tagNonConsent/ReluctancePrice of Bad Debt Ch. 01-02

Price of Bad Debt Ch. 01-02


WARNING: This story is fiction, and should be treated as such. The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, do not read any further. This is my first attempt at writing a story of this type so bear with me. I hope you like it.

Chapter One: Debt Leads to Trouble

Janet slowly walked back across the street from her mailbox. In her hand she knew were more of the dreaded notices of late payments. This was the third day this week she had received at least two or more notices. It was March and the after Christmas bills had come and gone without her being able to pay even the minimum due. Now two months later the notices were getting more insistent

Lowering her head, she wondered what she could do. She couldn't let her husband, Rich, know what a mess they were in. It had been three years since their last big blow up over overextended credit limits. At that time Rich blamed it all on her as it was her duty to keep the family bills. Heaven knows, she thought it was both of them who went overboard and if he earned more this wouldn't be such a problem. But no, she shouldn't think that way, as she knew he worked hard trying to provide well for their family of four. But with Karen in her senior year at State and Jenny just a freshman in high school the bills mounted fast. Janet had long ago started hiding the bills from Rich so he didn't have any idea how deeply in debt they were, and frankly, she didn't think he wanted to know, leaving those worries to her.

One thing she knew, she couldn't go through a blow up like last time. They still had a strain between them. Before that everything had been perfect in their first 18 years of marriage, but ever since it seemed they were never close. Yes they made love like just this morning, but it wasn't the same. Maybe he was satisfied, as he always got what he wanted but she never felt fulfilled anymore and never reached climax like she used to.

Sighing, and trying to come up with a plan on how to put off all these bill collectors, she knew the only way was to once again go to the Acme Financial office over at the Riverside Plaza. Kindly Mr. Winthrop had always been helpful in the past, but she knew this time she needed more credit then ever before. One of the notices had been from Acme with a note about repossessing her car that she had used as collateral on her last loan. Well, there was no choice she would have to go and see what could be done.

As she got dressed she admired herself in the mirror. Not bad for a 36 year old mother of two. She knew Rich had been originally attracted to her by her slim figure and pretty features. They were married when she was only 17, two months out of high school and he was 22, a college graduate. She had continued to keep herself trim and fit, working out even now with the girls both grown to be beautiful young ladies of 15 and 18 themselves.

Picking out one of her short skirts and tight fitting top, she smiled to herself. Even though Mr. Winthrop was in his sixties, he still admired her figure whenever she went to ask for an extension or increase in her loan. She knew it didn't hurt to use her charms, a pretty smile or sad expression did wonders with most men.

As she drove the ten miles over to Riverview Plaza, many thoughts went through Janet's mind. Though temporary, she knew this was her one hope of solving the problem with the bills. She had started using Acme Financial two years early, first because they were two towns over from the high income area where she and Rich lived, and two because of the nice Mr. Winthrop, who managed the place and always had been sympathetic of her needs.

As she entered the Acme Financial office, she noticed a number of changes since her last visit. The furniture had changed considerably and looked much more modern and fancy. Also, Mrs. Quinn, Mr. Winthrop’s elderly secretary was no where to be seen and in her place was a beautiful young blonde who looked like she was out of a fashion magazine.

Stepping up to the front desk, Janet inquired if she could see Mr. Winthrop.

"I'm sorry," the blonde replied," he doesn't work here anymore, Mr. Jackson, Jerome Jackson is the manager now."

Oh, very well, could I see Mr. Jackson?" Janet replied.

"Yes, he should be available in a few minutes; could I have your name?"

"I'm Mrs. Janet Ross, I have an account with your firm."

"Please have a seat and I will check with Mr. Jackson, I believe he will be very glad to see you, Mrs. Ross." The secretary replied with a funny smile on her face.

It seemed like hours passed as Janet waited, but actually it was only 20 minutes later when the secretary called her name and ushered her into Mr. Jackson's office.

