tagNonHumanPrimal Evolution Pt. 05

Primal Evolution Pt. 05


I'm so terribly sorry that it has taken so long to upload this! I COULD NOT find an editor, so this is a large portion of the reason it has taken forever and a day. I hope you all enjoy :) Feedback and ratings are always appreciated! I'm working hard on my writing techniques and I hope you enjoy!

Thanks all! And-again- so sorry :(

Peace xo



Sistine lay motionless. Encased in sheets and my arms, she was exhausted. I watched her shallow breaths and moved a few strands of hair from her face. I couldn't help but stare at her. She was beautiful and it pleased me to see her so peaceful and relaxed in my presence. I hoped that she wouldn't return to her normal hatred and resentfulness of me when she woke, but I knew she would. It would take some time.


Sistine woke to Barron pulling her close to him. He was possessive-,even in sleep. She slowly wriggled her way out of his hold and gently crawled off the bed. Taking special care to not wake him. She grimaced at the soreness in her body, and immediately went to the great mahogany door that separated Barron's room from the outside world, and tugged at the handle- nothing.

"Fuck!" she whispered as she turned around, trying to think of where Barron may have hid the key.

There was a giant wardrobe at the far end of the room and she thought, if she wanted to hide a key, that that would be a good place. The wardrobe was massive and nearly touched the 9' ceiling. Sistine frantically scanned the room for something to stand on to give her more height. She saw a chest at the end of the bed and tip-toed to it. She tried to lift it but it was too heavy so she began to push it close to it's mark. It let out an awful scrapping noise at first and she stopped to look at Barron. He rustled a bit in the blankets but didn't wake. When she had finally pushed it all the way to the wardrobe she climbed on top of it and stood on her toes, reaching her fingers to the top, and hoping to feel the cold metal and familiar shape of a key.

She thought she may have felt something when a pair of hands grabbed her waist and she screamed. Barron brought her down quickly and she struggled to break free and nearly fell forward had he not caught her.

"Looking for something?" he asked nonchalantly as he brought he down.

"Your dignity," she said without turning to face him.

Barron's laugh boomed and seemed to shake the walls.

"I doubt you'll find it there," he said as he walked in front of her.

"Before I was born they'd asked if I'd prefer to be a gentleman or a werewolf. I'm sure you can guess which one I chose," he said eyeing her for a moment.

Sistine lowered her head letting her hair drape around her face. She didn't want him to see her.

She didn't want to look at him after... what had happened.

She couldn't and she felt the bile of her stomach begin to rise. Both Barron and herself were still naked and she covered her mouth and nose with her hand when the smell of him reached her and she knew she probably smelt just like him. She had nearly lost her identity to him. She felt that from this day forward it would no longer be Sistine. It would always be Barron and he had taken her over, just like he seemed to overpower everything else. She had to get his smell off her, it was making her sick.

"I want to take a bath," she whispered trying with all her might to keep her tears at bay. Barron didn't say anything at first but she could feel him getting closer to her. He bowed his head, nearly touching his lips to her shoulder and inhaled deeply. She flinched as he exhaled with a growl that made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. She shrunk away when he moved his hand up to rest on her stomach and twisted her shoulders she keep him from kissing her.

"Can I please just take a bath?" she said with a desperate tone, no longer able to choke down her tears. "Is that too much to ask? And am I supposed to stay naked like an animal? Like you?! Like your whore!?" she looked up at him with tears rolling off her cheeks and quickly looked away. She didn't want him to see how he was breaking her.

Barron said nothing for a moment and then walked over to the wardrobe and opened one of its drawers. She felt him walk up behind her and he handed her a large button-up, long sleeved shirt.

"I don't have clothes here for you, but you can wear mine for now." He moved out of the way and extended his arm towards the bathroom. "Take as long as you need. Just don't lock the door." He turned back to the wardrobe and got some clothes out for himself. "I'll be back quickly," he said pulling a pair of jeans on. "I'll bring you some food and clothes back. Is there anything specific that you'd like?" He walked towards the mahogany door, pulling a black shirt over his head. Sistine said nothing. She refused to acknowledge him and his pathetic offer. Like some French toast and sausage would make it all better.

