tagGay MalePrep School Ch. 01

Prep School Ch. 01


The day came for each of them. They all knew it would come, but still it was always a shock. The mother was usually the happy one sending her boy off to become the kind of man she always intuitively knew he would be. The fathers less happy. Their dreams of sons emerging as manly men disappeared in that long trek to Smith's Prep School.

It was no more or no less true for Stephen Talbot. The day came and it was time to embrace his true self. Everyone he knew told him so. The life of a heterosexual was not for him. Girls of all sizes and shapes tempted him, his mother prearranged dozens of dates but at 19, one year into the legal age for mating, he was still a virgin.

Stephen's father took him to a professional one night, but it was a waste of money. The poor girl wasn't even able to get Stephen's penis to wink. It was a long, sad ride back home for his father, and Stephen felt sorry more for his dad than himself. So his father made the decision. He pulled into the driveway and turned off the engine.

"Son," he said and looked at Stephen, "I think it's time you went to the Prep School. You aren't getting any younger, and soon you'll have to start a life of your own. You've got no particular skills. We may not be able to afford the university, but we cam spring for the Prep School. That way," he said placing his hand lovingly on his son's arm. "You can find a good man with a good job to take care of you. They'll teach you, at the Prep School, how to please a man like that and become his life partner."

That night, his mother knocked on his bedroom door, and without waiting opened it and stuck her head in.

"Hi, baby. Mind if I pop in?"

"No, come in, Mama." She sat down on the bed next to him. He was propped up against the head board reading a book of poetry. She didn't speak right off, but gazed into his eyes, smiled and brushed his bangs away from his forehead.

"Guess we won't see each other for quite a while," he said and closed his eyes. He loved it when she brushed her hands through his hair.

"No," she whispered, "but you'll come back to me as soon as possible, right?"

"Of course, Mama." He turned his face and kissed her hand.

"How do you feel?" She asked. "About the Prep School?"

"I suppose it makes sense," he said with a sigh. "I don't feel anything...you know what I mean...for girls. I never have. I'm not sure I feel anything for men either. Maybe I was meant for the priesthood." He laughed at the image.

"Oh, my baby," she said and took his face in her hands. "It'll all work out. You have a good heart." She patted him on the chest. "Good things come to those with good hearts." She leaned in and kissed his forehead.

By noon the next day, he was packed and in the back seat of the car headed for union station. By one-thirty, he was pulling out of the station on a train bound for Lawrence, Kansas. And by late afternoon the next day, he was greeted by an SUV at the Lawrence Depot.

"Mister Talbot," said the handsome middle aged chauffer with a slight British accent, "if you'll make yourself comfortable, I'll load your luggage and we'll be off." Stephen climbed into the passenger side of the large vehicle feeling apprehension for the first time about attending Smith Prep School. He wasn't expecting a chauffer who addressed him as Mister Talbot. Weird.

The ride was longer than Stephen expected, and the country side was heavily wooded and remote looking. The chauffer spoke very little except to point out various geographical points of interest. After a couple of hours, they pulled up to a stone archway and an iron gate just before sunset. The driver pushed an opener button, and the iron gate slowly swung inward. When the SUV pulled into the compound, the gate automatically closed, and they followed a long serpentine driveway through dense trees to a huge old Victorian mansion. Weird. That word kept popping up in Stephen's head.

The chauffer removed the luggage and started up the stone steps to the entry porch. Stephen followed. When they reached the door, the chauffer turned to him and raised his arms indicating his hands were full.

"Would you mind giving the knocker a rap, sir?" Stephen looked at the brass door knocker. It was a large life size and very life like penis and testicles. It hinged from the glans and the round balls knocked against a brass plate. Stephen grinned and shook his head as he took the balls in his hand, raised them up and knocked three times. He couldn't help it; it made him laugh, and he sheepishly looked over at the chauffer. The chauffer half smiled.

The large leaded glass door opened, and an old man stepped aside allowing them to enter.

"Thank you, Sedgwick," the old man said and pointed to the foot of the stairs. "Place the luggage there, if you will. And have a good evening."

"Thank you, sir," Sedgwick said and bowed slightly. "Good night to you, Mister Talbot."

"Good night, Sedgwick. Thanks for the ride." The chauffer returned to his car.

