tagMaturePreacher's Wife Rides with Tommy Ch. 02

Preacher's Wife Rides with Tommy Ch. 02


This is the second part of "Preacher's Wife Rides With Tommy." I got a lot of good comments on the first part and wanted to write a second part quickly because the first one was so short. Feedback is very helpful because it helps me understand how people think and I hope makes things better the next time. I hope you enjoy.


Karen had practically run into the rest area so she could make it to the rest room. Tommy tried real hard and got his erection under control before he got out also and walked more slowly with the preacher toward the rest stop. When they all got back to the car, the preacher asked if they were okay in the back. "I always have trouble talking while driving and I can't see you guys or hear very well so I hope you don't mind."

His wife patted his hand and said, "George, don't worry. We want to leave you alone and it's been a pleasant drive, hasn't it Tommy?"

Tommy just nodded not sure what to do. He was still a little shocked from the counseling Karen had given him and what he saw. He wasn't sure what would happen next but they were only a half hour away he thought.

The rest of the drive to Rev. and Mrs. Pearson's daughter's apartment was quiet. Mrs. Pearson acted like nothing happened and talked about upcoming church events. There was no repeat and no excitement of any kind. When they got to the apartment, Tommy worked hard to move as much as he could and save them the trouble. That's why he was here after all.

He worked hard to save Rev. Pearson's back. It didn't take long but he got a quick shower before dinner. He decided to make sure part of the shower was cold. When he came out from getting dressed, Karen and George were discussing dinner plans. Rev. Pearson wanted to have dinner with his old friend Deacon Smith. Karen was skeptical.

"George you know how you two are. You'll spend hours talking about some philosophical question and poor Tommy and I will be falling asleep on our plates. It's fine for your friend, he's an old bachelor. But you have two other people tagging alone. Now now, don't panic. I have a compromise. We'll all go over for drinks and appetizers or whatever the Deacon serves and then you stay for dinner and as long and boring a conversation as you like and I'll find Tommy a pizza or something and come back for you when you're ready."

The Reverend pretended he was only going along with his wife to keep peace but she knew that he was secretly happy to avoid talking to a young person he had trouble relating to and was being given lots of time with an old friend.

Tommy felt bad he still had shorts on but Karen assured him no one else cared about formalities and the Deacon was a bit eccentric. When they got there, Tommy observed that every item of clothing the Deacon had on was wrinkled. He was friendly to Tommy and Karen but kind of distracted. He wasn't rude but he just wasn't really interested in them. So they all had something to drink, some crackers and cheese, and talked a little. Karen and Tommy left after an hour.

Karen gave Tommy the keys and asked him to drive. "Tommy, you owe me one for saving you from the most boring night of your life. We're actually doing them a favor letting them talk about all the things that neither one has anyone else to talk about with. Let's just go back and get some pizza okay?"

Tommy was happy. Mrs. Pearson was easy to talk to always but he never knew what to say to Rev. Pearson. She was fun even if the weird thing from the car ride wasn't happening again. She called from her cell and ordered a pizza and told Tommy where to go. He spent the whole time sneaking peeks at her legs. She didn't lean over him and give him a chance to see down her blouse again of course because he was driving but he noticed that the one side of her skirt that had buttons had some of them open and it kept falling open and he saw lots of her leg. He liked that a lot but tried to be subtle.

She ran in got the pizza a bag with wine and chips or something. Then they went to the apartment and she set it up. She gave him wine too which just showed how cool she was always. He ate most of the pizza and she drank more wine than he did but that was okay.

At one point she looked over at him and said "you were more subtle when you stared at my legs today than earlier looking down my blouse but you should be careful driving."

He didn't know what to say and must have looked embarrassed but she quickly added "it's okay. I'm counseling you, remember? And I did that with my skirt because I wanted you to look to see if you could drive and look. Don't worry. I'm glad you enjoyed my legs." She smiled and made her slit larger again. She stood up and turned around a little before putting a foot on a chair. "I think they look good in this skirt. And I think pantyhose help a woman too. Not as much as stockings sometimes. I bet you like stockings better don't you?"

Tommy looked puzzled. He wasn't sure what she meant.

She got another smile. "Stockings and pantyhose are similar but there are some differences. You know I bet the dirty girl living with my daughter might have something so I can show you the difference. Let's go look. Follow me."