"French toast and sausage it is then," he said without looking back at her. He opened the door and stopped in the threshold. "As much as you believe outside would be safer, there are still wolves hunting you out there. And, unless you want a repeat of the slaughtered brown wolf, I suggest you stay inside," he began to walk out the door, but he paused and seemed to think of something that extremely important and simply had to be said, "They would hurt you, Sistine. More so now than before. Don't go outside without me." and with that, he closed the door.

She thought about trying to pick the lock and making one last effort to get away, but something inside of her, almost like an instinct she hadn't noticed before, begged her to listen to his warning. And a little voice inside her head told her Barron was clearly the lesser of two evils at play- that she'd be safer with him- regardless of what she may, or may not see him as.

She waited a moment before walking into the bathroom, and decided that the voice was most likely right.

The hot water in the tub produced so much steam, it helped her to mask the reality of her captivity and she went into a dream like state as the water neared the rim. Her body was there, on the edge staring blankly at the oversized tub, but her mind had left to another place... somewhere far, far away; where he couldn't touch her.

She stood up for a moment to gather a wash-cloth and towel and caught another glimpse of herself in the mirror before it completely fogged.

The bite marks on her chest and neck infuriated her. She slammed the door and locked it. "Fuck you," she said through gritted teeth, and made her way back over to the tub. She eased in it slowly, the water burning her skin- scorching him off of her flesh.

She laid in the tub so long she was sure her fingers and toes had become pruned. She hadn't soaked in a tub this long since she was a kid. She wanted to stay there forever, something in her mind told her that if the water surrounded her, he couldn't. It was a false comfort, but a comfort nonetheless.

Her eyes shot open as the door to the room opened and she heard the clopping of Barron's heavy boots hit the floor and sat up as she heard him trying to open the door. She bit her lip in an attempt to force down her tears when she heard him sigh in aggravation.

"Sistine, I told you not to lock the door."

She said nothing and sunk as far as she could in that water, as if she could conceal herself in it. Her anxiety fought through and tears formed in her eyes at the sound of the door knob being forcefully turned. When the doorknob popped as it was broken and the sound of splintering wood reached her ears, her stomach churned. She took a deep breath and sunk completely in the water that was now lukewarm. Her eyes were closed but she could still hear the heavy boots walk over to the edge of the tub and his body shadowed over her. She wondered how long she could stay under, or rather, how long he'd let her.

Her lungs began to burn but she resisted. Suddenly, the water was disturbed as his hands came around her waist, lifting her out of the water. She gasped as she was forced to surface and struck out at Barron's jaw, catching him by surprise. He released her and scowled at her, a deep growl escaped his barrel chest and he stood, glowering at her with a look of pure rage.

"What's the matter, love?" Sistine said with a cynical tone and stared right back at him. "Nobody ever popped that jaw for you before?"

Barron's lip curled showing his teeth but she didn't care. He could tear her to shreds and she'd die happy knowing she finally got to sock him one good time. He relaxed as he took a step back. She knew he'd heard her thoughts.. and could only be so lucky for him to grant her a mercy kill.

Her suspicion was clarified when his body tensed. He'd heard her thoughts- her desire for death- once again. He took a defeated breath and seemed to try and regather his thoughts and control.

"You have 1 minute to get out of the tub, put something on and come into the room so you can eat."

Her face twisted in hate and she quickly turned her face away from him. "Go fuck yourself."

Typically, Barron enjoyed her attitude and this game of cat and mouse but right now he was really trying not to lose his head. No one had ever hit him and had gotten away unscathed. Her right hook hardly hurt but it was his pride that was truly injured. He was the alpha. There was no one above him. No one struck an alpha unless they were looking for a fight, and Barron couldn't recall the last time another alpha had tried to fight him since every single opponent he had ever had he had killed brutally.

Mercy, was not something he was known for. And, still, he hurt over her thoughts of death. It brutally pained him more so that she fantasized of it coming from his hands.