"Mister Talbot, please come into the drawing room." The old man's voice was like gravel. He was short and hunched over, bald and walked with a cane. "Please have a seat." They sat facing each other. The old man had sparkling green eyes, and when he smiled it had a surprising effect on Stephen. His smile was warm, gentle and friendly.

"So my dear Stephen," he said, "my name is Charles Smith. The young men around here, such as you, call me Chuck. I have a unique gift, if you will, an ability that is to find the switch and turn on the light. Excuse my clumsy metaphor. It's all about energy, really." Chuck stood and moved away from the chairs. He held his arms out to his sides; the cane dangled in his hand.

"Dear Stephen, we have an energy body that extends out from our physicality about as far as our arms can reach." He turned from side to side. "It's all around us life a cocoon. It's an electromagnetic force field. Up the center of our body is a cylindrical shaped rod of energy that spins at the speed of light. As the energy radiates outward, it manifests as different bodies. Physical, emotional, causal, etc. It's all the same energy vibrating at different rates. Now!" He threw his arms up and smiled catching his breath.

"When a man becomes sexually aroused, the central cylindrical energy rod bends out and extends into his erect penis." Chuck slapped one hand into the pit of his elbow and made the gesture of an instant erection. His eyes sparkled. It made Stephen smile. He liked the old guy.

"Now when a man has intercourse with a woman, of course that's nature way of procreation, but let's face it, we really do have enough people on dear old Mother Earth. A woman's body is different, of course and when she is penetrated by a man's erect penis and central energy rod, different things happen then when a man is penetrated thusly by another man. We can only get intellectual about men and women copulating, but for the next year, you are here to learn about yourself, a man's needs and how to give and receive those needs with another man. And like your family, I share the hope and dream you will one day find one special man who you can share your life with."

He walked over to a desk and poured a small glass of amber liquid from a crystal flask. He tossed it down with one gulp, cleared his throat and sat down.

"Now, my dear Stephen Talbot, come over here so I can see you up close." Stephen moved closer to the chair.

"Don't be shy," said Chuck. "Let's get familiar with each other. Come right up here next to me." Stephen stepped up to the chair. His knee touched the old man's leg. Chuck reached up and put his hands on Stephen's hips and turned him from side to side. He nodded and made sounds of approval clucking his tongue.

"Lift your shirt for me, dear." Stephen obeyed and raised the front of his shirt showing his hard, flat stomach. Chuck smiled and traced his finger tips over the well-defined abs.

"Take your shirt off, dear boy; nothing to be shy about here. You are a fine looking young man." Stephen stripped the shirt off and laid it across his chair. The old man clapped his hands together and grinned. Weeeeeiiiiird.

"Delightful! You have the body of a swimmer. You are gorgeous, dear Stephen, just gorgeous." He ran his hands over Stephen's bare skin. "Hard, well defined muscles and skin as soft as silk. You couldn't be more handsome." He tugged at Stephen's pants.

"Remove your pants, dear. I'm dying to see the rest of you. Look at this." Chuck parted his coat tails, unzipped his trousers, reached inside and pulled out his cock. It was enormous and very erect. Stephen stepped back aghast. Beyond weird.

"You have just got me sizzling," Chuck said and stuffed it back in his fly. "I'm sorry. I hope I didn't startle you. Some times my boner gets the best of me. Now there's a good lesson to remember. Never give your boner the full control. But please go on, dearest Stephen. Show me the rest of your magnificent body."

Stephen was more than a little startled. He wasn't sure he could do this. But Chuck's eyes sparkled, he smiled broadly and Stephen relaxed and relented. He unsnapped his trousers and let them fall to the floor. He reached under the waist band of his shorts and pushed them down too. He stood there and stared at Chuck Smith. Chuck's eyes were glue to Stephen's flaccid penis.

"Just beautiful," the old man whispered. "Come back over here next to me." He motioned with his hand. When Stephen reached the chair, Chuck moved his legs to one side aside and patted the corner of the chair. "Put one foot right up here," he said. When Stephen was properly posed, Chuck raised his glasses up and rested them on his forehead. He reached out and gently took Stephen's testicles in his hand. Stephen flinched a little but stood still. He lightly touched his balls savoring that first moment of discovery. The old man smacked his lips.

"You have very nice gonads, dear Stephen. I like how they hang down like this. I'm sure when you climax, they'll shrink right up as if they are in full retreat. I love that." Chuck laughed, squeezed them a little harder and rolled them through his fingers. Stephen had to admit, it did feel good, but still, his penis didn't react. It hung down unimpressively a couple of inches. The head was completely covered with foreskin.