“Hello Mrs. Ross, or can I call you Janet?" A very large, black gentleman in a dark three piece suit said to her as he met her at the door to his office and took her hand, leading her into an office that was certainly different then when Mr. Winthrop was there. Gone was the old shabby furniture, replaced instead, by new elegant top quality office furniture. On the back wall there was even a large over stuffed couch that looked like it belonged in an expensive home. "Why yes, please call me Janet"' she responded. Clearly she had been taken off guard by his open welcome. As he let go of her hand which he had used to guide her to one of the overstuffed chairs in front of his desk, she felt a chill run down her back.

"Well Janet, Mrs. Janet Ross, you have saved me a trip by coming to see me. You are rather late with the payment of your account. In fact if I am not mistaken you are probably two full months in arrears right now."

"Yes, I know, that is why I am here," Janet replied, "I am afraid I got a little over extended. In the past Mr. Winthrop was very understanding and he always figured a way to work it out so that I could make payments. Could we, just this one more time redo my account and consolidate what I owe you with some other accounts so that I just have one payment to make?"

"I'm sorry, Janet, but that was Mr. Winthrop, I bought him out in November and I am a businessman. If I were to do that I would most likely loose even more then you already owe me. In fact, I need to ask you for your car keys. You did drive here, didn't you?”

Janet suddenly felt a sinking feeling as this was the collateral she had hoped to use to redo her loan; maybe she had made a mistake in coming here. Now she might have to turn over her car and then Rich would immediately find out what bad financial condition they were in. What should she do?

"Please Mr. Jackson, I really need my car. I know you want to be paid, and I want to pay you but isn't there something that can be worked out. Your company has always been so helpful in the past."

"What kind of a fool do you think I am Mrs. Ross? I want the money you owe us or we will repossess your car and if you don't come up with the rest you will end up in jail for defrauding us!" Mr. Jackson bellowed at her. Janet suddenly began to cry uncontrollably, "No, please you have to understand, that will kill me, my husband will leave me, isn't there something we can work out, isn't there something I can do to get you to extend my credit just one more time?"

Mr. Jackson was silent, staring at her for what seemed like minutes, but in reality it was probably only seconds, then he responded. "Well let me see Janet, just what are you willing to do?"

Suddenly a cold chill went down Janet's spine. What did he mean? What are you willing to do? She didn't like the sound or the look in his eyes as he peered across his large desk at her. "I'm sorry, Mr. Jackson, I don't know what you mean by that" she replied.

"What I mean, Janet, is I am a business man with several operations not just this loan company. I am always in need of some good looking women who can do some escorting/entertaining for some of my out of town clients during the day.”

“I find that suburban housewives fill this need very nicely. You are a very beautiful woman and I could use your services in return for extending your credit and even maybe give you a better interest rate as well as providing you with some extra income to help pay down this debt. Since this involves daytime assignments mainly over the midday, you won't even have to let your husband know what you are doing."

Janet's world suddenly seemed to implode upon her, what was he saying, he wanted her to escort/ entertain strange men. Just what did this entertaining mean, but she knew without asking. What he was suggesting was that she would be meeting and providing sexual favors to these clients of his.

"Absolutely not, what do you think I am? I could never!" Janet spoke out.

"I wouldn't be so hasty in my answer if I were you. It is either do as I require or give me your car keys and you better find the rest of the money you owe me or I will be coming to take over your house! Do you really want your husband and your family to know that the financial mess you have gotten yourself into?"

With tears streaming from her eyes, Janet sat motionless. What was she to do, she couldn't do as he was suggesting. But she couldn't just let her world fall apart. She knew from the last time she had told Rich about them being in big debt that he would leave her. The pit in her stomach grew with every passing second. Her head down, she tried not to look at Mr. Jackson. She realized she really had no choice. She would have to do what he wanted. She knew she had made her problem and now she would have to pay the piper. Slowly she shook her head up and down, "Yes," she half whispered, I will do what you want."

