tagRomancePrecious Fate Ch. 02

Precious Fate Ch. 02


--As I had mentioned at beginning of Part 1, the names of the main characters in this story have been kept anonymous due to ethical concerns. Sorry if this make parts of the story a bit hard to read. --

Again in silence, we drove back to the hotel. We entered the lobby to find Gina milling around almost as though she had been waiting for us. The other girls were all sitting on one of the nearby sofas “WELL!!” she barked expectantly as we approached. I felt that a fight was about to break out as my lover clenched my hand, apparently making ready to retort in anger. I pulled her close and put my arm around her.

“Well, we were thinking,” I replied with mock seriousness, “that since our escapades were of such huge concern to you, you might wish to come up to her room and join us.” I gave my sweetheart a sly smile to let her know I wasn’t serious.

“I…but…no…of…of...course not…I am just…I,” was Gina’s response as we walked past her. This time the laughter wasn’t directed at me and I caught the blushing, flustered look in Gina’s face as we passed.

“Revenge is a sweet thing,” I whispered as we left Gina standing flabbergasted in the lobby and strolled down the hall. She chuckled grimly.

I lead her towards the announcement board where the afternoon workshops were listed thinking that she would want to attend one of these that afternoon. She, however, had other plans in mind as indicated by the way she jerked me towards the elevator. We entered the elevator and she pressed the third floor button. Before the elevator left the ground floor, she was in my arms kissing my lips and neck with playful affection. I was somewhat taken back by her sudden display of sensuality but responded as any wise man would. It was not long before my manhood was demanding release from my tightening slacks.

She stopped abruptly when the bell for the third floor sounded leaving me panting with desire. She took me by the hand and led me to her room. She stopped by the door and faced me, still holding onto my hand. Her more assertive behavior had me slightly perplexed. She pulled me close and kissed me passionately. “This morning has been one of the most memorable times of my life,” she said softly.

I was glad she thought so but I was now a bit disappointed. I had thought that her seductive advances and her hurry to get us to her room was a prelude to an afternoon alone together. The morning had been undoubtedly the best time of my life, however, and I wasn’t about to let her know that I had high expectations for the afternoon and evening as well.

“This has been the most spectacular mornings I have ever shared with anyone…thank you so much,” I replied with lust heavy on my voice, “I hope to see you at dinner.”

“What? Your going?” she said with obvious dismay, “I was hoping…I mean…I thought…that maybe…you know…that we could have a quiet afternoon in my room.”

Relief and excitement rushed through my body at these words. “Oh, I’m sorry, I just thought that when you said that, it meant …well…I guess I misunderstood you,” I stammered.

“Oh…” she said seemingly reflecting on her words, her face suddenly brightened with understanding, “OH…no honey…no…I was just working myself up to ask you if you wanted to…you know…come in. I mean, after the way you made me feel today I thought I should…I mean it would only be fair to you if…you know.” She broke off lamely and started to fidget looking scared and confused.

I felt horrible for discomfiting her so badly when it was so clear to me now that she was trying to be romantic and seductive. I stepped up to her suddenly and embraced her warmly hoping to convey my apologies in that hug.

“Dear heart, I mistook you,” I whispered softly in her ear, “but you know you don’t have to…I mean you don’t need to feel like you owe me this. I enjoyed this morning every bit as much as you did. It was unbelievably erotic.”

“But I want to, sweetie, I want to please you,” she begged, “Please…”

I was not going to let her plead with me to do that which I desired more than the breath of life itself in the first place. I cut her off with a quick kiss, broke our embrace and, gesturing toward the door, said, “Please, lead the way.” With a shy smile, she fumbled with the lock and swung the door open.

We stepped into the room and shut the door behind us. Her hands were shaking and she seemed reluctant to look me in the eye. I wondered at this. “What’s wrong, honey?” I asked.

“N...nothing, I’m just a bit nervous,” she replied in a shaky voice. This was a lie and I knew it. I approached her and took her shaking hands in mine. Reluctantly, she looked up and I caught her eyes.