"Very nice," Chuck mumbled. "When you caress a man's balls for the first time, always start with the lightest touch like a soft feather. Let your fingers make love to his testicles. Explore their shape and texture. Close your eyes, dear Stephen." Stephen closed his eyes.

"Put all of your attention on my fingers. Let my fingers define your body to you. How does it feel when I caress your testicles?" His hands softly tickled and rubbed his balls.

"It feels nice," Stephen whispered. "It's very relaxing."

"Good, good." Chuck's breathing became heavier making his voice even more gravelly. He continued to fondle the young man's balls. "Describe my hand."

Stephen opened his eyes and looked at Chuck. Chuck's lips hung slightly open as he wheezed through his mouth. He looked up at Stephen.

"Just keep your eyes closed and describe how my hand feels."

"It feels nice, Chuck." The old man clucked his tongue and let go of Stephen's balls.

"That's not what I mean. Here, kneel down and take my testicles in your hand." Chuck raised his hips and pulled his trousers down. His penis stood straight out about ten inches. It was a little scary. Stephen had never seen a penis this large up close.

"Reach in and take my testicles in your hand." Chuck's breathing heaved in his chest. Weird, weird, weird, but Stephen obeyed and gently took Chuck's testicles in his hand. They were very large, covered with sparse grey hair and very warm.

"Just gently caress them like I showed you." Stephen lightly tickled and fondled Chuck's testicles, rolling the two balls in their skin sack. Chuck reclined his head and closed his eyes.

"Your hand his cool. Your fingers are rough and calloused. I like that. You are making my member throb with excitement" His long, fat penis did throb with a steady beat. It was mesmerizing, and Stephen couldn't take his eyes off the huge erect cock. "You have a large hand. Squeeze my testicles." His voice was almost a whisper, and Stephen gently squeezed. "Harder." He squeezed harder. Chuck groaned.

Stephen's penis began to react. It stirred slightly and moved against his thigh. He was a little shocked and looked down at it. Wow! All of a sudden, he found the feel of the old man's testicles more than weird. He really, really like touching them.

"That's enough, my dearest Stephen. Let's return now to where we were." Stephen reluctantly let go of Chuck's testicles and stood up. The old man looked at the young man's awakened penis and chuckled. He reached out and ran a finger tip along the shaft making Stephen shiver. Chuck giggled.

"That's more like it. I told you I have a gift." He took Stephen's testicles in his hand and started caressing again. Stephen's penis reacted without hesitation. It gradually elongated to six inches, stretched the foreskin out and off the rim of the glans and stood up like a good soldier at attention. Stephen groaned and the old man giggled with delight. "Now close your eyes and describe my touch." Stephen could hardly breathe. He'd never felt this way before.

"Your skin is so soft and your hand is so warm." One of Chuck's fingers tickled its way back to Stephen's anus, and the tall young man quivered.

"Does that feel good?"

"Yes, sir," Stephen said barely audible.

"And where am I touching you now," asked old man said gently probing the tight little opening?

"My..." Stephen was embarrassed to say.

"I'm lovingly touching your anus, correct? Let me hear you say it. Remember, no shyness here."

"You're...lovingly...touching my...anus." Chuck pushed a tiny bit more and his finger and entered Stephen's anus. The young man's penis twitched, and Chuck started laughing.

"I don't mean to torture you, my boy." Chuck removed his finger tip from Stephen's anus, wrapped his free hand around boy's penis and lightly stroked it running his thumb over the glans. Stephen moaned.

"It's time for a little taste test." He continued to fondle his testicles and stroked Stephen's fully erect penis as he spoke. "Each wing of the house is divided by taste. The young men of the south wing have a salty flavor. The north wing is salty with musky over tones. The east wing is populated by heavy, musky earth tones, and the west wing is the sweet flavored lads. Now let's see which wing you'll live in."

Chuck lowered his glasses, leaned in and examined Stephen's penis closely as he stroked the rock hard shaft. Stephen was shocked at how excited he was. He felt like he might explode at any second. As Chuck's warm, soft hands stroked and fondled him, he noticed the room for the first time. The walls were lined with hundreds of books. Architecturally, it was finished in dark wood and a large crystal chandelier hung in the center of the ceiling. Suddenly his attention was shifted back to his penis as Chuck's lips surrounded his glans. He looked down and Chuck looked up. The old man removed his lips and swirled his tongue around the head.