"One minute," he repeated and walked out of the bathroom. Barron's warning fell on deaf ears. Sistine had no intentions of doing what was 'commanded' of her. She let her head lull back to rest on the tub and sighed. She was lost in daydreams about escaping and suddenly she felt sick again. She squeezed her eyes tightly and tried to chase away the fear she felt at the thought of leaving Barron.

"What the fuck is wrong with me," she softly cried. "He's driving me crazy."

Barron stopped to listen. He knew she was crumbling and that should make him happy. It was what he wanted... for her to submit to him. But the foreign feeling of sympathy reemerged and his brows furrowed. It was unnatural to him. He kicked off his boots and pulled off his shirt. He needed her to accept that she belonged to him, but he also wanted to comfort her. How do you comfort someone when you're the very thing bringing them so much fear and stress. He had to try.

Sistine raised her head when the overhead light was blocked out by Barron looming over her. She was shivering as the water was cold now, but she still refused to leave. She lifted her arms around her breasts as the steam and suds were no longer there to give her some sort of coverage. Barron noticed the goosebumps on her shoulders and sat on edge of the tub.

"Am I grounded now? I'm sure my minute is up," her voice was mono-tone and she turned away from him.

He stood quickly and started to undo his pants. If she wouldn't come to him, he'd come to her. He could smell the anxiety roll off of her and he hated it. He stepped in the water and she drew her limbs to her torso. He took in a sharp breath as the cold bit at his ankles. He quickly sat down in the water, thinking it would be better to just get it over with quickly instead of easing into it.

"Fuck!" Barron swore at the shock. "It's fucking freezing! Why are you still in here, Sistine?"

She ignored him, curling into herself as much as she could.

Sistine was the opposite of someone who suffered from claustrophobia. There was something about being surrounded by something that comforted her. Tight places eased her anxiety and made her feel safer. She refused to roll herself in the same bed where they had—he had taken her. So the water would have to do.

Barron read her thoughts and quickly trashed the idea of forcing her to get out of the water. He stared at her for a moment. "Sistine," he said gently. Still she paid him no mind. "Sistine," he tried again this time a little more authoritative and motioned her to come close to him.

She looked at him but then brought her knees closer to her chest.

"Sistine, I know why you want to stay. If you want me to allow it you will come here." Barron was becoming impatient "I promise I wont hurt you. We can stay as long as you'd like but I want to warm you. Come here," he said. His voice deepened as his words went on. It was taking a lot of for him to swallow his pride and compromise. But for Sistine he would. He just hoped she wouldn't snub his offer and force him to regain control of the situation.

Sistine hesitated and Barron was on her in a split second. His face was right next to the curve of her neck and a tingle went through her spine. She heard a pop and the familiar sound of water flowing down a drain. "Okay," she begged. "Alright, you win." Sistine shoved his chest with her hand and finally looked up at him. He crowded her more and she slunk away, covering her ears with her hands, she silently cried.

The water was nearly half way gone when Barron had smelled the different fragrance that he thought he smelled on her after he'd pulled her off the chest. He looked at her face and he had a damn near crippling wave crash over him. He wanted to pick her up and cover her body with his. He took personal offense to the emotions rippling off of her. She was pregnant and he had to comfort her.

"Shhh. You're all right. It's okay," his voice lower than he'd ever heard himself. "You don't have to get out. I'm just going to put some warmer water in the tub. You're freezing." Barron put the plug back in place and turned the hot water on.

He gently lifted her up and brought her to rest on his lap. And while so didn't stop crying, she wasn't fighting him anymore. This made Barron feel uneasy. The fear was turning into something far worse- forfeit- She was giving up, but there was another part of her that wasn't quite ready, and her heart hammered in her chest. His stomach churned as he felt hers twist and shiver.

Nothing he did soothed her. He had even tried removing his hands from her body and telling her she could move to the other side of the tub. She didn't budge and continued to sob. Her body's hormones were a mass of chaos and he was truly afraid the stress would harm their very new creation.