“Nervous?? Terrified more like it,” I said frankly. Her breathing was becoming irregular and she was having trouble looking me in the eye, both symptoms of an anxiety attack. I had helped her through a dozen of these when she was in treatment and I knew what to do. What triggered the attack was irrelevant for the time being. The first priority was to reassure her. We could talk afterwards. I took her by the upper arms, pulled her to me, and embraced her warmly. “It’s going to be fine sweetie,” I whispered, “feel me breathing and match yours to mine.”

She did as I said and slowly her breathing slowed and became more regular. Her heart slowed and soon she was breathing deep and easy again. I led her to the bed and we sat side by side, my left arm around her waist. Tears swelled into her eyes. As usual, I did not need to ask; she took a deep breath and leaped into her explanation.

“You were so wonderful to me this morning – so kind and such a considerate lover – and I so needed to feel the way you made me feel…and I wanted to…I still want to…make you feel like that too. You know, in my lust I was so confident and I got myself all screwed up to take you here and really do this right. But then, with that little misunderstanding at the door, I realized that I really had no idea what I was doing. On the bluff…well…that was all you, if you know what I mean. You see I know I was married but I really don’t have much experience with certain things. I mean sure my husband and I did it, but he really didn’t ever want to do anything but…well…lets just say that he just liked to get right down to business and didn’t mess around with any foreplay so I never really learned. I guess that the bottom line is that I’m really not that good and now I got myself in this mess where I’m going to have to perform and I’m scared …scared that I won’t please you like I never could please my husband.”

I let her go on, resisting the typical male desire to cut her off at multiple points to make my logically reassuring arguments. When she was done she sighed tearfully. I grabbed the far side of her face and drew her eyes to mine. “Your afraid that I’ll not be happy with your performance,” I paraphrased to check my understanding.

“Yes,” she replied simply. I took some time to organize my thoughts and then dived into my response.

“Well, first of all, we do not have to DO anything today. Not that I don’t have my hopes up, but I would understand if you just wanted to be held or to just talk. Secondly, if we do sleep together, you could not disappoint me…I love you…I have loved you to some degree since the first day I laid eyes on you. I think you are perfect just as you are and no level of sexual performance could change that perception. Finally, I had already guessed that you might not have all that much experience because I had, correctly it seems, marked your ex-husband as an inconsiderate person who always took you for granted. You were right last night when you told me that that losing him was the best thing to happen in your recovery. Look what he has done to your already fragile self-esteem!” As I rambled through this tirade, ticking my major points off on my fingers, tears streaked down her loving face.

“God your wonderful,” she said, wiping her eyes on her sleeve, “What did I do to deserve you?” This question, of course, was supposed to be rhetorical and was meant as a compliment. None-the-less, I felt it was indicative of her failing self worth and, therefore, begged an answer.

“What did you do to deserve a wonderful guy like me?” I repeated, “Lets see… You’ve done nothing.” She looked shocked but I continued, “You’ve done nothing to conceal your faults. You’ve done nothing to hide your fears. You’ve done nothing to deceive me or make me believe that you were something that you are not. You’ve been honest and genuine with me from the start. Even on the rare occasion when you do try telling an untruth, you cannot. Your eyes won’t allow it because, deep inside, your heart rejects anything that is untrue or fabricated. For that reason you’ve never developed the skill of hiding your feelings and that is quite an asset. The bottom line is, sweetheart, that you have done nothing to keep your simple, but radiant, beauty form shining forth from those heartbreakingly honest, loving eyes. You are kindhearted by nature. You are considerate. You are beautiful, inside and out. You are perfect…absolutely perfect…just as you are. For these reasons, and many more that I haven’t the time or the words to express, I love you. For these reasons, and many more, I know that, despite any lack of skills, you will be a kind hearted, considerate and, most of all, an honest lover. These qualities count much higher than experience with me. You could not let me down in bed so long as you remain honest and trusting of me.”

These words seemed to register deeply with her. “God, I love you too,” she responded tearfully. I pull her head to my shoulder and held her tightly as she started to cry. Tears had always come easily to her eyes; however, this was the first time since the first day I met her that she actually cried out right. She sobbed silently into my shoulder as I lovingly stroked her hair and massaged her neck. She was precious to me.

