tagNonConsent/ReluctancePretty Lily Ch. 02

Pretty Lily Ch. 02


As I woke up for the second time, I peeked an eye open to check my surroundings. No one was in the chair and the room appeared to be empty when I looked over my shoulder. I sighed and tried to roll over onto my back and straighten out my arms, but as I did so my wrists stung. Looking at my wrists, I could see that they were raw from rubbing against the handcuffs during my sleep.

How could this happen? I'd heard stories of women being kidnapped, but no one ever believes that they could be taken themselves. Would I die? Did this man plan to kill me? I was afraid to even ponder on what he had injected into my arm, especially when it was right after asking if I was on birth control. Birth control? Did that mean he planned on raping me again? That was a stupid thought. I knew he would do it again.

I pulled my feet up under me and I could feel dried semen on my back cracking from the movement. My cheeks felt hot with shame and the burning in my nose that warned of up-coming tears alerted me. Shaking my head, I took a deep breath to try to calm myself. Crying my eyes out when I could be figuring out a way to save myself did nothing.

Observing the room, I noticed that the bed I laid on was not the only one. My bed was on the far wall, directly across from the door. There were two beds, on against each wall on my left and right. Each headboard was against the walls, and the beds were made, except for mine. The ceiling had a few lights hanging. There were no windows so the artificial light casted a slight yellow glow on the white walls and dark wooden floor. Next to the bed on my right was another door, but I couldn't tell what it led to.

Still sleepy, I yawned, but my cheeks ached. I recalled how many times I'd been slapped the night before. No one had ever hit me before last night. No man had ever seen me naked before. My toes curled in an effort to comfort myself and I clenched my eyes shut. The sound of a door handle turning took my attention and I opened my eyes to see the door across from me opening and in stepped the man from the night before.

"Is the little flower up from her nap?" He smirked at me and shut the door behind him. "Do you need to use the bathroom?" I hadn't thought about it, but at the mention of the bathroom, I had the sudden urge to use it. I nodded without looking at him.

Walking over to the bed, he leaned over me as he pulled a small key from his pocket and uncuffed me. He rubbed my wrists slowly as I hesitantly sat up. I wanted to hide my body, but my cheeks still held the reminder of what would happen.

I couldn't bring myself to look at him. I was embarrassed, I was ashamed.

With a hand on my waist, he helped me stand and led me to the second door in the room. Upon him opening it I noticed that it was a bathroom. A sink and counter and toilet were to my left and a large bathtub was at the far end underneath a medium sized window. He turned on the light and pushed me inside, but I just stood there when he didn't leave. My eyes looked towards his general direction, but stayed on the floor. "Well?" He asked. My face felt cold instantly. He couldn't possibly plan to watch me use the bathroom. "I...I can't..."

Scoffing, he shoved me towards the toilet. "Be a good girl." Shutting my eyes tight I lifted the lid and sat down, trying to will away his gaze. After a few minutes my body relaxed enough to do its business and when I was done cleaning myself I finally looked at him and was relieved enough to see that he had his back to me. The sound of the toilet flushing alerted him that I was done and instead of addressing me, he went to the bathtub and turned the water on.

When I stayed where I was, he reached his hand out. "Come on, Lily."

I walked over to him and I could feel the steam rising from the water. I lifted a foot over the tub and poked my foot in the water, but quickly yanked it out with a yelp. "It's too hot!" He reached his hand in, held it there, and pulled it out with a shrug. Picking me up, he set me over and into the water. I tried to jump out, but he held me there. The water burned my skin, but eventually my legs got used to it. I tried to slowly lower the rest of my body into the water, letting myself adjust, but he just shoved me all the way under with a splash. As my head emerged from the water I whimpered and pulled my knees to my chest.

The sound of shampoo squirting out of a bottle caught my attention and then hands were in my hair, rubbing my scalp and creating suds.

Silence filled the bathroom and his fingers felt rather good.

"...Are you going to kill me?" There, I said it.

His fingers stopped for a moment before resuming. "No."

His pause didn't make me feel better at all. "Are you going to hurt me?" I felt his fingers tighten in my hair and he turned my head to face him. "That's up to you, little girl."

I scrunched my face and hugged my knees to me tightly. His fingers actually felt nice against my scalp as he massaged it slowly, building a heavy lather that dropped into the water now and then. When he was satisfied, he grabbed a glass from the counter and filled it with water before tilting my head back and pouring the water on my hair.

He repeated this over and over, slowly rinsing my hair without being rough. As the last the last of the shampoo was out of my hair, he repeated the whole process with conditioner from under the counter. It smelled sweet like strawberry

smoothies and it relaxed me even more.

"Can I... Can I know your name?" My voice was quiet. I felt that if I at least knew his name it could make things easier. It would make him less of a stranger, but it wouldn't make him less of a danger.


Tears welled in my eyes and my nose burned a little. "Please... please, tell me..." My voice shuddered as I could feel myself start to cry. I could hear him sigh, but he didn't say any more.