"Good, I am glad to see you recognize the right answer,” he replied. Smiling to himself he felt a swelling of his manhood as he anticipated seeing this beauty upscale house wife naked and putting out. These suburban housewives were all the same. They claimed to be such righteous holier then thou, loving wives but if they were faced with losing all their treasures they would prostitute themselves just like all the sluts from the inner city who walked the streets to make a living to support their children.

"Let’s see what I am going to be providing my clients, stand up and remove your clothes" He then said rising from his chair and stepping around his desk to stand a few feet from her.

"Here, you want me to undress here in your office?" Janet said in a shaken voice.

"Don't argue with me or I won't be so accommodating. Now stand up and get those clothes off!" he commanded.

Looking down at her feet she slowly rose to a standing position on legs that wanted to give way. Knowing there was no hope she started to undo the buttons of her blouse. A chill went through her body as she pulled the tails of the blouse out of her skirt and slipped it off her shoulders. For the first time in her life she was standing in front of a man other then her husband in her bra. Her face felt flushed as she next undid the button to her skirt and let it fall at her feet. Now she stood there with only her lacy white bra and panties covering her most precious parts, knowing that shortly these would also be gone.

Strangely she felt another quiver run through her body, but this one started from deep in her groin, oh God was she actually getting turned on by this horrible event? As much as she wanted to suppress it, she realized she was actually getting wet between the legs. No, she couldn't let this happen.

"Come on, quite taking so long," Mr. Jackson suddenly bellowed, "Get that bra and panties off!"

Janet was still looking down or she would have seen that Mr. Jackson had begun to stroke himself through his pants. A large growing bulge gave the first indication of the effect her near nakedness was having on him and his increasing anticipation of seeing her completely at his mercy. If she had she would have been surprised at the size of his potent cock.

Janet realized the moment of truth was at hand; she reached behind her back and undid the clasp which freed her breasts from what little protection her lacy bra had provided. Dropping it to the floor at her feet she looked up into Mr. Jackson's smiling face. Strangely, whether the cool air of the office or something else, she realized that her nipples had turned hard and pointed. While she didn't have exceptionally large breasts, at only a 36C, she knew they were nicely shaped. Why was she feeling this way, instead of being completely repulsed?

Before he got angry again, she hooked her thumbs into her panties at her hips and slowly lowered them, stepping out of first one then the other foot. She realized that she was now quite wet from her own secretions as the panties momentarily clung to her pussy lips. What was happening to her, as yet more shivers of excitement raced through her body. Was she really starting to like unveiling herself to this terrible man?

“Very nice, now turn around slowly, so I can see all of you." Mr. Jackson commented.

Dropping her arms to her sides she slowly turned on her right foot and showed him her cute ass. Then she continued to turn so that she faced him again. She was sure that her pussy had to be showing the wetness she felt.

"Yes, you will do very nicely, I am sure my clients will enjoy your company," he added.

Standing there naked in front of this imposing black man was doing things to her she could not and did not want to understand. Why were her nipples all hard and aroused and why was she so wet in her pussy? She had not been this way with Rich for several years if ever. What was he going to do to her? She kept waiting for him to reach out and grab her or force her to submit to his advances, but no he just stood there looking at her.

What she did not realize was that he was really dying to do just that and touch her exquisite, white body and make her submit to him. But, he had other plans. He knew he would have her soon enough. He didn't want to jeopardize his real objective. He wanted to have her fully submit to his orders and become the complete whore that he intended to turn her into.

"You can put your clothes back on now," he said surprising her.

She felt relief but at the same time there was a disappointment, he was not going to do anything to her. She realized she had been anticipating a sexual release but none would be coming. Hesitantly she retrieved her panties and bra and slowly put them back on. Then with him watching the whole time she put her blouse and skirt on.

"You can keep your car for now as you will need it tomorrow. I want you at the downtown Hilton, at the main dining room at 12:00 sharp. You will join Mr. Ron Baker for lunch and then go to his room with him. He will want more then to just look at you as I did today. You will submit to whatever he demands and you had best make it enjoyable for him. If I get any reports of you not obeying or of you not being enthusiastic and I will start foreclosure of all your possessions and your husband and everyone will know what problems you have gotten yourself into. Do you understand?"