Soon her sobbing slowed and then stopped altogether. With a sigh, she raised her head from my shoulder, her eyes red and puffy. Our lips met and we kissed deeply and lovingly. I held her by the side of her face as the sensation of her soft tongue lashed across my lips. I felt her tears trailing down her cheeks and, instinctively, I kissed them. I followed their moist trail slowly up to those big wondrous eyes. She gasped as I kissed each of her beautiful eyes. “How is it that you know how to make feel so special?” she asked softly.

“You are special,” I responded, looking deeply into her eyes, “I just treat you like you deserve.”

Suddenly she rose off the bed and stood over me. I looked up at her and saw, again, that look of passion in her eyes, as though there were flames behind the dark stained glass windows of her mind. She kissed my lips delicately and placed her hands on my chest. Slowly, lovingly she pushed me back on the bed. I got back up on my elbows to look at her and she gestured for me to slide back so that I was completely and comfortably on the bed. The expression in her face told me that she would not be denied in this. I complied. She kneeled on the edge of the bed and climbed sensually up my body until she was straddling my midsection. She leaned forward and put her lips to mine, giving me a series of hot kisses that descended to my chin and down my jaw line and onto my neck. I reached up with both hands and held her waist.

For what seemed like hours she ravaged my neck and ears. Tingling sensations emanated from her ministrations and shot down my spine. My erection strained against the confines of my pants as she reached for the top button of my shirt and slowly undid it. I was trembling with pleasure and unbridled lust as she brought her lips to the base of my neck. She had already unbuttoned my shirt half way down when she trailed kisses along the line of my clavicles before descending her lips to my chest. I gasped with anticipation as she teased my nipple with her tongue.

My shirt was, by this time, fully unbuttoned and spread wide exposing my full chest and abdomen. I writhed with excitement as she took my nipple in her mouth. The sensation was nearly too much and I moved my hand from her waist to stop her. She caught my hand in hers, however, and held it as her hot lips grazed across my sternum towards my other nipple. I cried out in delight as she delicately drew it into her mouth. I felt as though I was completely at the mercy of her savage carnivorous desires and resigned myself to her. She nibbled greedily down my ribs to my abdomen. She then placed her roaming hands firmly on the mattress at either side of my chest and slid herself down so that she was straddling my upper thighs and knees.

I took all my resolve not to come as her crotch slide over the uncomfortably tight bulge in the crotch of my khakis. She grinned devilishly at my discomfort but, compassionately, she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants to relieve some of the pressure. I sighed with relief. She momentarily looked into my eyes and I saw in them a conflict between her fears and her passion. She seemed to be thinking that this was the point of no return. It was a fierce but brief battle and her carnal desires would not be vanquished. I saw the resolve flash across her face with a smile as she returned her lips to my midriff and rubbed her soft hand up and down my cotton-clad erection. My mind reeled in anticipation as she worked her lips lower and lower until her tongue played along the waistband of my now exposed underwear.

With considerable struggle she pulled my pants down far enough to fully expose my cotton briefs, all the while, trying hard not to stop attending my lower abdomen with her sweet, soft lips. I tried to arch my back in an effort to assist her but her weight on my thighs made it difficult. Finally she slid down farther, swinging her legs out from under her so that she was lying on her tummy. I obligingly separated my legs so she could lie comfortably. She drew a deep breath and pulled my briefs down.

My erection sprang happily into view. I am not particularly well hung but am not small either. She smiled uneasily as she reached for it. I grabbed her reaching hand and squeezed reassuringly. “ Remember, There’s nothing you could do to disappoint me now,” I said, barely able to keep my voice steady in my desire for relief. Her smile widened brightly in comprehension and renewed confidence. Slowly and irresistibly, I guided her hand to my swollen member.

Her hand felt like silk as she made contact with it. She clenched it lightly in her palm and started to softly run her hand up and down my shaft. I writhed again in ecstasy and gripped handfuls of the bedspread. She lowered her blissful face to my groin and I could feel her hot breath tickle my hairs. I was so close to coming already that I could only hope that I could hold on. As she stroked my cock with loving tenderness, she started to kiss my inner thighs and around the base of my shaft. Surely, with how close I was now, she had nothing to worry about. In fact, it was just as well that she was a little less skilled at fellatio for it may have helped to prolong the experience.