"How does that feel?" He laughed. "Don't answer; just enjoy." He wrapped his lips around Stephen's penis again and drew it all the way into his mouth. Stephen was afraid he might faint it felt so good. His legs shivered.

Chuck sucked on the head, but his hand stroked the shaft with firm, rapid movements. The hand fondling his testicles inched back until he once again probed Stephen's anus. As soon as his finger pushed passed Stephen's clinched sphincter muscle, the young man's whole body shivered. He didn't see it coming. It felt like every cell in his body fired a bolt of electricity at the same time down to his groin. His hands flew up to the sides of Chuck's head. His hips jerked, and his balls receded up into his groin. Spurt after spurt of semen erupted out of him with a volcanic force, filling Chuck's mouth.

Chuck's head bobbed up and down. His finger pushed deep into Stephen's anus and his hand continued to stroke until every drop of semen and sperm was milked into his mouth. Stephen cradled the old man's head against his abdomen. His body continued to twitch and quiver with after shocks. Each time Stephen twitched, Chuck giggled, but finally the old man pulled his mouth off of Stephen's penis. He smacked his lips and rolled some of the semen around on his tongue savoring the flavor, deciding where Stephen would live.

"Let me see, salty? Yes. Hum, and a trace of musk. Delicious; I adore the taste of all my boys, but you definitely belong in the north wing." He continued to smack his lips and swallow with a grin. "Tasty, mighty tasty. I always love the first taste of a new lad." He leaned in once more and ran his tongue across the opening of Stephen's penis licking away the last drops that seeped out.

Chuck leaned back in his chair, closed his eyes and rolled his tongue around in his mouth, smacking his lips.

"Now, dearest Stephen, I don't expect fallacio on the first day, so you can watch it done masterfully by someone else." Chuck rang a small bell on the side table next to his chair and the door opened immediately. A young man, not as tall as Stephen, entered through a side door.

"Hi," he said with a big, friendly grin. "I'm Michael." He held out his hand and they shook. Stephen introduced himself, and felt a little uncomfortable without his clothes. Michael's eyes looked over Stephen's semi-hard penis. When their gaze met again, Michael raised his eye brows a couple of times and winked. "What wing are you going to be living in?"

Stephen shifted from foot to foot and cleared his throat. "North, I guess."

"Yummy," said Michael. "Salty with a trace of musk, right Chuck?"

"Yes indeed. Dearest Michael is in the west wing. He has the sweetest tasting semen in our little colony. Show Stephen your mighty dagger." Chuck laughed, and the blond young man unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled out his penis. It was fully erect and as big as Chucks, but much fatter.

"I got hard watching Chuck conduct his taste test. Now I'll show how it's done. It won't be as graphic, of course when you're having sex with a true lover, not that I don't love Chuck mind you." Michael smiled at Chuck and kneeled between his legs. Chuck patted him on the head. "But I'll show you how it's done."

"Kneel down next to us," Chuck said, and Stephen knelt on the carpet where he could get a clear view. Chuck closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the chair. "I'm all yours dear sweet Michael."

"Okay," Michael said. His erect cock still stuck out through his fly. "Start with the inside of the thighs. First caress your lover with your finger tips. Touch him in the same way you want to be touched." He softly slid his fingers from Chuck's knees up the inside of his thighs. His legs twitched slightly, and the old man giggled.

"The secret to great sex," the old man interjected," is to concentrate all your attention on your lover. Your job is to satisfy him. Never put your own sexual needs first. If you have a good lover, he'll take care of you too. Pardon my interruption, Michael. I so need some relief."

"No need to apologize, sir. You are absolutely right. I felt confused and a little lost when I got her eight months ago, but now I love to pleasure my sexual partners." He took Chuck's testicles in one hand and began to fondle them. He looked at Stephen.

"The first night I came here, I was a virgin. When Chuck sucked my cock...oh God...I was so glad I was here. It's been heavenly ever since." Michael began to lightly trace his fingers up and down Chuck's cock. Chuck groaned.

"I think Stephen will have plenty of time to learn everything we can teach about love, dear Michael. I desperately need to ejaculate. Would you mind terribly."

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