He kissed her neck gently and pressed her closer to his chest. The vibrations from his purrs almost always seemed to calm her, but not now. And when Barron tried to read her mind he only saw shades of red and gray burst like fireworks, she was hysterical. Barron licked at her neck and held her as close as he could. He waited till she took a strained gasp of air and before she could cry out again he sank his fangs deep into her flesh. And, just like that, her head lulled to his shoulder and her body laxed as he injected her.

Barron kissed the bite and continued butterflying his lips on her throat. He'd never injected her outside of sex before and he didn't know how she would react. The venom would, of coarse, not harm the fetus, just calm the mother. She would need him more now than ever.

Werewolf pregnancies were always complicated. The unborn took more from their mothers than human children. Barron positioned her head on his chest and held her close. He knew the next 6 months would be trying for her. She couldn't get what she needed to sustain herself and the baby from food alone, she would get the rest from him. From his blood and semen.

Sistine stirred and he relaxed his hold enough for her to move freely. And as soon as she looked at him he knew her wolf had taken over. Her eyes glowed a bit and her pupils dilated. "Barron," she whimpered. He nudged the crook of her neck with his lips in response.

"You're going to kill us both if you keep allowing her to have these sort of attacks. You need to get better control over things," she lectured.

Barron lifted his head from her neck and growled lightly and she smiled.

"You don't scare me." Her voice held a playful challenge.

"What do you suggest? I tie her to the bed and keep her drugged?"

Sistine shifted her body and folded her legs under her to look Barron in the eye as she spoke. This lifted her top half out of the water and Barron had to gain control over himself at the sight of her perk breasts. Sistine noticed immediately and looked down at herself and smiled.

"Eyes up here big boy," she said in a sultry voice. Barron tilted his chin and rested his arms on either side of the tub.

"You do realize she and I are the same. She's too stubborn to let me out unless you drug us. You know actually," she looked down and away and scrunched her brows, seeming to recall something painful. "You know I bet she thinks I'm just another symptom of her anxiety and her... condition."

Barron shifted "Condition?"

"She-we-I... was diagnosed bi-polar at 16. There's a lot you don't know Barron. She's led a rough life till now. Actually, even now, I suppose," she rubbed her finger across her bottom lip and continued to zone out, thinking.

"Sounds like you're the one that needs to get better control of things then," Barron huffed.

"Hmmm," she said with a grin. "You wouldn't like that." She reached out her and gently drug her fingernails across his chest. Barron could instantly feel himself harden. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"What do you mean by rough life? What happened?" He asked her with hooded eyes.

"There will be a time and place for me to spill my heart out to you," she said while straddling him. "This is not the place and definitely not the time."

Sistine placed a hand on either side of Barron's face and kissed him. Barron's hands came up and caressed her back, gently dragging his nails down her either side of her spine.

She let out a long, needy moan that shot right to his groin and he surged his hips upwards causing some of the water to spill out of the tub. Sistine's eyes were heavy and her chest heaved as her breaths sped up. Her lungs desperate to feed her racing heart the oxygen it needed. She bit his lip and and released a small growl of her own.

She knew what she was doing.

"You really have no idea, do you?" She said while lifting herself and grabbing his swollen dick, placing it at her entrance.

A part of her, even in her wolf form, held a little resentment for not being there to protect her and Sistine from all the injustices that had happened in her life. The ones that had made her the way that she way to this day. Sistine shoved her in a chest and labeled it something shameful. But, if Barron had been there, none of this would have happened.

Course, it wasn't his fault that he hadn't found her till now. If he would have know about her the day she'd been born he'd have stayed close by to watch and protect her till she was at the proper age to mate. Still.. She needed someone to blame... and he was convenient.

Barron's brows rose as he read her thoughts. He would interrogate her till she told him. A pang of guilt rose in his throat- of course he would have protected her. She would have no idea what pain-hell, discomfort- felt like, had he of found her sooner.

Barron was nearly on the edge of losing it. The wolf inside him shook its cage. "Not yet, you idiot" he dismissed the beast. The wolf growled. He took offense to it. "Do you think I'm going to rip her apart? I'm a wolf, not a monster. She's mine to!" It didn't matter, he didn't trust him with her just yet. But it was becoming harder and harder to bury him, to keep the cage locked.

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