maybe you might be somewhere where you can't. You might be stuck somewhere or traveling maybe."

"Tommy, remember when I said counseling is private? You agree with that, don't you? I mean so we can talk honestly and you can share your feelings without being judged or without either of us telling anyone anything at all about the counseling session, right?"

Tommy, knew he needed to reassure her and he wanted her to keep being honest and sharing with him. "Yes, ma'am, of course. Confidentiality is really really important to me".

He could almost feel her relax a little and he tried not to stare when he noticed her hand push down and into her bra cup. He could tell that two fingers had the nipple between them and were squeezing like scissors.

Karen's voice was quieter now and throaty. "Tommy, you might need to be understanding in that kind of situation where you got your date too excited. She might need you to understand while she takes care of things. Do you know what I mean?" She looked at Tommy while she pinched her nipple and dropped her hand to her leg.

Tommy could feel himself throb and realized this was crazy whatever was happening but he didn't know what she was saying. "I'm sorry Mrs. Pearson. I mean Karen. I'm sorry but I'm not sure what you mean."

"Tommy have you ever masturbated? Now don't be shy, it's natural. Most people do it sometimes. Men, women, everybody does it sometimes. I know you do and many of your dates will after they get home or sometimes earlier she might have to. I know you would be understanding if your date was in a situation and she had to and you would be confidential, keep a secret, right?

While Tommy was answering, Karen was gathering up her skirt with both hands and raising it up.

"Of course Karen, I never tell anyone anything."

She took a look toward the front seat and her husband who couldn't be seen on the other side of pillows and things. He seemed to be driving away, concentrating on the road. Tommy watched as Karen lifted her skirt high up. He saw her panties white showing through her pantyhose. While he watched, she quickly moved one hand and pushed it under her pantyhose and into her panties. She was moving a lot and her hand was moving a lot pushing and twisting under her panties. He realized she was masturbating. That's what he thought anyway. He'd never seen a woman doing it before.

Mrs. Pearson was making faces and breathing hard. "Tommy, your date might need to quietly fix things and she might, oh my, she might, oh yes, do something so nothing worse happens." She looked at Tommy and he saw a wild look in her eyes. She was breathing hard, squirming, one hand moving fast in her panties, her legs twisting against his, bumping his erection. She'd lost control.

Then quickly she tensed up. Her mouth remained open. Her hand in her panties stopped moving. Her other hand released her skirt and gripped tightly to his lap like she was bracing herself. She moved her head closer and whispered "oh, yessssssssssssss." It was quiet and slow and like steam releasing. And then it was over.

She was sitting up and her husband was pulling the car over into a rest stop on the highway. She fixed herself up quickly and got out to go to the rest room as they stopped. Before she walked away, she leaned over and smiled. "Counseling is confidential."

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