tagFetishPregnant Fetish Fulfilled Ch. 01

Pregnant Fetish Fulfilled Ch. 01


It's one thing to have a fetish. It's another thing altogether to find someone to fulfill that fetish. Sometimes though, you can get lucky. I did - my desire to have sex with a pregnant woman became a reality.

One night, after quite a few beers, I was logged onto a fetish dating site on the internet I visit occasionally. Despite the fact that I've never seen any posts by pregnant women, I'd often thought about posting my own ad, only to change my mind at the last minute. Tonight, because I was hammered, I decided to go through with it.

Sitting at my desk the next day with a hangover, I thought to myself that my post hadn't been such a great idea. I couldn't really expect any response – nothing positive anyway. To my surprise, when I logged on one day there was a message from "Christine". I wondered if it was genuine, but I had nothing to lose so I fired off a quick response. In reply, she told me that Christine was her real name and that she was almost seven months pregnant. She was 35 years old, which made her ten years younger than me. Like me, she worked in an office in the CBD. Even though it was testing my luck, I asked if we could meet. She agreed. The next question was where to meet? So that she felt at ease, a public place seemed the best choice for a first meeting. I suggested an upstairs hotel bar that I thought would be quiet at lunchtime. We agreed to meet at one o'clock the following Wednesday.

On the day, I arrived early. As I'd hoped, there were only a few customers in the bar. I chose a table away from the entrance and the bar itself, but from which I could still see the door. I bought an orange juice and opened the paper, but I wasn't really interested in reading. Time seemed to pass very slowly. One o'clock came and went and I tried not to look at my watch constantly.

But by a quarter past one, I was wondering if Christine would show up. While I was still thinking about that, I saw her come through the door. Even if she hadn't sent me her pic, she would have been hard to miss – tall, with shoulder length dark, shiny hair and a very obvious "bump". She certainly looked seven months pregnant; her large boobs almost rested on her belly. As she came nearer to the table, I saw her face more closely. She wasn't really pretty, but her smile was warm and her green-grey eyes were beautiful and so clear that I was almost mesmerized. We sat and talked. To my relief, I didn't feel as awkward about the situation as I had expected to and the conversation flowed easily. The next time I looked at my watch, it was already a quarter past two. I'd have to be getting back to the office. Neither of us had broached the subject of a more intimate meeting, so I said:

"I'm afraid I'll have to be getting back to work. But I'd really like to see you again. Only if you're interested, of course."

Even though I hadn't made my intentions clear, I think Christine knew what I was asking.

"Yes, ok," she said, smiling slightly.

She suggested Saturday, at a hotel/motel on the southside of the city. The name wasn't familiar, but when she described its location, I knew it immediately. I had driven past the hotel many times – it was just near an exit off the southside freeway. I remembered that the hotel building was closest to the road and the motel was a separate building just behind it. We arranged to meet in the lounge bar at 3.00 p.m.

"Can you book a room?" Christine asked, removing any lingering doubts about the purpose of our rendezvous.

At ten to three on Saturday afternoon, I was sitting in the lounge bar. I'd bought a bag with a few things I thought we'd need and I had already collected the room key. Christine arrived soon after me.

"I'm busting for a pee," she said, resting her handbag on the top of a chair but not sitting down.

When she returned from the toilet, we sat in the bar, chatting about nothing in particular. After a while, Christine shifted slightly uncomfortably in her seat and said:

"I need to go again."

"Why don't we go to the room?" I suggested. "I've already got the key."

We walked along the covered walkway from the hotel to the motel. The room was an ordinary motel room with the bathroom opposite the door and a short passageway to the bedroom/lounge area. As soon as I opened the door, Christine dashed into the bathroom. Even through the bathroom door I could hear her peeing forcefully. She hadn't been joking when she said she needed to go.

While Christine was in the toilet, I opened my bag. I placed a bottle of lube, a bottle of baby oil, and a packet of condoms, all new and unopened, on the bedside table. I was pleased to see a box of tissues already on the table because I'd forgotten to bring any. Then I closed the curtains, removed the bedspread and blanket from the bed and tossed them on a chair.

Christine emerged from the toilet, her bag in one hand and the other hand holding up her skirt. She went over to the lounge chair nearest the bed, slipped out of her shoes and dropped the skirt, picking it up off the floor and putting it next to her handbag on the chair. She pulled her tee shirt off over her head and tossed it on top of the skirt. Underneath, she was wearing a plain pair of panties and a white bra that looked to be struggling to contain her breasts.

She hopped onto the bed, still wearing her bra and panties. I removed my clothes, except for my undies. Even though I hadn't yet touched her, I was already hard. I asked if she would like a massage.

"Yes please," she said, unhooking her bra and lying on her side, her back towards me.

I sat on the bed, opened the bottle of baby oil and rubbed a small amount on her back. Her skin was beautifully warm and soft. After few minutes, Christine rolled onto her back, so I could do her front. As she changed position, she removed her bra and I saw her breasts for the first time. Her areola were large and dark and her nipples thick and erect. From the marks left by her bra cups, her bra was obviously quite tight.