Once again, looking down at the floor she quietly responded "yes."

On the drive home, Janet could not get the itch between her legs to go away. Why she didn’t know but undressing and standing naked in front of the horrible Mr. Jackson, had ignited a need deep within her. She couldn’t stop wondering was it true what they said that black men were endowed with massive cocks. The only one she had seen to this point in her life had been that of her loving husband, Rich. But now she wondered what would it be like to have someone, a black man like Mr. Jackson take her and use her in any way he desired. Why had he not done anything but look at her? He said she was beautiful and that his, his clients, would enjoy her.

She also wondered what she would do when she went to meet this Mr. Ron Baker tomorrow at the downtown Hilton. Could she really do what she knew she must do, give herself to a man other then her husband? What would he be like, how would she act. How could she continue to live her normal life with her loving family if now she was to do this? But wasn’t she doing this for her family to keep all the things they had together?

It was with this thought that she pulled into her driveway and parked the car in the garage. Then knowing she still had a couple of hours before the girls would be home from school she hurried into her bedroom and stripped off her blouse skirt, bra and panties. She had to get that need between her legs satisfied. Spotting her hairbrush on her bed stand she lay down on the bed and began to rub it in her wet pussy folds. Only after rubbing the handle of the hairbrush in her sloppy wet slit and sticking it in to the edge of the bristles was she able to bring herself to a mind shattering orgasm. What had she become?

Recovering from the afterglow she took a quick shower and put on fresh clothes before the girls and Rich got home. For whatever reason, she decided to make Rich’s favorite meal for dinner that night.

The dinner with the family she had hoped would be special really didn’t turn out like she hoped. Rich ate his food and then said he was tired and went off to bed without even as much as telling her how much he enjoyed it. The girls both ate quickly and left the table to go to the high school basketball game. Thus Janet was left with a kitchen full of dirty dishes and an hours worth of cleanup. As she cleaned up the mess, she thought to herself, why had she tried to please Rich with a special dinner? She knew that it was the guilt of knowing she had let another man see her nude this afternoon and the fact that tomorrow she would be giving, no selling her body to a stranger to make payment on the huge debt she had built up.

Finishing the cleanup she went into the family room and turned on the television, she could not bring herself to go to bed with Rich until she was sure he would be asleep. Unfortunately the only thing on the TV was a special about the growing prostitution, especially streetwalkers in the city and actions the city government was taking to try and clean up the city. She could not help but think, “SHE WAS ABOUT TO JOIN THE RANKS OF THE WOMEN THE SPECIAL WAS TALKING ABOUT”. What would it be like, she asked herself? Could she really do it, give her body to a stranger? But she knew she had no choice; she was not doing this of her own free will, was she?

Chapter Two: Her First Appointment

She awoke with a start, as the sunlight shone through the family room window into her face, the TV was still on and she immediately remembered the last thoughts she had had before she drifted off to sleep. Getting up and sneaking into the bedroom without waking Rich, she grabbed her robe and slipped into the bathroom to get a shower before he awoke. She could not help running her hands over her body as she took the refreshing shower, a chill running through her, thinking ahead to what lay ahead of her this fateful day.

After waking Rich, she went to the kitchen and got breakfast for him and the girls. She was anxious to get them off to work and school afraid she would show the terror and what was it, excitement of the upcoming events. She made little conversation with the three of them as they ate their breakfast and hurried on their ways, Rich to work, Jen to catch the bus for high school and Karen off to the University.

Now she was left alone in the empty house with only her thoughts of the Appointment she had at 12:00 that afternoon. What should she wear she wondered? What did you wear to meet a strange man who was going to being paying for your body? What would he look like and what would he expect her to do? The special on TV that she had watched the night before had hinted at unspeakable acts that the streetwalkers often performed for their johns, would she have to do similar things? Needing something to fortify her she went to the bar and got out the vodka and made a quick drink. She never had a drink in the morning but today was different she knew she need it to give her strength.

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