After my hair was taken care of, he pulled a pink bottle of body wash out and squirted some into his hands. I furrowed my brows and tried to back away from him, but in the small space of the bathtub, I'd only managed to splash the water at him.

"Lily, I want you to behave." He ordered, reaching for my right arm.

I tried to pry his hand off, but my skin was too slippery to do so. As he pulled me back towards him more water splashed out of the tub, but he ignored it this time as he positioned me with my back to him. He started with my shoulders, rubbing small circles. I brought my knees back to my chest to hide my breasts and vagina, staring at the water as his hands moved down my arms.

My left arm was moved from my knees as he washed the rest of it, followed by repeating the action to my right arm. When he began to push my knees away I held them still.

"Be a good girl, now." He reminded me.

"Why can't I wash myself?" I asked, still not budging.

I hadn't anticipated him placing his hands in the crack between my knees and parting them, giving full access.

"Because I want to touch you."

His hands cupped my breasts, moving the water around me. I inhaled deeply which caused my chest to push into them. His thumbs gently traced my nipples as he leaned down over my right shoulder. I could feel his warm breath on my ear and when he spoke I shivered.

"Smaller girls are a real turn on. I can so easily throw you around."

I felt both insulted and complimented at once, blushing at the thought of him throwing me around. I prayed he only meant it in a sexual way, though I didn't want him to regardless.

One hand trailed upwards past my neck and into my hair, gripping it tightly enough to cause a slight pull, but not enough to hurt. "And brunettes are the sexist by far."

I shut my eyes and tried to block his words out. I had to change the topic. I needed answers.

"Am I going to stay here forever?" My voice was sheepish.

"No," his tongue traced my earlobe and I fought back a gasp.

"So you're going to let me go home at some point?"

"No," his teeth softly bit down and my own mimicked by biting my lip.

Seeing that was getting me nowhere, I switched again. "How did you know I wouldn't be a minor when you took me? Would you have taken me anyway if you did?"

"I don't touch girls under 18. And I had someone watch you for a period before I collected. I do with all the girls."

My insides went pale and I could feel everything pull towards the center of my body.

"Collected?" I shook my head. "All? There's been other girls?"

Instead of answering he yanked my face towards him and crushed his mouth against mine, sending his other hand towards the apex of my thighs. I slammed my legs shut, but that only trapped his hand there.

"You have such a soft pussy," he whispered against my mouth. I blushed, embarrassed.

"Please, don't call it that."

"No? Why not?" His fingers rubbed against my lips before one inserted itself inside me. My insides tightened around it on reflex. "Your pussy likes my hand."

"It's embarrassing!"

He chuckled against my mouth and began to pump into me while using his thumb on my clit. My back arched and my feet slipped along the bottom of the tub, making a squeaking sound. The hand in my hair trailed down to my neck, carefully caressing my throat. His fingers pinched my clit before sliding down to rubbing against my anus. I screamed, jumping against the side of the tub.

"Not there!"

His chuckling filled my ears, but he withdrew his hand and went back to tickling my clit. "You have no control over what I do, but since you're being so well behaved I'll let you get away with that."

Going back to my nipples with one hand, he tweaked the sensitive tips while his mouth traced my ear. My toes curled under and my breathing was getting shaky. "Please stop..."

Lips moved from below my ear down my jar, kissing and nipping at each bit of skin until they reached the corner of my mouth. With each thrust of his finger his lower hand turned back and forth, causing a deep pull in my belly. Gasping as his thumb pressed hard on my clit, my hands covered his own, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do.

"What is it? What do you want, little one?" His voice seemed deeper and it surrounded me.

My grip on his hand tightened, but I didn't pull it away nor did I push him deeper. My nails dug into his skin and a high-pitched squeal escaped my throat.

"Ask me for it. Tell me what you want." His thumb sped up on my clit and my legs quivered.

I shook my head, refusing to let go.

"You have to ask me. Tell me that your pussy needs me and I'll give you what you want."

"I can't!" I cried, holding back a moan.

"Say it. Say your pussy needs me." His fingers began to slow down and the building feeling started to disappear.

"No! I... Please!" I bit my lip. "My... My p-pussy needs you, please..."

I felt him smirk against my cheek and then his fingers sped up again, making my whole body shake. My breath caught in my throat as my muscles began to tense up and relax at once, all of my focus on the center between my thighs.

When the sensation got too much for me I started to pull on his hand. "No more!"

His fingers slowly pulled back, but the ones on my nipples kept up with little tugs. "Say thank you."


He gripped my hair again and yanked my head back to look me in the eye.

"Say thank you, you selfish girl." His smile was gone and he looked stern.

"Thank you, thank you!" I shouted, splashing again as I tried to get him to let go of my hair. With one last shove under the water, he stepped away from me and as I surfaced I saw him grab a towel and bring it toward me. "Step out."

I quickly stood up and the cord air around me replaced the heat of the water and I wrapped my arms around myself to stay warm. He slapped my hands away before wrapping the towel around me. "What did I tell you?"

"I'm sorry!" I ducked my head down, afraid he would hit me again.

"Let's go." He grabbed me by the upper arm and yanked me from the room, dragging me towards the bed.

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