Tommy, not sure what was happening, followed her into the other bedroom. "Now, Tommy, let's see if the roommate has a selection so you can learn. I know you've seen underwear before. You've probably been in your mommy's drawers just like we're doing now." She smiled as Tommy blushed. "I'm sure many boys learn about underwear by going through the ones at home first. To find the more daring things I think we can skip my daughter's room and open up this young lady's dresser."

She stepped to the dresser opened a drawer and reached in and pulled out a blue pair and held them up for Tommy. "I'm sure you've seen a pair like this at home." Tommy shook his head no and said his mom's were all cotton and boring, nothing silky or anything special.

"My dear counseling client, Tommy, you have a lot to learn. Your mom's special things aren't in the top drawer like this. This Caroline has a nice variety in her regular dresser but I bet even a young woman has a closet box. We'll look in the closet here for some of the more private items." Karen had gone over to the closet and gotten on her hands to look around on the floor.

"Here in a back corner behind shoes is another box. Sometimes a woman will keep some of her more special items here." Mrs. Pearson opened the box and pulled out a pair of boots that looked really tall like they went to a woman's waist or at least her hips. Then she pulled out something else. Tommy didn't recognize anything except a series of belts and harnesses or something with on object attached. "Such a dirty girl, I'll hide this again. No never mind. And not much else. So let's keep looking."

She went to the bottom drawer of another dresser and smiled. She pulled out some blacks and reds and colors and then put them back and told Tommy to go back out and put the pizza and wine in the living room.

When she came out a few minutes later, she looked almost the same. Tommy couldn't tell the difference. She came over and sat on the couch near him and crossed her legs. "You probably can't see a difference right now can you? We'll talk about it more soon."

Tommy ate some more and looked out of the side of his eye. He did notice that her legs were now in black nylon not tan colored. Karen smiled as she saw him notice.

She ran a finger up and down the part of her leg exposed by her skirt, over her knee and up the inch or two of thigh."Tommy, the stockings are black but the material is the same. It looks the same doesn't it?"

"Yes, Mrs. Pearson, it does really except the color of course."

She looked disappointed at him. "Tommy, dear, Mrs. Pearson is your preacher's wife. I'm your counselor, giving you advice, and your friend. We agreed that you will call me Karen." Then she smiled so he knew it was okay.

He watched as she leaned all the way across the table away from him to pick up something. While she was leaning, her skirt opened more and exposed more of her leg. He didn't pay any attention to what she was reaching for but he stared at her leg. Her legs were incredible and watching the skirt slowly expose more and more leg was amazing. Then suddenly he say being exposed a section that wasn't smooth nylon but was lace. He was no longer able to be subtle but he just stared until she leaned back and her skirt fell more into place.

She smiled at him and said "that's why some men think stockings are sexier. You saw my lace stocking tops peeking out from skirt. I have on smooth nylon with lace at the top and then bare skin above that. Some girls you date will like using it to tease you. It definitely catches your attention. Judging by the lump in your shorts I guess you like stockings better too, don't you?"

While she was talking she kept running one finger up and down her leg and pushing her skirt up and pulling it down, exposing the lace for just a second or two and then covering again. Tommy's eyes were so glued to her that he barely spoke.

"Tommy, the right woman with a careful movement and the right clothing can almost hypnotize you." She leaned over and lowered her voice to almost a whisper, "you like the lace tops of my stockings. I think they are distracting you, aren't they?"

Tommy finally looked up and breathed again. "No. I mean yes. I mean I wasn't doing anything. I was just looking and yes I liked them. They, uh, you know, they make your legs look nice. I mean you look nice anyway. I meant they just help or whatever."

She smiled and stood up and put one leg on the coffee table right in front of him to show him a closer look at the leg. Her skirt was draped and she inched it up a bit to make sure the lace was visible again. "I think understanding stockings and other kinds of underwear will help you in your dating. We have more to discuss but let me just call over and check on George. We might have to leave soon."

Mrs. Pearson picked up her cell phone and called over to find out about her husband. To Tommy's disappointment she put down her leg and turned around. She bent over from the waist to reach across the table again but for some reason stayed standing right in front of him. Her skirt got real tight when she did and being so close Tommy could notice the line of her panties under the skirt and some other lined and seams too. But before he could think too much, she stood and moved. She stood in the doorway to the kitchen and was talking while she drank some more wine.