I moaned softly as she parted her lips around the base of my throbbing manhood and gradually kissed her way up to the tip. She hovered there and looked up into my eyes. I gave her a reassuring nod and closed my eyes. I shuddered involuntarily as the warmth of her mouth slowly enveloped the tip of my cock. Her lips wrapped softly around the head and her tongue played across the tip. As she slid her mouth down the shaft I felt slight twinges of discomfort as her teeth lightly grazed the underside. Perhaps this was indicative of her inexperience but I was thankful all the same, as I would surely have spilled my seed immediately if not for the kinky pain. In any case, she had grossly underestimated her natural enchantment over me.

When I was as far into her mouth as I could go without violating her throat, I placed my hand on the nape of her neck. Her braids had nearly all fallen out and her hair was soft as it wound around my fingers. I caressed her neck with loving tenderness as she ascended for her next stroke. She moved slowly as if relishing the way I felt in her mouth. She started working her mouth up and down my penis with slow deliberate strokes, at the top of each her tongue lashed around my head. She dragged her teeth periodically along the shaft effectively delaying my impending orgasm. I was gasping for breath. Her mouth felt like wet velvet as it stroked my length. I was at the point of inevitability. I whimpered, ‘I’m so close, hon, you better get off of there.”

She looked up me at the top of her stroke and shook her head in denial. She plunged down with a final stroke, increasing the amount of suction and lashing the under side of my organ with her tongue. I almost yelled out with pleasure as she slid her lips back up my shaft so that just the head remained in her mouth and her tongue caressing the crevice along the underside. My whole body shuddered. My cock twitched erratically and, with a silent scream, I came wildly in her hot velvety mouth. My mind reeled and erotic pleasure coursed through my body as I saw her throat convulsively working to swallow my hot seed. She sucked the rest my phallus back into her mouth and stroked it’s length a couple more times lavishly before letting it fall from her mouth with a sigh and laying her head serenely on my thigh. Her eyes reflected a kind of fierce pride, like that of a lioness that was feasting on her freshly fallen prey, her soft sweaty curls of hair clinging deliciously to my now deflating manhood.

My prediction had proven true. Earnest endeavor and honest desire had prevailed over her inexperience. She didn’t need me to tell her that I was pleased; she could see in my eyes that it had been the most arousing moment of my life. After we caught our breath, she crawled up and laid her head on my upper chest near my shoulder. She placed her arm over my abdomen. I could feel her breathing in even content intervals. I softly caressed the back of her hair and neck slowly moving down her back to her perfectly shaped bottom. How I loved her. How I needed her now that I had found her. I never wanted to let her go. The smell of her silky hair mingled with the musky scent that lingered after our escapade. The effect was intoxicating. We both soon fell deeply asleep.

When I awoke it was 3:00pm and we had slept in each other’s arms for 2 hours or so. She was still asleep, nestled against my chest with a look of complete tranquility, her body warm against mine. It broke my heart to wake her but we had missed lunch and would both need showers before dinner at 6:00. I kissed her softly on the forehead and she stirred. She lifted her head and looked with sleepy adoration at me. She sighed contentedly and lowered her sweet head back to my shoulder. “We’ll need to hit the showers if we are to get to the dinner tonight,” I said.

“Oh…Yeah!” she said, jumping up with sudden vehemence, “I’m starving.”

“Me too!” I laughed, and I also got up and stretched. I was still half undressed, my shirt and fly wide open. She had been eyeing me openly with a possessive look in her eye. She apparently considered my ragged partial nudity sexy. She stepped up to me and kissed me on the ear.

“Or…perhaps I could just eat you!!” she whispered wickedly.

We both laughed. I hugged her tightly and then started putting myself back together. Once semi-presentable, I walked to the door. “Should I meet you here so we can go down and eat together?” I asked. She didn’t answer right away and I saw a sad look pass over her face.

“Actually,” she said, “you may think me over-possessive and all, but I don’t like being parted from you, even for a couple hours.” I laughed again, not in mockery but with empathy and relief. In fact, I didn’t like the idea of going back to my room either.

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