"I can't believe how big my boobs have got," Christine said. "Before I got pregnant, I was only just a C cup, now I only just fit into a D cup."

I don't think I'd ever seen such thick nipples before and I wanted to suck on them, but instead I put some more baby oil on my hands and massaged each breast in turn. Then I dribbled some oil on her bump. Feeling the tautness of the skin, I now realised why pregnant women get stretch marks. While I was massaging her, Christine lay with her eyes closed, an occasional quiet sigh escaping her lips.

I was too aroused to wait any longer, so I lay down next to her and kissed her neck. She responded by turning her head into the pillow, to give me better access. Then I kissed her mouth, sucking greedily on her bottom lip. I trailed my kisses down to her right breast and when I reached her nipple, I took as much of the areola and nipple as I could into my mouth and began to lick and suck gently. I played with her other nipple with my hand. Looking up to check her reaction, I saw Christine was gently biting her bottom lip. Then I moved down and kissed her swollen belly. Now she was squeezing and rubbing the tops of her thighs together. I placed my hands on her hips, with my fingers inside the waistband of her panties. Christine lifted her bottom off the bed to allow me to remove them. At the same time, I removed my own undies.

I kissed the insides of her thighs, down to her knees and back again, teasing her by deliberately avoiding her vagina. She was shaved, with just a thin "landing strip" above her opening. She had a slight odour that I found exciting rather than off-putting. I hadn't been planning to, but now I wanted to go down on her, so I picked up a pillow to put under her hips. When the pillow was in position, she opened her legs wide. Her slit was small and neat with lips that turned inward. Her clitoris was just beginning to poke out from under its hood. I licked her slit. She tasted good and I slipped a finger inside to explore her vagina. I was excited by how wet she was and I had to stop myself from immediately jumping on top of her.

Instead, I sucked and licked her clit and several times she seemed to be close to orgasm, but each time her excitement plateaued before starting to build again. My neck was starting to get a kink in it and my chin and mouth was covered in her juices, so I stopped and reached over for a tissue to wipe my face. I noticed that her clit was now swollen and prominent, and her vagina gaped open invitingly. I opened the packet of condoms and rolled one onto my dick. Christine watched me through half closed eyes as I slid inside her. I took my weight on my hands and knees, so as not to put any pressure on her belly. She was hot and wet and I was in heaven.

From the way her hips rose to meet my thrusts, it was clear that Christine wanted me to go faster. On the hand, I was trying to hold back because I was already so excited that I was close to coming. Despite my efforts, after only a few minutes I couldn't hold back any longer. When I withdrew, there was the evidence of my excitement. The tip of the condom was heavy with cum and it had flowed up the sides, almost to the top.

I finished Christine off by hand, sucking on one of her nipples while massaging her clit. Again, on several occasions she seemed close, but didn't reach orgasm. Finally, just when I thought it wasn't going to happen, she had a strong orgasm, moaning loudly as she came. Relieved, I flopped down on the bed next to her.

We lay on the bed, side by side. There was something I was curious about. Actually, I was both embarrassed and curious, but curiosity won out.

"Does the baby move when you have an orgasm?" I asked.

"No," Christine shook her head. "Just as well," she said, with a slightly mischievous smile. "I've been so horny lately, I can't seem to stop masturbating. I even did it in the toilet at work yesterday."

It seemed hard to believe that the baby wouldn't react to her orgasm, but I had to admit I hadn't noticed any movement when she had come. Christine took my hand and placed it on her belly.

"That's the baby's head," she said.

I explored the spot gently with my fingers. I could feel something hard beneath the skin, but I couldn't really tell what it was, just by feel.

With some difficulty, Christine sat up on the bed and said in a slightly weary tone, "I've got to pee again! I've been about ten times already today!"

I lay there on my back, with my eyes closed. I heard the toilet flush, and, a few seconds later I was a little surprised to feel Christine's tongue licking my dick. Surprise soon gave way to excitement and it was all I could do not to come in her mouth. I was almost relieved when she straddled me. I loved the feeling of being so deeply inside her. I also loved feeling the weight of her body and the way her thighs enclosed my hips. As she rode me, she leant forward slightly to rub her clit against my pubic bone. That bought her belly and boobs into range for my eager hands. This time, she came quickly and even more loudly. Anyone in the adjoining rooms couldn't have been in any doubt about how we were occupying our afternoon. The sound and feel of her orgasm soon had me coming too. Afterwards, we lay on the bed, cuddling and talking.

Finally Christine said, "I'd better have a shower and head off. I'm supposed to be having dinner with my parents."

This was the first time she had said anything about her family. It made me realise I still didn't really know that much about her. In particular, I didn't know why she had responded to my ad. Or why she was here with me now.

Tentatively, hopefully, I asked, "Same time and place next Saturday?"

"Let's make it following week," Christine responded. "I might have an surprise for you by then," she said, smiling and gently squeezing her nipples.

(Author's note: Only my fetish is real, the rest of the story is just a work of fiction – unfortunately!)

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