"Of course, Deacon, dear. I understand. Time is so hard to keep track of. Yes I'm sure you're making a lot of progress now be a dear and put George on. Hi George. Yes he told me. I understand but I want you to eat now. The two of you will stay up all night talking if I don't insist. It's a good thing I called before driving over. Well how long will you be? No you can't bring him back here, where would he sleep and how would anyone else sleep in this tiny place if you two talk all night? What? Well, maybe. But don't call it a sleepover, dear. That's for schoolboys. Okay, if you stay over then we don't have to drive and you two can take your time and have your boring talk but don't forget to eat. No, I know. I'm sure it isn't boring. I don't know why I said that. Okay, then. Be good and I'll talk to you tomorrow."

She put her phone away and smiled at Tommy. "He and the Deacon get so excited about their studies. They're like little kids. The good news for you is I won't ask you to drive at night. George is sleeping over."

She walked as she talked and stood about five feet away from him. She smiled and said "now I was explaining about stockings so you'll know." Then she paused and fiddled with the buttons on the side of her skirt, undoing the rest of them and then dropping the skirt to the floor.

Tommy looked almost shocked as she stood there without her skirt. But he didn't look away.

"It's okay, Tommy. This is part of our counseling session. You remember my pantyhose from earlier? They went all the way to my waist. See how these stop right here?" She stroked her skin just above the stocking tops.

"And right above my panties, well not my panties but the ones I am borrowing, right here this is a garter belt. Girls wear these to be sexy and the straps hanging down are attached to the stockings to hold them up. Do you like them? Do think they are sexy?"

Tommy opened his mouth to speak and had trouble. But he cleared his throat and tried to sound calm when he said, "Wow, I mean yes. They're awesome. You look amazing."

Mrs. Pearson smiled and said "well, it's all about teaching you not how I look but thank you. I need to point something else out. Remember in the car how my panties were underneath the hose and when I wanted to or needed to well gain access it was more difficult. In this case, these panties are on the outside. In fact, I put them on over the garters, see? If I find a reason to slide my hand in, I can just do it like this. Much easier."

Tommy watched as she slid her hand inside the waistband slowly and moved her hand under the panties taking a deep breath when she did it. "See how much easier it is?"

She pulled her hand out and unbuttoned her blouse, throwing it away. "See how the bra and panties match? They have the same lacy pattern. When a woman takes a lot of time with her underwear to make it all match and be special like this she is planning on showing it off."

She moved closer and leaned in toward him. She touched the nipples that were hard and poking the thin material. "Remember I told you that a woman's nipples are a clue? Now notice how hard mine are." She had her one breast just inches from his eyes. "They are hard on a woman because she's excited. Sometimes just wearing something very very sexy will do it. Sometimes stripping to your underwear in front of a man who appreciates it will help. In my case, I think talking about has helped."

Tommy looked into her eyes and then he stuck out his tongue and licked the nipple poking through the bra. He pulled back hoping it was all right to do.

She moaned softly and grabbed his head pulling it closer. "Tommy, you need to learn that a lot of women enjoy oral stimulation of their nipples. Yes, just like that. Oh, gently and that's so nice."

Karen was having trouble speaking as clearly but still kept explaining things like a teacher. She was enjoying Tommy's careful tongue as he licked carefully and then pulled with his lips, making love to her nipple like he was experienced.

"Yes, Tommy, that's oh so good. Your girlfriend will like when you, oh yes, just like that, now the teeth but softly, not biting, just like that. And when your date groans and tightens her hands you know it's working."

She pulled his head off of her nipples and pushed him back. Then she took a step forward, pushed down on his shoulders and positioned his head just below her stomach and pulled him in.

"A date's wet panties, slutty, silk panties wet from her excitement are a sign," Karen said in a very hoarse voice. "Your tongue can be just as useful when you, oh yes just like that, just like, just like, over here, and then, oh, oh, oh yes."

Her hands on his head moved it around and helped position him like a toy she was using. He licked where it seemed to do the most good and he could tell her hands were gripping his head very tightly, almost digging in. He enjoyed the musky smell and he could tell she was getting very close to something big.

Karen kept talking but it didn't make as much sense because she was mostly moving his head and moaning. She never moved the panties out of the way. They were thin enough she didn't have to and something made her keep them on to keep telling herself this was a lesson.

Karen's hips suddenly started shaking violently, her hands gripped his hair, and she started yelling. But just as quickly as it started it stopped and she pushed his head away and collapsed on the floor. For the next few minutes she didn't do anything except breathe heavily.

Finally, she looked up from the floor and said, "So I think that helps explain the difference between stockings and pantyhose."

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